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A safe space in the stars for systems

We have:
🌠A custom bot all for this server!
🌠Over 100 roles to assign yourself. Including system roles and color roles
🌠Venting areas (opt-in)
🌠Easy to follow rules
🌠Friendly staff and members
🌠A growing and active
🌠...and so much more!

✧༺ Join Starry Plurals today ༻✧
🔆🔅Want a safe, inclusive environment for your Introjects, fictive and factives?🔅🔆
Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re glad your ship landed safely, come through and we can keep you comfortable in this little corner of the galaxy. We can provide:
⭐️ A chill place to meet new people!
⭐️ An accepting environment for Introjects to socialise!
⭐️ Plenty of places to chat, and share
⭐️ Loads of self roles to have a fully inclusive experience
⭐️ Non-verbal chats and emojis!
⭐️ Help with both Plural Kit and System time
⭐️ A rainbow of colour roles!
⭐️ A judgment free experience!
An area where persecutors are free to be themselves.

18+ bodies ONLY, whether or not you're mature. We do require age verification upon entry. This is a safe space for adult bodies with persecutors to say things without breaking the law.

That being said, we don't judge those who come in, and you're always free to roam and speak as you please.
Greetings! Welcome to Magically Dissociative! The Server is Plural and Singlet friendly with the main point being just to hang out and have a fun time. We're all very welcoming; LGBTQAI+ Friendly, Inviting to All Systems and Sources, and Hope that you will join! (:
🌸🍄🌱 Welcome to Plurality Village! 🌱🍄🌸
Plurality Village is a server for traumagenic DID/OSDD systems, questioning systems, and undiagnosed systems. We work hard to make this a safe and comfortable space for systems, so please consider joining if you're looking for a community. The age range is 14-30!

What do we offer?
🌼 Channels for every type of alter!
🌳 Un-stigmatized help, advice, and resources for questioning systems
🌼 A specific section dedicated to neurodivergent systems, with channels for hyperfixations and special interests!
🌳 An opt-in place to vent without being judged or questioned
🌼 Emojis for nonverbal alters alongside many other custom emojis
🌳 Channels for specific topics, such as minecraft, she-ra, stimming, and more!
🌼 Active and attentive mods, who are not above the rules!
🌳 A welcoming server!


❛The Dissociative Galaxy is a place where anyone can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what they like. Here, all Traumagenic systems are welcomed. But what is this? A person with DID or OSDD, who's system formed due to childhood trauma.
Everyone who would like to support systems is welcomed too! This is a server that requires you to be 13 or older to join as do Discord's rules. We are not professionals, but we want to help everyone the best we can !~❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?
› Self Assignable roles ~
› Specific channels for each alters ~
› A complete tutorial on how to use PluralKit ~
› A place to vent safely ~
› Places for memes, books, inspirational quotes, and so much more ~
› Respectable Staff, not above the law! ~
› A lot of emojis for non verbal alters ~
› An active community of over 600 members!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ✮ Can't wait to see you there!
Ahoy Matey, this be a server for those with DID or OSDD.

Friendly ter Singlets, if they be respectful!

Safe fer the Agere and lgbt+.

We be not accepting of Endogenic, Tulpagenic, or NSFW on this here server.

We offer community, safety, and over 60 well organized channels.

We use PluralKit and SystemTime!

We bolster a unique Pirate inhabited Forest Theme

We hope ter see ya soon Mateys!

We're working on a better Icon! We have an event right now for our lovely members to create their own version Keith various prizes for the winner (and 2 and 3 places as well)
At Dissociacord, we aim to provide a universal space for traumagenic DID, OSDD, questioning, and undiagnosed systems of all ages. Our goal is to create a comforting place where systems can find support and make connections.

-*NEW* Bot that defines DID/OSDD terms to help educate new systems, exclusive to Dissociacord!
-SystemTime! for proxying as system members
-Spaces for different age groups, including for those under 16
-Roles and channels specifically for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD

*Please note that this server is not for endogenic systems, tulpas, or non-systems.*
DID and Chill is a server for traumagenic systems and those who are questioning to have a safe and fun place to hang out, make friends, and learn more about DID/OSDD!!

