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We are a developing community based around the idea of providing a place of sanctuary for trans people through the internet. We have identity specific text and voice channels, as well as a support and venting channel. We welcome anyone of any gender-identity to join us. No sexual or NSFW content allowed. Heavily moderated to ensure we provide a safe space for fellow people on the trans spectrum.

This server is specifically for transgender individuals a sanctuary away from all the hate.

Hello Sweetheart!

Sweet Intentions is a brand spanking (haha) new server, for all to join. We have all NSFW content behind a VERIFY ONLY Role wall, so that in the main bit of the server - its SFW and fun for all ages. We are centered around CG/L but we accept any and all persons who want to make friends in a kink positive environment!
A safe space for LGBT members including youth! Many LGBT teens and younger folk have it hard to find safe spaces in their homes or guides on loving themselves. Here, you may express yourself as freely as possible. This is a positive hate-free server. Please don't see if you don't see activity right away! Members may be asleep.
This is a server intended to be a safe space for people on the lgbt community, but cishets are welcome to join as well. All opinions are welcome and any type of bigotry/discrimination will not be tolerated
Our goal is to create a safe place where people can freely express themselves and their interests, a place where no one would get bullied for their sexual orientation and interests and a place to meet others who have similar interests! We are new, but we hope tp grow into an active and prosperous server where everyone can have a good time! Our main focus is the LGBT+ community, but we welcome anyone who wants to be part of the family! <3
☆.。.:* Welcome to the Pinkuu Cafe! .。.:*☆
Pinkuu Cafe is a cute, pink themed safe-space for everyone! It is full of positivity, and is a general hangout server for anime fans, gamers, artists, etc.! There are multiple venting channels if ever you feel the need to vent. Not only so, but there is also a "Healer" role! Healers are there for you if ever you need help, advice, or simply just need someone to listen! There are several art channels, meme channels, and more fun places to hang out! There are multiple bots to interact with such as: Dank Memer, Groovy, Rythm, Senpai, Nekobot, Nadeko, Mudae, Cafe, Tupperbox, and qtChan! We also have different voice channels for gaming, videos, and even voice acting! Mods are always available to listen to any requests/suggestions, and are more than happy to help whenever they're needed. We even have daily activities, such as "question of the day", "word of the day', "animal of the day", and daily fun facts! There's also daily activities you can complete for 200 stars! (Our server's currency in exchange for buying special roles!) There's a little something for everyone here!
The Pinkuu Cafe offers channels specifically for age regressors, pet regressors, and caregivers! All little ones are welcome! (NOT KINK, NOT DDLG!) We may even host small events for the little ones to enjoy!
We also offer channels specifically for kin and even systems! You can join and find other kins and systems to hang out with! There's a place for everyone here!
Once again, the Pinkuu Cafe is 100% a safe-space. We welcome everyone as family, and will treat you as such. We are still a very small server, and used to be the "Pinkuu server", but moved here! You will never be alone here. So, come join us! We'd love to have you!
A positive server for everyone!! This server is welcoming of people of all ages, genders, sexualities, and races!!! We have memes, music, vent, bots, and so much more!!! Join us and enjoy your stay!!!

Mental and emotional health issues often get ignored in the Muslim community. It isn't a lack of iman or weakness of character. It's okay to feel what we feel.

With the stigma surrounding mental health issues, a lot of Muslims feel uncomfortable talking about feelings for the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Knowing that you're not alone in what you're going through can make a huge difference. This is a judgment free, support group for Muslims. Feel free to join!

**If you're only joining for the sake of joining Muslim servers, please don't. We handle with serious issues that everyone may not be able to deal with. Jazakallah Khair!**

We're all very tired.
Happy pride month!

