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Yo, come join this server! We have cookies and a growing community. Stop by, start a game, and make friends. We have automatic voice channels, so there's no need to worry about not finding a channel. See you there!
This server is a project made to create a new Undertale AU where the fallen human fused with a Sans from another timeline, resulting in an Hybrid soul : half monster half human. We are searching for writers, illustrators, translators, compositors and programmers, our goal is to make this AU into a fangame. If you want, you can also join in as a spectator to observe our progress and to propose new ideas/opinion.
Welcome to everyone who wants to join us in this journey ^^
Download our tech demo:

SCP: Fragmented Minds is a brand-new take on the SCP genre with a deep-rooted focus on bringing a story-driven single-player and interactive multiplayer experience that features new and groundbreaking SCPs and mechanics into a single game.

Campaign: After a long stasis, you awake to find yourself in Site-113. The events that took place while you slept changed history forever. Uncover the secrets and use what you find to guide you among the ruins of the most advanced Foundation site in existence.

Multiplayer: Bring the fight to SCPs in their natural habitat. The Hunt gamemode will allow you to contain and destroy SCPs around the world. Gear up, customize your weapons and plan with your team to ensure you make it back to base....alive.
We just kinda hangout, we’re looking for people to talk to. We’re under construction but it’s fun here.
Hi this is in new discord server And it’s for people that are just trying to have fun and play among us and we play tons of other games as people dry will add games just request we can have tons of fun as long as we have people
Welcome to the FNaF AR Fancord! This server is based off of the game FNaF AR. You can send people animatronics, discuss the game, or if you aren't interested in that, you can hang out in the random chat, or discuss about the other fnaf games in the fnaf general chat! There are also memes. LOTS of memes. We even have events you can participate in like Karaoke and Movie Night! (This server is not official, and is owned by Mattqq.)
Hope you check us out and have some fun, fun, FUN! (Fazbear Entertainment isn't responsible for damage, death, or dismemberment.)


RULE 1: NO @everyone OR @here | Members and best bros are not allowed to do those two @, 🟧

RULE 2: NO NSFW CONTENT | Including Porn, IRL/Cartoon P###s, V#####a, talking about c#m ect. 🟧

RULE 3:NO SLURS | We are friendly community, do not call others retards, N-word or gay, 🟥

RULE 4: CHAT MUST BE ABOUT CHANNEL TOPIC | AR chat is about FNAF AR, theories is for Theories, Random chat is for anything else, 🟩

RULE 5: DO NOT IMPERSONATE OTHERS | Including real people, mods, bots or the server owner 🟧

RULE 6: NO SPAM | Spam is incredibly annoying and unnecessary, it will result in a 5-15 minute long mute 🟧

RULE 7: DO NOT STEAL ART | Stealing is strictly not allowed, doing so will result in warns and mutes 🟥

RULE 8: DO NOT RAID | This is strictly against discord TOS, and will result in instant ban

RULE 9: NO EPILEPSY GIFS OR VIDEOS | Strictly not allowed for those with the condition

RULE 10: NO DOXXING | Do not leak peoples private info, this is also against discord TOS 🟥

RULE 11: BE OLDER THAN 13 | Following discord TOS you must be other 13 to join the server

RULE 12: RESPECT MEMBERS AND STAFF | Not doing this will result in mutes and warns 🟧 :

RULE 13: FOLLOW THE LAYOUT IN FRIEND CODES | Follow the layout, read the pinned message :) 🟩

RULE 14: DO NOT STEAL SERVER EVENTS/TIPS N TRICKS INFO | People worked hard on events and the tips and tricks, if you wish to use it, ask the mods 🟥

🟩 = Not too big of a problem
🟧 = A Problem
🟥 = Huge Problem

When you join you will have 5 warns, breaking a rule will result in a warn, using all 5 will result in a ban, unless you raid, dox or admit to being under 13, since we dont want to break discord TOS

We might sometimes be quirky and weird but we're also fun, you don't have to like FNaF AR: Special Delivery to come here.
this is a fun server for all the fnaf fans out there we have a place for all the role players and much more join now
not responsible for death nightmares injures night-terrors ETC
So, What is Koukou Dabora?
Koukou Dabora is a visual novel parody with a deeper lore behind it. A lore that spans a journey across the internet to find it's hidden secrets. It's also a dating sim. Meet the girls:
Rosetta: Timid and mature. She is the most responsibile of the friend group.
Ivory: The classic tsundere type. She's always there to call out your crap.
Lilac: She's goth and proud of it. She believes in ghosts and magic. She's super sensitive about it, so don't make fun of her for it.
Can you put up with Lilac's paranoia, Ivory's rudeness, and an opposing force affecting your world?

