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A semi-lit server where only the best/elites meet up just as the title suggests! So only (former) champions and strong trainers (i.e. gym leaders/elite 4/ace trainers) are allowed here! Normal run-of-the-mill trainers and Pokémon OCs is a no-go, sorry. :( ... ALTHOUGH, I’m a pretty reasonable gal, so if you ask me and give me legit reasons why a character could be invited, I’ll see around the whole “strong trainers” thing. (ʘ‿ʘ)

Setting is on an island where the strong trainers could interact and relax, like a resort. Battling is also allowed, but not recommended if you don’t want to~ Think of this as a vacation if you will!

•Champion OCs are allowed along with gym leader/elite 4/ace trainer OCs.

• Only a selected few of canon champions left, but plenty of other canons!

•We’re a pretty decent size server that’s comfortable as a family!

•Let’s all have fun and chill!
"I'd had a little feeling of destiny. Because, you see, what I mean about affinities is true from friendships down to even the accidental glance at someone on the street-there's always a definite reason somewhere." ~Patricia Highsmith

  ────────── ∘°❉°∘ ─────────

There is a theory, one that has yet to be considered fact or fiction. The tale that everything is interwebbed within strings, all masses; whether they are sentinent or not. Why we are who we are to make things a bit simpler. To explain why we are here, why we end up doing what we do throughout life. This phenomenon is called the strings of the earth.

Now onto the setting, the Naruto universe. A place where people can shoot fireballs, summon tsunami's, and even harbor beast of chakra with unimaginable strength. Now what if the ones that we've come to know and love, including the prophecy child; cease to exist? Who will rise to become the great of the great? Who will start their journey right, but plummet because of clipped wings?

Since nothing in canon happened outside of the forming of the villages, all of the main five we've come to love have been in relative peace. Though like anything else in the world, nothing good can truly stay. Evil will soon rise, challenging those that choose to walk the path of good. Which side will crumble? For this is not a fairy tail where those that seek the light always prevail.

Join us, see where your "string" will lead to. Perhaps you'll become the greatest kage to ever live, or maybe the most feared tyrunt. Or in the case of the majority, live a normal life. At least as normal as a life being a ninja can grant. Meet new people, forge bonds, and severe others beyond return. Welcome to Naruto: Strings of the Earth!

────────── ∘°❉°∘ ─────────

Welcome to Naruto: Strings of the Earth, we are a new semi-literate rp server with hopes to make it big. Or at the very least comfortable, quality over quantity. Here is what we offer.

✧ A community with potential - I, the server owner, has experience in running servers. So this is far from my first rodeo.

✧ Lore! What you see up above is only a summary of what is to come.

✧ A welcoming bunch - the people that are already here are quite kind, so don't be afraid to hop on in.

✧ Helpful staff - The server for the most part is pretty straight forward, but if you need help look no further than our staff. Oh and we could use some extra hands too, so if you think you have what it takes come join x2.

✧ Plenty of high ranks - While the Kage positions might go fast, there are plenty of other high ranks that could possibly have your name written all over it! So why don't you shoot your shot?

✧ Minimum Toxicity - No server can go without it, but I promise here at SotE we keep it at the very minimum.

✧ Custom Clans/Weapons! - Both are avalible in this server, but clans are limited in number so they'll be graded quite harshly.

✧ An economy system - Pretty self explaintory, but through this system you can buy stuff like your typical weapons. Or perhaps even some more invaluable items.

