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Welcome to the realm of magic! A World just like ours, except....MORE MAGICAL!! So many things to do!:

-Posses Magic from 3 different categories!
-Own a Familiar, who takes the form of any creature your heart holds dear.
-Become a student or teacher at the Hellebore High school!
-And much more!

The possibilities are endless!!

We currently have:
-Music Bot
Darkness, that is what the Keepers heard whispers of, the world was blank. Nothing existed, then something did. Four beautiful entities came to existence, each holding their own destructive, yet life-giving, element. These elements being; fire, water, wind, and stone. They lived within the darkness and lived within eons of boredom and loneliness. These four entities gathered together and created. They created scorched deserts and crashing oceans, stretching mountains and expansive forests. And soon, life began to flourish in the lands they created.

What followed soon after was destruction, death raced across the lands and hatred spread like wildfires. The entities used their powers to destroy the foreign beings that had invaded their lands, resulting in the death of much of the life they wished to protect. Stone ended up being banished from the lands, leaving behind only three, and healing lands. The clans that had worshiped the entities did not heal however, the held bitterness in their hearts, and peace never truly ruled.


This is a semi literate (3+ sentences) roleplay server loosely based around Erin Hunter's warrior cats series. Here is what we have to offer:

🌸 Cat's with abilities! You can choose from fire, water, or flight!
🌸 New Terrian with images.
🌸 Interesting lore and back story.
🌸 Plot and prophecy that your cat can join in on!
🌸 An Adoptable cat page
🌸 High ranking roles are still open!

Our staff is friendly and willing to offer a helping hand to those who need help throughout your process of joining us!
𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖑𝖞 𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖌𝖊~♛

Kingly College was founded by James Alexander Hunter in 1909 to bring the best students and the commoner students together. He had wanted his students to have the best years here; so for fun, he had made a ranking system based on their level of education, as James had thought that a system like this would make the students want to be the best - The Kings; Who were praised for their education and their skills. He had made sure his students; Some induced his own family, to crave more for themselves.

The so called royal cape, passed down from James in 1909, to his newest and fresh faced great niece, Rose Athena Hunter. Rose was the largest symbol of power, making Rose the face of the College and the best. Although the cape is a form of power, having the best upper class men status - Kingly would make someone who was a trashy student in high-school; to one of the best in Kingly.

The ranking system has ''no loop hole''. You can't just wiggle up from a commoner to Kingly... you have to force your way up and kick the highest down to your level. The Knights help balance the system and are the middle ground; from high and posh to boring and normal. Becoming friends with your upper class men is welcomed, maybe even how you; yourself, get to the top. All of the best die fast - maybe they live long enough to see themselves become a better person

Welcome to Kingly College, your own little kingdom if you can make yourself worthy of its highest status.

•°¯`•• 𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 ••`¯°•

Welcome to our RP server! We are new server created by SC007#7803 ! We welcome all roleplayers; no matter what level you are!

𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕗𝕗 𝕚𝕤 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕𝕖𝕕!
- We are still working on stuff (Small but fun server) and we would love for you to be understanding.

If you'd like to have fun - Feel free to join us!! UvU
This is the End:
August 10th 30xx. 21:42 PM
It's been seven days since the outbreak. I don't think I am going to make it. My skin is on fire I believe I might die soon. I should’ve known that the project wasn’t for the betterment of the people. It was only for the personal gain of REDACTED I have asked many times for clarification… papers…. something to show that the thing we were working to create was for the right causes. But it is too late, by my predictions I am at the last stage of this epidemic and I will be joining my coworkers as lifeless mindless husks of themselves. This will be my last entry.

Welcome to Aetheria! A fantasy roleplay server with a magic system based on Fairy Tail. Here you can attend the school of Ezopia, where you will choose to join one of the guilds represented by the school! You can choose to join one of our 4 guilds: Twilight Serenity, Pheonix Eclipse, Stellar Dragons, as well as Moonshroud. This server also provides RP for guild life after school! Where you can roleplay outside of the life of Ezopia and lead your own life~

We are a relaxed RP server, but we are also a semi-literate server, so we discourage one-liners and such in order to get a better, in-depth roleplay experience! With an extremely friendly and open OOC environment, it's guaranteed you'll be welcomed with care!

