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Welcome to the world of Rishovia! We are roleplaying community. Rishovia s full of deep lore, arcane magic, and divine gods to appeal the interests of those who enjoy medieval/colonial fantasy. In Rishovia, your imagination is your limit.
Rishovia is set in the world of Rishovia, a land of political influences, nations and warfare. Find yourself in adventure in the ethereal tranquility of snow-capped Tyrwen mountains,the valley forests of Haphos, or the expansive Renathi Prairie.
Based shortly after the war against Wrocir, Rishovia is a world of tranquility and chaos all the same.
Depressed? Worry about being judged? Well here in the low moderation server let your self go and enjoy what you do whether it's memz or thing's like that.

There is also help with any situations you have at the moment #ventinghelp
This server is organized, Good list of rules, Partnerships and more! Theres Level Rewards some fun bots including the Discord fast food bot, Dank memer, and Dyno! This server also has count up, Lyrics chat, and I dare you and also it has a photo gallery bypass a nickname bypass, a message bypass, a music bypass, And a Vip Chat pass! These are roles in the season 2 update I made 4/5/19
This is pretty much a place to talk, everyone is welcome but try to be kind&respect other
🤨A large group of people were on a plane- flying to god knows where until their plane suddenly blew up and killed 14 members. However- the rest of the passengers were dropped down onto a mysterious island that was the size of multiple countries in one. The island was made up of multiple parts- or rather- multiple habitats that represented a certain element like water, ice and so on. Each person landed in the habitat that best described their personality and gained the ability to control that specific element.🤨
However, 2 lucky people landed on the highest mountain in the land and gained the 2 superior elements other than the Gods power- Illusion and Destruction. The two with these abilities were capable of majorly powerful attacks and were far more powerful than even people who were experienced in their element.
At first gambling city was once a realm of beauty and nature and forests! However, the deforestation lead to big cities and growing populations and even ended the war against other racial species like humans and everything else! But Ace's father King of Diamonds wanted to bring the nature back.. his son had disagreed and challenged his father to bet. If Ace won he took control of everything and if he had lost... King Of Diamonds would disown Ace. However since they're both compulsive gamblers! They agreed... After a long and most intense game. Ace had won, he than dethroned his father and took control and ended up marrying madeline.

Madeline is Queen of the Gambling City and she is the wife of Ace of Spades! However, She is also a mother of two and she herself has to be active mom and be a good ruler too. Tho she does not act like a queen her demon side can stick out time to time.

Madeline and Ace had met a long time ago, in a rich private pre-school. They met when madeline took Ace's cookie and Ace being the baby he was whined about it but than, At that moment and time, Madeline gave Ace a kiss on the cheek to calm him down. Ace after this did calm but ever since he developed a crush on her. Days turned into months and months turned into years and a couple years past and they were in a private middle school. Madeline and her parents were planning on moving away, however Ace wanted her to stay so unlike asking someone on a date. He challenged Madeline to a gamble... She beat Ace, But ace only felt more in love and so has she. So Madeline explained she didn't want to leave and instead of talking, her parents left without her... However Ace took this as a chance to ask her if she'd like to live with his family. She said yes that day.(edited)


After Ace and Madeline graduated from manamore high, they came back a couple years later and Madeline became Pregnant. She was pregnant with a baby girl and named her princess Yuki. During this time Ace was a grown man and stood up against his fathers wishes causing what happened at the beginning. He ended many wars and affairs of different races and united them by gambling, Forming Dice City.

Princess Yuki and Prince Tera, The Daughter and Son and " The Children " of the Gambling King. Princess Yuki being the eldest daughter will rule the city someday herself, as Ace will try and attempt to get her into gambling as much as he's into it. Prince Tera the younger Son will just grow up to do whatever he wants, though Ace doesn't care for what his son does. His mother does and always will, the children have deep respect for their parents but how will their lives form out in the future! We'll see!

Finally we have YOU... yes you... The citizens of Dice City! You can change a lot of this determining on what you do, you may not be able to time travel but you can make right and wrong decisions, just know theres always a price....

The Destroyed World is a Fantasy Role Playing server that is very D&D-esqe where every myth and legend can come to life! Come join many colorful characters, explore, and have adventures in the Destroyed World!
Welcome to the GGN, a community-oriented server designed around creativity and diversity. here in the GGN we have strict rules to keep you safe whilst still having a good time. we have games, giveaways, supportive staff and much more! so, what are you waiting for? come and see for yourself! and enjoy the wonderful world of the GGN.
Welcome to the second Holy War between the Pureblood race and the commons. Which side will you pick, and how will you sway the war?
This is the Trojan Network. Home of our very own unique KitPvp, huge giveaways, and temporary skill brawls. We are also looking for staff members. Join today!
Hi this is Town Of Haran. We are an old server, but decided to change it up and make it better.

