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From nothing rises greatness-- from greatness rises new and old stories to tell. Two strongly thriving clans, Lightningclan and Fernclan, stand on the edge greatness and disaster. When an old bitterness rises once more, the two clans find themselves in clutches of the ever looming fates. What kind of plan does the world have for these clans? And why do these fates seem all too ominous?


╰≎|☽ Looming Fates ☾|≎╯

A new semi-lit Warrior Cats roleplay server with a new story to be told and apart of! Deputy and Medicine Cat positions are open for both clans! An adopt a character system; don't know what kind of character to make? Check out the "Adopt A Cat" catagory! Active staff who are happy to help you get started out and are open to recommendations! Once you send in your character application, you'll be able to see the whole server! Pokécord bot for all the extra fun you may want, and other bots that add those nice defining touches.
Darkness, that is what the Keepers heard whispers of, the world was blank. Nothing existed, then something did. Four beautiful entities came to existence, each holding their own destructive, yet life-giving, element. These elements being; fire, water, wind, and stone. They lived within the darkness and lived within eons of boredom and loneliness. These four entities gathered together and created. They created scorched deserts and crashing oceans, stretching mountains and expansive forests. And soon, life began to flourish in the lands they created.

What followed soon after was destruction, death raced across the lands and hatred spread like wildfires. The entities used their powers to destroy the foreign beings that had invaded their lands, resulting in the death of much of the life they wished to protect. Stone ended up being banished from the lands, leaving behind only three, and healing lands. The clans that had worshiped the entities did not heal however, the held bitterness in their hearts, and peace never truly ruled.


This is a semi literate (3+ sentences) roleplay server loosely based around Erin Hunter's warrior cats series. Here is what we have to offer:

🌸 Cat's with abilities! You can choose from fire, water, or flight!
🌸 New Terrian with images.
🌸 Interesting lore and back story.
🌸 Plot and prophecy that your cat can join in on!
🌸 An Adoptable cat page
🌸 High ranking roles are still open!

Our staff is friendly and willing to offer a helping hand to those who need help throughout your process of joining us! Nothing plot related has started yet, so come join us to see how the server unfolds!
Based off the true fantasy of Elton John.
Join the Rocketman as he struggles through everyday life.

~Easy character selection system
~Massive Concerts
~Music, of course.
Hello! You're invited to Aurune, a city in the clouds!
Aurune is an urban fantasy roleplay server where you can be -- and do -- just about anything. In this city, there's something for everyone! You can go with what we have, or you can start something new! We give a lot of options for character creation; we have suggestions, meaning you don't have to pick from a rigid list. This server is all about being open and giving people a space to roleplay.
Some features of this server include:
✮ Intricate lore and world-building that doesn't constantly dictate actions or choices
✮ Lots of locations
✮ Active staff
✮ Friendly people
✮ Many opportunities for RP
✮ Motivated by user input
*Due to the content of this server, we recommend you be 13 or older.*
~ Semi-lit ~
High ranks are available.
Looking for staff.

Above you, a hawk cries through the mountains. You have travelled far already on search of a new home. Coming to the edge of the mountain, a vast lake stretches infront of you. Is this the place you have been looking for?

Welcome, Clanmate! It seems like you are taking an interest in with the lake territory. Allow me to help you decide if this is the right place for you.
Here, all four main Clans live around the lake:
and RiverClan!
And if you don't like the sound of being a Clan cat, you can become a kittypet or a rogue as well. So what are you waiting for, Clanmate? Your destiny lies here.

Something to start off with, subject to change
Things hadn't always been as they were now. No one can ever be completely certain on what happened in the beginning, so many tales of the elves begin on Earth. The elves and humans in the days gone by lived together, side by side sharing the land they called home together. Ideas and resources were valuable items between them, but the elves always had the upper hand in living. But humans were born with a special trait: the uncanny ability called the will to survive. Despite being so weak compared to those around them, humans managed to almost reach the top, never fully surpassing the elves like they have with other creatures. First came the fright of elf magic and abilities, then came greed, and soon the peace between the elves and humans shattered. Skirmishes were common, becoming more and more fierce and violent as time went on. Fearing an impending war, the four high lords of the elf clans found another world safe for them to live in. As the elves moved, they took with them nearly all traces of their existence on earth, leaving only the oral stories that humans passed down that had a little less truth each time it was passed down. It came to a point where elves were considered to be false beings, and the elves left it that way. <Rest of lore in server>

Welcome to the realm of Lopexia! This is an RP group that bases around the idea of four different clan of elves, each with different elements. Differences has led to tension and hate between clans, and some can see another war looming in the near future. Your character's decisions, along with everyone else's decides the fate of this world. Create OCs, explore Lopexia and meet new people! Have fun! This is a semi-lit/literate server.
Note: This server is just starting up again, we are hoping to grow a unique roleplay server! We are open to your suggestions. There is one more clan leader spot and high lord positions waiting to be claimed.
Welcome to the Clans of the Coast. This is a semi-lit to literate roleplay based on the Warrior Cats series.