This server includes a variety of aspects, some of them being:

» Active and friendly staff (as well as members!), who are all fair, non-judgemental, and extremely willing to help you out!
» We also have lots of roles and channels so there are many places to explore!
» A relaxed environment for you to enjoy, there's no pressure to RP constantly because we're not strict :) But we do encourage activeness whether that be IC or OOC!
» A chance to give in your own input on the server- we won't bite if you suggest new things
» Fun events to take part in if you feel like it!

If this sounds like it interests you, feel free hop on into Aetheria!
💉Welcome! To the Charlie asylum💉

Here is where patients are brought in off the streets, by family or by the court to get any help they need! Whether you're suffering from Homosexuality or suffering from extreme schizophrenia, this is the place for you! The Charlie Asylum has been the No.1 place for the 3 years it's been open!...


That was the case, back in the 60s when the place first opened. Since then though it's had 2 new owners, both worse than the last. While reasonings for patients being taken on has evolved with the times, no longer punishing people for their Sexuality or misdiagnosis', that's about all that's evolved. Malpractice is an unfortunately common thing in the building.

The building has gotten more and more run down over the years, paint chipping away, pipes bursting, etc. Though the current owner, Charles Parkins VI, Has found a cheap way of fixing those problems. Charles decides to use patients more as slaves than sick people, forcing them to do manual labour to keep the whole manor-esc building in a safe condition to hold everyone.

💉This server includes💉
-Friendly staff
-Semi-lit roleplay
This is a fairly new server based off of the warrior books. As of now, there are two Clans. ChasmClan and GrottoClan. Will the two remain as tensions rise within the Clans?
welcoмe тo lucid Adventure

The game that you play in your sleep. In the city of Tokyo
A Game company by the name of Strobe Star Plus came out with an app, called "Lucid Adventure" which became a quick hit, the game took off, and millions and millions of players joined the game. All you have to do is plug in some headphones and fall asleep.

What the company didn't realize is that a bug that was unfixable appeared, and players had began to abuse this bug by using it to boost their stats, and basically become a monster. This bug is called Nightmare, and any player that decides to utilize this bug, is instantly changed and buffed. Their character is 20x stronger and faster. Which gives them a huge advantage over their peer players. The company has tried everything. They even banned the bug from being used, and if used, the in game Titan guard shall come and take you to prison if caught all items shall be taken away and you will be stripped of your level.

Padris used to be a realm full of magic, wonders and beautiful mythical creatures. But now, it has been taken over by a seemingly unstoppable force of corruption, turning most of the living creatures on its lands into bloodthirsty beasts and has made survival nearly impossible. Every island on Padris is hostile, and the only way to combat against these dark forces is magic. Although, the magic users of Padris have been diminishing, and the sorcerers left couldn't possibly lead the fight on their own.

Which is why these remaining wizards founded Padrites- a prestigious magic school that teaches every sort of branch of the Padris magic arts. The school's goals are to train aspiring wizards to become powerful sorcerers, who will join the fight against the corruption upon graduation, and also preserve the magic of their realm. Because there are only a few in Padris who can preform the magical arts, they must find others who have magical capabilities elsewhere. Using dimensional magic, they have been able to come into contact with other worlds, which may have the students they are looking for. The staff now searches all sorts of different realms for students who have extraordinary magical capabilities, and would send invitations in the form of a golden scroll to anyone who is worthy.

And you have been invited.

If you would like a unique magic school roleplay experience, then this server is for you!
Padrites features:
-Possibilities for any type of character
-Quests of all sorts
-Competition between parties
-A friendly community
-A developed universe/school
-Many secrets to unravel
-And a ton more!
Come join us!

Note: You have to be able to roleplay at least semi-lit and be 14+ to join!
A Legend - told from Mother to pup every year...

A long time ago Yumiotha was populated by many different animals. Each species lived together in a cycle in a certain way. Also the wolves from Yumiotha had a collective pack. They were the top predators of the country, a master race.

