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The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102.
The Sierra Madre is a Fallout themed server that loves discussing all kinds of games and films. We enjoy shitposting and conversing with other people. We have a friendly community and a server that features many different bots and factions.
If you are wanting to join a Fallout 76 Discord Server, Vault-Tec wants you! this server is officically liscenced by Vault-Tec, it has a text channel for all the latest nuke codes, patch notes aswell as a trading and looking for group channel. We look forward to seeing you, Vault Dweller.
W.A.R.N.s General Mission Statement

To provide a foundation for long lasting friendships for active duty military, veterans and like minded individuals while sharing the love of video games as a whole.

W.A.R.N.s Fallout 76 Mission Statement

To help rebuild our society we must protect that which we love the most; our friends, families and loved ones. We help protect those who make the wasteland our home and think of others before ourselves.

The Future of W.A.R.N.

What does the future of W.A.R.N. look like? Are we only going to play Fallout 76?

W.A.R.N. may have been born through Fallout 76 but with all games, they eventually come to an end. With the mission of our group to bring active duty military, veterans and like minded people under one banner to enjoy games together, it would not make sense to confine ourselves to just one game. Our goal is to look towards the future as friends and game together beyond Fallout 76.

W.A.R.N.s Choice of Platform

W.A.R.N.s primary concern is to bring active duty military, veterans and like minded individuals together in an effort to forge friendships that will last for years to come and as such W.A.R.N. chooses all platforms. No matter if you are PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo we want you. The common love we all have at W.A.R.N. is games, lets enjoy it together.
Hello, we are a Fallout 76 server willing to help people looking for the needs of friends and help in the game.

Feel free to join us and Help Enclave out!
Welcome to The Darkened Path's Official Fallout 76 Sub-Server!

In this sub-server you will find channels for Xbox, Playstation, and PC! However, you will only see the channels based on the platform YOU play on! Just make sure to assign yourself a role though. You will be able to post videos, pictures, memes, and really anything you want in our media sharing channel! Not only that, you can meet new survivors to team up with or go against on your journey to rebuild the hearts and minds of Americans and America itself!

Join us today! Adventure is out there!
Server to just hangout and have fun. Currently have Destiny 2, Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fornite, and other miscellaneous channels.
[DISCLAIMER] In order to join, you need to either have already pre-ordered Fallout 76, original or Tricentennial on PC. or will get it once it releases.

We are the New Frontier, a group of former Vault 76 residents that teamed up to create a community. We are dedicated to rebuilding West Virginia to her former glory. You can join us too, and start contributing to a good cause.

In our ranks, you can be a trader, a raider, hunter, or just join to get some buddies to aid you in your ventures!

The New Frontier is governed by 4 people. xXThe_CooldogXx, (the one making this ad) the mayor of our capital in The Forest, Queenswood, and will be willing to help out new players once the PC beta comes out. Our owner of the group, Stryzek, or known in our discord, Vault Boy, is also our Grand Huntmaster of our hunting faction, where we will hunt massive beasts for trophies and resources. Our head trader, Head Supplies Trader Will, or Infernape501st, manages our economy and marketing. We use caps and bargaining, do not worry. Our raider Overboss is Antispider-9464, manages our raider faction, the main military part of our group; assigned to guard settlements, and attack rivals.

We are welcoming wastelanders willing to join, if so: Welcome to the Frontier!

We all will have Strength, Skill, and Survival.
Welcome to the BBB, a Fallout76 commerce network for merchants and wanderers of the wastes keeping Capitalism alive no matter how many bombs the Reds drop.

LOOKING TO SELL OR SET UP SHOP? If your a Trader, Crafter or offer any other services, please come advertise your wares alongside other illustrious entrepreneurs.

LOOKING TO BUY? Shop among many reputable businesses with up to date spreadsheets and inventory list from some of the finest vendors in Appalachia.

This is a gaming server, you will find twitch streamers, viewers and friends. We mostly talk about games but also have have a passion for movies and music of all sorts.
This is a Server for the up coming Fall Out 76 Game! We wanna give you a Family & a Community to Rp or to join & just have open Trades! We wanna see full on Experiences when the Game Releases! Of course we will all be there for the B.E.T.A As well!

Join Today & get a chance to be apart of the Safe Haven! The Safe Haven will be a Well Protected Bar for us to Conduct Trades, Rp safely & just to make friends!

Join now, Read the rules, Join & Start making a Community & a Family & friends! All Ages well not really we want you to be 16 years of age PLUS! So 16+ Of age please!

Reclamation Day has arrived! The vault doors may have rolled open but you are still invited to join The Vault.

As you venture into the wasteland, enjoy yourself in the presence of your fellow Vault Dwellers who think alike. Explore the Appalachian Wasteland with other Vault Dwellers you'll meet in The Vault, or simply see what others have up for trade!

At The Vault, you can expect:
•A friendly community
•Looking for groups? Find them here!
•Trade opportunities
•Player-made faction Advertising opportunities
•Useful tips and updates

We don't care who you are, and what you do, because each of you are S.P.E.C.I.A.L, so head on down to The Vault today!
Hello, we are the People’s Liberation Army. We are a Chinese Faction for the game Fallout 76. Please come and join our ranks today!
This is a place where you can make friends that play fallout games
Welcome to the Missionaries, a group for helping new and old players of fallout 76, a group of morals and unity.

After the bombs fell and the mysterious killings of all the people in Appalachia. A Sect of Religious men and women traveled into west Virginia, seeking to escape Washington D.C and Pennsylvania, the harsh conditions that were there forced them to move south, to find a more suitable location to restart America. This Group was called The Missionaries, and this is how they formed , a small subversive group that's goal is help guide and shape Appalachia into a more united state by giving to friends and family, and protecting each other.
The New Virginian Empire is now recruiting!

The Empire is dedicated to take back what was once lost in the heat of the battle, and rebuild a civilization, an empire, a jewel in the mountains.

Join your fellow soldiers and rise through the ranks as we rebuild the Appalachia, make new friends and be whomever you like. The Emperor wants YOU.
~ Mercenaries
~ Merchants
~ Builders
~ Hunters
~ Scientists
The Empire will not only rule by battle, but will also rule by trade, as we open up unique caravan trade opportunities under the name of the Empire.

Join the Empire today.
We are a mercenary group for fallout 76. Our goal is to help others, but it has to be for the right price. We are not raiders, and have no intentions of harming others unless paid to.
The United High Sector is a Fallout 76 faction server based off of Old World America. We really are chill. Its pretty much a community of fallout fans!
A Fallout discussion server, were you can talk about the Fallout games. Talk about strategies, guns, outfits, plot, roleplay ideas. I haven't actually seen a server that talks about Fallout like this.