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Hi! I have a server going for otherkin, fictionkin, soulbonds, and other types of incarnates. I’ve had the server for over a year now and everyone is very friendly. If you would like to join a server to discuss your experiences with like-minded people, feel free to join! (No trolls plz. I don’t have time for that.)

(We also have sections for witchcraft, polytheism, astral projection, and religion/metaphysical things in general. There’s also the usual music, video games, and art sections!)

( this is a pretty new server compared to some of the other ones, heheh;;; )

in this kinscord, you are able to truly be yourself!! we accept fictionkin, otherkin, and systems!

* please note this is server does not allow nor support the truscum community and their beliefs. please do not enter if you are/agree with truscum. thank you! *
Hello! This is Otherkin Haven! Our server is pretty chill, and in need of more chill peeps. We welcome everyone from Otherkin to Questioning to plain Humans. Our server has debate, vent, general, Voice chats, meme, roleplay, and art/pictures channels, possibly more in the future. We hope you join, and stay with us for awhile!
A server for people who are kin with characters from Dramatical Murder. System friendly, 16+ chat, 18+ NSFW section. Doubles friendly, user imput blacklist. Just be nice!
Welcome to the Kinnie Moshpit! We're a small server looking to grow and scream with some more kinnies! Come join!
Looking for a occult community filled with active practioners and frequent practice? Look no further, Sanctuary is a open minded occult community dedicated to the mutual sharing of esoteric knowledge, progress and generally being spiritually productive.

On this server we discuss multiple topics such as Magick, Psychic abilities, the concepts behind otherkin and many more.
Howdy there my lovelies! I've had this server going for a little while now, but it's kinda flopped. I wanna try and revive it, so here's a dragonkin server!!
a new kincord, open to any and everybody!
(with the exception of factkin; please dont join if you kin real people.)
we offer many channels and server events, along with plenty of places to share mems, art, cosplays, many kin and nonkin related chats, fun bots and more!
no matter your kins/kintypes, who you kin or where you come from, we love and accept all with open arms!
only requirements; be a kinnie, of course, and again, no factkin!
hope you enjoy your stay!!
hello, this is a fairly new server and i hope to see it grow with every new person joining!
we are open for suggestions and will add many channels, for mem jams, kin selfies, canon calls and many more.
we are happy to see you join!
This server is for people who identify as otherkin, but their kin is from an obscure source. This means sources that you don't often come across, or don't have a huge following. There are channels to find other kins from your sources, and even try to find kins from your canon! This server is inclusive of all LGBT identities. We DO NOT allow TERFs, NO/MAPS, or bigots in general.
We have an NSFW channel ONLY for people 18+.
Kin Community is a multi-fandom kin server.

Please keep in mind that:
✧ You must be at least 16 years old.
✧ No hate speech is allowed.
✧ We are double friendly.
✧ Characters, sources, and names will not be blacklisted.
✧ Discourse is not allowed.
✧ Please, do not join if you are factkin.
Howdy! Welcome to Maybe in a Past Life! We're a fresh, new kincord and we're looking to make friends with you! We're open to non-kin who are curious about otherkin and we also accept fiction and questioning kins! Hope to have you drop in and stay a while!
An informative and accommodating otherkin server that seeks to help others discover, understand and come to terms with their possible non-human identity in an environment that houses many experienced members.

What else we offer:
- Welcoming members for every new person who joins, you won't be ignored.
- Understanding and accepting of negative emotions, with both venting and help chats to seek guidance and support.
- No blacklist, we function on understanding and accommodating each other personally through communication rather than server enforcement.
- However we do have an optional channel for more sensitive talk available to opt-into so we can keep the majority of the chat safe for our members.
- An open yet close knit community where we all learn about each other, old and new and make long lasting friends.
- Group film watching events, pictogram games, voice chat, singing and Pokemon battles hosted here.

We're Nitro Boosted to level 2! Come and enjoy our special features here at OtherAdvice~
If you're looking for a server to share kin things with, or to meet other kinnies, this is the place. We're a multifandom server that accepts all kintypes, sources, etc.
Whether you're therian, copinglink, synpath, a system, fictionkin/otherkin, kinhearted, or more- we'll accept you!

We have an active, kind staff team that manages everything, and we'll add to the blacklist per request. We support anyone, no matter who, and discrimination leads to swift action.
Along with the blacklist, we offer a variety of channels to to express whatever you'd like!
-Art channels to send your kin art, or art you've found and think is neat!
-NSFW and gore channels that you can gain access to on request, however the rest of the server is a safe space.
-Vent, rant, and kin variations of the two
-Support channel, where you can ask questions or just go in for a virtual hug!
-Discuss kintypes or just talk about kins with other people
-Canon-related channels where you can talk about what happened in your canon
-Neurodivergent-friendly channel
-Channels to talk about memories, dreams, shifts, and other things
-A general lounge where you can just chat about anything
-An isolation channel where you can go to cool off, without access to other channels
-A suggestions channel, where you can give us ideas to improve the server
-Channels to write, send music, and much more
We also offer custom roles and role colors upon request, and pronoun roles so there's no confusion.

We'd love to see you around soon! We welcome new people with open arms!
A friendly server welcoming all otherkin, fictionkin, plurals, systems, and the like. LGBT friendly.
➔ Our server is for those who identify under otherkin or therian identities. We're also welcoming of those who are kin as a coping mechanism. Those who are not under any of these identities are welcome so long as they are respectful of it's members.

➔ We pride our selves on acceptance and inclusion, but this is not a welcoming space for factkin. This server is a safe space for otherkin, fictionkin, therian, copinglinks, systems, LGBT+, and all races.

➔ Please be aware this is a 16+ only server and we will not make any exceptions. You are welcome to join after you turn 16.
Welcome to Canis Vulpes!
The server is for OTHERKIN and THERIANS with canine theriotypes/kintypes.
(Hyenas, Coyotes,Dogs and Foxes included!!)
System Friendly!
Are you a dragon kin? Do you believe you have some, strong connection to dragons? Well, this server is right for you!

 Draconic Synthesis is a server dedicated in gathering dragonkin members and having a place for them to talk, support each other, and feel safe, much like a family!

 We have many things to offer, such as self-role assignment, high security, and a great ranking system! Give it a try by clicking the link below!

*•.¸♡ Hi there!~ We're a small start up server dedicated to roleplay! We have safe, normal RP for our Asexual friends and then we have a section for the sexually active or kinksters! We have several roles for different Fursonas,Personas, and Otherkin! We accept Fursonas,Personas,Kins, Lgbtq+ and more! If there's any roles you'd like us to add, leave a little slip in our suggestion box!~♡¸.•*
Hello humans and non-humans! Welcome to the official Kinversation discord channel! This is the server of the Kinversation youtube channel and anyone can join! Otherkin and non-kin are welcome. Just read the rules and be nice!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:・゚✧*:・゚✧
☆ KIN HQ is an all-source, doubles friendly kin server for everyone!
☽ this server is friendly towards fictionkin, otherkin, therians, systems, fictives, etc! as long as you're respectful you're welcome here!
✧ active and well moderated!
★ overall a comfortable and welcoming community.