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The Original 'The Vault!' The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102. We have giveaways, contests, Vaults & Vertibirds, and other gaming rooms as well! Come on by!
New server mean to make 76 what it was meant to be, a community of players living in 76. We have merchants, scavengers, builders, guns for hire, you name it. So join and select your roll to get started!
The NCR Appalachian Outpost is a place to give everyone a chance to have fun and play the game and make the wasteland a safer place
We have many divisions and roles and are friendly to every console
Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 500! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
Ever wanted to be something bigger than yourself, join a cause that won't be secretive towards its own people, ever wanted to get some people to help you in the wasteland, well today you can join the gunners, with a wide network of other faction and different services you can join up and be part of the cause, or if you are a client who might need some protection against raiders or just annoying players, 200 caps an hour will get you one of our operatives out there to help you, we hope to see you soon, in the gunners.

Now introducing the GNR into that, the Gunner news radio, telling you all about the news of the wastes
Brotherhood of Steel recon division for Fallout 76. Player faction for determined players looking to fight and fight smart. Please don’t be toxic.
Unlike other Brotherhood of Steel groups that use the traditional ranking system and hierarchy, in 1st Survey Battalion we offer the the traditional Knight/Paladin and Scribe/Senior Scribe ranks, but we also offer a new role; Scout. The Scouts and Pathfinders (elite scouts) are tasked with advance recon, first response assault, shock and awe strikes, they are the forward force of the Battalion. We don’t use the ranks of Elder or Star Paladin for our officers, they are your Commanders, Vice Commanders, and Field Officers.
Being a new and growing group for Fallout76, and one of the many clans, our main goal is to make the game more fun for players. Join us and make a difference!
(Btw, if your into Role Play and like to write stories, we are going to be writing our own lore)

Commander Nate, CO of the 1st Survey Battalion
The New Brotherhood Republic is a new faction rising in the Wasteland of Appalachia. Founded with the best ideals from both the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR. That of hoarding old Technologies but not to just keep. But to use to defend local settlements and travelers from the dangers of the wasteland. With a full Hierarchy of ranks and more, the NBR is ready to tackle the worst the Wasteland has to throw at us.

We have the same principles as the responders but we handle our enemies like The Forged.

We help low lvls in time of need and will always defend the weak no matter the challenge

We have 2 military wings that you can choose to join.

So come join us and make a change in the wasteland
We are a Xbox 1 faction for fallout 76 we are the nwo welcoming all new and old player to the faction that wants to play with others
This is a community server for all fans of Fallout. We have bots that moderate the channels, play music etc. It also has channels for NSFW with the other channels kept clean for all others.
I'd highly recommend you check it out, and help it grow and expand!
This is the Roleplay server of the WVR (West Virginia Republic) now open to everyone!
Join this fallout 76 roleplay meet new friends and have fun with our none stop quest lines and stories to be told
-WVR enemies aren't welcome
Fallout 76 PC server progressive to meta players. Builds, guides, LFG.
Welcome to Fallout 76 PC, come join us and make new friends and join groups. Our Discord is for pc players of Fallout games mainly fallout 76.
You can trade,group up and more.
We also have some that roleplay in fallout 76 including myself.
Come join us and be apart of the pc community
The free states reborn was former by Charlotte R. Blackwell (coincidental Last name) and has been completely reformed.
This server is all about Fallout!.
Ask Fellow Fallout fans to play Fallout 76 with you and enjoy talking about Fallout experiences.
That's not all!.
This server allows all game conversations or gameplay!.

The things you can do in this server.
Party Chat (So you can ask people to join your games)
Fan art (Show your amazing artwork)
Levelled Roles!
Ask your pending Fallout questions!.

If you are a YouTuber we would LOVE to see you promote this server!!!!. If you do this Dm FallenParadox -Including the video made- and you will be assigned a special role named (YouTuber). (If the video is in good quality)
With the role YouTuber, you will automatically be listed to the top of all roles next to the Mods.

In order to partner, you need to at least Level 10 with interest in this server FallenParadox Would gladly partner with you!
The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, designed and formed around the idea of bringing life to the Brotherhood in Fallout 76. We are currently a newly created Brotherhood chapter that hopes to create an immersive atmosphere with a time tested, lore friendly ranking structure.

We currently have brotherhood uniforms, fatigues and paint jobs for our soldiers and scribes and will kit you out with them consistently, for free, as you progress through the ranks.

Ad Victoriam.

We will aim to become a fairly light hearted Brotherhood RP server that observes the chain of command, but most of all has fun at the same time.

We will also be enforcing a 16+ restriction in any potential recruits.

This group is Xbox One only.
Game Nerds
"Non-Stop Gaming"

Game Nerds is a gaming server where you have almost every game that you could imagine, we have fallout 76, Battlefield V etc. The gaming community has one of the best staff team you could have in a server, and we also help you with games. We have polls and other things about the best games.

**<We Have>**
- All Games you can imagine from PC to Console.
- Friendly Staff
- Gaming Chats
- PlayStation News
- Xbox News
- Nintendo News (incoming update)
- Small Friendly Community
- Various Bots
- Partners (Currently Looking 👀)
- Simple Rules
- Updates on the Gaming Community you'll never see on a daily bases.
- Semi Active server
And Much More, just join to see.


Join today!
Invite link []
Make the right choice.
This is New West Virginia City. A newly formed Fallout community working together to rebuild what’s left of the once known West Virgina. We build, gather, fight, and do what we must to perseve what is left of our country. Come on in if your looking to play, discuss, or chill.
A fallout roleplay server
We need staff and new members so come and join us in the common wealth, along with the general wastes and be prepared for the future!

What the server has to offer!

~Chats for people who want to talk about the game
~Custom Emotes
~All Locations from fallout 4
~ Games!

We hope to see you soon
Welcome into the BD (Bethesda) federation. A group where all Bethesda fans can join and chat, about... Everything!
Gain access to giveaways, events, live streams and so much more.
Welcome to The Citadel, a Fallout-themed community hub, we have places to find groups for Fallout 76 and places to discuss and share creations in all the fallout games and many more, including CAMPS, Settlements, Workshops and screenshots.
Welcome to Fallout: Crossroads, a multi-purpose server where you can both talk about the games you love and schedule meetups in Fallout 76 as well as a fully functioning roleplay server with many areas and factions to join.
In the Roleplay Realm you'll be visiting in the ruins of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. With many factions to join and the possibility to use more than one character our team hopes to bring some fun.
Overseer, out.
"Welcome to Camp Navarro... a civilian!"

Welcome to the Enclave, we are happy to play 76, theorise, share storys, show oc's and have fun with our... members.

We only ask to keep things related to the Enclave and that you don't discriminate or post NSFW content