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This is a fangame for the danganronpa series of games. You follow the protagonist, Kim Davis, Ultimate Mountaineer, as her and 15 other Ultimate students try to survive a brutal killing game.

In this server, I provide updates to the game daily, so join if you're interested.
🛰️ Hey you ! Yes you !
You are bored by Fan game to much repetitive ? Well, you came across the right ad !

Welcome to the Fan game fnaf named: Ultimate custom night : Meme Edition


🔴 UCN MEME EITION ? What is that ?

⚠️ THIS GAME CONTAINS....memes?! This game is a parody of Scott Cawthons Ultimate Custom Night. This game is filled with 50 new characters which will surely entertain you. so if you can handle it this is the game for you! The game is actually developing we're to the this version is a test so... be patient :p

🔵 What about the discord ?

In the discord there are...
📢 some spoils abouts futur versions !
⏰ actif staff
👍 a nice community
📈 a lot of channel
🎉 soon... some giveaway !

⚪ Where are the links ?

👇 Right there !

We are waiting for you so, see you soon !
Bienvenue sur le serveur Discord du projet SSE.
Ce projet a pour but de crée un fan-game de Super Smash Bros. mais qui as pour thème une chaîne youtube nommée Captain Hype et plus particulièrement son serveur Discord ENGOUEMENT.
Welcome! This is the anniversary of despair Akikikiki!!! Don’t mind the mess,

Here, we have rules set in place to allow you to have the best time. I hope you enjoy your stay~
Pokémon Myth is a server based off of a fan made Pokémon region based off of Greece called Arcadius. Everyone who joins the server can help build the region by submitting Pokémon for the region, helping with the story, characters, whatever is needed to create a Pokémon region! Everyone is welcome here and it's a family friendly server. Join us if you'd like, we got cookies.
Team Indigo Falls is a team dedicated to making games! We currently make Undertale and Deltarune fangames at the moment, but are working on many other games! Check out our Character QNA, look at our games, and much more! Currently in the process of becoming a better server.
Hello, I have recently announced the development of a fan game called Pokémon Amber and I am currently recruiting people willing to help out. The region itself is themed around the prehistoric era and is planned to include fakémon, mega evolution and a whole bunch more!
We have only started recently and have only achieved very little progress so far, though development should speed up with the more members we gather. Anyways, if you are planning to check us out we all look forward to meeting you there!
Welcome, AU enthusiasts, to Unaltered! Ever wonder how different circumstances would have been if Asriel and Chara didn't die? Are you ready to see character dreams come true? Ready for a whole 'nother take on the Undertale universe? If so, come on down to my server!

At Unaltered, we offer...
- Lots of roleplay action!
- Friendly staff.
- Lore that's currently being updated!
- New additions to the main character roster.
- An expanded and improved Underground.
- Character role switcharoo (Disclaimer: Character personalities and relationships remain intact)!
- Gaster?!
- A full fan game that's currently in development!

Have any questions? Feel free to DM me! My username is QueenofHair (clover emote) (NR!Frisk)#4961
Recreate your favorite dragon ball moments in this brand new dragon ball fan game or play brand new what if stories with what if characters ranging from DragonBall to DragonBall Gt and DragonBall Super. you can also role play as your favorite characters from the anime in the upcoming online RP mode. with dragon ball discovery the possibilitys are endless.
Este server es un grupo de fans de Undertale/Deltarune estamos haciendo un fangame

es una secuela de undertale, pero pueden verlo como una linea temporal nueva, no conecta undertale o deltarune al 100% pero la intencion es hacer algo nuevo

y necesitamos tu ayuda para mejorar este proyecto hecho por fans

estamos creando una nueva historia, con nuevos personajes, nueva trama, y nuevos misterios

Hay 3 nuevos modos

Modo Solo

Modo Equipos

Modo Larga distancia

por ahora somos un grupo pequeño pero con tu ayuda hacer crecer este proyecto es posible, con tus sprites, composiciones, experiencia en programacion,etc lo haremos posible

y si el server esta inactivo, tu lo pondrias activo con tu ayuda

Pero si esto no llama tu atencion

Viejos Personajes Volveran

Nuevos Villanos

Un nuevo Protagonista

*Un Nuevo Misterio

¡Bienvenido al proyecto delta nube!:wink:

¡Antes de empezar tienes que leer las reglas asi que aqui van!:smile:

1. se prohíbe un comportamiento Toxico a los usuarios

2. no esta permitido el contenido NSFW o Polemico, Spam, Shitpost, sin importar el canal

3. todo lo que no tenga que ver con el proyecto esta en offtopic

4. Se prohibe promocionar sin permiso del equipo staff o del owner

5. se prohibe entrar y salir del server sin ningún motivo

6. un rol se gana no se pide

7. se permite la critica hasta cierto punto, pero si un usuario que si aporto se va por culpa de ese comportamiento sera expulsado

8. las menciones innecesarias no son perdonadas a menos que el staff mencionado lo permita

9. Prohibido tener fotos con contenido sexual,racista,etc

10. se prohibe el ear rape o sonidos sexuales en el canal de voz (banneo)

11. se prohiben temas polemicos, temas complicados, temas personales ya que eso ocasionaría muchos problemas

12. si se insulta a un staff directamente (banneo)

13. para el equipo staff se prohibe expulsiones o banneos injustos, eso les ocasionaría banneo permanente

Todos los derechos de Undertale/Deltarune le pertence a tobyfox
Welcome to the server dedicated to the creation of the video-game "Mikey Mouse Works: The Platformer". This game will be unique, having almost 15 playable characters in the final versions and a lot of cameo appearances of other cartoon characters.
If you want to help our team to make this game possible, just ask ElmerMouseFan34.
Make sure to follow the rules, and have fun! ;)
The newest batch of ultimate students are ready to start their killing game under the authority of Monomori can they find a way out or will students turn to drastic measures