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<3 Welcome to BDSM Haven <3

<3 We are a small community at the moment that is looking to grow with fellow kinksters <3

✅ We have plenty of channels to fill your kinky needs
✅An accepting community
✅LGBTQ+ Friendly
✅Updated porn supply

<3 If this sounds like something you would like then join today xo
Owners : BSKIT and uwu
8 minutes ago
a darkfantasy setting mixed with steampunk
let's make an interesting story together

i'm kinda new to this so i hope this works out

our rules
1. Don't be a dick/asshole out of character
2. Characters need to be checked by an admin before participating in the rp
3. A second language can be hard to learn so grammar and spelling mistakes are fine if everyone can understand what you are saying
4. No censorship, make it as gory or lewd as you want NO LIMITS!
5. Actions have consequences
6. Don't kill someone's character without their permission (unregistered npc's are fine to kill without permission but be ware of rule 5)
7. One can own multiple characters just keep it organised
8. Don't create overpowered characters
9. (not nessisary but can save you some extra effort ) try to update your character sheet as often as possible just make sure to delete the old one after posting the updated version
10. I am a pretty flexible person so rules can be changed or added if the need arises
11. Please use commonsense
12. The staff wil usually play the npc's if there is no staff available feel free to play an npc
13. We would like to have a server with active players if you do not intend to be an active player we ask you to leave the server, your character will be saved and you are free to come back anytime when you decide you want to be an active member again.
6 hours ago
The roleplay universe server,only allows 16 and up and has various different environments which some contain NSFW content and it is a growing community.
9 hours ago
A 18+ server which you will enjoy :)

Here is:

- NSFW and 18+ Content (Which include hentai, porn, sexy pics :O, feeds of most popular subreddits which is too 18+)

- Adult Communty (There isn't Toxic and kid members, of the analysis, there's of 13+ to 20+ old members)

- Server Rules (This server rules applies for all members and for staff. That's mean you are 100% protected. There's banned 2 staff members for breaking the rules.)

- Pings and Anncoumments (Expect that there woun't be so many pings with @everyone and @here tags, beacuse it's disabled and nobody couldn't distrub you, but in DMs we are not sure. You will recive anncouments only about some changes on server)

We're think this is good privilages. It's on you to join :)
10 hours ago
- Lookin for active members -

Dimly lit park is a place to chill out n ava conversation w some decent people, along with everything else yer average has (art, meme channels etc)

I'll do the rest of this when I've got time, give it a chance tho

11 hours ago
A place to game, socialize and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want.
- No Annoying @everyone tags
- Decent Memes
- Free Game Announcements
- Conversations You'll Never Forget
12 hours ago
Come on in and join the fun in a world far from your own, where you can create characters, socialize, and enjoy making memes and what not.
This server has lots of channels, some rooms where you role play🎭, some that the characters can stay in, and some for chilling😎🍹. We also have bots🤖 to have you play with. This also contains NSFW channels, in case you want to do "you know what" and we'll also provide a sfw and NSFW art channel in case you want to get creative🎨

Or you can just come in here since you're lonely...😔

Currently looking for people creative and willing to roleplay, and Admins👀🔎

Please join if you want to role play, otherwise don't waste time by looking in and leaving, it just makes a mess of messages and annoys most of us
18 hours ago
Hello! Welcome to Kink Sanctuary! 💖

We are a new 16+ BDSM community, that focuses on making a drama free, and fun filled community for like minded individuals!

What do we offer?:
- Active and interactive staff
- Many bots with games and such, as well as a bot channel to spam them and such
- A selfies Channel
- NSFW for people who verify they are 18+
- and much more guaranteed as we grow as a community.
1 days ago
Welcome to DDLG! Here, you can learn about and explore the CG/l kink with likeminded people along with 18+ NSFW content, gaming, art, self-promo, memes, and more. Hope to see you there!
3 days ago
Sanctum: A World Divided

