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Hi! First off, thanks for stopping to take a look at this server, we're not at all an average Warriors server, it's more of a server that's inspired by Warriors. (Just before I begin. Yes, we do partnerships!)

The basic rundown is cats with powers, you can choose if your cat wants a crystal/shard (same thing, just a different name), or not. There is a limit to how many characters can have shards though, but as of right now there are many spots open, and they're all first come first serve.

There are no clans as of May 9th, if you want to create a character that also creates a clan, we're 100% fine with that! (We may also add a few clans later, that depends though)

In this server you'll find:
- A friendly yet still quite small community. (We're also LGBT friendly!!)
- A 100% user centered plot, later on we might add a plot but as of May 9th the plot is completely based around what the community wants it to be.
- Literate-ish (2-3 sentences minimum, avoid one-liners as much as possible)
- Quite a few RP channels, and more to come in the future.
-And much more!

Did I also mention the server is still growing? If you have a suggestion on what we should add into the server to make it better, please share!
An abandoned town, a cave underground, a cliff where no man dares stand, and a meadow where horses roam. What’s so special about these places?
The clans.
Explore four fan made clans and live your life as a warrior!

• The current plot is that three of the clans are at war. Witheredclan, Reefclan, And cliffclan have been in constant war for 12 moons. Meadowclan wished for them to stop, but they refuse.

• Lakefrost, fed up with cliffclan never appreciating her, ran to the lighthouse. She stayed there for a week, and the last night she layed her head down...
Lakefrost opens her eyes. She is panting lightly, silently repeating the prophecy in her head.
Three cats will test their will to fight
A path of fire awaits them
And together they shall unite
The withered, the reef and the meadow
Must determine what is right
she looks up at the sky.

•high roles available!
Tensions are high between the two clans, and border disputes are growing more frequent. StarClan is growing restless and the Dark Forest is ready to jump into action as more and more cats want to prove their worth. It's difficult to deny the war that could break out at any moment. The question is; when?
What will you chose? The life of an honorable warrior, or a backstabbing traitor ready to plunge into battle at any moment to fight against their clan?

This is yet another Warrior Cat RP server looking for active, loyal rpers. This server consists of two clans; RabbitClan and MistClan. We also allow you to rp as a cat from the Dark Forest or StarClan. Rogues and Kittypets must be bought from the store, which will be explained later.
We do have pretty general rules, such as be appropriate, no advertising, etc. However, we do allow swearing and we require 3+ sentences per rp.
Now, time to explain the store system. You earn money through rping, and that money can buy items such as character slots, disabilities for your character’s, and as I said earlier, a rogue or kittypet character. The store does offer many items, and as the server grows the shop will as well.
I won’t bore you with any more information, so come and join to get the real feel and idea of the server!

*Trollers/spammers/raiders will be banned on the spot
*We do not allow advertising
*We do not partner
*No join for join

~ Open for affiliates, no need to create a character ~

A terrible blizzard has crippled DayClan. Their leader failed to heed their medicine cat's warning and most of the clan was wiped out. In the moors, a new clan rises, DawnClan.

Are you in NightClan from the forest, DuskClan from the marsh, DayClan from the rivers, or DawnClan from the moors? Perhaps your cat favours the rough life of a rogue or the soft luxury of a kittypet! Join From Dusk 'Til Dawn and find out!

- Genetically Randomized Litters
- Timeline of Major Events/History of the Clans
- Active Members, Strong Community
- Great for First-Timers
- Gatherings and Events Weekly
- No Entry Tests

GATHERINGS: Every Saturday 5:00 p.m. EST - 7:00 p.m. EST
MEDICINE CAT MEETINGS: Every Tuesday 12:00 a.m. EST - 11:59 p.m. EST
-4 leader, 5 deputy, and 4 medcat roles open!
-All five clans!
-Old forest!
-Heart pounding plot!

Before Firestar entered the forest, before Yellowfang was born, before Tallstar entered the tunnels...
A disease ravaged the clans.
Nobody knew what it was.
Nobody knew how to stop it.
Treatment seemed impossible.

Would anyone survive?
[Ages 15+]
“Listen to the melody’s of past, hear what they say, for your ancestors may come to you from their graves and guide you.”

Welcome to graves of the past! A wc rp based in the mountains of Washington state!
Positions are currently open for all clans (including high rank positions)!
There are three clans—MoonClan, DawnClan, and AuroraClan. There’s more info on our tumblr too!
LakeClan, TreeClan, MountainClan, and MeadowClan.