But at some point this reputation went to their heads. The Alpha male, Rhaize, began to make differences within the pack. Those who could not keep up with his standards were banished to the desert to become stronger. Also the other animal races were increasingly affected by his rule. They were divided into danger levels, also their habitats were taken from them.

One world, two stories, two packs. Which one will you choose? Custom creatures and custom surroundings!
Interaction Events, Hunting, Plot Twists, Special Features and more!

The Server is fresh made so come have a look!

⇻ Semi-literate to Literate
⇻ Roles, Ranks, [High Ranks open]
⇻ Brand New
⇻ Friendly, LGBTQIA+, Highly active Support!
⇻ Purge check is weekly
⇻ Interactions, Server Events, Alliance Hunts, etc.
⇻ Active Role-Players wanted!
Welcome to the world of Xaos. A unique roleplay world with three different main classes with unique abilities, the option to multiclass, and the freedom for your character to do anything (within reason). There isn't a set plot for the entire server, just different events for different areas, so you truly can do whatever you want here. So come check us out!
The Parker Manor is a large house filled with rooms of extraordinary people and things. The Land surrounding it equally as fascinating. Friendly people and a feeling of fellowship will always be in the air. Come see for yourself the wonderful world that is the Parker Manor
The original clans, Thunder, River, Wind and Shadow, have all lived in the forest for generations. Never would they have thought that just across the valley would sit four new clans, and a storm coming their way...

We are a role-playing server for multiple fandoms! Including Marvel, DC and anime fandoms. The server is still under construction and you can request a fandom to role-play in anytime!

As your typical role-playing server, we require literacy, this means you have to know at least a bit of proper grammar to role-play. We don't ask for long paragraphs, we just want at least a small well-written paragraph with minimun mistakes.


Most of all we want you to have fun!
A hundred years ago the gods of the Omniverses had a dispute on which one of their worlds were the strongest. Their Omniverses suffered as they quarrelled on about which one of them reigned supreme. This continued for years until finally, their leader stepped in. He suggested a diplomatic way to settle this. Select their strongest fighters from every multiverse they could find. And afterwards, pit them together onto a giant Galaxy sized planet to fight each other to the death. Whenever someone dies, they are replaced by someone else from that omniverse. This has gone on for years and now you have been chosen to enter this planet. How will you fare? Who will you encounter? Will you actually go back home? Probably not! But hey, a person can dream right?
Many kingdoms of the lands of Karja and Azoff live side-by-side, and deciding whether or not they will start wars, become allies, or become a neutral or isolated force, is up to them. Join, and roleplay in the kingdom of your choosing! And you may even become the ruler one day...
༼≛₸нε ₭¡ηɠ∂σм σƒ Eᶰᵒᵛᵃ≛༽

Hello adventurers, if you're looking for a place to relax , kick back, and just live in the moment. You found the right place. The Kingdom of Enova has a setting based on turns ( When asked ) , or just free to rp. If you want to have your own setting there's a request place , and this grant the approval depending on the ideology, and expansive it is. Feel free to join us.

× Why should join ? ×

࿇ Friendly environment, and helpful community when asked. The Enova citizens have been around , and are just looking to find what to do, or discover.
࿇ Events. Yes. Events. This is something that is actually planned before it happens as well, and before it is finalized it must be approved.
࿇ Training. If you are in need for rp assistance , maybe you're a one liner, and you want to get better. Not knowing how to, we have a training program which will help you out with this. It will help you expand out to the next level T-6 to T-1 or T-0.
࿇ Great Admins. If you notice the Enova citizens are being rather crude, and toxic inform them with out special ping <@&591715823467364352>
࿇No drama. If you are here to cause drama , and all that. We are not going to accept you.
࿇ We do have a meme channel, as well as a miscellaneous channel for simply strange photos.
࿇No Godmodding. Especially during fights. If you are asked to change your character do so.
࿇ MUSIC! We have several channels for this.
࿇ Artist place. Show off your art, and acquire the artist role. This will come in with commissions.
࿇ A bar/tavern for you party like individual's.
࿇ Gaming Title! If you game you get a special title. So if you choose to promote your streams go ahead, we have a section for it.

