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Heyo! I would like to introduce you to our brand new server called lucent! ^-^ Our server mainly focuses on the aspect of socializing and making new friends while at it UwU

Here at Lucent we offer :

-A unique tatsumaki level system
-Self assignable roles
-A multitude of useful chat rooms
-And last but not least, a overall wholesome server!
join today! (Recently opened)
An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue. This server is a unique world and story with heavy emphasis on character involvement and plot. We have active administration, rewards for consistent membership, as well as a friendly group of folks to chat with!

Tenebris Realm is a civilization thrown into chaos. With the disappearance of the Sun Goddess, Darkness has overtaken the world. Horrifying, otherworldly creatures and monsters roam the Dark. Uncover the mysteries of the land and fight against the Branded that plague the misty nights! Explore the vast Frontier and Rift Lands, or make a name of your self within the last safe territory of Verdisol.

● This server is 18+ only! Tenebris Realm is managed for and by adults.
● A roleplay sample is required to keep up quality and manage the community.
● We have a massive world lore and separate website. Find your niche and create your character!
● Plot events, small and large with a seasonal storyline!

Come join us!
Welcome to the world of Rishovia! We are a community of roleplayers and writers. Rishovia of lore and gods to appeal the eye and interest of those who enjoy medieval fantasy.
Rishovia is set in the world of Rishovia, a land of political influences, kingdoms, and warfare. The current conflict between the nation of Halvuria and Midtheir against the Khanate of Wrocir grip the world as the war shakes the sands of the deserts through southern Risphor as the Khanate struggles to gain Halvurian territory and sends waves of conflict through the middle sea as naval conflict rages on between the naval powerhouse of Midtheir and the powerful Khanate navy.
But even in times of war, peace can be found. Forge your travels as an adventurer, a bountyman, a highwayman, and many more occupations that Rishovia has to offer.

-Rishovia is set predominantly in Midtheir, although Halvuria may be added soon.
You're guaranteed to have a unique experience here
because the owner is always online and chatting in

We have a lot of self-roles and an introduction channel
I have a cat and he meows i don't know what else you could need

We have daily posts and polls if you're into that
Depressed? Worry about being judged? Well here in the low moderation server let your self go and enjoy what you do whether it's memz or thing's like that.

There is also help with any situations you have at the moment #ventinghelp
Not very creative, I'm too lazy to make a description, come up with one yourself
This is pretty much a place to talk, everyone is welcome but try to be kind&respect other
This is a more allowing server where you can meet all kinds of unique people like small YouTubers, furries, Weeb trash, and even people that still like Undertale.
Welcome to Killing Time: Bleeding Timelines! This is a server based off of a backstory completely thought of and created by me, and a lot of hard work has gone into it!
The Story goes as follows:
The plot of our Story starts around 100 years, prior to the current year of the roleplay; it being 2018 now. A man named Dr Tanoshin was born into a family known for it's supernatural power, passed down through generations. This power was being a complete Controller and God of Time. Powers such as Stopping Time and even completely Rewriting Time. However, there was also a clan that had not yet reached the potential to completely control their power. It happened to be the exact same power as the Family of Dr Tanoshin's powers. That Race was know as the "Time Bleeders". Their true goal was to gain full potential of their power and completely rewrite humans out of Time, allowing them to rule all of the known Universe. They aimed to kill Dr Tanoshin to prevent the power from being passed down yet again. However, he knew of their plans. He sealed the full power inside a Scythe constructed of Metal never seen before, impossible to break. He hid it in his lab before being murdered by the "Time Bleeders". They to this day still think they've won. But they've not. When a Teenage boy named Unique discovers the Scythe and gains it's powers, although not it's true potential due to him not being a descendant of Dr Tanoshin, the lives of every Time Bleeders flips upside down. And their current goal changes to stopping Unique. A War outbreak is coming. One like no other. And there's only a short amount of time for Unique to unlock the full powers of the Scythe to fight against them. His friends could help, but only if the power of the Scythe could be duplicated...
Pandemonium is a multi-server discord community. This is the welcome hub, where you start off. Each server is unique. Get a house, get a job, create a company, have fun, go on campouts and cruises, become rich, gamble, go to clubs and much more! Pandemonium has an amazing staff team and welcomes anyone!

An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue.

Calypso's Spiral is set in the far distant future of the year 4069. Explore the Spiral's 5 mapped planets, adventure in deep space or among the uncharted planetoids, or fight in Zurak's Arena high above H'Nua!

● This server is 18+ only! Calypso's Spiral is managed for and by adults.
● We require a roleplay sample to keep up quality and manage the community!
● Unique lore that you can help shape with regular submissions!
● Social roles for casual roleplay. (Explore the world and meet others!)
● Monthly events, small and large!

