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PFN BBQ is a place to interact with english speaking gamers worldwide. All types of gamers welcome- PC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft... we have sections for every type of device. We also have sections for memes, venting, and a nsfw area for those 18+. There is no age limit on who can join. Come make some friends and share content~ We host free online Cards Against Humanity games frequently and you can play on any device with a browser. We are a new server!
This server is about a common point where people can meet to have sex on VR Chat.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬[VRChat Lounge]▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Hello everyone! We are the VRChat Lounge, a server made with love by shiio. We are basically a pretty small community of people that love VRChat!
We organize a lot of events, such as bowling, drinking, movie nights, golfing, world hopping, etc. ! We also offer other things such as:
• ❤️ A great level up system!
• 💜 A active NSFW Channel!
• 💙 RP and ERP Channel!
• 🖤 Gaming channel for games other than VRChat!
• ❤️ Events and Giveaways for entertainment purposes!
• 💜 Memes for all your dank needs!
• 💙 Partners to get people to know other awesome servers!
• 🖤 Selfie channel to show your cute face to others!
• ❤️ Self promoting channel for all your needs!
• 💜 Dating channel to find yourself a life partner!
• 💙 Also a lot of cool emotes!
We also feature a verification system for the dating channel, if you don't want to get catfished! We hope you will have a nice stay and we will do everything to maintain the peace of this Server!
We really hope you do have a great time here, who knows maybe you'll find yourself some lifetime friends or even a lifetime partner! We are awaiting you!
-> <-
Ten years ago, Earth was on the brink of death. The edges of the world were broken beyond repair and as each day passed, the work society had spent centuries creating seemed to be unravelling and being resigned to oblivion. Body bags littered the streets, and the stench of death forced many to lock themselves indoors. Diseases stalked every corner of every land, adding more and more victims to its devastating death toll per day. Food shortage was at its peak, with people witnessing others dying before their very eyes due to starvation. Humanity as a whole was steering directly into the face of extinction.
However, amongst the rubble of destruction, a shining piece of hope revealed itself; Envision.
Envision, the virtual reality system that saved Earth from total collapse. The initial goal behind it was to create a system to reverse, or at least stall, the overwhelming world hunger crisis. See, when you eat a fruit salad or nachos or chicken or whatever it is that you like to eat within the Virtual Reality, you’re actually consuming a substance in the material world which would otherwise be intolerable to your stomach, had you tasted its actual flavours. But, thanks to Envision and the manipulation of the parietal lobe, it tastes like whatever the user is eating in the Virtual Reality.
As time progressed, Envision continued to undo the path to extinction, solving the lack of space and the diseases in the air with further improvements to the gear. At launch, humans could only manage to remain in the Virtual Reality for five hours before being required to take a break, but after the upgrades occurred, Players could remain within Envision for as long as they wanted. There were no longer any risks of catching diseases in the real world, especially since most of the population were protected by the VR.
It looked to be a revival.
Now, all these years later, a new threat has emerged - A monster who goes by the username of ‘Infinitum’ has been slaughtered countless victims within the VR and somehow, it’s been killing the victims in the real world in the process, which was something that was considered to be impossible. Envision is becoming less safe by the day, and there seems to be no end to this user’s trail of blood.
So…Are you up for the challenge?
An elementary VR-Gaming Community, made for periodic or special One-Time-Gaming-Events, Movie-Nights... Organize Groups, Tournaments, Coop-Meetings for your favorit VR-Games. Its a simple system just for signing up in a Group or creating Events.
♥ We have friendly users that are always heartwarming. We have the following bots in the server(taking recommendations for more): Mantaro, Miki, Nadeko, Pancake, and Rythm.
♥ We have roles for Streamers and YouTubers (but there is a recommendation you need).
♥ We do giveaways for Steam games, Nitro, and etc.
♥ Our events are in VR games and will be in Voice Channels, to artists and musicians!
♥ We love meeting new people within all ages.
♥ We accept suggestions and looking for more emotes to add into the server.
I'm just a youtuber and really I just post memes n shit lol
Aero is a growing Anime & Gaming community with a fun & friendly atmosphere,weekly events, & much more. come join us! we are primarily a gaming community with anime and Virtual Reality being our second and third focus in our community.
We area community revolving around VRChat mostly, but play many other games together.

