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Create a new cat for one of the four clans, and have fun roleplaying in the many areas around the lake.

Talk with fellow members, play with bots, or share something in all the other designated chats. There’s always something to do.
- all ages aloud
- fair rules
- fun community
- lots to do
- easy character creation

I hope to see you there!
Welcome to ; [ Warrior Cats ] Danger Zone. This is a server about three clans, three dangers. Three predators stay in each of the clans territory, taking more and more by the second. Will this cause them to steal each other land? Will this cause a war? Will the clans team up together to face the three predators? Stay here to find out more.

Meet the clans ;

Oasisclan, the clan with clever, fierce, and kind cats. they live on a hill, fearing their predator, Sharptooth.

Taigaclan, the grumpy, heavy set, and determined cats. They live in a Pine forest, scared of their predator, Beast.

Basinclan, the energetic, athletic, and brave cats. They live on a moor, attempting to face their predator, Hawks.

~ Open for affiliates, no need to create a character ~

A terrible blizzard has crippled DayClan. Their leader failed to heed their medicine cat's warning and most of the clan was wiped out. In the moors, a new clan rises, DawnClan.

Are you in NightClan from the forest, DuskClan from the marsh, DayClan from the rivers, or DawnClan from the moors? Perhaps your cat favours the rough life of a rogue or the soft luxury of a kittypet! Join From Dusk 'Til Dawn and find out!

- Genetically Randomized Litters
- Timeline of Major Events/History of the Clans
- Active Members, Strong Community
- Great for First-Timers
- Gatherings and Events Weekly
- No Entry Tests

GATHERINGS: Every Saturday 5:00 p.m. EST - 7:00 p.m. EST
MEDICINE CAT MEETINGS: Every Tuesday 12:00 a.m. EST - 11:59 p.m. EST
Want to become a Warrior Cat?
Want to live the exciting life and Roleplay with people?
Then come join us!
Plenty of Important Roles OPEN!!!
***Now with Prophecies!***
Currently doing a really fun Prophecy that includes all clans and includes a future war! If you're interested please join!
We have:
And Many More!
This is a server for 13+
This is a Warrior Cat Roleplay (Original Clans not based off the books)
A mysterious underground cavern where cats go to dwell!
A almost never-ending blanket of snow in a cold forest.
Bountiful and beautiful, this marshy/swamp area is perfect for any sneaky cats.
In front of an amazing deep lake that holds many wonders.
Rules apply
Almost all cats accepted!
Come join now!
-4 leader, 5 deputy, and 4 medcat roles open!
-All five clans!
-Old forest!
-Heart pounding plot!

Before Firestar entered the forest, before Yellowfang was born, before Tallstar entered the tunnels...
A disease ravaged the clans.
Nobody knew what it was.
Nobody knew how to stop it.
Treatment seemed impossible.

Would anyone survive?
Hello there! Adventures of the Tribe Cats is a semi-literate warrior cats rp server focusing on The Tribe of Rushing Water in the books' universe around 50 to 100 years or so after they end, allowing us to make a new generation of cats and tell the tribe's story!

- Create as many characters as you want!
- Friendly, active, and laid back admins!
- Fairly lax rules on character creation!
- A real life time system for the passage of time where it changes to the next moon every Sunday and there are full moons on Wednesdays where new prophecies and major plot events (if they occur) are announced!
- You don't have to read the books if you understand how the tribe works or are willing to learn!
- Roles for your pronouns and whether you're a minor or an adult for easy identification/reminders!
- Accepting of LGBTQ+ characters and people!
- And more!

Keep in mind that when you first join the server, you will only be able to talk in #welcome. This is to prevent porn bots, trolls, and the like from invading the server. Read through the contents of #server-rules and #roleplay-rules and an admin will get to you as soon as possible, ask you a few questions, and give you your proper roles!

We hope you enjoy Adventures of the Tribe Cats! :)
꧁༺α ηεω нσρε༻꧂

Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

Warning: This server has some occasional dark themes, and also members have the choice to use graphic(but not sexual) roleplay styles.