✧ And so much more! All you have to do is click the join button below! ^.^

We hope to see you become one of us, and help shape the server into something amazing!
```It has been centuries now after humans have died out and animals have begun the evolutional rise for power and domination within their standards. Herds, pods, and packs. All as one; Carnivores, herbivores, birds, and reptiles have all come together once and only for hope. To keep themselves alive they would begin to use human culture's ideas and make kingdoms suitable for each creature of their scientific group, forcing each leader of the kingdoms to keep the safety of their kind by locking themselves away from communication with any others. ```

{\\ -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --//}
⊱ ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴜs ɪɴ "ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛs ᴏғ ᴀɴɪᴍᴀʟɪᴀ" ғᴏʀ ᴡʜᴏ ᴋɴᴏᴡs ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴇsᴛɪɴʏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴍᴀʏ ʙᴇsᴛᴏᴡ. ⊰
{\◈\ -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --/◈/}

**What we have to offer** ::

▾A Fun Community! (Many channels with different bots / art channel / fandom talk). We accept LGBTQ+ people & characters.

▾Semi-lit roleplay and a(n) small but active server!

▾You can create **3 characters.** (Opened High Ranks) Carnivore, Herbivore, Reptiles, Birds, and Aquatics. Join any Kingdom!

▾Friendly, active, and interactive Staff!

▾Fun server layout & partnerships.

* Anthro / Furry Server. (Fantasy Animals not allowed. Mutations / Hybrids allowed)
* Short Verification Check.
* Self-made Lore and Map(s).
* Looking for Staff / Kingdom Ruler(s).
This server only accepts semi-lit or literate roleplay.
Everything seems like the best option before you see the consequences.
Welcome to the world of Everlast!

After a worldwide plague swept the world in the year 2000, everything slowly collapsed. Cities fell into themselves, and the crime rates were at a world time high. Everything was shut down and hundreds to thousands of people died, millions even. Though as many put it, the apocalypse had ended as soon as it came. A group of people who called themselves the council banding together and making their own city. Creating technology to keep it safe. Everyone flocked to it, though it was hard to get in. Those who were sick were denied and left out to die. Little children being the healthiest, hundreds were orphaned in the city. Brought up in specific ways to become the headmasters. As many have called them, of the colors.

The world still remains this way, but worse. When hundreds died, climate change seemed to diminish itself slightly. Though it still affects the world, pollution went down drastically. With the water being so clear that you could see the bottom, littering finally being gone. The people who survived, and were sectioned into categories depending on their personality. Though, no one could figure out why. Though hundreds of years later, it became normal. Technology advancing in such a way that it was a waste to leave the city, though people started wanting to adventure out. Take quests, be the fantasy people they wished to be.

Though of course, after a few scavenging quests, people came back reporting monsters. Mutation, and other people. Well, of course, they can’t let everyone else go out thinking there are people out there, now can they! Though, they didn’t get to it first. The only other city that remained, in 2500 tried nuking Everlast and failed. Their city was destroyed and due to the radiation, everything around the city was destroyed. Only those who were inside the city were saved because of the dome. Mutated monsters run rampant outside, and people take quests to kill them. Using their meat for meals, and as a way to make money. No one knows why it came to this, but everyone just regards it as normal now.

Which way will you go? Will you be the rebellion who wants to know if there are things outside the city. Are you an adventurer who chases after the mutated animals, or are you a normal civilian just trying your hardest to live? What will you be in this screwed up world?

What Everlast offers!
- 100+ Channels
- A welcoming community
- Semi-lit to literate roleplay
- Mini events every week
- Freedom of character

And so much more.
Note- We are not the place for people new to role play or who have never done semi-lit to literate role play. Hope you understand.

Why don't you stop by?
Short Synopsis:

