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This is the server for "Danganronpa: Seaside Despair", a fan-game being made by two siblings (so far). We're hoping not only to get the word out about the game, but to also recruit other team members to assist in the game's creation, such as composers and developers.

At present, the game has a single writer and artist. The story so far has Chapter 3 finished, and the initial character art is finished.
Danganronpa: Reality Break is a fan series created completely by one person. DRRB is edited and put onto Youtube and all art is in the Danganronpa style! Monofox welcomes all! Upupupupupu...
-Bienvenidos a HyperVersal: Masters of Creation-

En esta comunidad, buscamos usuarios con talento, como artistas, animadores, spriters, etc.

Para así socializar, y trabajar de forma unida en grandes proyectos, como Series, Fan-Games, o alguna otra cosa......

Y si no tienen talento, únanse a la comunidad, aprendan, mejoren y conviértanse en talentosos usuarios.
This is a community about the making of a Hi Score Girl Fan Game! Join us while we look at the development of this game and talk about Hi Score Girl too! :D
‘Just a normal day for me’ you thought as you open your mailbox. When you open it a shiny, red letter is in it. You wonder ‘This isn’t mine‘. You grabs the letter to see if it’s yours and it is! It as your Address on it. You see who it’s from and it’s from the New carnival opening up. ‘Wait what this can’t be happening’ you thought as you open the letter and you begin to read it.

Dear Y/n,

Hello we’re opening a new Carnival and you’re a lucky guest! You get a free stay at this place! 20 other people will be joining you, Are place is located at xxxx-xxx-xx! Y/n we have lots of fun games, shops, and more! We hope we see you there.

Director of MonoCircus’s Circus

You pinch yourself to see it this was a dream, but it wasn’t. You go back in your house and wonder ‘Should I go’.....
Now that’s the choice you will make fellow reader!
We are a small development team that are working on a small fan game based off The Bendy Royal April fools joke. We are looking for anyone who would like to join, animators, artists, modellers, voice actors, anyone is welcome! Hope to see you there!
Welcome to Fnaf Springlocked Secrets. We are a roblox and discord server based community

We offer

-friendly staff
-updates to my fnaf fan game
And more!
This is a a little project I decided to start. I thought any fans of the show could come and help out with development. This is a free, indie game made by me so far. I'd love to grow a community and gain some support
This is the unofficial discord server for everything related to the comic series Bone by Jeff Smith. A bone fan game is also in development!
This is a server for people who wanna help make a warriors RPG fan game and stay updated on the game
Een server gemaakt voor de fan game Pokémon Sweezi. In deze servers kan je updates ontvangen over de game en de game downloaden, je kan ook met ons chatten en in de game komen. Ook heeft de server pokécord support.
***Demonic Community ? Mais quesaco !***

C'est un serveur communautaire dans lequel vous êtes sûr de trouver un ambiance bonne et convivial.
Parfois il y aura quelques évents comme des petites devinettes ou des mystères sur lequel vous pourrez débattre ensembles.
Il y a un bot de modération et deux autres qui ne sont pas importants à décrire.

Sont présents sur le serveur:

- Levels
- Bot Musique
- Recrutement Staff
- Disboard
- Bot Radio
This is a Server for a fan made danganronpa game! We are looking for voice actors, artists, game designers and musicians.
If you wish to join just apply (previous works are highly encouraged) NOTE this is completely voluntary so there will be no payments, it’s all for fun!
This is a fangame for the danganronpa series of games. You follow the protagonist, Kim Davis, Ultimate Mountaineer, as her and 15 other Ultimate students try to survive a brutal killing game.

In this server, I provide updates to the game daily, so join if you're interested.
(This is my friend's server, so I didn't make it. Am just helping him get more members) Five nights at Adrians (Fnaa) is an Idea that my friend made. It's a mix of my friends and other people's ocs turned into fnaf characters. If you want to know more then join!
The storm is coming.... Eggman's machine to FINALLY stop that "Blue Rat" went wrong and caused a massive storm that is coating the planet in deadly gasses. The original plan was to release gas onto Sonic's home but he made the gas wrong..

We are looking for Music Directors, Additional programmers, Story designers, Spriters and much more!
Bienvenue sur le serveur Discord du projet SSE.
Ce projet a pour but de crée un fan-game de Super Smash Bros. mais qui as pour thème une chaîne youtube nommée Captain Hype et plus particulièrement son serveur Discord ENGOUEMENT.
Welcome! This is the anniversary of despair Akikikiki!!! Don’t mind the mess,

Here, we have rules set in place to allow you to have the best time. I hope you enjoy your stay~
Team Indigo Falls is a team dedicated to making games! We currently make Undertale and Deltarune fangames at the moment, but are working on many other games! Check out our Character QNA, look at our games, and much more! Currently in the process of becoming a better server.
Hello, I have recently announced the development of a fan game called Pokémon Amber and I am currently recruiting people willing to help out. The region itself is themed around the prehistoric era and is planned to include fakémon, mega evolution and a whole bunch more!
We have only started recently and have only achieved very little progress so far, though development should speed up with the more members we gather. Anyways, if you are planning to check us out we all look forward to meeting you there!
Welcome, AU enthusiasts, to Unaltered! Ever wonder how different circumstances would have been if Asriel and Chara didn't die? Are you ready to see character dreams come true? Ready for a whole 'nother take on the Undertale universe? If so, come on down to my server!

At Unaltered, we offer...
- Lots of roleplay action!
- Friendly staff.
- Lore that's currently being updated!
- New additions to the main character roster.
- An expanded and improved Underground.
- Character role switcharoo (Disclaimer: Character personalities and relationships remain intact)!
- Gaster?!
- A full fan game that's currently in development!

Have any questions? Feel free to DM me! My username is QueenofHair (clover emote) (NR!Frisk)#4961