Welcome! Are you a fan of Warriors, and Warriors roleplays? Well, you have come to the right place. A New Hope is a brand new Warriors roleplay server with Tribes and a Clan. The staff is super friendly and we want to get some active, friendly community members as well! We're open to partnerships, too.
Will you join the Tribe of Shadowed Waters, and swim along the river?
Or the Tribe of Merciless Winds, feeling the cold breeze flow through your fur?
The Tribe of Burning Spirits, running across the meadows?
A member of PebbleClan, leaving the Tribes behind to create a new destiny?
Or will you hover outside of these roles, choosing the life of a loner, rogue, or kittypet?
It is up to you!

Breezeteller of Merciless Winds
Lieutenant of all Tribes
Healer and Healer Trainee of all Tribes.
In the ruins of an empty city that has long since been overgrown, where memories of humans have faded and fallen out of recollection, two rival clans reign supreme.
Shadows of Dawn is friendly, welcoming server based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Additions and alterations have been made to provide a novel role-playing experience and the two clans, the White Shadows and the Black Dawn are a mix of the traditional four clans and BloodClan. Navigate the terse relationships between the two clans, or pledge allegiance to no one as a rogue or loner in the Outskirts.
We offer:
- new and original clans, setting, and premise
- a friendly, welcoming community
- a relaxed atmosphere
- helpful staff
- exciting plots and role-play
- semi-literate to literate roleplay
If you are interested in role-playing something other than the typical Clans, Shadows of Dawn may be the place for you!
A warrior cats role play server with custom clans, areas, original characters, and a currency to earn art and literature of your character! Characters can range from kittypets to warriors and even to leaders with time! There's role play opportunities for everyone and anyone is welcome, so come say hi~

Over 22 Active Members so far!

4 Clans to Choose from!

A activity check system and many opportunities to earn art, character slots, and start server wide plots!

We try to stay as organized as possible, and we're a very friendly community, so come say hello, and join a clan!
Welcome to Alaskan Skies! This is a roleplay server based on the book series: Warrior Cats, by Erin Hunter. Our server is based in an Alaskan tundra-like territory with plenty of prey, predators and snow. Will you join SpruceClan, a clan hidden in the depths of the forest, or TundraClan, a mysterious bunch isolated in the chilly mountains? Maybe neither? Join now!

Alaskan Skies is still quite a new server, but we can still offer you:

- Future staff positions!
- Open HR positions! (Subject to change often)
- Friendly staff!
- Interesting territory, prey and predators!
- Fair rules!
- Flexible character creation!
- And much more!

We have a few members already but we'd be happy to have you, too!
LakeClan, TreeClan, MountainClan, and MeadowClan.

LakeClan lives by Rabbit lake. TreeClan lives on their right in a forest. MountainClan lives in the 2 mountains and the valley next to their forest and MeadowClan lives in a vast flowery meadow in between them and LakeClan.

You may roleplay as a clan cat, a rogue, or a kittypet.

Please feel free to enjoy this server. We will add chats, media share, suggestions, and questions. Feel free to roleplay as anything you like.

Please read the clan info before choosing.
Wildstar of Lakeclan
Cryingstar of Mountainclan
Flamestar of Treeclan
Copperstar of Meadowclan

Get ready for a war coming very soon! Choose wisely on which side you will be on! The Warrior Code abiding Mountainclan? Or Meadowclan, the clan who believes that anyone can love anyone?

We are a kid friendly server so please respect the rules and have fun!
Staff Members are always here to help you if needed!

We have lots of fun bots for everyone to use and have fun!

Hope to see you there!
"Warrior Cats – The Shattered Stars” is a fan-made role-play server, based on the book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter. If you want to make friends with fellow Warriors lovers, this is the place for you! While this server is currently still in its early stages, I look forward to developing it with new friends, and I hope that you will enjoy your stay!