◂ ❚ ⊱ꕥ⊰ ❚ ▸ After the sharp increase in the population of ability users, many people took it upon themselves to teach the newer generation in order to keep peace. As abnormal creatures came about, some were made to fight them and keep the unaware normal humans safe. Others fought within themselves to prevent those who used their powers for evil. Even more decided to keep on living a normal life, hiding their powers. All amongst these generations is a proud school in upstate New York that still stands today.

The long history of the school leaves many mysteries left to be solved. But do you have what it takes to get accepted?

*Character Ranks are open again!!
A different universe from the main cannon that still follows most of its rules. In this timeline a great disaster nearly devoured the world all in the sake of proving a point. So a man with the Hogyoku used its power send it into the depths of the Dangai. In doing so he released enough power to change the world. Now people are gaining spiritual power at a rapid rate and going out to accomplish their goals. You are one of the newly empowered entities.

We offer a good stat system and a lot more loose setting where you can really feel like your in the anime world of bleach.

This project has been in the works for some time. We hope you enjoy
Only 20 moons ago, only one clan was among the forest, Forestclan. ForestClan was writhing in happiness, it had seemed like nothing was wrong and everyone was happy. This angered a dark forest and split the clan in four. WindClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan, are now the clans of surviving cats. These four clans are struggling to rise for power. As they climb up the mountain of strength, the darkness from before rises above them to see which clan they flick off the mountain. Will all clans survive? Or will one of them fall apart due to the shadows rising within? Join us now and maybe you will have the fate of the clans in your paw.

Welcome to Join the Wild!! We are a Warrior Cats server based off the popular series “Warrior Cats” written by Erin Hunter. Interested on joining us?

{|.. Here on some details on what our server is about .. |}

!/ ROLEPLAY !/ Focusing on our lore and prophecy is roleplay! We will allow lots of activities, games, and events within each clan or together to allow us to get to know each other better and allow us to experience life as a warrior cat.
// 1 | This a semi-lit RP Server! Meaning we accept mainly 4-8(+)) sentences PREFERRED though NOT required. We allow descriptive roleplays to add onto the plots and make things more interesting.
// 2 | To add onto the experience of hunting, we add dies to any roleplay than involves hunting and herbal-finding. This information is held within our own roleplaying guide that will be fair to all members. Secondly, using bots, we have created a shop that uses digital currency and allows you to buy Ranks and herbs as a medicine cat.
// 4 | Monthly Gatherings and Med. Cat Meetings.
// 3 | You can choose your Clan, age, and rank within our roleplays after signing up and passing a simple verification with Staff.
// 4 | Though we have canon-based Clans, each have their own territory, shown by real-life pictures to represent each territory. Our own map and icon made by (@Sparrowminder on Tumblr and Discord User @Jake from Statefarm.)), custom weather system.

\!/ COMMUNITY \!/ We are a growing and active Discord Server that allows members to post art, meet friends, chat in voice calls, and vent to members and staff if comfortable, and more within a welcoming environment. Rules are always being upheld and enforced by Staff.
// 1 | Everyday active Staff and Members that interact with each and support each other (LGBTQ+ friendly)). Some Clans will host games such as Minecraft, Kahoot, and Feel free to relax!
// 2 | Lots of different bots that allow you to listen to music (Rhythm & Groovy), have your own kits and apprentice to take of (oorp, Littlebot), and compete with other players in a list of games (UnbelievaBoat/Bot).
// 3 | We will be hosting Clan-festivals soon where you can earn rewards.

\!/ What's coming? 👀
— Clan Festivals
— Gathering/Med. Cat Gathering (Monthly, and more to follow!)
— Adoptable Kits/Kits
— Kahoot Games/Other Games, once we find or think of them
— Etc... (We love suggestions if you have ideas!)

Shat // Rosacease

STAFF TEAM (+)): Accepting more people!
Adapt or Adaptacy // Admin
Starling or EslipsedStarling // Admin Lost // Admin

~ Verification required.
~ LGBTQ+ friendly.

"A Land Cursed With Unending Darkness..."
Curse of The Bloodmoon is a fantasy roleplay server, yet, not the ones of great and daring adventures, not the ones of heroes and their party, no bright light shines in this world. Instead, we have monsters, demons, angels, trapped in a World which has been cursed to forever remain dark. What was known before is now lost, with most trying to survive in the new world of darkness and despair. Some have locked themselves away in fear, some have decided to forgo their old selves for the sake of power and glory, while others try to live along side the new creatures spawned into this world. In the end, it will not change the fate of the world and bring it out of the darkness.