LakeClan lives by Rabbit lake. TreeClan lives on their right in a forest. MountainClan lives in the 2 mountains and the valley next to their forest and MeadowClan lives in a vast flowery meadow in between them and LakeClan.

You may roleplay as a clan cat, a rogue, or a kittypet.

Please feel free to enjoy this server. We will add chats, media share, suggestions, and questions. Feel free to roleplay as anything you like.

Please read the clan info before choosing.
Wildstar of Lakeclan
Cryingstar of Mountainclan
Flamestar of Treeclan
Copperstar of Meadowclan

Get ready for a war coming very soon! Choose wisely on which side you will be on! The Warrior Code abiding Mountainclan? Or Meadowclan, the clan who believes that anyone can love anyone?

We are a kid friendly server so please respect the rules and have fun!
Staff Members are always here to help you if needed!

We have lots of fun bots for everyone to use and have fun!

Hope to see you there!
💫 Welcome to The Middle Ground! 💫

Our story has just begun, join these three clans as they recover from a long journey of finding their new home. Watch as they struggle with an unknown illness that has taken hold of their population with little information on how to survive it. The medicine cat of BirchClan and deputy of PineClan have disappeared, where could they have gone? Who is this cat in The Otherside that doesn't like clan cats?

The Middle Ground is a brand new Warrior Cats RP server! Come join us, even if it is just to hang out!

💫 The Middle Ground is currently seeking out active members, join us for this plot driven Warrior Cats RP! 💫
Thousands of miles away from the events of the lake, there are four clans living in the African continent. These four Clans are AcaciaClan, DesertClan, PrairieClan, and MountainClan. But lately, a cat has been murdering cats, both in the Clans, and outside. The only warning that StarClan has given to the Clans is this ominous prophecy:

‘Be wary of the one with two faces,
Be wary of the one with the mask,
Who will bring destruction and death,
Who will unite the Rogues and Dead,
Be wary of the one with the mask.’

Will they figure it out in time?
Find out by joining the server!
Welcome to the Clans that Follow! We are a Warriors roleplay based off the Warrior Cats books by Erin Hunter. We have simple rules, three new Clans, and high ranks available, so why not join? Loners, rogues, and kittypets are 100% allowed.

WARNING: This server contains occasional dark themes. Cats will be put through many trials, and role players have the choice to use explicit, graphic language.

The 3 Clans:
IvyClan: Swift, secretive, and limber, these cats are skilled at maneuvering around the mountainside they live in, which means climbing and jumping skills are a must.
Leader: Shadowstar

MudClan: Living in the damp swamp, swimming is a must for these cats. As well as IvyClan, climbing is a needed skill here as trees fill the marshes.
Leader: Loststar

TorrentClan: A Clan made of cats who are extremely good swimmers and fishers. They live on the beach, letting the sun beat down on them.
Leader: Wavestar
Welcome to the forest... Forge your own destiny as you delve deep into the warriors universe. SunClan, DawnClan, MoonClan, and NightClan. Which one will you pick? Or will you stray the path of rouge, loner or kittypet? It's up to you.

Join now, and roleplay as your favorite Oc! No canon characters!

We are currently looking for high ranks!!!

We need active and dedicated roleplayers to join the server.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN :D
82 members and counting!
134+ total human members, 14 bots
A semi-lit to literate paragraph style roleplay!

° *Welcome to Warrior Cats Haven*!! The newest home for warrior cats fans.
° Here we have sections of cataloged information of Clan life and customs as well as lists of name and character help!
° We have a large partnership section for other servers as well as fan fiction!
° We have a section for detailed discussions about each series, art, ships, and more!
° We have a section for fanfiction writers to exchange tips and post their works!
° We have a region of roleplay! The Forest Clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan) as well as our own unique clans, The Wild Clans (NightClan and SunClan) that have joined the forest Clans!
° The Forest Clans take place in the period of time between the dawn of the clans and the first series, and as such use all original characters!
° Looking for 50 new members so we can add SkyClan and the Tribe!
° Many Med Cat App spots open!
Unique high ranks open!

Set in 1850s southern Texas, Burning Sunset provides a unique look into the Warrior Cats world. With tensions rising, relationships clashing, and natural defenses failing, will the five very different clans find a way to unite, or will disaster tear any hopes of alliance to shreds?