While role-playing is the main focus of this server, we also allow non-role-players, who just want to relax, meet friends, and chat about the books, or other things! We have two main roles in this server, including 38 other roles, minus a few dedicated to staff, bots, and myself. The two main roles are Roleplayer, and Silverpelt (No RP). So when you join, you only have one decision to make, and that is if you'd like to be part of the role-playing or not!

There are rules, though they are pretty flexible, and considering I have been a victim of abusive staff in the past in other Warriors related servers, you will never find that here. As far as clans go, the territories are already created for you, and each of them is described in detail in the #cats-and-territories category! Feel free to check them out once you have been settled in!

I hope to see you around!
Welcome warriors to Warrior Cats: Where Stars Align! Here you can make friends, making characters, roleplay and most of all have fun! High ranks are also open, so make sure to be quick and get them while you still can.
- Friendly Staff!
- Many Important Roles Open!
- LGBTQ+ Friendly!
- 4 clans to join!
- A rogue group!
The clans have been living secluded for a long time, worshiping their ancestors. During leaf-bare, an unexpected event happened to DuneClan and their warriors, skinny, could not hunt prey and most of them died, their prey was scarce, and come time for new-leaf, the prey never returned. BeachClan, with their warriors strong and their prey bountiful, the leader of DuneClan was desperate. He met with BeachClan's leader and they made a deal: BeachClan would let DuneClan merge with them, but they wouldn't be able to remake their clan. DuneClan had given up on survival; they just wanted to stop losing loved ones and friends, so they accepted. The two clans merged and formed GoldClan, and the clans had continued to survive.

But when a divine force comes along, the clan known as StarClan begins to fall apart and dissolve. Can the live cats save their ancestors? Or will they go down with them?
Once long ago, the three clans started as one: a misfit band of whatever cats managed to find themselves out in the forest, clinging to any means of survival. Of course that was long ago. Driven apart by time and necessity, three clans now inhabit the forest:

Stoneclan, the rigid and devout.

Brookclan, the proud and practical.

Gullclan, the creative and idealistic.

As well as any outsider that happens to come and go every once in a while.

Some however, believe that the clans would be better off rejoined once again as one whole. How these cats want to achieve this, why, and just how far they are willing to go is anyone's guess.

-High ranks open!
-LGBTQ+ Friendly!
-Opportunities for non-cat characters!
-Staff needed!
-Willing to Partner!
SEMI-LIT, Dark Themes, 16+

Deep in the rain forest lies four unique clans with even more unique cats. These cats have learned how to make the most out of their part of the forest and have maximized their resources.

These cats have a rich and long history in the forest. So come, be part of the story in Amidst the Trees! Write your own history here in the rain forest as either a cat from Waterfallclan, Brushclan, Canopyclan, or Sunclan. Or even an outsider that makes their home around the village. There's so much to do here with plots being made by members of the staff as well as you! Three prophecies could be going on at any time with up to two of them written by you!

Here, you help guide the story! We have detailed server rules, active and helpful staff, extensive lore for you to read that will only grow as the server does! We are still very small so we need your help to grow! We have plenty high ranks open as well as staff positions!
Twolegs have gone extinct, and animals are getting smarter and smarter. The new dominating species are cats! They've learned how to use the twolegs' inventions, and they've taken over, and with the help of the Galactic stars, they have powers!

This server's plot, while it sets some guidelines, does not have an overarching story- the story is almost completely user-driven!

Join or create an adventure with:

REVENGECLAN; a clan full of kittypets who rule the city! They get neon stripes, which they can flash at other clan members to send messages, super speed, and night vision!

GLACIERCLAN; the clan who rules the snowy mountains! They get the ability to go days without food, keep warm in the cold, and flight!

JUNGLECLAN; the clan who rules the vast jungle! They get the ability to stay dry in storms, tails strong enough to swing from branch to branch, and exceptional hearing!

Or you can even be a rogue/loner! The world is yours to explore!!

