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This is a small server for people with DID and OSDD who have alters! You can talk about your hobbies, your alters and more! There are fun bots to interact with.
CookieRun! Social is a CookieRun themed server to make friends at!
We offer:
-Cookie themed roles
-MOGAI friendly space
-A custom blacklist for triggers
-Active moderation
A place for systems to hang out and have fun, we offer;
-Active moderation
-A place for littles
-Endogenic and tulpamancer friendly
-A safe area for traumagenics
-An LGBT/Mogai friendly area

We also allow singlets to join.
#IAmWe is a server primarily for multiples diagnosed with DID, OSDD or DDNOS, and we also welcome friends and family if the system they are affiliated with is also in the server. The server is 18+, but we sometimes accept minors with restricted access. They will have a separate minor role.

We do not accept people who practice or endorse non-trauma related multiplicity. New members will be interviewed by mods before access is granted.

We offer:
🌸 Attentive mod staff on 3 different continents, covering all time zones.
🌸 Fun activities such as art, book club, movie club etc..
🌸 A safe place to talk about serious and not so serious matters.
🌸 An understanding and welcoming community.
🌸 Designated TW channels, Support channels and Vent channels.

Hope to see you there!
This is a server for plurals and singlets. We welcome all members. All ages allowed. We have a chat for little alters. There is a chat for fictives and there are many vent channels.
server for DID/OSDD systems. we're p casual, so like. join if u wanna.
if you don't have DID/OSDD, or think you're an endo or "natural" system, fuck off.
Hi , welcome to littles playground where littles and caretakers can get along!
A new server meant for anyone with DID or OSDD to talk to other systems without having to be afraid of people not understanding or claiming it's "your imagination"
We’re a server for danganronpa fictive to chat and meet friends! (Ignore the name Haruhi named it )
We offer:
-Separate blacklisted chats
-user input blacklist
-custom roles
- a safe place to meet similar fictives