Do note that we are a semi-literate roleplay server, we expect your roleplaying to be at acceptable and cohesive levels. So please, at least more than one sentence of actions or dialogue before roleplaying.

If you have any questions, let the admins know...otherwise, welcome, to the dark world of Curse Of The Blood Moon...
As the Scales Tip - A Warriors RP

3 Clans, Gulchclan, Morassclan and Heathclan. Unique to a set territory, and living with eachother. However, it is not a peaceful harmony. With each clan having its own origin and traditions, they don't always see eye to eye, and choose to fight with claw and tooth for what they wish for. With ancestors of each clan looking over them, just how long until they drive eachother to destruction, or even extinction? And with the three clans fighting, just who else is lurking beyond the territories and waiting for an opportunity to act?

Will the clans continue to survive, and help one another in the grips of chaos, or will they rip eachother to shreds before then?


-As the Scales Tip - A Warriors RP, a semi-literate roleplay-

☽︎ 𝕎𝕖 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕖 ☾︎

★︎ High rank openings!
★︎ Unique clans and traditions.
★︎ Interesting plot.
★︎ Personal roles.
★︎ Active owner and staff that will take what you have to say to heart. We want this server to be the most comfortable for you!
★︎ Plenty of roleplay areas, and areas to speak and share.
★︎ Furry and LGBT friendly!
★︎ Littlecloud and more!


Join us! Who's side will you be on As The Sclaes Tip?

✧ ・゚ : ' ✧ ・゚ : ' Dom view! ' : ・゚ ✧ ' : ・゚ ✧
Dom view is a semi-lit roleplay server! The rp follows the same schedule as real life (PM EST). Join us! It's a new server and I would love new people!
(By the way, not roleplaying with one of your ocs for an amount of 2 weeks will result in them being deleted!)

The rp happens years after the peace / harmony artifact was broken, the same artifact strengthened monsters from all over the world and giving them powers, humans also got powers but 92% of the population with powers were weak, thus causing the loss of a war, humans were about to be decimated and most of them were separated from each other. Dom view was a refuge for people who were lost after the war - and it is one of the safest cities to live, as it was built on an isolated island close to the continent of Dom. The world is afraid of yet another war, since , if the princess of Domx view is killed by someone or some monster, the humans will be ready to be exterminated ... Well ... With that you managed to understand that Dom view is a modern city but it is ruled by a queen and a princess right? Great! <3

♡You're able to open a business! (No ooc income though.)

♡We have self roles!

♡Im opening apps when the server reaches 25 people!

♡Short and simple rules!

♡Tupperbox <3!

♡The lore isnt mandatory but it's better to read!

♡Natual events (Please roleplay as they go <3!)

♡Any age, gender, ethinicy and sexuallity are welcome <3!

♡The owner is crazy - berr (nxbznc)
Its 1327 in the year of our lord. The planet has been flooded with blood as wars for territory has killed countless men. A new era is upon us and the fate of the 5 kingdoms are in your hands!

Will you fight for your king? Rebell against a tyrant or rise through the ranks of the church to become the pope? This is your story, tell it to us all!

⚜️What we have to offer!

🆕 we are a brand new server thats still in the works but ready to go public!

📜 we have 5 kingdoms with 4 of them still needing kings along with positions for nobles, knights, cardinals, bishops, and so much more!

⚔️ Be who ever you want to be! You wanna be a theif? An assassin? A merchant? A homeless beggar? Wanna start the knights templar? Dark brotherhood? Or do you have aspersions to form a rag tag group of mercs to give loyalty to the highest bidder? Its really up to you!

We have staff positions available to thise who show themselves worthy and active in helping the server.

Hope to see you here and hopefully on the battle field!


