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VIP is a decent-sized server (~300+ members) where everyone can vent and talk about their problems and make new friends with those who are in the same boat as them. When you first join the server, you are more than welcome to request a vent room in order to privately vent. There are also specific Group Vents where users can vent about their thoughts and/or situations. We also have venting roles that you can assign to yourself so that those in the server can see what you're struggling with so they can help you out even more.
Welcome to e - chat a server that accepts anyone who wants to meet people and get to know them and maybe go on from there. We hope that you enjoy being in this server.
Panda world is a small community hoping to expand. 13+. its a pretty chill server, you're unlikely to get banned unless your completely asking for it. there is a fight chat for any arguments to be settled, and a debate channel for serious topics. you can request nsfw access.
📣 Hey There 📣
▫Are you interested in joining a hangout? We have many text channels to browze, a few voice channels.. and many more on the way. Speaking of on the way, we have a suggestions chat! If you suggest anything there, and i add it, you'd get the special "Suggested" role! Also! If you join fast, you'd get a limited edition role, obtained for the first five people that joins! Hurry, this wont last long... Also, if you want to become an admin, go to the applications tab, and click admin. After that please give me at least 8 details about you, neatly, and a summary as to why you want to be an admin + your responsibilities to be one. Have a good day!
13+ allowed! LGBT+ Family is much more than what the title says. We are a place that accepts non-LGBT people too and a place for you to be able to feel part of a true community. A family. We allow minimal to no toxicity. This is a safe place to feel safe and secure about anything. Able to make new friends etc.
We have several LGBT roles and each role comes with a channel as a main chat for everyone too. With a dating Section also. 13 and up allowed! I hope to see you there and enjoy your stay!!
This server is sort of just a place you can hang out, vent, voice chat, or maybe even cry together. It's not really based around one solid thing other than you, the member. **now 60 total members and counting!**
Peach club is a server for people to vent, talk, recieve help and give help!
Users that join can
1. Vent, and get advice from trained staff members
2. File an application to become a staff member (for people who want to help others)
3. Make new friends and meet new people!

We have different bots, cool chats, voice channels and more!
Just another server out there for community, connection, and contact.
A little place where you can receive some help or a friend. If you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here. Our main priority is always you. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
Welcome to 𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝕆𝕜𝕒𝕪.
Join us to become a part of our big family where you can find people to talk to about everything and anything anytime. Here, we have people that suffer from all kinds of problems and many people that can help you get through your problems. Join us for some love and care :revolving_hearts:

• Therapists available 24x7
• Self-assignable roles
• Active staff
• Non-english-chat
• Roleplay
• Giveaways
• Positive messages for you EVERYDAY :heart:
Welcome to † ᴀʙsᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴏғ ᴍɪɴᴅ †
A server that's still growing with a bunch of chill ppl who understands the concept that it's okay to not be okay. We offer our presence and are here to listen if you ever need to rant be it something small or big. So join if youd like! I hope you have a nice day <3
《Owners ~ F̶ℓσøʄý#2443 & s̷e̷j̷i̷#6139》
1. Once a man has set his eyes on a female and made the first move in the shape of a pickup line, a love decleration, a video or a music song to express his emotions, that man should be given time, room and space to finish execute his move without interruption from another man. If it's clear that it's going nowhere fast, then it's allowed to interrupt and steal his kill.
2. It is not allowed to spread lies and false rumors about another man, just to better your own standpoint and chances in regards to a specific female. In my school, that’s what me and my teacher calls some fucking bozo sucker shit.
3. It is allowed to lie about yourself though, for example the length of your penis, your hairline, how much you lift at the gym and if you have Versace glasses and bed sheets. Girls lie, so we can too.
4. If a female and a man on the server both declare their love towards each other, that female cannot be chased, approached in a sexual manner, UNLESS she has approached you and given you a hint that she’s bored of her man and would like you instead.
5. In love and war everything is allowed. Except for the breaking of the rules above.
Sky Sanctuary Venting is a place for letting out all your fears, stresses, etc.
We have channels for several different venting topics, such as relationships, LGBT, disorders, and more!
You can come here to help and/or get help.
We strive to help as best we can, and we don't tolerate bullying of any kind over the topic of your vent.
The Fishbowl is a new server with active people :) there are barely any rules with an nsfw channel :D don't be bad or you'll be banned and have fun <3

we offer:

☆ self roles
☆ active people
☆ nsfw channel
☆ selfies channel
☆ and much more! :D

join and make new friends :)
This is a brand new server made for all kinds of people, it offers venting and active Voice chats for people willing to stay. This server will be made for active people, and those who are not active for a while will get kicked.
Things we have:
*Voice Chats
*Cool Staff team
Join now, we are currently looking for staff as well
The venting cafe is here to fulfill all of your venting needs! Here, you can make friends, vent, and receive help. So far, it's a very small server, but we're hoping the community will grow into a large, and friendly community!
Hey! You there! YEAH, YOU!!

Could we snag your attention for a second, buddy? ヽ(^o^)丿
Are you feeling upset or just want a few supportive people to have your back?
Well, that’s what we’re trying to provide in this small server!
If you're interested in that, then you're welcome to our Coffee club!

Our goal is to become a big community based server, that can simply be a safe space to all the people who are going through something in their life or perhaps just want some understanding and accepting people around them.

We have:
☆ Categorised chats.
☆ Week day based chats.
☆ A rank system (with roles and through mee6).
☆ Multiple bots to enjoy this place a little more!
☆ Friendly staff!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
☆ Vent and Rant chats + list of suicide hotlines.
٩( *´﹀`* )۶♬*
☆ Chats for artistic pices, music links and quotes.
☆ We also provide multiple online tests to take!
And more to be added in the future!

We hope that you’ll give us a chance and come over for a nice warm cup of community!
~ Sincerely, your Coffee club team.
Just a fun server where we have self assignable roles, roleplays, fun bots, a royal council and many more exciting things! (Please note that we are open to critiques on how to improve out server!)
Cupid.Net is a server for people to talk about any relationship issues or just any relationship topics in general. This is a growing server so please be kind!
I have been working on this for a while now and with the help of a friend, I have finally readied it! Now, I welcome you to the Arctic Center! This is a newly formed server, young and happy, or soon will be, since there aren't many people yet. I had intended it to be a venting server, while it also has many other things. you can also suggest things to be added on in the suggestion channel! We welcome any and everybody, and I will do my best to make you feel welcomed. I hope you enjoy your stay!
we are friends, we are sad, we aren't only boys but girls too, we faced challenges of life but now we prepare for everything as close knitted friends
Welcome To Moon Candy, This Server is a safe and comfortable server with lots of support and fun
were a small community of people looking to help. ***disclaimer*** we are NOT professionals, if you are on the verge of suicide, I recommend you see a real doctor. we can help only so much.
Hi there, we're FurryNomicon. A revived server for Furries and Antrhos alike. After ARFF was laid to rest we used a magical source of power calling upon the ancestors of our Fandom to give us life.