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The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102.
A Fallout 76 server with Fallout New Vegas elements! We have The Tops Casino! We have music, games, and more!!! Stop on by!

__**Welcome to The Tops!!!**__

Where it **doesn't** get any **Higher Baby!!!**
We are a **Fallout** server *dedicated* to **New Vegas**. We offer **RP** elements like **New Vegas Radio**, as well as some **Ring-A-Ding-Memes**.
For you more *sophisticated* types out there, our own **Ultra Luxe Basement**.
**Beware** however, become part of the **White Glove Society**, and you will have to deal with those *degenerate* **Omertas**.

The **majority** of us also play **76**, and have an **alliance server** dedicated to it called **The New Appalachia Strip**.
If you are playing **76** and need help, I am proud to say we have **Solid Leaders** on **Every platform**.

*So come **stay** for a **while**,*
*Do some **chems** and meet some **pals**,*
*We got **class** and **style**,*
*And did I **mention** we have **gals**?*

**Ring-A-Ding-Ding Baby**

- **Benny**
This is a community server for all fans of Fallout. We have bots that moderate the channels, play music and help with Roleplaying. It also has channels for NSFW with the other channels kept clean for all others.
I'd highly recommend you check it out, and help it grow and expand!
This server is just a server where you can get help on almost any game going from Old games to brand new games we have everything. this server is brand new and is slowly gaining members; you can also become staff on the server and the server is also looking for a new Owner.
Welcome to Fallout 76 PC, come join us and make new friends and join groups. Our Discord is for pc players of Fallout games mainly fallout 76.
You can trade,group up and more.
We also have some that roleplay in fallout 76 including myself.
Come join us and be apart of the pc community
Hello traveler! We are the United States Government! The United States Government is what’s left of Americas government that isn’t apart of the Enclave! We have a fully working congress and are semi RP, and the Government also supports all platforms! If you’re interested in joining, join the Discord server listed below! Remember God bless America!
We are a Brotherhood Of Steel Roll-Play community, join us in wiping out all the Abominations on the planet and help collect the technology that destroyed the United States. Ad Victoriam!
Benny's Bullets!
If you got the funds, we've got the guns.
A Xbox trade server for all my customers in 76!
A fallout roleplay server
We need staff and new members so come and join us in the common wealth, along with the general wastes and be prepared for the future!

What the server has to offer!

~Chats for people who want to talk about the game
~Custom Emotes
~All Locations from fallout 4
~ Games!

We hope to see you soon
We are a small Fallout community looking for some new members! We have our own Role Playing section and some other great stuff.
Attention dwellers of Vault 76. We are the Brotherhood of Steel. We currently are seeking new recruits. As you enter the wasteland of West Virginia, the Brotherhood of Steel welcomes you. I am the new Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel here in West Virginia. We are following Roger Maxson's lead in stopping the human FEV experimentations and we need your help curing this new irradiated land from the mutations caused by the folly of man, while spreading the word of the Brotherhood. After evaluation and background, those who want to play the game with like minded players in saving this treacherous wasteland on the Xbox One, your recruitment papers are ready!
The Sierra Madre is a Fallout themed server that loves discussing all kinds of games and films. We enjoy shitposting and conversing with other people. We have a friendly community and a server that features many different bots and factions.
[DISCLAIMER] In order to join, you need to either have already pre-ordered Fallout 76, original or Tricentennial on PC. or will get it once it releases.

We are the New Frontier, a group of former Vault 76 residents that teamed up to create a community. We are dedicated to rebuilding West Virginia to her former glory. You can join us too, and start contributing to a good cause.

In our ranks, you can be a trader, a raider, hunter, or just join to get some buddies to aid you in your ventures!

The New Frontier is governed by 4 people. xXThe_CooldogXx, (the one making this ad) the mayor of our capital in The Forest, Queenswood, and will be willing to help out new players once the PC beta comes out. Our owner of the group, Stryzek, or known in our discord, Vault Boy, is also our Grand Huntmaster of our hunting faction, where we will hunt massive beasts for trophies and resources. Our head trader, Head Supplies Trader Will, or Infernape501st, manages our economy and marketing. We use caps and bargaining, do not worry. Our raider Overboss is Antispider-9464, manages our raider faction, the main military part of our group; assigned to guard settlements, and attack rivals.

We are welcoming wastelanders willing to join, if so: Welcome to the Frontier!

We all will have Strength, Skill, and Survival.
Fallout themed server with custom fallout-commands. I'm trying
create a friendly community for sharing builds, meeting new people and asking help about the games. Hope you'll enjoy!
WitBlue's Friends is both WitBlue's official YouTube Discord and a place to make new friends and talk about the games you like.

We host both an active Fallout 76 community and a 2b2t one.
DUSK Combat Force is a top tier gaming organization and community founded in 2008 on the fundamental merits of respect, loyalty, and camaraderie. We have always remained authentic to our beliefs by following the motto “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Four simple words that together stand as a constant reminder of the unparalleled comradeship that we choose to game and live by, on and off the battlefield.


DUSK Combat Force welcomes players from all corners of the gaming spectrum both leisurely and professionally, offering many opportunities for our members to pursue their ambitions by growing as gamers, creators, leaders, and professionals. We take pride in our vision of building a brand that empowers positivity, promotes professionalism, and nurtures an atmosphere that fosters genuine friendship.
Official discord for r/Market76, Fallout 76's Premier Trading Reddit. We are the #1 spot for trading & looking-for-group's, across all platforms
Hello, we are a Fallout 76 server willing to help people looking for the needs of friends and help in the game.

Feel free to join us and Help Enclave out!
If you are wanting to join a Fallout 76 Discord Server, Vault-Tec wants you! this server is officically liscenced by Vault-Tec, it has a text channel for all the latest nuke codes, patch notes aswell as a trading and looking for group channel. We look forward to seeing you, Vault Dweller.
W.A.R.N.s General Mission Statement

To provide a foundation for long lasting friendships for active duty military, veterans and like minded individuals while sharing the love of video games as a whole.

W.A.R.N.s Fallout 76 Mission Statement

To help rebuild our society we must protect that which we love the most; our friends, families and loved ones. We help protect those who make the wasteland our home and think of others before ourselves.

The Future of W.A.R.N.

What does the future of W.A.R.N. look like? Are we only going to play Fallout 76?

W.A.R.N. may have been born through Fallout 76 but with all games, they eventually come to an end. With the mission of our group to bring active duty military, veterans and like minded people under one banner to enjoy games together, it would not make sense to confine ourselves to just one game. Our goal is to look towards the future as friends and game together beyond Fallout 76.

W.A.R.N.s Choice of Platform

W.A.R.N.s primary concern is to bring active duty military, veterans and like minded individuals together in an effort to forge friendships that will last for years to come and as such W.A.R.N. chooses all platforms. No matter if you are PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo we want you. The common love we all have at W.A.R.N. is games, lets enjoy it together.
Welcome to The Darkened Path's Official Fallout 76 Sub-Server!

In this sub-server you will find channels for Xbox, Playstation, and PC! However, you will only see the channels based on the platform YOU play on! Just make sure to assign yourself a role though. You will be able to post videos, pictures, memes, and really anything you want in our media sharing channel! Not only that, you can meet new survivors to team up with or go against on your journey to rebuild the hearts and minds of Americans and America itself!

Join us today! Adventure is out there!