Welcome to Echelon Breach! Echelon Breach is a collective roleplay about a series of Mages that have torn open a breach in the world to be able to harness the pure magical energy of the veil. Unfortunately, creatures from beyond the aether seep into the world as a result, but the greed of many other mages result in more and more Echelon Breaches. These Breaches have given birth to a unique group of mages, trained from birth- it seems like some of them have abnormal mutations that may result in beings of yore once more coming to earth. Each Breach has a sect; each Sect protects the world from the wrath of the Breaches. Despite the absolute power they can provide the closer one is to a Breach, the more dangerous it becomes. Rogue mages are beginning to tear more holes into the fabric of our reality, and people are beginning to use the power of the Breaches to get what they want.

The lore continues in the server, so if you want to keep reading, come check it out!


What We Have To Offer

Legendary Lore. A story that involves everyone, and requires teamwork and bonds to truly get to a satisfying end. Even when our first arc stops, we have plans for more in the future!

- As a member of the community, you are valued and heard. We want you to speak up and give us suggestions and feedback. You will not be ignored.

- We’re constantly striving to be better. We won’t settle with being second-best in anything, least of all giving you a great experience~!

- We do not accept custom races, but we do accept suggestions for additions. We typically must edit a race to fit our world's specifications, so yes, we do put limits on power but we do work on an honour-based system. We're constantly updating.

- You will have to go through a screening process! Don't panic if you get stuck in #welcome, simply follow the instructions given and then @ an admin when you're done reading the lore and such and we will move you over to the main chat!


[ We have the following: ]
Devoted, driven admins with plenty of experience.
Creative lore/storyline made custom, unlike anything ever thought of before. Unique is our brand.
Literate roleplay. And so the literate shall gather; don't be intimidated, though, we have roleplayers from all backgrounds and levels of experience! If you want to learn, we will teach!

So much more. Give us a chance, come in, ask questions, and make a character.
The world was once overpopulated with humans, until a tramatic plague swept over the earth, killing off every last one of them. Animals were immune to this plague, but they were not immune to starvation and mounourishment.
Years later, the species of canine arised to their full potential, populating the earth, but the plague was spreading to species fast, most prey were sickened, and canines aswell. Surviving these harsh environments lead to deadly wars, clashing of fur and fang. Divided among 3 types of canine, Loners scavenge what they can, Rogues forage whatever they find, Packs fighting for what they need.
Since the plague had jumped species, the world of canine grew weary and nerved of it. Pretty soon the packs had become scarce, and repopulating had become a problem, will you survive this horrible plague?

The Plague Dogs
Hi! Welcome to The Plague Dogs. Here are our main rules:
- Any serious damage that will cause a scar or permanent damage to another roleplayers character you must ask permission from that person.
- Age Limit: 14+
- Small Height Limit: 9 Inch (23 Cm) / Large Height Limit: 30 inch (72 cm)
- No Unusual Fur Coloring Or Patterns.
- No Hybrid Dogs Such as- Dog Mix Coyote, Dog Mix Fox, or Dog Mix Cat.
- Wolves Are Allowed.
- Mix Breeded Dogs and Pure Breds are Always Welcome.
- Romance is Allowed but limited, Sexual RPs in PM's ONLY.
- Anyone Under The Age Limit will be strictly BANNED.
-No Herrassing/Bullying others that will result in a warning/kick/ban.
-No other species besides wolf and dog.
-Make Sure To Ask Permission Before Joining Someone's Current Roleplay.
-Semi-Realist roleplay.
-Realistic Character submissions.
- Just Remember to follow the rules and be fair, and most importantly have fun!!
Any Questions Just Remember to PM me @DoomTheHellhound #5564.
Remember this server is extremely new! So feel free to throw in some suggestions and opinions!!
Four petals on a bloodstained flower.
Three generals will be as firm as rock.
A War of Two is approaching.
And only one blossom will rise above the ashes.


WWI has ended, and the clans have now adapted themselves to live amidst the rubble and debris littered throughout the forest. LilyClan, SakuraClan, LaurelClan and RoseClan are the four that reign, defending their territories and adopting the ways of the two-legs. Rather than apprentices and warriors, they take pride in being known as cadets and soldiers, under the rule of the general and their commander.

But... all is not yet done. Another war is looming, a bigger and bloodier one. The clans will unknowingly be thrust into more chaos. They will have to encounter two-legs and much more.

The question is... will they overcome?