BayouClan inhabits the harsh swamps next to their sister clan of the waterline, CoastClan. MesaClan holds a rocky, hilled territory similar to its neighbor, CanyonClan. ResacaClan rests in the middle of all, owning a territory of heavy forest and wetland.
Get ready for the year 1850 fuckers
SEMI-LIT, Dark Themes, 16+

Deep in the rain forest lies four unique clans with even more unique cats. These cats have learned how to make the most out of their part of the forest and have maximized their resources.

These cats have a rich and long history in the forest. So come, be part of the story in Amidst the Trees! Write your own history here in the rain forest as either a cat from Waterfallclan, Brushclan, Canopyclan, or Sunclan. Or even an outsider that makes their home around the village. There's so much to do here with plots being made by members of the staff as well as you! Three prophecies could be going on at any time with up to two of them written by you!

Here, you help guide the story! We have detailed server rules, active and helpful staff, extensive lore for you to read that will only grow as the server does! We are still very small so we need your help to grow! We have plenty high ranks open as well as staff positions!
Warrior Cats: The New Dawn is a Warrior Cats roleplay server, where you can meet new friends, share your art, and roleplay to your hearts content. The Coven is a mysterious murderous group that inhabits the twolegplace alleys, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Will you give in and join them, or fight against them? The Clans are located in and near the mountains and thrive there. The winters are harsh and unforgiving, as predators such as wolves and mountain lions prowl the territories, making the clans weary at times. How will you decide the fate of your cat and the clans? Find out now in Warrior Cats: The New Dawn.
We are always looking for new members to come and join! We're currently hosting a server icon art contest too!
Twolegs have gone extinct, and animals are getting smarter and smarter. The new dominating species are cats! They've learned how to use the twolegs' inventions, and they've taken over, and with the help of the Galactic stars, they have powers!

This server's plot, while it sets some guidelines, does not have an overarching story- the story is almost completely user-driven!

Join or create an adventure with:

REVENGECLAN; a clan full of kittypets who rule the city! They get neon stripes, which they can flash at other clan members to send messages, super speed, and night vision!

GLACIERCLAN; the clan who rules the snowy mountains! They get the ability to go days without food, keep warm in the cold, and flight!

JUNGLECLAN; the clan who rules the vast jungle! They get the ability to stay dry in storms, tails strong enough to swing from branch to branch, and exceptional hearing!

Or you can even be a rogue/loner! The world is yours to explore!!

-LGBTQ+ friendly
-High ranks open!!
Hey you! Yeah, you! The one who's reading this. Are you, perhaps, interested in a Warrior Cats roleplay?
then you came to the right place bud.

Call of the Wild is a brand new WC server, searching for new members - or even staff.
The story unfolds within the heart of three clans, and your very own character helps with their development - regardless if they're a Clan-cat, loner, rogue or kittypet. But in this harsh world, where some clan-cats are willing to steal prey from each other, or trespass territory just for a drop of water - are you strong enough to survive?

✦⁂⋆✧⋆✶⁑ Lore ⁑✶⋆✧⋆⁂✦

The clans have always lived in peace, with, of course, minor quarrels here and there. However, what will happen when each of them is affected by its own environment?
With the absence of prey in Reefclan, Cragclan and Bayouclan have always suspected the cats for snatching prey, and while that might be true, nothing has prepared the Clans for the upcoming Leaf-bare.

In the next Leaf-bare, at the first full moon, there will be no Gathering held. A severe snowstorm will take place, and the moon, which previously shone brightly, will be overlaid completely by humongous, dark clouds. In the following sunrise, the fresh-kill pile from every Clan will disappear with no trace, and there will be no prey living on their territories.
Sometimes, a patrol will find slaughtered fresh-kill on the ground, or even crowfood laying at the camp entrance. It is unknown why this is happening, but some cats even go as far as blaming Reefclan for this.
Will this event, known as ''The ceasing Leaf-bare'' bring the Clans closer to one another, or drift them apart?

Bayouclan 🌿
Reefclan 🌊
Cragclan ⛰
Are three, non-canon clans, with high ranks still available! So, what are you waiting for? Create your own story today.