🎓Welcome to your new home.🎓
2052, that’s when scientists first said the ice caps were melting and we couldn’t stop it. Over the next few centuries it kept getting hotter, and hotter, and hotter. The average day in december was 100 degrees fahrenheit. The sea levels were rising, some coastal cities were half way under water. But, it didn’t stop there.
With the heat, it was only natural to expect massive forest fires, the snow on the mountains were melting causing massive mudslides and avalanches. Earthquakes were tearing up the earths surface, causing tsunamis and those tsunamis drowning more and more coastal cities. Soon enough New York, L.A. Seattle and even Dallas were under water.
Scientists estimated it’d take at least 5,000 years for the ice caps to fully melt. By the way things were going, they were melting much quicker than that. People started building massive ships that ran on solar power, they hoped it wouldn’t come to that. But, it did. For a long time, the earth was covered in water, very few places were above water. Whatever animals that were left were either on boats or on whatever strip of land was left. Or dead under water. Meanwhile, sea life flourished.
Fast forward a few thousand years later, the sea level went down, the earth wasn’t suffering from global warming.
The earth was now healthy again, plants grew from cracks in the concrete that was left of what was once a city. New york was now a dense rainforest. I’m sure other coastal cities were the same. Who knows what kind of animals run around other parts of the world. Who knows how they evolved and adapted.
The last of humanity now reside in Seattle and New York. New York Is home to the St. Victoria, Seattle houses the SS. Georgia.

Choose what society you want to be part of, explore the wilderness, or just hang out, up to you. Join if you're interested. Please ;-;
The Effect is a young roleplay server set in the broad, semi-futuristic world of an American monarchy whose sovereignty precariously hangs in the balance. With tensions violently simmering between the Royalists and the Democrats, it's only a matter of time before the United Kingdom of America either overcomes its state of disorder...or descends into chaos.
"The clans have disregarded Starclan, and have paid the price. After a massive drought, Shoreclan, Forestclan, and Basinclan are struggling to survive. Prey is only just beginning to come back with the rain, and all three clans are in various states of disarray and chaos. From the shadows looms a new threat, one that has stalked their clans since their formation- the Rogues. Will they rise above the threat, or cease to exist entirely?"

Welcome to the Clans of the Coast. This is a semi-lit to literate roleplay based on the Warrior Cats series.

Join the clans, start your life, and make your mark. Our clans include Forestclan, Shoreclan, and Basinclan, based in the Pacific Northwest just on the coast next to the great Mount Rainier. With many active members and in-depth plots, this action-packed roleplay is perfect for everyone.

This server provides:
- Three diverse clans and a rogue group, each with their own strengths and quirks
- PLENTY of High Ranks in the Clans AND the Rogues
- A territory outline compete with visual references
- A detailed lore, including the origin story of the clans and the lives of past leaders
- A fully complete server, with tons of fun extra channels including: an art channel, a meme channel, a channel dedicated to character headcanons within the roleplay, a shipping channel, and a Rythm Bot channel
- Active and friendly members who are all-inclusive, no matter the gender or sexual orientation of the characters, or their players
- Gatherings held frequently with the clans
Welcome to the seven seas RP server, in this server you can roleplay any of your pirate fantasies in the land of “The Whispering Sea” during the year 1768. In this rp you can explore the islands, make your own settlement areas, and form alliances with your fellow members to rule the seven seas, this fantasy world is an idea of the Caribbean where many of the islands combined and split apart. After all this chaos, eventually things settled back down—but not without differences. Now the land is run by pirates with few forms of proper government, as well as merfolk civilizations, bounty hunters, and a naval fleet. How will you make your mark? Will you be a pirate hunter and rid the seas of this scourge or will you fuel the fire and become a plunderer yourself?
" War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. " - George Orwell

This is an RP server, covering various historical wars, although mostly focusing on the Second World War era.

THIS IS NOT A GEOPOLITICAL RP << FH BASED! Friend ThatBitch#1686 to join. (Visit the Empire Site for more info) If you do not have Feral Heart you will be asked to get it, registration is rarely open, and if you cannot get it or get maps and presets on it you will be removed.