Welcome to Fall of the Clans! This is a server that takes place in Europe during World War II, exploring how it affected the wildlife and land on the battlefields. Fall of the Clans Features...

• Open Staff positions!
• Open High-Rank cats!
• StarClan, Rogue, Kittypet, and Loner characters!
• LGBT+ friendly character creation!
• Unique and compelling plot!
• A store with items to benefit roleplay!
• Semi-literate, grammatically-correct roleplay!
• A spectator role for those of you who just want to hang out.

We hope to see you there. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
Change rages beneath the sands of Danaus. Political tensions run wild, dragons turn on each other and the continent’s natural hunters wish to make it their playground. It is 3000 years after the events of the books, and all that remains of the past are legends and scrolls, and another continent is thought to exist. An animus tunnel reveals this third continent; but the dragons of Danaus are much different, and their natural hunters aren’t something shared by Pyrrhia and Pantala, until dragons begin to get curious. These merciless hunters wishes for just a little more prey to gorge on may be coming true, if they cannot be stopped.
Chill staff 💯.
Usually on 24/7.
Dynamic roleplay.
Roleplay constantly shifting and changing.
Custom Combat rating system.
Needs new major influences.
Very new could use some more roleplayers.
ERP is allowed, but not required.
✩ Welcome to Mythical World RP ✩
This server was made by a couple of good friends in the simple name of having a good time. We all hope you enjoy being in this server, and we encourage you to make new friends and exciting adventures for yourself! The staff here tries to be friendly and supportive, so don't be afraid to interact with us just because we have a fancy role. We'd love to hear your opinions on the server and learn about your characters!
(NOTE: This is a LORE BASED RP. If you do not wish for a lore based rp, then this is not a server for you.)
Oh, please do stop by, I get paid extra if you join.
If you like jazz, this is the server for you. Why? No clue! I'm grasping at straws here I really need some extra cash and the boss upstairs is mad at me. Anywho, without further ado, this is what you're getting yourself into:

"In a world now ruled by the technology man once created, the human race has been forced into hiding from the AI's they previously owned. These androids- The Children of Ares- will stop at nothing to ensure their survival and superiority. Even if it means wiping out the entirety of humanity.
So far, they're on the fast track to success. Only a fraction of the human race remains, avoiding the Children's sight in underground tunnels. Many live paralyzed in fear, hoping that if maybe they hide long enough, the Children will disappear. Others have begun to take matters into their own hands. Out of the rubble, factions arose to fight against these human-like machines. Many have been eradicated in this hellish battlefield, but some thrive in chaos.
Their goal: Take back the Earth."

Now for those of you who are blind, here's a little sign language.


We've got a pretty nice staff team (although one is borderline autistic and the other has a burning coal fetish), and some pretty amazing members, so long as you don't one-line. If you're not into reading much, here's a bullet-point list.

- Questionable staff
- Friendly members
- Regular VC's to chat in
- Music bots to jam with
- Semi-lit roleplay
- Great storyline

Now if you've read this far in, you might as well join. When you do, for the love of God, just fucking press the checkmark at the end of the rules. It'll look a little something like this: ✅

Welcome to The Children Of Ares!
Welcome to Axilos City!

We are a growing and active roleplay server designed to fit everyone's interests!
We have:
- Active admins and moderators!
- Semi-lit roleplayers!
Bots such as:
- Tupperbox
- Sheep Bot
- Pancake Bot
- Counting Bot

- "whats erp" - kati
- "maybe im magical" - clover
Welcome to Shrouded Heart!
A multi-species world where you can be anyone you want to be! Magic runs rife here in the beautiful, eternally night world of Shrouded Heart.

DISCLAIMER: This is a semi-literate, English-speaking server so we will need proof your writing is legible in order to let you in, sorry. But don’t be scared off! You don’t need to be perfect at speaking English, we only need to make sure your writing is legible enough to ensure the enjoyment of both you and fellow roleplayers!

Shrouded Heart is primarily made up of two towns: Moonlight City, full of hustle and bustle and bright streetlamps, and the smaller nearby port town which is in a constant downpour of rain but home to many tinkerers. Despite how upbeat and cheerful the towns seem to be, there appears to be something darker lurking in their midst.