Join the clans, start your life, and make your mark. Our clans include Forestclan, Shoreclan, and Basinclan, based in the Pacific Northwest just on the coast next to the great Mount Rainier. With many active members and in-depth plots, this action-packed roleplay is perfect for everyone.

This server provides:
- Three diverse clans, each with their own strengths and quirks
- A territory outline compete with visual references
- A detailed lore, including the origin story of the clans and the lives of past leaders
- A fully complete server, with tons of fun extra channels including: an art channel, a meme channel, a channel dedicated to character headcanons within the roleplay, a shipping channel, and a Rythm Bot channel
- Active and friendly members who are all-inclusive, no matter the gender or sexual orientation of the characters, or their players
- A strong community, with plenty of opportunities to chat and enjoy the family atmosphere
- A current prophecy, as well as many future prophecies and events already planned
- Weekly gatherings to meet with the other clans
**Story Footnotes**
- World War three destroyed all governments and sent the people of Earth into a downward spiral.

- Louis Valentine rose up and created stability, becoming King of Earth.

- The King of Earth turned bad and is now a cruel dictator.

- A drug is made to control the actions of people, forcing them to submit to the king.

- The drug only works on common blood types, those known as golden bloods (rarest blood type in the world) are hunted down in fear of creating a rebellion.

- A rebel named the 'Prophet' contacts these golden bloods in order to save them and the world's freedom.

- Brand new server!
- Staff positions open
- Bots for rp and random
- VC channels
- NSFW channels

- Must be 16 or older
- This is a semi-advanced rp (5+ sentences)

In a world full of magic and where magic means everything, there are many people who want to join the order of the Magic Knights and climb the ranks to become the Wizard King, the title bestowed to the mage with the most merit in the Clover Kingdom. The Kingdom is separated into three different realms or regions: The forsaken realm, common realm, and noble realm where peasants, commoners, and nobles all live, respectively. Although peasants can become Magic Knights, they are often looked down upon by nobles and even commoners. One boy, a peasant with no magic power, dreams of becoming the Wizard King and shattering the class system all together. The current Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, leads the order of the Magic Knights in efforts to protect the Clover Kingdom against the neighboring countries of the Diamond, Spade, and Heart Kingdoms.

Once a child reaches the age of 15, they are able to receive a grimoire from a grimoire tower. Grimoires allow people to cast more complex and powerful spells. Having received their grimoire, people are now able to take part in the Magic Knight exams and become a Magic Knight. This is where your journey starts! Rise through the ranks and become the best you can be!
**Time:** *783 AD (the Dark Ages)*

**Setting:** *The medieval human realm*

It has been three years since Satan has declared war on the human race, sending his horde demonic monsters into the human realm, creating destruction with each evil wave. Over the years, humans have learned to fight back and protect what is of value to them. Creating holy weapons of silver to keep the evil masses at bay. They appointed a general to lead them to a safe victory, hoping that they would once again reclaim their peaceful home. Seven soldiers within the human army rose to the top, showing great strength during battle, so much so that others took notice and praised them as heroes. These seven heroes fought on to become captains beneath the general him/herself, only ever taking their direct orders. But, right when the humans thought they had a chance of victory, Satan released his seven sins, his personal generals into the human world. The sins were able to combat the seven heroes, soon enough hope of victory began to fade. Little did both sides know, Death was watching, deciding. Being the peculiar creature he was, Death felt a great sadness in watching the human race die out. So, in a bizarre attempt to help, he has offered his unorthodox gifts to the general and his/her heroes. But, Death is not invincible, if the humans are not careful not only can they lose the war, but they can make Satan unstoppable.

- Bots and open to suggestions
- Active and caring owner
- NSFW channels for 18+
- Detailed and Organized Layout
- Custom Emojis
Bessekai is a world for lost souls with know where else to go so they eventually find their way to this realm full of technology and magic. Giving these lost people another chance at life.
Just another ERP server of course!
It takes place in a luxurious manner, where all different types of characters are welcome. This all includes nekos, nymphs, elves... anything you want practically!

We are also a safe space for many things, as here we do not accept homophobic, racist, ableist attitude or remarks, and we are not a server that is heavily based on politics or religion!
So please! Feel free to check us out!
𝑅𝒾𝓈𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒩𝑜𝓇𝒹𝒾𝒸 𝒲𝒾𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓈

A Warrior Cats Roleplay server with an interesting twist to it's plot, ranks, and settings! Based around Viking culture and Nordic landscapes, join Fogclan, Lightclan, Summitclan, or Driftclan. With detailed lore and characters, your cat is sure to find a home within the story.
We offer:
❄️ Descriptions in each RP channel
❄️ Organized and detailed lore and setting descriptions
❄️ OOC Chats for anything from venting to showing off art
❄️ A growing community of roleplayers from all levels of writing
❄️ Semi-lit to literate roleplay to insure the story carries on
❄️ Helpful staff willing to answer almost any question
❄️ Our own website with information!
❄️ Open high ranks and staff spots!
❄️ RP opens once the high roles are filled:
The high ranks that are still open are-
- Lightclan Peacekeeper
- Summitclan Høvding
- Summitclan Peacekeeper
- Fogclan Høvding
- Fogclan Peacekeeper
- Driftclan Peacekeeper
The Parker Manor is a large house filled with rooms of extraordinary people and things. The Land surrounding it equally as fascinating. Friendly people and a feeling of fellowship will always be in the air. Come see for yourself the wonderful world that is the Parker Manor
¤starRP descriptionstar¤

