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This server is mostly porn, but we offer both nsfw and are roleplay channels also! We are a small server so please help us grow by joining!
A new server that offers:
💖Self-colour roles
💖Dating (obviously)
💖 And more!
♡ Hellfire [16+ ONLY]

☽ Hell is empty and all the devils are here.. ☾

⛧Hellfire is a newly made and renovated server to meet everyone’s needs. This server is perfect for those just starting in the BDSM lifestyle or for those who are experienced. With over 60 channels, this is the perfect server to settle into.

We are:
⛧100% Drama Free
⛧ Friendly and Non-Toxic
⛧ BDSM Based

What do we offer?
⛧ Over 90 Self-Assignable Roles
⛧ Age Verification for 18+ Users
⛧ Headspace channels for littles, subs, pets and even doms
⛧ NSFW Section
⛧ Friendly Staff & Community
⛧ Openings for Staff

We would love to get to know you!
Welcome, user, to EYNE, the web-integrated community powered by Discord! Here, we talk, obsess over IdleRPG because it's too addictive, and are generally relaxed. We aren't 16+ specifically, but we do have talks about more mature topics, so if you think you're mature enough to talk about that, feel free to join us.
✧✫ Welcome to Space buddies! We are a 16+ Cgl server! ✧✫

✰ We are a fairly new server which is run by little!
☾ This is a safe space for all Kinks and CG/L !
✰ LGBTQ+ friendly community
☾ A Friendly, Chill, and Unbiased Staff Team!
✰ Movie nights, Game nights, VC !
☾ We have plenty of channels for you to be yourself!
✰ Venting ping for people who need
☾ We are a Non-toxic community who is open to everyone
✰ We have over 50+ roles you can assign yourself!
☾ We are adding new emotes everyday! You can also recommended us some which would be great!
✰ We have a nsfw section for all you 18+
☾ Stop by to see our server! I hope you enjoy your time in our safe space ❤️🤗
Basically you go here, fuck in roleplay, and look at some dope yiff. Maybe some smart chats along the way.
Welcome to UA !
This is a 16+ oc only group chat set four years after the canon plot (ocs are third years and began when canons were third years).
We are pretty strict with ocs and look for originality !
Not much to else to say other than read over the rules when you join and have fun!
✽ ———﹝ 𝐌𝐚𝐡𝐨 𝐍𝐨 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐚﹞——— ✽

we are a new friendly fan-based 16+ anime server either you're a weeb or a gamer, come and make new friends with common interests, we'd love to see this server grow and want people to be apart of the growth.

—﹝ What we provide for the community?﹞—

✽ - Sfw
✽ - Welcoming Members
✽ - Strict Staff
✽ - Bot Gameplay
✽ - Leveling Up
✽ - Weekly Events
✽ - Custome Emotes
Welcome to feet palice a server where you can make friends and have some fun 😉. Once you join you will get a message from Attuja with a link press the lick and do the caption to get access to the server. It’s there so that bots don’t spam.
𝐡𝐢!! 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 ✧・゚: 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 :・゚✧
hiya! we are a small but very active and growing server! joining little universe will bring you lots of fun! we have super nice staff and active members! selfies, headspaces, NSFW chats, and things for gaming! we also have a venting channel for support and babysitters for those who don't have a CG :) WE HAVE A PACI GIVEAWAY GOING ON THIS MONTH!!!
♡this server is 16+ ONLY 16-22!!
♡self-assigned roles!
♡littles and doms welcomed
♡NSFW channels, require verification to be in
♡headspace channels for littles, pets, and doms
♡LGBTQ friendly!
♡active members and staff
♡fun voice chats and music bot!
♡movie nights and storytime!
♡giveaways every month!
˜”*°•.˜”*°• Welcome to Asian Haven •°*”˜.•°*”˜
Asian Haven was created as a hangout platform for us Asians and Chinks to have a home to call to and be ourselves and be a warm community. Join us and make new friends and homies :D

- Newly-made Asian community discord server looking for new people to join our little family
- Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming and non-toxic
- Don't be shy, everyone is willing to make new friends :)
- We have many channels and voice channels with music bots
- We have events such as Movie Night, Karaoke, and Game Night!
- 16+ [if suspected to be younger you will be kick]

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Join Asian Haven today ~ ♥

This server was est. 08.30.19 - banhbao c:
Henlo frens, welcome to UwUland!

We're a server based on a Facebook group ("a group where you can only say uwu and owo" - - but worry not, the majority of people in our server come from disboard

Come hang out with us :D

A small neko buying server, we use mantaro, everyone is welcome, just be nice and get along with everyone
。♡ 𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔀𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓻𝔂 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓭𝓸𝓶 ♡。

This kingdom is a SFW CG/L lifestyle community for those of ages 16 to 25!