This is a the OFFICIAL community server dedicated to Koukou Dabora! Here, you can talk to fans, talk to people who've worked on Koukou Dabora, and talk to the main creator himself! (He's actually a lot easier to talk to than it might seem.) As always, have fun, and remember: Be an Iris, not an Ivory!
Community Server for fellow Among Us players, fitted with voice chat rooms for playing and a gamecode channel so gamecodes don't get lost in chat. Come in, be friendly, and let's play!
Hexamotion Games est un serveur communautaire encadré par un groupe d'amis qui développent des jeux pc et mobile. Nous permettons à notre communauté de parler de développement de jeu vidéo ( c’est le sujet principal ) mais aussi de gaming et d’art.
Dans ce serveur, les développeurs et gamers peuvent trouver d'autres membres de la communauté pour monter un projet ou jouer ensemble. Ils peuvent également réaliser des streams et faire leurs annonces.
Come play Among Us with friends, we have selectable roles and memes. I also like Danganronpa so we can talk about that too.
We play video games at the video game server.
Lounge around and play video games.
Among Us Ćenter which is the best and most hardworking Among Us Server. Our server has a amazing community, and a dedicated moderation team. There is tons of VC everyday. There's tons of activites to do at Among Us Ćenter and we hope to see you there!
The unofficial fan made undertale discord server.

We just started and have a list of stuff we still need to add and he hope you will help us shape the future of this server.
welcome to danganronpa V4 !
( this server will contain spoilers )
we are a fun rp server designed to bring people together !! i’m hoping to get started asap 💕

the story of class V4 ( class 54 )
after team danganronpa was shut down the world began to go back to “ normal ” , with both hope and despair roaming free . however traces of the horrid show still remained .

a hundred years later , history classes taught about the time where the world was said to be full of hope , everyone using danganronpa as an outlet for despair . no matter how many precautions were put in place , there were still those who wished to re-create danganronpa .

three teenagers decided to do so , broadcasting it to the world . however they were unable to perfectly replicate the previous game causing a glitch . meaning all characters had memories of their life beforehand , although they were altered to fit the idea of a world with ultimate talents . ( they are unaware that the game isnt real and its all virtual reality )

now 16 teenagers are stuck inside a school with headmaster monokuma and must kill each other to escape ! only one player may leave , or at least that’s what he says
Hello people of vinyl city and welcome to this server, we have what it says in the title a chill atmosphere and even if you don't want to roleplay we have other things too.

"Okay listen, honey. You think you can just walk in here to drag us all into your silly little fantasy? You are so naïve to think that rock is still relevant. Stop living in the past! There is only one music in demand right now, and that is...E-D-M! The age of rock is over. EDM rules this city!"
Tatiana- NSR Leader

No more injustice! It's time we fight EDM with the power of ROCK! The music revolution starts right now!
Mayday- Bunk Bed Junction Guitarist
Welcome to Rhythm Heaven! This is a newly made server based on the video game Rhythm Heaven. We don't have many members, so if you could take some time to join our server we'd really appreciate it. You don't even have to know anything about Rhythm Heaven, since we have an off topic chat. Please give our server a visit!
╔═══════ ೋღ🌺ღೋ ═══════╗
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc
╚═══════ ೋღ🌺ღೋ ═══════╝

◡̈ & ☁
Hi! Welcome to Danganronpa trigger happy havoc! I'm here to be your guide before you begin your journey on this server! We have a manual easy verification, it's ultimately you choice if you decide to stay or leave, due to the limitation of characters you can have two canons and 7 OC's i might extend this later. We minimized the roleplay rooms so level 4 and 5 have been deleted, this will be explained better in the layout and info for the server.

◡̈ & ☁
This is a roleplay server but i want to accommodate for both people who roleplay and don't roleplay and just want a place to hang out and talk about Danganronpa, just don't go into detail about the beta version,, very scary stuff. Now onto the true introduction

◡̈ & ☁
Welcome to the world of Danganronpa, this world is run by the headmaster Monokuma! Find a way to defeat this twisted game monokuma has created, make some friends and put trust in the wrong people, will you become a blackened and get away with the perfect crime? Will you pick the right choice or the dreadfully wrong one? Will the world fall into despair? Make your own story and investigate the mysteries of this fine Institution!
This server is meant for playing Among us with friends and soon to be new friends. I would like to host games on a certain day and people would join us. Or we can play whenever we are able to. If you don't know what Among us is, I found a video that will explain that Subscribe to him he is good. Also, you can get on the apple store or on steam for $5. I hope you can join. :)
This server is full of different fun stuff,
- You can play with new people or just with friends.
- You can buy new voice channels by getting a little coins in the casino.
- You can participate in giveaways for private VCs where you can mo e your friends in, and have your own custom role displayed on your profile.
- friendly staff that is glad to help you.

So what are you waiting for come joins us in this amazing trip.

" We are currently looking for staff, so if you want to apply DM the owner and answer some questions and maybe you get in he team "
♠️♣️__**The Dark Ones**__♥️♦️
This is our AWSOME server for epic gamurz! We offer:
•Fun bots!
•Cool channels to talk about your favorite games!
•Kind Staff
•And more!

We hope to see you with us!
Welcome to the beautiful wilderness of Wyoming, where you're emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio. The year is 1989. You are a man named Henry who has retreated from your messy life to work as a fire lookout in the Wyoming Wilderness!

{Hey guys! Welcome to the FireWatch Server! Feel free to join anytime!}
Hello! In this small server, we like to talk about MegaMan, share fan art, create stories and roleplays based around it, etc. We are a very tiny community, hoping to grow and talk more with MegaMan fans!

We have:
♡ Reaction roles
♡ A lovely community
♡ Vent chat
♡ Advertisement chat
♡ Music
And more!!