In the beginning, there was a ball composed of the four basic elements; fire, water, earth, and wind. The massive multi-elemental orb was floating through the vast Void of darkness, never ceasing to move. Then, there came a council comprised of multiple Deities, all of which governed a certain aspect or aspects of life. This council had discovered this orb not too long ago, and it intrigued them. They discussed how fascinating this natural phenomenon was to them, and decided that it would be useful. The council had differing opinions on what to do with the anomaly, that was, until the chief Deity decided what would be done with it.
What had been decided for it on a majority vote was that this strangely intriguing phenomenon would not be harvested nor destroyed, but rather they would create life on this newfound planet after their own image. Therefore, the anomaly was gifted the name Sanctum, a place for their creation to reside. However, with the decision, although the majority of the Deities agreed, there were some that disagreed. With that, rivalries were born and thus forth caused the council to be fractured, Deity turning on Deity. A civil war was born, splitting the council apart and giving birth to an eternal fight; Good versus Evil, Life versus Death, and most importantly, Creation versus Destruction.
With this, the creation was given both blessings and curses, such as the blessing of life which, in turn, gifts them with the curse of death. Another powerful example would be the everlasting battle between good versus evil which gifts the creation with free will which is both a blessing and a curse. After having done all of this, their creation being involved with their affairs indirectly, the Deities decided that it would be time to gift them with names. There were multiple races that the Deities had created, being plentiful in diversity and . Through the creation of life, numerous other aspects were born, as well as concepts!
3 days ago
Just started, tryen to make a fun and friendly furry roleplay server, must be at least 16+ and have fun, if need any help pls find me when u join!
So what are you waiten for? Go and smell the roses!!!🌹
4 days ago
JJ's Place is a fresh, pure, and untouched server with BDSM themes. This /not/ a hook-up server, but merely a place for chatting and fellowship. A variety of channels are at your disposal. 16+/18+ ages are permitted entry, but age verification is required for NSFW channels. Join me!
18 days ago
CG/L Roleplay

ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
This is a role-play server for CG/L

We are a 16+ server

- Custom Emoji’s
- Lots of self-assignable roles
- An assortment of SFW channels
- Friendly staff and community
18 days ago
Cuddle Carnival
(16+ SFW Cuddling Server)
Cuddle Carnival is a new opened and growing server that mainly focuses on SFW content with small aspects of NSFW media. The main premise of the server being for users to join and find others nearby them who are interested in cuddling, similar to that of a dating app yet for cuddles, perhaps more for some. We also host a small variety of music, games and hentai.
20 days ago
We are a community that has been running for 2 years now! We have bots, anime, NSFW, an LFG system so you can find games with people, and very few rules only a zero tolerance drama policy! We have a very active voice chat community and we are constantly improving the server and our services
26 days ago
Welcome to my clubhouse! This server is a very laidback brand new server for socialization and meeting new people that might even play the same games as you!
Our rules are pretty simple
26 days ago
Hi! We are a SFW ddlg server that would love to partner with more kinksters like ourselves! Come join and meet some friends or your long lost lil baby. It's carebear themed. ♥
33 days ago
The great tycoon Interview Man wants you to join his little studio. The camera-headed leader of the illustrious business will let you do practically whatever you want, for a price of course. Enjoy the lobby, his skyscraper, his nightclub, his pools, his hotel, and especially his Cantina...

This place is currently Work In Progress, and we need Admins. We have two spots open for anyone willing. Together, we can make this a great place to be, maybe even more wild.
38 days ago
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ⊹
┊ ⋆ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ⋆。˚. ੈ
┊ ┊ 。 ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ⋆ ahegao heaven.exe
┊ ┊
✯ ⋆ ┊
😫 Hey there!Are you a fan of hentai or ahegao or just regular porn? Would you like to potentially meet some new friends? 😉
💡Then this server is the place for you!We offer a wide variety of things!
👫 Active friendly lewd members!
🛠 active mature staff!
📈level roles!
📋sensible rules!
🎉Music parties!
🎶Many music bots and vc's!
😍Lots and lots of porn and ahegao!
📸 Selfies!
🔞 Nude chats & NSFW channels!
🎨 assignable roles!
✊ meme and shitpost chat
🤝 open partnerships
Join us! Link:
Owner: @ vindictive#9558
43 days ago
We are NOT child friendly, This is a discord made for people who are tired of those child friendly servers that take everything serious. This is a 16+ server, However if you feel you are mature enough you may be below that age. On this server we talk about games,music,movies ect. Welcome & Enjoy
63 days ago
Mol's Pawn Shop is a great place to meet great, quality people. We're small now but with some nice new people and a shared love of Stitch we'll make a great place for you to hang out, converse and share memes in! 16+ server, as our humor can be edgy at times. Hope to see you here!
67 days ago
We are a very new discord server. We are strictly 16+ and people not that age or over will be banned.
We offer various channels including, but not limited to: General chats, Various art channels, NSFW channels, Roleplay and Serious discussion channels for politics, etc.
We also have colour roles, species roles, and gender roles, etc.
Our Staff is friendly and open to our member's suggestions.
69 days ago
HI THERE! We here in Wonderland love chatting with new people and making friends. We invite everyone to join and chat with us, even though we are BDSM/DDLG themed :) We also have NSFW sections but you must be 18+ for access. We hope to see you there!
83 days ago