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» Active World.

» 100+ Friendly People.

» Partnering is allowed.

» Get your own colored role! Like legit, you can get the #id of the color that you want.

» Self assignable roles.

» OTD, Event, Update Notifications!

» PG13 safe community.

» Barely any pings to go around !
If you want to join a server and make new friends, Violets & Roses is the server for you!
A little place where you can receive some help or a lover, if you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here nobody to hurt you.
An friendly and accepting community, 𝙙𝙖𝙬𝙣 is ready to welcome you with open arms. Our server has fun contests, movie/tv show nights and venting. Here, you can be anyone you want to be and won't be judged for who you are. We hope to see you very soon!
Sky Sanctuary Venting is a place for letting out all your fears, stresses, etc.
We have channels for several different venting topics, such as relationships, LGBT, disorders, and more!
You can come here to help and/or get help.
We strive to help as best we can, and we don't tolerate bullying of any kind over the topic of your vent.
Welcome to my corner of hell!
Despite the name, this server isn't a roleplaying one.
It's just a fun hangout spot to meet new people and have fun.
Duh herro. If ur reading this your pretty naughty. Anyways join this server to relax and make friends. It's also a server for my youtube channel and possible partnerships with other content creators. 😉

Hiya~ I'm Space Lobster and welcome to my server!
Join a growing community that prides itself on chill conversation, making friends, to even venting and NFSW.
------------>> Join! Help create a home for everyone!
Hi there! We’re the QT Gang! Come in, sit down, make yourself at home. We’re a friendly server where you can chat, chill, and most importantly feel safe. Come and join us in our cosy, cuddly corner of the interwebs owo.
We're a virtual family, the one you never had but always wanted, if there are any problems then you can go there and even vent, We like anime Games and are very are welcoming, it's a safe place to chill, chat, team up and make friends. It would be a pleasure for you to join our Discord!
The venting cafe is here to fulfill all of your venting needs! Here, you can make friends, vent, and receive help. So far, it's a very small server, but we're hoping the community will grow into a large, and friendly community!
🔰 Welcome to The Heartlands

This is a server that focuses on making friends, dating, expressing yourself, and just being you! Also I’m giving staff away to the first two people who join.

🔰Here are some of the things we have to offer!

🔰 VC Area

🔰 E-Girls

🔰 Weekly Events

🔰 Open staff spots

🔰 And much more! We hope to see you soon!

Come join us!
A theraputic server for venting and talking out your problems.
Hey! Are you struggling with social anxiety, depression and or crippling loneliness?..... same... But that’s why this server exists! Nothing big, far from it, but I hope to build a small community where we all lookout for one another.
Small server! Vent life's problems all you want here, judgement free. Feel free to hang around and listen to music when you're bored, make some new friends! We also have rooms for you to share your art, music, and memes! Safe and accepting to all.
Welcome to Garden.
We are a LGBT+ community that welcomes anyone. We offer:

❤️ Reaction Roles
🧡 Helpful staff
💛 Music
💚 Different communities to join
💙 Voice channels and text channels for all your needs
💜 Many Bots
🖤 And more!

Enjoy your stay!
This sever is for people who are going through stuff and need help. We have two owners who are able to help with anything
VIP is a decent-sized server (~300+ members) where everyone can vent and talk about their problems and make new friends with those who are in the same boat as them. When you first join the server, you are more than welcome to request a vent room in order to privately vent. There are also specific Group Vents where users can vent about their thoughts and/or situations. We also have venting roles that you can assign to yourself so that those in the server can see what you're struggling with so they can help you out even more.
A newly started server looking to support people who are going through a tough time and offer a safe hangout place where people won't judge one another.
A fun discord hangout server! Make friends and talk about whatever you want! We have fun channels and a great community so, join today!
Just a fun server where we have self assignable roles, roleplays, fun bots, a royal council and many more exciting things! (Please note that we are open to critiques on how to improve out server!)
~A friendly small place where you can vent in private or public, and even get help if you need it, we are NOT trained professionals, just some caring people or others like you.~

~If you or anyone else is in danger, get help immediately from the police or medical professionals.~