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We are a small community that is very welcoming of all members including doubles and problematic kins!! We have a multitude of different channels and a staff team who is constantly trying to promote activity! This is a great chance to meet friends, source mates, and maybe even canon mates!! We hope to see you there!

-Pudge & Staff
Hello! This is Otherkin Haven! Our server is pretty chill, and in need of more chill peeps. We welcome everyone from Otherkin to Questioning to plain Humans. Our server has debate, vent, general, Voice chats, meme, roleplay, and art/pictures channels, possibly more in the future. We hope you join, and stay with us for awhile.
Welcome to DMT DUNGEON. This is a server for general unholy discussion. Whether you're subject to your own psychological disorders or in need of any sort of emotional release, here you can meet other like minded individuals who are looking to chat.
Welcome to the bright City! Kin City, At kin city were enthusiastic about you joining us!
We welcome just about anyone with open arms!
-Otherkin -Therian -Fictionkin -Otherhearted and more!
A kincord for transmeds, transmed supporters, or those who just don't care
Kinnie Cult, despite the fancy layout, is an informal server for otherkin (mainly fictionkin). We're accepting of those considered "problematic" by most of the community. That being said, we don't allow transphobia, homophobia, racism, MAPS, or anything of the sort.

→ each member gets their own personal channel
→ LOTS of self-assignable roles, including mental health roles
→ few rules
→ tons of fun bots
→ a bot for DID systems
→ friendly and active owner
Despite the funny haha name, we don't actually kin piss.
[The Factkin tag is also a joke, factkin is just identity theft sweety!!]
!!Please join if you kin and would like some funny haha kin time!!
-System Friendly!
-Otherkin and Fictionkin are both allowed!
-All Sources are allowed! [Some may need to stay in the blacklist channels though 😔]
-LGBT friendly!
-Optional Discourse and Blacklist Chat roles, so you don't have to see any bad stuff if you don't want to.
Hello! This is a server for fans and kinnies who love The Dragon Prince!
We have
•separate categories for kin, vent, thoughtforms, witchcraft, religion and fan so you don’t have to see what you don’t want to!
•pluralkit for systems!
•Rayla emojis! Callum being added! Ask for custom emojis!
•pronoun roles

As our server is still small, you can help shape it!
A mature and informative otherkin server that seeks to help others discover, understand and come to terms with their possible non-human identity in an environment that houses many experienced members.
Hello !

Welcome to Kinnie Café ! We're a system friendly kin server for everybody ! Fictionkin, otherkin, copinglink, anything (minus factkin) ! We're a fairly chill server, with some basic rules to keep everything fun and safe, obviously !

1) Of course, this server is 13+
2) No racism, sexism, double hate, or any harassment of any kind !
3) System faking, lying about your age is not tolerated. If there is evidence that you are doing this, you will be kicked.
4) Please keep blacklisted content in the blacklist section ! Names have to be written as ||spoilers||. We don't blacklist sources, I'm sorry for the inconvenience !
5) In general, don't be a dick and you'll be fine.

We hope to see you soon ! <3
Interested in a server where you can relax, chill, and hang/joke around with friends? Then OM is the place for you! Othermind is an Otherkin-based server open to all kin and nonkin alike. We're a diverse community with people of all shapes and sizes. This is no hugbox or safe-space, but instead we're an open place for people to discuss all kinds of topics.
This doesn't mean we won't afford you the respect you deserve, but instead we're a place which lets folks speak their mind without worrying about blacklists or such things.
Interested? Just click join server!
(Note: Before entering the main part of the server, please remember to make a simple intro)
Welcome to our land full of dragons and other fascinating creatures!
Your heart guided you to our lands, your soul has been called. Just listen to the harmonious sounds of nature around here. Whatever you need can be found at this place. May it be a river, a forest, the wind, fire or anything that you need to survive, little dragons and non-dragons. Let your spirit become strong. Make yourself at home.

This place is supposed to be a second home for those who are dragon otherkin, dragon furries/scalies or simply those who are interested in our kind. We're open to just everyone who really wants to be a part of this calm and positive "garden eden". Where you can hear the dragons roar and chirp together with small and big critters. Even bears, wolves, cats, birds and many, many other creatures are welcome here. As long as you'll follow the rules and won't hurt any of us, you're welcome.

I'm Izumi, debating if I'm a koi fish noodle dragon or a simple koi fish. I founded this place with the wish to get together with many other scaly creatures - otherkin or not. Let's show the world that dragons aren't those huge killing machines as most creatures think about us. They're more than that. I myself mainly eat veggies even. I'm a huge fan of steamed veggies. But yes, I also like meat, mostly chicken. And am a honey lover. Well, okay... enough about my food preferences. Just let us relax a little bit and listen to the sound of life.

In love,
Are you kin with a character or species from WoW? Come join this server.
its kinda new so we're open to suggestions and changes
Do you identify on an integral yet nonphysical level as something other than human? Be you a therian, otherkin, or any other sort of alter-human or maybe even someone just curious on the subject and looking. Just Anotherkin Server attempts to form a community for people to explore and question their identities and meet others doing the same. If any of this seems like it might appeal to you, take a look at our server.
A friendly community server focused around Tulpas, Plural Systems, Otherkin, Spirituality and making friends.
We're a friendly kin community w/ many channels to express yourself & your kintype. Our staff are friendly and ready to welcome you to our server! Join us, kinnies!
We are a friendly, open community for everyone with a goal of creating a better understanding of otherkin so that everyone can be comfortable with who they are. We have chatrooms, VC, and some roleplay. If any of these things sound interesting to you, we hope you will come check us out.
I have a general kin server that's friendly to therians, otherkin, fictionkin, and factkin. We also have a system section and a first come first serve no doubles policy. Please don't just come here to troll.
This is a server for all kintypes! We have a variety of different channels!! There’s a nsfw section for those of you, there’s no age limit! So come join us!!
Welcome to Kinnies R Us! We are an all-inclusive general kin server! We are doubles/system/fictive friendly and have a good moderation and admin team! Many text channels and categories to participate in! <3
A server for any fictionkin or otherkin. Anyone 18 or under allowed!