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A Free Reign Danganronpa server that’s community driven and tries to do events with its users regularly!
♡ Current Event! ♡
For pride month we’re holding an art competition! All throughout the month of June users may submit LGBT related art in hopes of winning
First place prize) A keychain of their choice
Second place Prize) a sticker pack of their choice
♡ We Also Have ♡

A Quotes Blog YOU can follow and maybe even be featured on at Discordrompa-Shenanigans on Tumblr!

Active + Friendly Staff

An Archive of Content From All 4 Games, and More.

Analysis Channels for Serious Game Discussion

Lotta Bots!

And More!
Hello there! So I own an unofficial UNO discord server with over 500 members and still growing! And I would like to invite everyone to it.

You can do many things here, like:
⚬ Have UNO discussions.
⚬ LFG with other people.
⚬ Or you can play UNO via the UNO bot on Discord for free!

So if you're interested, be sure to join and meet some cool people!
Brawlhalla central is a brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments, gives prizes of all sorts, and has major fun events! tournaments usually consist to 20-40 players on average and usually last 5-9 hours long. We also stream all events and even have fun "featured player" streams where anyone can fight you on stream! so what are you waiting for? join Brawlhalla Central!
This is a Discord server for a game called "Granny" made by an indie developer, DVLoper.
This is not an official server, but it is the biggest DVLoper server with over 100 members, we have moderation bots, fun bots, plenty of members and staff, and more!
✧ A wholesome community for everyone!
✧ Great staff that are very active
✧ Lots of game categories to enjoy
✧ Starting out small but plan to be a bigger server, rewarding long time members
✧ Lots of topics to view and talk about with others
✧ Server roles to show off your style of gameplay or what you like to others ^-^
✧ Not NPC ran discord, everyone is friendly
✧ Find people to group up with you in games like black ops or a destiny Raid

Enjoy our server and we all hope you enjoy the stay, we hope you and us a like can all find a opportunity to be one big wholesome server full of friends
This is a brand new SFW Multi-Media server. The goal is to foster a community of people who enjoy multiple forms of entertainment. We have voice chats, image sharing, and discussion channels. We are trying to add more content everyday and hope you enjoy your stay.
PERSONA 5 Club Theme Server

I bet You never Saw It Coming HOO BOY!

♦Anime/Gaming/Meme/PERSONA 5 Community🎎

♦Level up Roles As You Chat And Self Assiagnable Roles To Choose 📊

♦Many Activities and Channels to Explore in🎉

♦Bots With Helpful Tools, Stats, Profile, Levels, Music, Games, etc 🤖

♦Diverse Group Of People To Chat And Have Fun!💬
Hello. I am Vega. I was originally the main operator for the Union Aerospace Corperation argent distillery, but after a turn of events on earth, students were flown to the UAC argent distillery for a chilling thriling game of killing. I was hacked to work under those who had put the earth through hell. Who knows what could happen now? Afterall, the UAC was shut down years ago.... Just the day before, you were accepted to the You Academy. The most prestegious academy around the globe. The next day, the sirens sounded....... During the process, something in the air knocked you out. It appeared that You Academy was a lengthened version of Union Aerospace Corperation Argent Distillery, or UACAD...... To this day, you do not know where the UACAD is located, and windows are shut tight. This area is very empty, except for the other students and the self proclaimed headmaster Vega. This is where Vega explains why you're here........
Welcome to the Infamous Community! A server dedicated to the inFamous series! Here, you can chat with others about the lore, choose your own faction with your unique chat and can roleplay; as well as discuss the game in full and provide tips throughout the sever! This server is dedicated to the Infamous Game Series, where you can have the role of the varying factions and fun things to do including help with the games and lore discussions. Everyone is welcome; you must treat everyone with respect! Thanks and I hope you on the server!
Welcome to the BetaFury Community! We are a growing gaming Discord server that has been active since late 2016. We encompass all gaming but have a focus on MMOs.

- Meme bots
- Music Bots
- Multi-Purpose Bots

Other Features:
- Levelling System
- Unique Chat Channels from different topics
- Spam Channel
- Artwork Channel
Hey people of the internet, come on in and enjoy hanging out, play with the bots, talk about games, get custom roles, get big bot cash with mantaro and level up with tatsumaki. chat with everyone, don't be shy. we're a very laid back community so don't come in with toxicity. And have fun!
This is the official server for the up and coming game Hellshot.
The lancer fanclub is for people who like lancer, or deltarune or undertale in general!
We have:
+custom emojis featuring lancer, ralsei, kris, susie, berdly, and rouxls kaard
+cool bots such as mee6, aki, and coinmaster
+a friendly staff
and some rad motorcycle pics.
Join today!
A Canadian made video game server! We’d love to expand further on our topics, as the scope of the server is to encompass all aspects of pop culture and everyday life! Come join us in the great white north!!
We are a Roblox Warclan who focuses on raiding other warclans. We are looking for active members daily.
We're hosting a funeral because Megalovania died

rip in peoprirni snas udnertale
Rainbow Six Siege is a server dedicated to everything about the game! Come drop by and play with other siege fans, or discuss things concerning the game. We have many different bots including music, userphone and many more!
Join and chill my dudes. We are new but we are growing. We are looking to expand our anime and video game topics, although the main thing is chillin. So come and join
A shitposting Sonic group modelled after the Facebook group, Sonic 06 Hell.
Come hang out, chat and have fun! Talk about the game and even write poems!
Hello! I am creating Asiara, a new video game! Please join if you have any experience in game design or storybooking or anything! All are welcome!
Hello, this is a rainbow six siege clan and would be awesome if you guys would join. You can play and meet friends. We might have some tournaments and some versus depends. That should be it!