-LGBTQ+ friendly
-High ranks open!!
A new server with the 4 original clans, friendly staff, and more! You can be a part of the free roaming Windclan, mysterious Shadowclan, fiercely loyal and strong Thunderclan, or the wet and wild Riverclan. Come join us and roleplay! Everything is family friendly and we'd love to see you on here!
...Oh! Hi there!
My name is Monarch🦋.
I haven’t seen you before. Allow me to show you around!
We’re closest to RidgeClan⛰ right now. See the mountains over there? Thats it! Down there are the rest of the Clans, HorizonClan🔥, CloverClan☘️, ShadeClan🍃 , and FloodClan🌊.
The people here are incredible too! I hear that Admin✔️ and Mod✔️ openings are available!
Nothing's really going on right now. We're low on members but we have an awesome plot in mind and need some cats to fulfill the prophecy!
Here's some other stuff you might like to know...
。We don't offer free cookies, sorry. My friend Ashmoon🌋 ate them all!
。We are lgbt+ friendly!
。We have nsfw chats for you spicy kids🌶
。Leader spots 3/5 Clans are open.
。Deputy spots are open in 4/5 Clans.
。Medicine cat spots are open in 4/5 Clans.

Alright! You should be good to go now! If you have any more questions, you can DM @grapefruit blackberries#3226 and she’ll answer them! Why dont you listen to the Crashing Waves with us?
"I see you are trespassing on our territory. Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. I am Squirreltuft, deputy of SageClan. Would you like a look around since you're already here? First, you have to swim in the river to the other side. See the waterfall you just passed? That's our way of keeping intruders out because we're the ones who love swimming. This way to our camp. I see you've caught the attention of a few of our Clanmates. They seem to like you already. Would you like to join us, young Warrior, to live out your life for SageClan?"
Welcome! SageClan is a friendly roleplay chat for anyone! We have...
-Friendly members
-We have SFW and NSFW servers
-We try and be fair with everyone
-Always be welcome!
Warriors: Clans of the forest

Staff is open and we are looking for high roles

Four cats sent on a journey with their mates and their kits pad their way across the unknown land with The Tribe of Moonwalkers guiding them. Days after days pass and they continue to walk until the cats finally make it to a safe and secure place. They claim this area as their new home and then the cats split up, some heading to the woodland, or the wetlands, others to the moorland. The cats took over these areas as their territories and became clans, the wetland cats became Mistclan for their wet terrain, the moorland cats became Dawnclan for their bright sun that always shined down, but the woodlands were split in two, some went to the darker area of the woodlands and became Duskclan, while others went to the lighter area and became Fireclan. Time passed and the clans got bigger till eventually there were many cats in the forest all under one mindset, follow the warrior code, and trust in Starclan (originally The Tribe of Moonwalkers)

(Still a work in progress)
This Is A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server! We Have The Original 4 Clans, Along With, BloodClan, And SkyClan. Our Admins Are Very Friendly, So Feel Free To Ask Any Questions Before Making Your Very Own Cat To Roleplay With!
Welcome to Frigid and Freezing, a Warrior Cat roleplay Discord server! Please have some knowledge of the Warriors book before joining. :)
Please note that the server may look a little complex at first, but don't be overwhelmed! The server is getting redesigned and basically reset for y'all.
Years ago, Iceclan, Dawnclan, and Pineclan came together to drive out Cloudclan. Cloudclan cats were considered a lesser-clan, as the clan was split into two. Some cats still believed in the Tribes ways, while others believed in Starclan as the other clans did.
Recently, Starclan has seemed to put its wrath on the current clans, who have scarce knowledge of a 4th clan even existing. The clans face frostbite, snowstorms, wolves, and many more in the span of a few weeks.
Will you join Dawnclan, the cunning and diligent? Maybe even Iceclan, the calm and quiet. Perhaps, Pineclan, the humble and herb-savvy? Or, will you help reform Cloudclan, the diverse and accepting?
Seaside Clans is a literate warrior cats roleplay that takes place on an island. There are 4 clans to join: Boulderclan, Waveclan, Cliffclan, and Gladeclan. Everyone is welcome!