Bennington RC labs is a large building on a secluded island where they do things like drug testing, Experiments as well as create new strange and sometimes even monstrous life. It's a busy place, kept out of the public eye for good reason. Though because of this, it means that the island has its own law and rules that everyone must follow. The lab is no stranger to things like infections, up roars and attempted escapes from volunteers and subjects.

Most of the labs volunteers are people who more couldn't put up a big enough fight, most being junkies or homeless people found on the streets. Life created on the island don't even know there is a world out of it, having been confined to the labs walls for their entire existence.

Staff are treated well, getting large paychecks at the end of each month as well as having free housing on the island and transport back to the mainlands to visit family and friends when they aren't swarmed with work.
Hey there! This is a small paragraph rp server, and we intend to keep it that way. We have a friendly mod team and pleasant members, the plot is slowly moving forward as of now, so we hope you'll consider joining! We're lgbt friendly and welcoming of everyone, accepting people from all nations, sexualities etc....

-Quirks are on a first come first serve basis, but if your quirk is similar to someone else's, you can ask them if they're okay with you having said quirk.

-Do not bring drama here! We're trying to hang out and have fun.

-We might be organizing community nights soon, where we can all watch movies on rabbit

With that said, we hope you have a great time!
The four original clans have found themselves forming into one after generations of travel and hardship. Will they ever find themselves turning back to their original state? find out by joining today!
In 1958, Gennadi Abram had a crazy idea to bring other dangerous criminals like himself to one place all together. He would spend a year to gain the power that he needed to make this possible while learning about other dangerous criminals. Gennadi wanted the worst of the worst meaning he had to stalk criminals that got away with it. In 1962, his plan came together by blackmailing the criminals he wanted to join.

- Bots and open to suggestions
- Active Staff
- Open Roles
- Music
This takes place after Sebastian completes Ciels task and devours him, meaning the end of season 2 never happened. Now Sebastian has a new young master as does his younger sister Raven.
Victorian Era London is undergoing a rough time, currently.
Two main gangs are fighting - The Rooks, and the Blighters.
Demons have taken a liking to the area, along with Vampires and Werebeings.
The Queen has gone as far as to hire a Demon.
Interested? Join the fun.
We are an accepting semi-literate roleplaying community that wanted to try something not done so often.

[The Rooks and the Blighters were taken from Assassin's Creed Syndicate as inspiration. Assassin's Creed Syndicate is owned completely by Ubisoft, and we do not claim to own anything from it.]
¤☆Hillend town (Supernatural vs hunter rp, semi-literate)☆¤

Welcome to Hillend! A quiet town in the middle of countryside fields and land. While our town is quite small we're an active community that's always friendly to new neighbours! Go to the local market for fresh fruit, vegetables and meat that are all made and raised from Hillend land.

Events that tourists don't know of though are the local hunts for the ungodly, or otherwise known as supernatural. But apart from the hunts, curious neighbours are also welcome to said creatures executions. Yes, these creatures who hide among the townsfolk are Hillends little secrets with specially trained hunters living in the area to help eliminate these beasts.

As for the supernaturals, well for all anyone knows your best friend, neighbour or even that lovely man who sold you that leg of lamb is apart of this other race. From witches and warlocks to werewolves and vampires, these creatures are very much real and outlawed. Any to be found or anyone who dares defend one will be given the ultimate punishment, death...
°☆Welcome to Hillcross Mental Institution!☆°

This asylum has been open since the 60s, maintaining quite the positive reputation for its effective treatments and ability to solve all problems thrown it's way.

The building is owned and run by the Ridgewell brothers. The two pride in their work after inheriting it from their father after his passing. Things of course have changed slightly with the new management, but whether that's for better or for worse is a personal opinion.

The asylum is home to many patients and even has staff housing. Patients are ranked on danger level with L1 being the safest and L3 the most dangerous. The asylum is also considered a rehabilitation center as well as an institution for its work with addictions, helping drug addicts mostly be rid of their old lifestyle.

☆Modern setting
☆multiple rp rooms
☆Encouraged Semi-lit rp
☆friendly staff
Those That Lie is a fantasy-adventure roleplay set in old medieval based times.
We are very small but are building to be a safe environment for all people to come and roleplay. If you arent into roleplaying as often? Well we have friendly folk who you can chat to instead! Along with a bot or two.

We plan to expand our horizons and our wip server. So please, come and enjoy your self(maybe even suggest a few cleaner updates to the server)
:) you are always welcome to join us at Those That Lie