What we offer:
• Friendly and welcoming community with an active admin team!!
• System Time and Pluralkit
• Channels for alter roles, including a special area just for littles!
• Channels for several topics, including general channels, advice, venting, activities, memes, picrew, art, music, pets, gaming, and more!
• Areas to talk about topics that could be triggering
• New channels and other features and improvements coming soon!!
• We are always open to suggestions for improving the server, and we work hard to make this the best DID/OSDD community possible.

Please note, we have a short verification process before you are given access to the server, but it shouldn't take long and an admin will get you assigned asap once you answer our questions 😊

See you there!!
♡:。.。welcome to Co-Constellation!。.。:♡

Co-Constellation is a space/astronomy themedsever dedicated towards traumagenic DID/OSDD systems and allies!
we're still a very new server and are willing to add any idea you have!

what we offer:
❥PluralKit and SystemTime!
❥regression friendly
❥lgbtq+ friendly
❥self assignable roles!
❥lots of channels
❥friendly community
❥drama free!
❥and lots and lots of more fun things to do!

♡:。.。 we hope you join us! 。.。:♡
────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────
started on August 31, 2020
Close knit community for systems and allies to connect and make friends, support one another, and hang out in a safe and welcoming environment.

We also host movie nights, VC games like karaoke, prompt contests, and game nights to engage our members and have a fun group experience.
An Alternate Dimension is a DID/OSDD-1 system server, for all systems from 15 to 30. It has roughly 300 people, and it's an open, large server run by 12 mods at this time. We have self assignable roles for extra channels, such as a littles category, triggering rooms, and lgbtq+ rooms, as well as color roles, channels for art and writing, system specific channels, and general channels, where you can always start a conversation.

We are an open community dedicated to creating a safe social and informational space for all DID/OSDD-1 systems. Make sure you read the rules when you join, and if you have any questions, let us know and we'll be happy to listen. Have fun! :)
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕪'𝕤 𝕃𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝔾𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕟!

We are a 100% sfw Discord server, specifically aimed towards system littles and caretakers! All are welcome to join and encouraged to chat in our main areas - the only difference from this server and other system servers is that only littles and caretakers have their own role-specific channels.

Things we offer:
✑ System only Little and Caretaker categories
✑ Various hobbies channels
✑ Channels for support and venting
✑ Opt-in roles for channels such as cooking, pets, and Pokecord
✑ TW and Uncensored chats (also opt-in to keep littles safe)
✑ Cute flower themed colors
✑ Random flower spawns free for everyone to "pick"
✑ Active Voice Chats!
✑ 100+ emojis
✑ Specific emojis for non-verbal alters to aid communication
︶︶︶︶-ˏˋ🎃ˎˊ- ︶︶︶︶

Plural Pumpkins is a discord server for traumagenic systems and people wanting to learn about them, or just chat! Singlets are welcome as long as they're respectful:)

Here, we have..
🎃PluralKit and Systemtime
🦇Custom pronoun roles
🕷A place that supports pretty much anyone
🎃Vent channels
🦇Channels for littles and age regressors
🕷A blacklist that doesn't have names, words, typing quirks, sources or other common topics (Though we do have one with common triggers and a few "uncommon" ones that are easy to avoid)
Welcome ashore, The Harbor is a safe server for DID/OSDD systems - a safe harbor, if you will.
13+ only
DID/OSDD systems only. No singlets.

A safe place! So Join Today and Chat With Those Like You!
We have Systemtime Bot, PluralKit Bot, poketwo and tatsu bot!
We are small but trying to get big so come help us out today!
-The Corvus Collective

WELCOME! This is the Honeycomb Hive Server! A server specially made for traumagneic DID and OSDD systems! It's a safe space for all traumagenic systems.

We DO NOT allow Endogenic's or tulpas. Along with no one under the age of 14.

Some Areas we have are...
-Channels for each type of alter!
-Venting and help and advice!
-A pda area!
-Agere, Disability, LGBTQ+ and MOGAI specific chats!
-Adult and Minor only chats!
-Syscourse and regular discourse!
-plenty of interests!
-Our very own minecraft server! (Java)
-and more!

Some bots we offer are...
-Gambling Bot
-Coutning bot
-And our very own Buzzy the bee! Made by the Honeycomb system for our server specifically!

