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A hip music server full of amazing members! Friendly community, spectacular staff. Join for the best vibes!
We're an LGBT+ group, ran by grade A++ queer meat. We're pro-sex education, and have different channels for varying age groups. We're sfw aside from those channels. Anyone is welcome as long as they are friendly and accepting.
Welcome followers, to The Cult of Emi!
We are a friendly and welcoming community, here to follow the teachings of our Deity. Join us, and feel at home!
Join Food for Thought and be prepared to be prepared. You enter this place as a lost little potato, but fret not, if you stick around you’ll get cooked in no time. The more you talk the more delicious you become too. Recruit more potatoes if you can, it’s always more fun to get smashed with your friends. This is your chance to finally be satisfying and useful!

You can say whatever you want here. No one’s gonna condemn or punish you for your opinions. We watch stuff and play games sometimes.
Welcome to the soft server! We’re a new and small community that’s all about people feeling comfortable, and having a safehaven to hang out with others in! We love making friends and helping people in need, and really would appreciate it if you joined and increased our community size so we could help more people! We hope to see you here, and hope you like it!
A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.
• Choose your own role
• Fun Social Chat Room
• Selfies and Introductions
• Funny Memes and Jokes
• Great Games including a Connect 4 Challenge
• Truth or Dare
• Boobbot and Lewdbot
• Music
• Voice Chat Channels
Come and see what your new Favorite Discord Server is about and meet some awesome people!
✾··•··•··•··•The Care Café •··•··•··•··✾

We are a 16+ mental health server with a friendly peer-support network!

Here is what's on the menu~

❥ A kind, peaceful, and supportive environment
❥ Active and engaging staff
❥ Fun server-wide events
❥ A cute café theme~
❥ Bots with currency, games, and levelling
❥ Partnership opportunities

✾··•··• We can't wait for you to join! •··•··✾
Just a small server based on friendship looking for some new members! Any non-toxic person under 18 is welcome!
Hey guys, This is my server! Its not much, but for every member that we have im donating $1 to help sick kids!

So if you wanna help please, join!!

We are also going to be doing give aways soon
~A server with a cute and wholesome environment~
☼ Cute emojis
☼ Unique bots and levelling
☼ Counting chat!
☼ Animal pictures
☼ Memes
☼ Self assignable colour roles!
🌸 Welcome All Asian 'DRAMA' & 'MUSIC' Lovers 🌸

Join our safe, friendly and non-toxic server, ƇHIƝƓ💜S IƝ ƊRAMALAƝƊ aka ƇIƊ, to discuss and share your love for ASIAN DRAMAS and MUSIC, with other like-minded chingudeul, from all around the world! 🌐

Our server features:
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ 49 Channels (❦ 12 Categories ❦ 48 Texts ❦ 1 VC ❦ 18 Bots)
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ Self assignable roles (suggestions of new roles)
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ Partnerships
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ Server boosted level 2
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ SFW server

ƇHIƝƓ💜S IƝ ƊRAMALAƝƊ unites people of different countries, colors, ethnic roots, genders, ages, and faiths. ☮

Our awesome chingudeul know that ƇIƊ is a BIG CLOSE-KNIT FAMILY, where all of us understand and support one another, share our joys and sorrows, and are there for each other in time of need. We are more than just friends. We are chingudeul and proud of it! 🤗

💕 So come be a part of our family! We are waiting for you! 😍

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 💞 Thank You 💞 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
This is a friendship and community based server, that is LGBT accepting and inclusive. Everyone is welcome to join, and we will have frequent voice calls and many events. Must be 19+ to join! Friendly staff and friendly members. Blissful Release welcomes all types of people, self assignable roles and more!
D00Med's dungeon is a server for socialising and making friends, without nationalism and toxicity. It is australia based, but anyone from around the world is welcome ^^

The server is divided based on 4 roles, for a bit of fun:
✨Magicians: Art, gaming, tech
🏹Hunters: Anime, vc, memes.
🗡Assassins: Politics, memes, dark humour, relaxed rules.
💖Healers: Support, roleplay, stricter rules.

There are also general channels for art, images, vc, and nsfw stuff, so everyone can talk together. Other stuff includes levels, music bots, d&d, and events.
Insane World is a Community Server dedicated to providing just the right amount of craziness to make it fun!
Welcome to The Forest Haven! We are a server dedicated to helping and supporting people with any sort of mental health problems and/or who are going through tough moments in their lives. This is a place where you can vent your frustrations safely, you don't need to go through stuff alone. The Forest Haven is also a friendly server where you can meet others alike and make friends.
You don't have to go through things alone!
We also feature plenty of various utilities such as:
• Self-assignable roles
• Music bots
• Art sharing
• Pet pictures
And much more!
♡ Chat for cuties
♡ If you’re horny we kick
♡ Cute staff (;
♡ Friendly members

♡ Come join us~ ♡
Have fun and make amazing friends, LGBTQ is the best join 😇if u want to but if you join just know youll have lots of fun
Come join the realm of Misfits(name is a wip)
I/we are a new community that is hoping to grow and wish to invite you along in our journey.
Come and meet new friends you may even find your soulmate here. Or simply come along for the ride we hope to see you there
Welcome to the 'What is life' server. In this server we discuss the meaning of life, insights, spirituality, wisdom and life-lessons in general. This is a place for friendly discussion where any viewpoint is welcome. You can call yourself an atheist or messiah, as long as you're serious about it, it's fine.
Join or you're actually a gay eraser muncher but don't worry we won't munch you...unless...? Haha just kidding...flushed
Small cozy community that is welcoming to everyone! We would love to get to know you <3
🌺 self roles
🌺 tons of interactive bots
🌺 listen to music together
🌺 friendship making server
🌺 talk about anything random POOP
🌺 selfies
🌺 200+ emotes
!! NEW SERVER !! we are a community that is here to help and make friends enjoy the digital world, whether it be games or movies. We care about our members and hope that everyone has a fantastic time!

Link to join:
Please Join the ShuMako Altar server! Talk about the ShuMako ship, A Persona 5, Persona in general, other ships in Persona, and other matters of media here!