(A quick thank-you to those who took the time to read this.)
Hello and thank you for checking out our warrior cats server! This server is based around the original four clans and we have made a fifth clan to spice things up and provide variety.
This server had once become very unwelcoming but we have changed and the whole of this server is very laid back and open to everyone <3

We offer:
- A loving and accepting community!
- Absolutely no discrimination!
- A fair staff team who work day and night to make sure the server is well taken care of!
- We welcome everyone of all literacy!
- Extremely original events, prophecies and art contests thought out by our very creative staff team.
- Original Character Protection (No one will be stealing characters of yours in this server, no one will be taking your characters after you leave nor will they take them into another sever.
- 5+ character slots (and extras if permitted or won in contests!)
- We are very open to new ideas from our community!

There ARE high roles Open!

ℓєgιση σƒ αвαη∂σηє∂ ιѕℓєѕ: α ωαяяισяѕ яσℓєρℓαу
-✦ ℓιтєяαтє яσℓєρℓαуιηg ✦-
-✦ мαтυяє тнємєѕ ✦-
-✦ єѕтαвℓιѕнє∂ & gяσωιηg ✦-

-✦ Legion will have mature themes within the server- while this does not include NSFW topics/images we ask that you proceed at your own risk. There will be new and unique aspects throughout the server- murder and violence will be a key component involved with our unique story-lines and plots. You have been warned!

-✦ In September of 2008, Hurricane Ike swept through portions of the Greater Antilles and North America- this tropical Cyclone wreaked havoc on everything in its path. Now... imagine that the Northern America never recovered from this- that nature reclaimed what was once it’s own land; that the feral cats stumbled upon the abandoned remnants of Cedar Point- the roller coaster capital of the world at that time- and made it into their own home. That- would be what Legion is based upon...

Moons ago- when a tropical storm swept through the remains of a large contraption built by twolegs and left disaster; the abandoned cats of Sandusky Ohio gradually made their way toward this monstrous land- they reclaimed their home.
In the decaying remains of the amusement park, once known as Cedar Point- two Clans made their homes, lead by Ruin and Brink- two cats with the power to lead and unite once divided halves of a whole… while others remained in the shadows.
The Ancestors are critical- short tempered felines with little remorse for foolish actions call upon the punishments and rewards for the living cats below. Their word is law, something followed closely by the cats of BrinkClan and RuinClan from birth- some say that the Ancestors rule with fear, others believe they have good intentions and level heads. The Ancestors hold the key to life itself- they give life and take back their gift just as quickly as they give it, with little care for how it will affect the lives of their followers; they rule with an iron fist.
Cats that fail to follow the code they’ve lain out will suffer greatly- some say they will never allow their spirits rest; that they will be forced to wander the living world for all eternity until the world itself comes to a bitter end.

In the present- cats are living a semi-peaceful life under the watchful gaze of their fallen ancestors; receiving gifts and rewards for their blissful naiveness to the true intentions of the cats leading them. After moons without chaos evil has began to taint the minds of the once thoughtful and even-tempered leaders; the healers are receiving fewer and fewer messages from the Ancestors… they’ve been left in the dark…

-✦ Literate writing space with a minimum of five sentences/one paragraph.
-✦ Ever growing and unique plot lines
-✦ New and unique roles
-✦ A supportive and safe space for all
-✦ Easy to read rules and regulations
-✦ Organized Channels
-✦ Fun Bots
-✦ Open High Ranks
-✦ Custom Day and Night Cycle

-✦ With all of that being said- we hope to see you there; and please, enjoy your stay on Legion of Abandoned Isles...
This Is A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server! We Have The Original 4 Clans, Along With, BloodClan, And SkyClan. Our Admins Are Very Friendly, So Feel Free To Ask Any Questions Before Making Your Very Own Cat To Roleplay With!
Seaside Clans is a literate warrior cats roleplay that takes place on an island. There are 4 clans to join: Boulderclan, Waveclan, Cliffclan, and Gladeclan. Everyone is welcome!
A realistic twist to the usual warrior cat roleplays. A large selection of clans, organized days, gatherings, and starclan/darkforest additions. The roleplay is alive with members dedicated to the story. Prophecy writers are needed, along with more cats and fun active players!
4 clans live in the forest, their territories drastically different from each other. Frostclan is practically nonexistent, the only proof that they're still alive being the border scents and their presence at gatherings. Shadeclan is in an alliance with Stormclan and both clans are most likely going to turn against Brightclan. Will Brightclan be taken over by the two powers to the north, or will it stun everyone by being able to fight them both off? Or maybe Frostclan turns the tables and take over everything?