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Hello, welcome to this server if you consider to join our marvelous place. We do MilSim in the game called Arma 3. We have excellent expertise in our MilSim. Ranging from real life military, some of these people know what they're doing. It's all about doing the right thing, we have real educated military among our midst. So feel free to join, wanna be part of a cool squad then just a belly button picker? Come on down to Null Gaming. We don't just play this game, we also have Apex Legends, CSGO, LoL. Everyone is welcome, "Age minimum is 15" Region: EU|NA
Have you ever wanted to join a Arma 3 Milsim? Will the 1st Field Response Battalion is a great place to start for those who are new to Milsim and have expierence. We are a relatively small unit but we are looking to expand and have more people when it comes to to operate. We use a diverse group of maps and we try to have at least 1 operation every week. We are looking for those who are dedicated and willing to put some time into the Unit. We try to base a lot of our stuff off of the actual US Army. The Battalion Commander is even an actual US Soldier.

Please be aware though you will have to create an application to join the unit and possibly might have to go through a Basic Training. Those with prior milsim experience are welcome and those who are new to the milsim community are welcome as well. When you join the discord there will be a link to the forums under the information tab and if you have any questions feel free to go ahead and post them in the chat and one of our Officers or NCO's will help you out.
Welcome to Battlefield 4's discord hub. It's a work in progress ad it has just been created. We offer Milsim Recruitments, a role play section, a section to look for gamers from all platforms, normal talk, and memes. Come join and support us, as we are in need of members and staff.

82nd Airborne; Charlie Company is a Band of Brother recreation following the battles of World War Two.

We have multiple war historians who are taking part to provide an amazing attempt at a recreation via discord.

* We feature an extensive promotion system where your character can go up the ranks!
* The server develops overtime, which means if you join now, you'll be able to participate in basic training with the rest of the members!

Once the training's done, you cannot take basic training and be considered a seasoned member of the 82nd.

Come join us!
**Staff Currently needed Only requirement is to be able to enter the server correctly**

Welcome the Grand Armed Forces of the New and Improved British Empire and as a part of its military you'll be tasked with the defending the Her Majesty and her Empire, allies, Vassal states, their citizens and rights from whoever may disturb their peace, such as the Censorius European Union, the lying Communists and any other nation that's stupid enough to try and take us on.

We have many benefits in this server already implemented and many more on the way such as:
-A full military force with all 3 services
-Actual jobs that one can learn and perform in the server
-A fully implemented Ranking system
-A proper structure with Formations and command structure, allowing people to form squads and more
-A full Moderator and Admin system
-More features coming soon
-Two seperate areas for In character and out of character

Note: Please, everyone enjoy yourselves. This is a roleplaying community server but it's all just a bit of fun, you don't have to take it too seriously but if you do that's great.
This is a discord to come into if you want to play FPS games in a military type of way. We do military talk, military simulation, and a bunch of other stuff regarding the military. Primary games are battlefield, gta, rainbow, and a couple others
The Grand Army of the Republic is a Star Wars: Battlefront II Xbox One community centered on everything Star Wars! We also have a dedicated milsim that we use to work together as a team to dominate the enemy. Join us in our fight against the CIS!
Welcome to Altitude Security Services, a safety company that has been founded this very year! The company needs YOU to keep the world safe. Help us carry out various milsim operations in games such as squad and arma now!
We are a military unit on playstation 4. We currently play Battlefield 4, but expanding to Battlefield V and Insurgency Sandstorm.
Join the 11th Armored Division today to join an elite team of Battlefield V soldiers. All types of players are welcome including infantry, tankers, and pilots.