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Hello there you lovely discord user! Are you interested in learning about systems or ARE a system? Awesome!! Here at the DID/OSDDiscord we provide a safe space for all traumagenic systems, and allow singlets to join and learn with us!

-Some fun stuff about us-
+ New discord made for systems
+ Only for traumagenic systems (DID/OSDD)
+ Safe and welcoming environment
+ lgbtqia+ community safe zone
+ support centre where you can vent freely
+ lots of self assignable roles
+ Friendly mods with open suggestions
+ Movie nights and other activities
+ Channels for different types of alters
+ Singlets are welcome to join!
-Basic Rules-
+ Always be kind and respectful
+ Respect other’s boundaries
+ Remember this is a safe place for littles!
Welcome to System Society! This is a warm place for those with DID/OSDD and others to be able to come together and meet new friends! Enjoy your stay here~
Hello, and welcome the Safe Systems Shelter! This server provides you with a safe space to talk about your system and to other systems!

We have:
- A venting and triggering category, complete with supportive staff and members to talk to!
- A littles category, with helpers for littles and a channel for littles to mingle with other alters!
- A creativity category for your crafts!
- Friends and helpful staff!
--- More features to come as this server grows!
Hello! Welcome to Systematic Chaos! A server for DID/OSDD/dissociative multiplicities and systems to feel safe and welcome. People who are interested in learning more about dissociative disorders are also totally welcome!
This is a small server for people with DID and OSDD who have alters! You can talk about your hobbies, your alters and more! There are fun bots to interact with.
The Clubhouse is a DID/OSDD safe space to build a sense of community and family. We have plenty of fun events and things to do, so please do come and join us today. 13+ bodies only, please.

Please note that we ONLY accept Traumagenic systems! Thank you.
Close knit community for systems and allies to connect and make friends, support one another, and hang out in a safe and welcoming environment.

We also host movie nights and prompt contests to engage our members and have a fun group experience.
—The System Safe Server—

Hey! Are you a traumagenic system Looking for a fun place to meet new friends? Great! The System Safe Server is a fun and social place for traumagenic systems to chat, interact and have fun with other systems in a welcoming and safe environment.

—what we offer—
✿ A safe and fun environment for all traumagenic systems.
✿ Friendly staff and open suggestions.
✿ Self assignable roles.
✿ Lgbt+ community friendly.
✿ Areas for 18+
✿ Fun events.
✿ Venting and support areas.
✿ Safe area for littles.
✿ Specific chats for different alter roles.
✿ Allows supportive singlets to join.

Come join us!
Welcome to Plural Arts!

An art server for traumagenic (DID/OSDD) systems! If you're a traumagenic system looking for a place to share your art then this is the place for your.

We have plenty of channels for all kinds of art to be posted: digital art, photography, film, traditional art. This isn't exclusive to systems that draw!
Welcome to System Resort! We are a traumagenic safe server! We allow any traumagenic system or welcoming singlets that are over the age of 15. We are a pretty laid back server with nice moderation and many channels. Stop by and stay for a while!
DID/OSDD SYSTEMS ONLY!!! Please do not join if you are a "natural system", thank you!

Welcome to DID/OSDDiscord-NSFW. This is a NSFW server directed towards sexual alters and those who wish to view and participate in NSFW topics

To be able to join this server the body must be 18 or over and you must be able to provide proof of age via ID to be verified.

—what we offer—
✿ A light, medium and heavy nsfw section with varying levels of intensity.
✿ A unique set of rules for each room that we insure is followed closely.
✿ Multiple roles for each specific room so users can choose what they want to be apart of.
✿ Role playing rooms
✿ General chats and places to share images and memes
✿ A safe but open place for people to be able to be themselves and have fun!
Welcome to DID/OSDD safe place!
We offer a safe environment for everyone (including littles, so no NSF) to hangout, ask questions, vent, voice chat, or just chill.
This is a server for people who have DID/OSDD, otherwise known as "multiple personality disorder", but it's also very open to Tulpamancers. It's a support group for systems to share experiences with being systems as well as to help support each other.
Welcome to Kids Mental Health, a server for kids who have mental illnesses, want to learn about mental illnesses, or anything related. We have nice staff and a very kind community. We have PluralKit for systems and self assignable roles. We hope you find your home here.
This is an open community where people of all ages can feel comfortable and share their experiences. You don't have to have DID or OSDD to join!

This server is also a way to learn and create a better understanding.

This is SFW but cursing is allowed, and all triggering content will be marked as a spoiler.
A small space for people who are 16+ only with DID, OSDD, PTSD, etc to mostly just hang around each other and have a safe space to share experiences and allow their alters to talk and socialize.

We play games, talk about stuff we like, and share what we've been through in a small, accepting family space.
system central is meant to be a safe, accepting community for DID/OSDD-1 systems! we have pluralkit and self assignable roles. we hope that system central can be your new home! singlets are allowed temporarily for education purposes
This is a server for plurals and singlets. We welcome all members. All ages allowed. We have a chat for little alters. There is a chat for fictives and there are many vent channels.
A server for littles in any DID or other type of system to hangout. Planning once grown and active to have events. At the moment we have a music and pokemon bot. This server is 100% safe and non judgemental.
#IAmWe is a server primarily for multiples diagnosed with DID, OSDD or DDNOS, and we also welcome friends and family if the system they are affiliated with is also in the server. The server is 18+, but we sometimes accept minors with restricted access. They will have a separate minor role.

We do not accept people who practice or endorse non-trauma related multiplicity. New members will be interviewed by mods before access is granted.

We offer:
🌸 Attentive mod staff on 3 different continents, covering all time zones.
🌸 Fun activities such as art, book club, movie club etc..
🌸 A safe place to talk about serious and not so serious matters.
🌸 An understanding and welcoming community.
🌸 Designated TW channels, Support channels and Vent channels.

Hope to see you there!
CookieRun! Social is a CookieRun themed server to make friends at!
We offer:
-Cookie themed roles
-LGBT friendly space
-A custom blacklist for triggers
-Active moderation
server for DID/OSDD systems. we're p casual, so like. join if u wanna.
if you don't have DID/OSDD, or think you're an endo or "natural" system, fuck off.
Hi , welcome to littles playground where littles and caretakers can get along!