What can you find in Shrouded Heart?
- Fluffy and friendly admins and moderators at your beck and call
- A tight-knit, friendly and accepting community that’s always growing
- Individual channels that represent every area in the cities. You can also create your own shops and houses for your characters
- Your character will get their own channel you can post their form in so it will never get lost - we also have a template form for you to fill out
- Magical and non-magical combat, with an optional and fully functional Dungeons and Dragons style dice roll system for all your combat needs
- Time, weather and date system to streamline the system for roleplayers
- A basic lore for the world is given, but plenty of creative freedom is allowed
- Occasionally lore-focused events are held, allowing players the opportunity to roleplay in a large group, learn more about the world and get their characters some nice perks like extra stats and maybe even some weapons
- Once a month we host a giveaway where members can potentially win custom roles and colours of your choosing to deck out your profile
A semidark fantasy setting, a sprawling and sterling city filled with wonderous magics, powerful adventurers and many beautiful things waiting in this wonderful world! Or is it really? There are things lurking in dark corners. Be wary adventurers.

Please be at least semi literate!
༺♥༻**Welcome to Tavern Lust!!**༺♥༻

· • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

You were just walking when you see an alleyway emitting faint red lights. It catches your attention as you walk inside to see a two-storied bar, **‘Tavern Lust’**. You've never seen this place before here, your curiosity takes you in the bar. Beautiful lights, mesmerising music and the irresistible lust is what caught you up all here.
Run by the lustful succubus owner, Esmeralda, the Tavern Lust is home for all sorts of sinners, specially the ones for the love of some good late-night playing.

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

× We're a semi-lit erp server.
× Only 17+ people are allowed.
× We're just getting started, thus we have less members and low moderation.  We're still under construction. Sorry for inconvenience. ₍ᐢ.ˬ.⑅ᐢ₎
× Totally LGBTQ friendly!
× OOC chats and Mudae bot!
× We also have emotes.
× Welcoming community
× Self love channel
× Hentai channel cumming (coming) soon! ᕱ⑅ᕱ
× **Warning:** The Owner is a big kinky woman! You've been warned!
× For the first ten people to join and stay, we're giving a custom role of their choice
A new and upcoming Roleplay server set in the world of persona 5 with a custom story and custom characters. We do offer a canon character to try out for and that’s Igor. Our story is meant to step out of persona 5’s shadow but not be something completely different where it isn’t even persona anymore. All persona fans should give us a try.

We also offer a in depth RP/Battle system that is meant to invoke the same feeling when battling or hanging out with your confidants. No more rolling for every attack or relying on a bot for everything as everything here is thought out and expertly crafted.
»» ₊˚ˑ Hello and Welcome to 𝐍𝐨𝐳𝐨𝐦𝐮 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲! ₊˚ˑ ««

This server is based on My Hero Academia. (MHA/BNHA) We start our story in a world where most people have been born with a power, more commonly referred to as a quirk, where it is rare to be born without this mutation. In this world, heroes and villains and the occasional vigilante have risen and paved the way for the next generation.

You may be wondering were young, hopefuls can go to learn to be the next great hero or villain, yes this school welcomes both! Nozomu Academy is one of the best-known schools in Japan and in the top ten schools worldwide! The thing that makes it more unique than any other institution is the fact that both heroes and villains are welcome here.

The Academy's doors have opened once more, so come on and be the next generation of great heroes, villains, and vigilantes!

ʚ̣̣̣⊹ 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫;;

: ̗̀➛a safe Roleplay space where your opinion matters

๑ ˚ a storyline that includes all

๑ ˚ friendly and open-minded staff and members

: ̗̀➛ great giveaway opportunities along with frequent events

๑ ˚ a place for both semi-literate and literate Roleplayers to interact and grow in their skill

๑ ˚ a cute, aesthetic, non-toxic community

: ̗̀➛ cute emotes

»» 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫? 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐭 𝐍𝐨𝐳𝐮𝐦𝐮 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲! ««