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Brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments and gives prizes!
A fun place to meet friends and roleplay! We allow OC's and Cannon characters. We've also got tons of fun stuff for you to do which include chatting, bots, music, and much more!
A Canadian made video game server! We’d love to expand further on our topics, as the scope of the server is to encompass all aspects of pop culture and everyday life! Come join us in the great white north!!
This server is based off of Uncharted the video game series. It will be an advance roleplay server so if you cannot do more than a paragraph it might not be for you.

This server is under construction. I'm looking for people who like Uncharted and are passionate enough to help build story arcs.

OCs aren't accepted at all right now. Note: The only OCs being created are those designed for the Uncharted RP storyline arcs.

Based on the game Ghost Recon wild lands, all factions are available to roleplay as, with the intention of creating most areas in the game for you to roleplay in! We're fairly new starting up, and still wanna implement a few things, but you're free to join us and chat!
The main server exclusively for players of Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi, a community-ran replacement matchmaking service for the deceased Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
This is a roleplay server based around the game ArmA3, you can chat and socialise here, as well as roleplay, the lore is. In 2030, war erupts on the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis, killing half of the civilian population, rendering thousands of them homeless, and causing a refugee crisis. Under harsh conditions, NATO peacekeeping forces deploy to the region to secure peace and establish joint NATO–Altian Armed Forces (AAF) bases on the islands. Five years later, with NATO investment in the Aegean dwindling, the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT), a military alliance of eastern hemisphere countries, begins subsidizing the AAF and mobilizes its own forces in the Pacific. Facing political pressure to withdraw at the end of their peacekeeping mandate, NATO begins reducing their forces causing tensions to rise between AAF and NATO forces.
*This RP is based on the video game The Wolf Among Us more so then the DC Comic "Fables". The server has it's own canon so you don't need to kill your character off if they died in the game. You don't need to have played the game to join the server, it's pretty self explanatory.*

A welcoming owner who tries to help you through the character building process.

An in-depth, yet easy, character creation system.

OC and Canon character's accepted.

Customizable channels for your character's homes/works.


"Fabletown, ha, whoever thought putting a bunch'a Fables in the heart of a Mundy city must'a been crazy. Night-after-night it's the same thing over and fucking over again. Woody gets drunk, Toad gets seen outside without a glamour, Some poor fuck gets their head caved in... And it's my job to clean up the messes. After all, I am Sheriff Bigby Wolf... And everyone's afraid of The Big Bad Wolf."

Fabletown was supposed to be a new start for everyone, but it just turned into the same thing. The poor have nothing, and the rich have everything, crime runs rampant through the streets and those who are supposed to maintain balance either, don't care or are powerless to help and anyone whose left can't do anything without help of their own. So choose who you are a Fable, a "fairy tale" creature who has come to this world in search of a home. Or a Mundy, the humans who already lived here, who go about their day unaware of the creatures that inhabit Fabletown. Make your choice, make the story.
This is the official discord of the BetaFury community! Join a great community with numerous chat rooms for different games and fun bots!

- Meme bots
- Music Bots
- Multi-Purpose Bots

Other Features:
- Levelling System
- Unique Chat Channels from different topics
- Spam Channel
- Artwork Channel
Hello and welcome to Next Generation Gaming Legacy!
There used to be a server called Next generation Gaming but sadly that got deleted due to some difficulties and errors.
This server is a friendly gaming community! There will be more channels and updates in the future but as of right now, please enjoy you're stay.
Attempt to bring two major communities of anime and video games together. Also attempting to bring out interesting niches of both communities.