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Do you know alot about skyrim? Are you just starting off? well come join us and help teach others or learn from the best, Our goal is to get a community of not just players but knowledge of all topic skyrim!
Everything from books strewn through out this massive world, to those silly crimson nirnroot's. potions? sure we can help you figure out the recipes you need!
We offer a kind and welcoming community that just wants to work together and help each other so come join what we wish to be the largest cataloging of skyrim!
Halt! You are an outsider. If you have come to join, let me fill you in on our faction. We are The Secret Authority, Remnants of the CIA of Pre War America. Our job is to rebuild the wasteland, file out the corruption, and form a new governent, and law. Any way we can, And ultimately make america what it used to be. Once you join our ranks, You are required to: Kill any, and all mutants, Cryptids, Etc. Establish a C.A.M.P for operations you will partake in, (if you don't already have one) And destroy anyone who is a threat to our mission, or betrays us. The Secret Authority, NEVER DEFEATED!
This is a community server for all fans of the Civil Accounts which cover: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Outer Worlds, Rockstar Games, Tom Clancy Games, Minecraft, World News, Nintendo Games, Witcher, Halo, From Software Games, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Bethesda Games, Tolkien, Call of Duty.
We have bots that moderate the channels, play music etc. It also has channels for NSFW with the other channels kept clean for all others.
I'd highly recommend you check it out, and help it grow and expand!
Hello, we are the United American Brotherhood of Steel. (UABOS for short.)

We're a Fallout 76 community and we're currently looking for members.
Our server is all about Fallout 76.

Down below are some things we offer if you decide to join.

-You'll be climbing the ranks like any normal UABOS Member.
-You can decide which role you want in the UABOS. (this being Knight, Scribe or Lancer.)
-You'll also be sent out on missions. And for each mission we'll reward you with some caps. (The more difficult mission the more caps you'll earn.)
-We also have events if that's your sort of thing.

We will also offer you free protection and help you out in any situation.

We're looking forward of having you here.
Like... Who does not want Skyrim on a microwawe?!
This is a server for those, who just work. It works. Has no bugs at all.
This is a Fallout based roleplay server for those who are atleast 16+, OCs are welcome & recommended, canon characters & spectators welcome too!
We have hentai, fallout and fruit, what more could you possibly want?

Also rEtaRDs welcome😅

Also this server is based in Australia with a leadership led by people in Australia so if you want to be on at the same time as the help, be in Australia although we will quite often be on later in the night.

Ummm..... death is kinda lingering here too so if you could kinda help with that that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yours sincerely, server owner Jackaboy.
Hi, I'm Crusader. I'm from The Mojave, and I'm a simple lone wanderer. We would like for others to come around and settle in. We've got plenty of roles for you to play. You can be a gambler on the strip, to a Knight in the B.O.S. You can be many things, so put on your duster, get your 38. and come on!
Active development of Mod Organizer 2 (and related tools). The virtualized mod management tool for Bethesda games.
The Skyrim discord is open for absolutely everyone. We mainly discuss Skyrim, however many other conversational topics commonly arise. Feel free to join and add to the discussion. we are LGBTQIA+ friendly, no NSFW, and 14+.
Do you want to be a raider? Do you want to raid people and take all of their belongings? Then join our Discord server! We have a strong community, friendly staff, cross-platform members, regular raids, and a regularly active group of Fallout players.
Fallout Shelter Official is here to shelter you with help and fun! Join us and experience greatness!

This server is a hangout for Fallout Fans or Newcomers to discuss, hangout, and ask questions about the amazing world of Fallout!

This will be your new home away from the wasteland! If you have any questions contact the friendly staff!
Are you looking for an Elder Scrolls and Game of Thrones themed roleplaying server? Then this is for you:

Game of Crowns is a roleplaying server based on Game of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls series mixed with real life history. In the continent of Xethal, where all kinds of creatures exist. Live peacefully in forests of Destiny and thrive together with the beautiful nature. Or join the battlefields of Azdamir and fight to your death with either the Templars or Muslims. Join Game of Crowns where all people, timelines and eras clash together in a world of warfare, strategy and diplomacy. The choice is yours, it is only if you choose to live... or die.

Here’s some more stuff we offer:

🔥Active Community 🔥
🔥 Active Role plays (If not, daily) 🔥
🔥 Active Staff 🔥
🔥 Dank Memes 🔥
🏰 Medieval/Royalty :european_castle:
🔷 Fantasy 🔷
⏳ History ⏳
🥰Romance 🥰



**Game of Crowns Alliance Committee**
We started the server as soon as the 76 teaser trailer was announced, making us the oldest server, and with a member count of over 7000 we're the largest server that's solely dedicated to Fallout 76. We house everyone, with several content creators and Discord partners within the server, we have a nice moderation team which is online almost all the time because we carefully select who is worthy and take every timezone into consideration, so the server is protected at any time.

We have game discussion, trading and find a team channels with more to come.

psst. we have custom fallout based emojis, almost 50, made by us! Some of them include: VaultChamp, VaultLul, VaultThinking, VaultThonking, VaultREE, VaultOmega, VaultShrug, VaultMonkaS, FeelsBadBoy, FacePalmBoy, and many more!

If you so choose to join, here's a link to the server!

Thanks for your time!

See you in the wasteland
A server for anything & everything Fallout!

- Central hub to talk about anything Fallout
- Nuka-World RPG bot
- Fallout Radio playing Fallout Radio Stations 24/7

Join & help build a Fallout chat area!
This is a fallout character rp, similar to DnD. you start out in a vault, which, after raided by raiders, you show up in Goodsprings, ready to take on the Mojave. Explore the wastes as a lone wanderer, team up with the NCR to spread old-world values, join the legion to show your might, rig the game with mister house, or explore your own path! This server is LGBT friendly, as well
An rp server based off of the fallout franchise. The server takes place 5 years after the events of 4, however the sole survivor didn’t survive to change the wasteland

We offer
-2 different templates to choose from
-Can create custom faction or join an existing one
-Can lead any faction or city/settlement, just as long as no one else is
-Nuka world, Far Harbor and the Commonwealth as places to rp in