♡With tons of channels to explore, become one of our loyal berry residents and make new friends in an environment which desires to be a safe place for all members!♡

♡We Offer♡
˜”+°•.*A Welcoming Community*
˜”+°•.*Cute Emotes*
˜”+°•.*Kind and Helpful Staff*
˜”+°•.*Fun Opt-in Channels*
˜”+°•.*Bots to Play With*
˜”+°•.*Custom Roles for Nitro Boosters*
˜”+°•.*150+ Assignable Roles*
˜”+°•.*VIP Membership*
˜”+°•.*AND MORE*

♡ We would love to have you and see what you can bring to our growing kingdom, so come on in and enter our royal gates!! ♡
Welcome to Asian Invasion

🍙 - Heyo, welcome to Asian Invasion we are welcoming server. We are very friendly and do not tolerate toxicness! If your nice and warm-hearted and like Asian culture then our server is the place for you!

🍚 - We have many things sorted around asian culture we hope for you to join the server!

🍜- We have games events, movie nights and karaoke nights! All sorts of fun activities to keep you entertained!

☕️ - A Newly-made server Looking for new staff!!
If you're interested in becoming a staff message a mod or admin!

Helloo, can you help a girl feel a little less lonely?~ Would you like to meet some people who are feeling the same way you are? Maybe someone who’d like to trade or sext? Why not join and see what happens. (Mostly 18+ with the exception of 16/17)
♡∞:。.。*Welcome to the Playground*。.。:∞♡
❃16+ Server! 18+ NSFW access!
❃Staff opportunities and friendly staff!
❃Channels to run around in!
❃Make new friends!
❃Giveaways and Game nights!
❃DDLG/Ageplay/Furry accepted community!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧COME SEE WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT! ・゜゜・.
。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。
This server is very friendly to all kinds of hypnosis, we welcome any kinks that your into. We as a community are very friendly and like to chat. We also welcome ages 16 and up. We do have nsfw channels but those are only open to 18 and up.
— welcome to ˚₊‧✩ପ ellie’s nursery! ଓ✩‧₊˚

┊*ೃ༄ we are a sfw cgl & petplay based server for those aged 16 & up!

what we offer! ── ⋆⋅⋰☆⋱⋆
┆ ┆ ┆ ┆ ⋆.
┆ ┆ ┆ ☆
┆ ☆ ✧

🌷◌ an humble angelcore aesthetic!
🍰◌ a friendly & welcoming atmosphere
🍪◌ 30+ cute text channels to keep you in your headspace!
🧸◌ a leveling system
💒◌ good security with locked channels that are only obtainable through verification
🧁◌ an active daycare & babysitting section!
☁️◌ 100+ adorable self-assignable roles
🎀◌ active vcs!
🌧◌ active server members!
💓◌ fun bots to play with (such as tatsumaki, owo, nadeko, and pokecord!)
🥞◌ an entirely non-toxic environment

-ˋˏ🌿 come join us for unlimited teddy bears & sweet tea!

invite link:
A community of teenagers looking to make friends.
Come and say hi.
We have a safe community for everyone to rant or just make friends, as well as an nsfw channel that you may ask to be in. We welcome anyone 16+ to come and have a good time.
Blueberry's Empire is a fun and friendly, sfw 16+ hangout server with the primary theme of Hypnosis.
We welcome people interested in or practicing safe Cg/l .Here at Blueberry's Empire we aim to ensure everyone has a great time expressing themselves and meeting new people in a safe environment.

We encourage creativity and the pursuit of passion, which is why we allow artists and writers to share their work, and streamers to promote their gaming experiences.

Our VC is active daily, with music bots available, not to mention pokecord!

Our staff are helpful and approachable, and we urge members to come to the staff team should they have any concerns, so immediate action can be taken.

We hope you'll come join the fun! ^-^

Blueberry Empire has a youtube channel tooo

I create Hypnosis recordings on youtube check them out ^^

if you want to support the server or the Youtube channel ^^
Welcome to BDSM Relationship (16+)

We welcome every Kink! EX: Wetting, Humiliation, Degrader, etc!

Every Position! EX: Daddy, Mommy, ABDL/Little/Middle, Slave, Mistress, etc!

We have:
☼ 100+ Self Assigned Roles
☼ 18+ Chat groups/VC
☼ MOD staff 18+ and 18-
☼ Music, Game bots (Owo, Neko, GamesROB)
☼ Kink shop suggestions, Little shows approved √
☼ Partners!
☼ LGBTQ+ Friendly

We are a SFW sever! That includes 18+ chats!