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Welcome to "Morally Wrong Server"! We are a server that hates a lot of rules and so we created this one to be ourselves! We are a set of unique individuals looking to make friends that love memes and jokes just as much as we do!
Welcome to The Chamber of Sleepless, an 18+ Harry Potter themed chat. We are a new server who would love for you to join. We have active VCs, chats and admins! :)
A hip server full of attractive people. We have e-girls.
Welcome to the 'What is life' server. In this server we discuss the meaning of life, insights, spirituality, wisdom and life-lessons in general. This is a place for friendly discussion where any viewpoint is welcome. You can call yourself an atheist or messiah, as long as you're serious about it, it's fine.
This server is made for people of many different reasons. This server is made for people to get to know each other for people of the same age group, be friends or mates, our server has lots of topics like gaming and anime, movies and TV shows! I hope you like the idea and join!! C'mon it's fun!!! You must follow discord ToS and be 13+!!! Thank you and have fun!
Perma discord link :
Welcome to "The power of friendship"! A server where you can find new friends and chill out, this place is for any person who wants to make friends, even if you are bad at...existence.
We are really new so we probably need some staff too, come join our growing community!
๐ŸŒธ Welcome to Asian "Dramas lovers" & Asian "Music lovers"๐ŸŒธ
๐Ÿ’œ Join us and discuss in joy and conviviality ๐Ÿ’œ
โ€ข Hey Welcome to Ruija!

โ€ข This is a community server, but it has optional roleplay! We try to keep the staff active too ^^

โ€ข It is a world full of wonderful creatures, it has a leveling system and we're working on self given roles!

โ€ข We provide space for anime, music, memes and games! ^^ There are now nsfw channels here too

โ€ข Feel free to become friends with everyone and enjoy yourself!
Arrrrg Matey! Avast ye Landlubbers and welcome to the world of Sinner's Cove. What is Sinner's Cove? SC is a 16+ sever that has memes, advice channels, plenty of bots, and of course, nsfw channels for our 18+ verified. Come, walk the plank and take a dive into Sinner's Cove!
Welcome to Genesis! A new world has been presented to you. Will you accept this challenge?

Our features include so far:

-General Chat Rooms.
-Player Leveling.
-Family & Children.
-Voting Rewards.
-Competitions for Prizes.
-Custom Names & Colors.
-And Much More in the Future!

Come check us out today. We are looking for new members! What are you waiting for?
Hello this is the server Finding Friendship! We are a server who welcomes everyone. Our staff is respectful, we have events, bots, roles, and many more! So if you are feeling feeling lonely, why not come in and make some friends? (or maybe even find someone special)
This is a fun and happy pokemon Trading server, where you can ofcourse trade pokemon aquired by pokecord, or just hang out and meet new people! Have fun with us and feel free to join!
Welcome to The Chillzone! This server is about making new friends and dating. Make sure to join! This server just started so let's make it big!
A 15+ server for anyone! This is a social server where you can make friends, talk, and maybe even find a relationship. The possibilities can be endless, but we need your help to expand. We also are looking for suggestions as to how to make the server better. Join and have a good time at the Hideaway!
hello!this server is mainly for meeting new people and stuff like that :-)
This is a server based around Sexuality And Gender Awareness (SAGA)

- For those going through meloncholy, we strive on a alternative form of support for that.
There are 3 distinct vent channels as well and general support channels for different needs.

- This is a Safe Space and will have verification and moderation in order to help with that.

- This server has many roles that can be self assigned.

It would be swell if you decide to join the wholesome community.
It's doing pretty well so far.
Join our Pakistani & Indian Discord Server Amaze Chat chat with Pakistani users and with all others , Enjoy Your Stay Here :)
๐ŸŒบWe are a server that tries to welcome every members as a family and tries to unite those who are looking for others out there. if you are in need of talking to people or want to vent or maybe even watch a movie with others, or maybe even form a new friend group, this is the place!๐ŸŒบ
Greetings! This is one of many roleplay servers! We have a lot of stuff here, most of the members are active and friendly! Although you might think this is an ordinary server, I'm here to reassure you, here I've mixed all the role play strategies that I've seen through my career as a role player! You're always welcomed here.
We are a fun oriented discord community for anyone who wants to chill and talk, Hope to see you soon!
Dreamy is active as can be, and friendly. We chat, show memes, and more fun things~ So come join us, I accept anyone, well we, accept anyone. Im wanting this server to grow massive )o) I try to bump the server as much as I can, and I try to keep it active and friendly for everyone.
If you like gaming, meeting new people ?? WELL JOIN THIS SERVER THEN LMAO!!