Come join us!
Heraldia is a medieval-themed Minecraft server which aims to become your favorite server! We provide many features including, but not limited to: Playtime rewards, Token shop and Free WorldEdit for everybody (you don't even have to vote in order to obtain it!).

Server IP:
Level up, unlock permissions, get free stuff and have fun!
🌈Create yourself!🌈
Focuses: Clash Royale, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh (Customs,Casual and Competitive), Minecraft, Nature & more.
Artists, Animators, Creators, Leaders, Music Makers, Roleplayers, and fans are all invited. I, and future leaders, host regular tournaments and events in these games and categories that hold cool prizes. Rewards for most things, there are even guaranteed commissions!

Ps: We help learn anything, including languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Klingon +), In depth categories for your needs.
You live in a world with men who can burn metal, a woman who can slice steel and Dictators who call on genocides. How will you live? How will you survive? HOW WILL YOU SETTLE?!

:comet: Chill members & Staff who are friendly!
➫ We wish for and do have a Chill set of members, friendly and well behaved human beings. We expect you to treat them as they treat you, with respect.

:comet: Custom Emotes!
➫ He has a small set of emotes you can use when you're within our server, use them as substitutes as other emojis for the memez! Have fun!

:comet: Music Bots!
➫ Multiple music bots for you to have blast with, listen to your jam and bob your head. Several music channels to choose from, so we can try to make sure everyone gets to make listen to what they wanna listen to! Remember not to clog up the playlist!
:comet: Cool Events!
➫ We host small to large events in Black Sky, in an attempt to keep our members active and give them something to work with while the plot develops. We hope that you're satisfied with the events we provide for you, we'll try to make them work for @everyone as possible!

:comet: Staff are wanted!
➫ Growing quickly and Staff are needed, there are a variety of staff roles that you could apply for. We hope you do apply, we hope that you respect the chosen staff members and follow their policies.
Owner's: @Zay ひ#5755 | @nv.#6357
What you will expect from the server:

Funny Members!
Voice and Music Room's!
Events! :party:
Large amounts of profanity!
Unique roles!
Active and Growing Fast
Offensive/Toxic Memes!
All toxicity is allowed!
The planet Earth went out of orbit and drifted away from the sun. 75% of humanity died but the rest was saved thanks to Earth colliding with a planet known as Split because the other planet was habitable with sustainable water and food. Now the rest of humanity is exploring the new planet

This event was named the extinction
Hell is now Earth. The demons that existed only there in hell now walk among humans, hiding in forms like ours, worming into our lives before murdering and feasting on us. The only few hopes humanity has, lies in the Samurai, an elite organization that bestow runic abilities on the worthy that have trained with them. But there are more threats lurking than just the demons, and enemies lurk around every corner as you progress through this dark world...
One everlasting star that burns a shade of of bright white while it’s center looks that of a nebulous black, perhaps even a vantablack as the arcs of bright white flows over it most of the time. 3 planets orbit this star, the first is of a planet filled with everlasting war, the second is filled with everlasting peace, and the third is filled with normal people that can only live upon the illuminated side of the planet. The people on the third planet are within an everlasting war with the forces of darkness, there never being enough light to fully illuminate the surface of said planet in order to scare away said dark forces.
Which world shall be your birthplace and which shall be your livelihood and last of all which shall be the one you side with?
In this server you can make friends and join their servers and even advertise your own. You can mess around with bot commands however you do have rules to follow if you join. Enjoy ;)
Welcome to Discord Royal's!

Discord Royal's is a group full of experienced discord moderators and server owners as our moderators and administrators and members!

What we offer:

Unique roles
Good staff
Nice members
Suggestions for new roles
level-up system

The Marked Ones:

The Marked Ones is a roleplay server based in a futuristic timeline, a century after the 3rd world war. With a unified nation, and a new peace between all the different places the world has become a place thriving with technology, and people. Of course -- This doesn't stop the growing crime rates in the main city of Lesrai, Lesrai is located in America, off the East coast, and it's where many people of different nations gathered to create the first unified city! Now, the Marked, marks are a tattoo of sorts that gift people the ability to use a certain element, or power. Almost every child is born with one nowadays, but there is occasionally an exception.

There are two races to choose from, human, or android! Along with this, if you choose to be a human you can use one of the many "Marking" choices that we have. If you decide to be an Android, well... Have fun with being a machine! ( They can't have markings. )

So, please! Come join us on a new adventure in Lesrai, on The Marked Ones!
We are a chill server that's not afraid to have fun. We follow the pitbull in its example as a mascot for outcasts. Pitbulls are often misunderstood, so this server is a haven for people who feel like a pitbull at heart. Other people can join too, we'd be glad to welcome you to the pack.
This is the Trojan Network. Home of our very own unique KitPvp, huge giveaways, and temporary skill brawls. We are also looking for staff members. Join today!