A server where Satanists and Non-Satanists alike can come together and chat! This server is mainly focused on breaking the stigma surrounding Satanism, but we are open to members of all religions.
We welcome everyone, from every background, of every belief. Come join us, share some memes, and find out what the media won't tell you about Satanism.
Welcome to Starry Café, where we are a relaxed and chilled server. You can talk about anything really. It doesn’t matter. As long as you abide by the rules set in place. If you need someone to talk to we’re here for you. If you’re just flat out bored we’re here. We just started and are still developing. So feel free to join any time you want! :) :3
Small server! Vent life's problems all you want here, judgement free. Feel free to hang around and listen to music when you're bored, make some new friends! We also have rooms for you to share your art, music, and memes! Safe and accepting to all.
Heyo, welcome to our LGBT friendly server! This is a safe zone for members of the LGBT community to make friends and socialize with people like them, we have many channels to share all your interests, this is a safe place with 0 judgement, no bullying is tolerated, only support.
~ Welcome to DDLG community ~
DDLG community is a small community , it's a place where you can be yourself without being judge and meet new friends or maybe even a special somebody! We also support LGBTQ+!
~ what we have ~
-chill staff members
-small community ( hoping to get more members! )
- fun emotes
- dating channels ( example: looking channels )
- fun channels ( example: bot commands , littles , switches and doms chats! )
- self roles
- different vc's ( example: music , play time )
- fun different bots ( example: dank memer , OwO bot )
~ if you have any problems dm's a staff member , relax and have fun when you join! ~

Hi and Welcome to our Nameless Fine Arts Server!

Whether you enjoy the arts or simply want to make friends, this server is the place to be!

We welcome those of all skill levels when it comes to fine arts! Receive critique and tips to improve in all your fields!
Our server provides a safe experience for all LGBTQIAPK+ users.
Welcome, one and all, to Furry Empire!
A safe place for furries to come and hang out, meet other people, and talk about the fandom. Non furries who are interested in learning about us are more than welcome to join as well! We're a friendly community working hard to break the stigma surrounding our fandom and give furries a drama-free, hatred free place to hang out and be themselves.
Come join us, and have fun!
Welcome to CGL Safe Space! We're so glad you've stumbled upon our server. We are just starting out but we aim to be a safe space for everyone. This server is 15+!!

✿ Self Assignable Roles
✿ Bots to play with
✿ Great people
✿ 100% SFW. Absolutely no NSFW content is allowed
ah, here we have a fresh server with super cool people!

hello! i am the owner of this lovely thing that is i'm babie, and i welcome you to join! in this server you will find:

~ some super cool people who love to socialize and have great (and sometimes concerning) conversations
~ text and voice channels for pretty much everything
~ spelling bees! they're really inconsistent bc we're irresponsible but that's ok
~ a qotd every day
~ and much more :)

so join now for a good time, or don't idk but if you want to you should
♥*♡∞:。.。 Welcome! 。.。:∞♡*♥

Angel's Galaxy is a server made to connect everyone together as one huge community. Our server includes a variety of things, such as....

✓Custom Color Roles
✓Pokécord and others
✓Gaming channels and events
✓Meme channel for a good laugh
✓Welcoming staff and community
✓Cute emotes to fit your mood
...and a whole lot more!

Feel free to join us! :)
🎀Welcome to Stuffie Corner!🎀

We are a safe space for littles, pets, and doms alike! This server is still small and being set up, so we ask for your patience!

This server includes:
💖Hobby chats for all of your non littlespace needs!
💖Littlespace chats for all of your littlespace needs!
💖Petspace chats for all of your pet needs!
💖Bots like Pokecord, Groovy, and OwO!
💖Friendly staff!
💖Verification process!
💖And so much more!

Come Join us!
so this is a relatively small community where you can talk about Star Trek but also just your daily life and such, all trek is accepted and you can also share your own art!
We are an 18+ support server! We welcome anyone 18+ to join and meet new friends from all over the world. Join and support if you feel the need to. We offer a variety of channels as well as one on one support rooms. We have a variety of channels to chat in. Come join the fun and get support if you need it <3