We are dedicated to having fun whatever we do together, and we welcome anyone that would like to become part of this.

If you implement yourself into the community, you have a chance to get cool unity assets, varying from shaders and models to prefabs and even fully customized avatars.

We try to help out anyone we can.
Tired of being alone in VR? Since VR is mostly made of friend groups and it's hard to meet people, come join our shenanigans and meet some great new people!
This discord is a chill place to hangout with friends.
Love to party hard? Love to drink every weekend? Love to have fun and meeting new people to party with? Love VR? Well make sure to join Club Bliss! We host parties a lot and you don't wanna miss it. So make sure to go say hello, be yourself, meet new people
A Good Happy Positive Server Full Of Weird And Wild But Most Importantly Genuine People, Pretty Active Channels for A Lot Of People If You Want Something You Can Find It Here Hope You Drop By And Have Fun ❤
This is a Vrchat content creator server!

If you are new to making models or a season veteran on VRChat this server is for you

We post MMD, FBX, OJB assets/avartars on organised channels.
We have from Base to hair to accessories just to name a few channels.

We also have Tips and Tricks for Unity and Blender.
If you are new to VRchat or you want to start making avatars this is where you should start

Lastly we have a bunch of useful links and the community is great!

New assets are added daily!
VR Games Forever, A place to discuss VR gaming & VR in general
We have channels for support, self promotion (For youtube & twitch) Come say hello.
An unofficial home to the growing community around the World's Largest Social VR Platform, VRChat. We're a hub for VRChat Content Creators and sub-communities to mingle, take part in events and make lasting friendships!
For years we've been trapped in this sci-fi world filled with mysteries. We've been doing reckless and rebellious things we wouldnt dare doing in the real world. Hopefully anything we do in this world wont affect us in the real world.
There are several dungeons where you must do the most bizzare things to survive and pass over to the next dungeon. If you beat all the dungeons you and everyone else in the dungeon with you will be able to leave. But what would family and friends think if they knew what you were doing in the mysterious world? Would they leave you to die and rot in your own insanity or support you and try to forget it?

A loving, small community with a big heart for everyone to enjoy! You can join even if you wont roleplay, and just hang out with our loving and amazing staff members, share some of your creations or just stay here for the spicy drama.
We're a group of Rec Room players looking for more users to grow a thriving community of friendly and nice Rec Room players. Of course we accept everyone as we're just trying to have a great time. We don't matter who you are, just be nice and follow our simple rules. Thank you for reading, and hop in!
Server used for whatever purpose you’d like.
We play games like RecRoom and VR if you’re into that sort of thing.
Dating too ig pretty epic luv all u catfishes out there <3
Join or not to join that is the question.
-ValhallaSquad est un serveur francophone qui regroupe des joueurs peut importe les goûts les couleurs ou le niveau.

-Connecte toi et joue ou tchatche avec des potes sans te prendre la tête.

-Que tu aime try hard ou jouer tranquille tu trouveras du monde :)

Si ça te branche on cherche des membres actifs alors ramène toi on t'attend ! ;)
Friendly and fun server full of fun people to play with. Streamers can have their stream advertised in our channels. Includes streamer rooms! Join up for a variety of high quality voice chat rooms! Long term members get perks! XP Roles. Color Roles. R6 and OSU Bots. Always open for more suggestions. More to come! Clean and well organized server.
This is the official for the F4 Stream team. A community server for those who want to support the team and eachother an easy way to meet people with the same interests and possible new friends!
In the near future, most jobs have been automated. What is the purpose of humanity? Activitude, the Virtual Labor System, is here to help. Your artisanal human companionship is still highly sought by our A.I. clients. Strap on your headset. Find your calling!

(VVR-RP is a shining new discord server dedicated to the VR game 'Virtual Virtual Reality'. It is strongly suggested [but not absolutely required] that you play the game [or watch a playthrough of it] before joining in the fun.)
Willkommen bei VR addicted!
Bei uns dreht sich alles um VR-/NonVR Spiele und die dazugehörige Technik, 3d-Druck für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene, Vapen und gelegentlichem Streamen von Spielen oder Talkrunden.
Sollten wir dein Interesse geweckt haben, so schau doch mal bei uns rein.