In Haran you can find magical creatures, normal creatures, normal people, pets and more. Haran is not like other town in 2099, they have no kings or queen. They have a president, but the president doesn't show his face a lot. People are welcomed here, as it is a peaceful place, unless a Mafia memeber or leader has a problem with someone. Then shit gets crazy. Be sure to stay away from them!

What we have:
-Welcoming staff
-Rp channels for you to rp in
-Ooc channels
-Voice Channels to chat with people

**We are very welcoming and we are looking for staff if you feel like your up to it.**
Not very creative, I'm too lazy to make a description, come up with one yourself
"What the fuck is this server about?"
The 90's Greatest is a lifelike roleplay server started off in the 90's.

"What does it fucking offer?"
We offer:
-Unique channels to roleplay
-Very detailed system for everyone
-Play a outdated Atari shit
-Different countries to roleplay

"Does it has UFO, elemental or superpowers featured?"
No. Remind that this is a lifelike server, not like those boring servers that twists the realism.

"Sounds cool."
Yep. Then why not just join this server?
This is a new server and we're gonna be the best server, thats right because we have a big ego and we want our server to be the best like everyone else believes
Level up, unlock permissions, get free stuff and have fun!
🌈Create yourself!🌈
Focuses: Clash Royale, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh (Customs,Casual and Competitive), Minecraft, Nature & more.
Artists, Animators, Creators, Leaders, Music Makers, Roleplayers, and fans are all invited. I, and future leaders, host regular tournaments and events in these games and categories that hold cool prizes. Rewards for most things, there are even guaranteed commissions!

Ps: We help learn anything, including languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Klingon +), In depth categories for your needs.
In this server, you choose a country to become a resident of, and you progress in the society. Each country has different jobs, and you can go to war with other countries! This discord is the basic one, kind of like the dashboard.
You're guaranteed to have a unique experience here
because the owner is always online and chatting in

We have a lot of self-roles and an introduction channel
I have a cat and he meows i don't know what else you could need

We have daily posts and polls if you're into that
We are a relatively laid back server striving for a close-knit environment, wherein strong bonds can be created between our members. Creativity and craftsmanship are vehemently encouraged here, so feel free to share any creations of yours, of any kind. An array of channels cover different areas. This includes, but is not limited to, the aforementioned creative aspect of our community (such as photography and visual art), as well as specified discussion channels. Naturally, the general channels are always available for chatting too.

We're a new server still trying to find it's way, so stick around :)
This is a more allowing server where you can meet all kinds of unique people like small YouTubers, furries, Weeb trash, and even people that still like Undertale.
Nightfall... The best upcoming discord server ever.

°•°•°•°°•°•🍓What We Have To Offer🍓•°•°°•°•°•°

🍉 A Wholesome chat & friendly members
🍉 Unique Tatsumaki leveling system
🍉 A growing community
🍉 Self assignable roles
🍉 Special obtainable roles earned through chatting
🍉 And much much more!..

Side note: this server recently got revamped a little while ago so chill if u dont see much chat activity xD
Orilon RP | Serveur Francais | Rôle play | ROBLOX | unique
Welcome to Killing Time: Bleeding Timelines! This is a server based off of a backstory completely thought of and created by me, and a lot of hard work has gone into it!
The Story goes as follows:
The plot of our Story starts around 100 years, prior to the current year of the roleplay; it being 2018 now. A man named Dr Tanoshin was born into a family known for it's supernatural power, passed down through generations. This power was being a complete Controller and God of Time. Powers such as Stopping Time and even completely Rewriting Time. However, there was also a clan that had not yet reached the potential to completely control their power. It happened to be the exact same power as the Family of Dr Tanoshin's powers. That Race was know as the "Time Bleeders". Their true goal was to gain full potential of their power and completely rewrite humans out of Time, allowing them to rule all of the known Universe. They aimed to kill Dr Tanoshin to prevent the power from being passed down yet again. However, he knew of their plans. He sealed the full power inside a Scythe constructed of Metal never seen before, impossible to break. He hid it in his lab before being murdered by the "Time Bleeders". They to this day still think they've won. But they've not. When a Teenage boy named Unique discovers the Scythe and gains it's powers, although not it's true potential due to him not being a descendant of Dr Tanoshin, the lives of every Time Bleeders flips upside down. And their current goal changes to stopping Unique. A War outbreak is coming. One like no other. And there's only a short amount of time for Unique to unlock the full powers of the Scythe to fight against them. His friends could help, but only if the power of the Scythe could be duplicated...
Pandemonium is a multi-server discord community. This is the welcome hub, where you start off. Each server is unique. Get a house, get a job, create a company, have fun, go on campouts and cruises, become rich, gamble, go to clubs and much more! Pandemonium has an amazing staff team and welcomes anyone!