We are safe space for LGBTQ+/MOGAI, Disabilities, and age regressors!

We hope you join and have a wonderful time. We welcome you into our friednly hive!

From-The Honeycomb System, The Cookiedoll System, and The Ammolite Rarities

We provide a safe and welcoming DID/OSDD environment for all systems. We are a friendly and safe server for littles, support PluralKit, we are welcoming of singlets (singlets are people who do not have DID or OSDD) and LGBTQ.
NOTE: This server is 18+, meaning you must be physically 18.

The Nook is a place for sysmates labeled as "problematic," such as recovering persecutors, sexual alters, or fictives/factives from "problematic" sources. It is a safe space for those who don't know how to act in conventional safe spaces. Of course there are still rules, though we are much looser so long as we know you are doing your best and genuinely wish to improve. However, there are still limits.

Though not necessarily the server's original purpose, kinnies in general with similarly "problematic" sources are free to be here as well.

The lewd and violent categories of the server are opt-in, as well as the venting channels being opt-out, meaning you will only see what you want to see. This means there are indeed still sfw channels.

You do not have to be the demographic this server is intended for so long as you are aware of the somewhat unique way the server operates and are willing to be patient and understanding.
Welcome to Dissosia Palace! This is a sfw DID/OSDD server aimed towards creating a safe and supportive safe space for traumagenic systems and supportive singlets were you can interact, make friends and learn while having fun and building connections in a welcoming and judgmental free environment ^-^

— What we offer —
♚ A safe, welcoming and non-judgmental environment
♕ Friendly, deticated and active staff
♚ Open suggestions to improve our server
♕ Safe and help chats for new and unsure alters
♚ A safe littles area! Complete with chats, events and support rooms
♕ Plenty of rooms for help, questions, advice and information
♚ Lots of Self assignable roles
♕ Lgbtqia+ community safe zone
♚ Support centre were you can vent freely and seek support
♕ Art challenges, trivia nights and other fun events and activities~
♚ A System only area with channels for different types of alters!
♕ A ticket system to privately talk to stuff on a number of subjects
♚ Lots of emojis for Non-Verbal alters to help them communicate~

— Basic Rules —
♚ Always be respectful towards others
♕ Be friendly and open minded! We do not accept discriminatory behaviour
♚ Always keep this a safe place for littles!
A dating and meet up server for systems by systems. Feel free to drop in and make some connections! See you there!
IMPORTANT: You must be 16+ to join this server! Thank you for understanding.

Welcome to Gay Among Us Time! This is a small server aimed at introjects from Among Us along with those who simply enjoy the game as a whole. We ask that only traumagenic systems join this server. Please note that we use SystemTime and not Pluralkit as well. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Gregplant Avenue is a community of DID/OSDD traumagenic systems and singlet allies.

A safe and welcoming environment, Fragmented Psyche has created this community to bring systems and singlet allies together in a lax and fun filled place. We offer community, support, education, resources, and...most of

Successor to the Beautiful Chaos server, we have revamped how we are running the discord and have a main focus of safety for all members.
🌸~🌸~ Welcome to Hanging Gardens ~🌸~🌸

We are a server created with the intention of bridging the gap between systems and singlets. Not just that but we are also a server that wants to help individuals with finding a nice and comfortable place to talk and find other people like them. We offer a myriad of features including, but not limited to --

🌸 ~ Support
🌸~ Holiday Events
🌸 ~ Game Nights
🌸 ~ Movie Nights
🌸 ~ Art Events
🌸 ~ Help and Aid
🌸 ~ Individuals who are always willing to educate
🌸 ~ Homework helpers
🌸 ~ A place for every type of conversation
🌸 ~ Custom Roles and Pings
🌸 ~ A section for kin to also share their experiences
🌸 ~ A warm and healthy environment for anyone who may need it
🌸~ An amazing mascot who loves everyone!

Our goal here in Hanging Gardens is to make the world a little better for individuals who are members of any type of system. All system types are welcome as well as all alter types!

Note: Both singlets and systems are welcome! So long as you're patient, understanding, and kind, than we will be happy to have you! Also remember, we do not allow for any discrimination between system types in any regards! We want everyone to feel welcome here!