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▀▄▀▄▀▄Poke Drop▄▀▄▀▄▀
Welcome to Poke Drop, one of many pokecord and shadow lugia discord servers.
Here, we almost guarantee all users free pokemon through our giveaway system.
And trust me, these free pokemon are not your usual old weepingbell or pidgy;
these are legendarily pokemon etc. In addition to this, we like users to be free of
choice with prices you could say, so have installed the shadow lugia auction bot.
Also, sharing this server with your friends would be greatly appreciated and can make you able to access extra special giveaways. Please view rules so that you are fully aware and up to date on them. Ill put the invite link below, thanks.
Welcome to ThePokemonUniverse

>> Below is our BRAND NEW and GROWING Pokemon Community Server! And we'd like to invite as many of you as we can! <<

>> Pokemon Bots are: Pokecord, Pokeverse, and Mewbot <<
>> Tons of Custom Emoji's <<
>> Well Organized <<
>> Giveaways!! <<
>> Self roles available <<
>> Miscellaneous bots as well <<
>> adding Donations, Gyms, Paid Advertising soon in the future <<
>> Server Shop <<
>> Need Staff <<
>> Looking for Partners if possible <<
>> Need Gym Leaders <<

>> <<
(„ಡωಡ„)Welcome to, Anime central,(„ಡωಡ„) We are a bunch of weebs and game lovers who want to talk to people and help people. uwu Anyone is welcome to join ^u^ . 18+
➫anime & manga (ofc)
➫ Many languages
➫roleplay uwu
➫ Gaming chats
➫nsfw chat
➫waifu Hunting
➫Animals -w-
/ 越 \
( ・∀・ )
⇢And much much more!⇠
Join us and have fun!
----------------------------Redline Gaming----------------------------
Seeking a place to share your gaming experience and chill with a group of friendly members and staff? Gaming is all about having a fun time, sharing joy with others, being creative and more! We discuss and play most of the games you know. Our staff members is always active and will help you whenever you need it. We have weekly challenges. If you beat the challenge you will get a prize. Join Now! To participate in the growth of Redline Gaming!

Pong! is a community and meme-based discord server with a huge range of things to do and fun activities and benefits, including the following:
- Active Members!
- Friendly Staff Team!
- Fun Bots and Commands!
- Levels!
- Anime!
- Memes!
- Gaming!
- Custom Color Roles!
Join the members in 'the-lol-chain' where all you do, is type lols!
Or have a try fitting in with the weird and wacky members in 'one-word-story' and so much more!
We are also only a small server, still looking for staff to help grow the community and get a few members in, so feel free to apply for staff and invite all your friends!
We're happy the server is finally officially released! Love you all!
We have been raided TWICE and re-built the community twice (if you don't know what raiding is, 2 different staff members kicked all the server's members at different times) we do not know why these people would do such a thing, but it happened, and we are back better than ever and we will NOT let it happen a third time, and we now have 250+ loyal and active members in our server, and we'd love you do be one of them!
We hope to see you soon, and have a great time!
AMJ, the server owner.
Wanna hang out with awesome people? join here
Join us
One NSFW channel for you frisky boys and girls
Rap battles
Comedy night
Steam,, Origin, and some console gamers
Game bots and meme bots
3 premium music bots to choose from
This server provides:
●Active Staff
●Awesome Pokemon Bots with other Entertaining Bots and Music Bot
● Giveaways
● Chat and Level Up to earn roles
● Self-Assign Roles
● Anti Raid Server

This server needs:
1) More and Active people (Preferably who know pokemon. But if you want to try and play pokemon, feel free to join us ^^)

This server has:
1) Pokecord
2) A daycare system way better than any other server
3) Economy System
4) Custom Emojis

And lots of other cool and fun bots so feel free and come join us if you wanna know more

Server Owner trimmeroo#7064
《《《 WELCOME 》》》
1. We encourage everyone to assign themselves a role in order to stay
2. No unknown links or self promo
3. Anyone is allowed to speak their mind out as long as you don't cross the line
4. Please use the appropriate channel for the appropriate use
5. Most important we really want everyone to enjoy their stay...
Welcome To Ultimate Advertisements
✅ Support team and moderator application is open Right now
✅ Friendly staff
✅ Advertise your discord server
✅ Awesome bots
If you are for a place to Advertise your discord server, you came to the right place
What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW
Just a chill new server, idk what to say here but join plz also I need builders

Also there's memz

And staff

Welcome to Frigid Scapes! This is a lovely Winter themed server with a fair bit to do, we have bots you can play with, an effective & professional staff team, hot chocolate :), I think the theme overall adds to the atmosphere here and I'm sure you'll find yourself quite at home. This server is slightly RPG influenced as an addition. We've got a multitude of channels where you can make new friends and just relax from everyday stresses of life.

This is your safe space.
We are a fairly new server.
We have cookies, milk, memes, voice chat, and much much more to be added soon.
Come join the chatee and become apart of the community!
Hi! Welcome to Osaku! We are a growing community based around anime manga and video games. We recently just added a new fair Naruto rp! It is open style combat and takes place during the third shinobi world war. We often have giveaways and have events very often. We also have invite rewards! If you like to have invite rewards just for asking your friends to join we have it too! We are currently recruiting staff members and would love for you to be on our team!

Thank You,

The Staff Team
Hello! Happy Singles is a server for all types of people to join and find their significant other! Even if you’ve found yours, come join us anyways; we’re a community that likes to hangout, chat, and relax. You can also mess around and even fight one another with special bot commands! We are a developing community and we need staff members and members ASAP, so hop on in!

We also host art and music competitions with the reward of a special role! You are welcome to show off all your talents and do anything that does not conflict with the rules. Hope to see you here!

We also have bots to play around with, so you can kill your time and annoy others simultaneously!
An incredible new gaming community waiting for you to join and bring your unique personality

We have preserved voice channels for games like Fortnite and CSGO.

We also have self-promo to connect communities like ours!
Physical Sessions,
We're constantly looking for more Staff Members as we grow.
Our community will provide help for anything, such as coding, gaming etc..
This new server is kinda in development. When you join and see like, 3 channels. Oh no, it's not that underdeveloped... There are 103 channels in the server. And right now, I think people just join and leave because they see only 3 channels in the server... So I'm gonna go delete the verification commands and channel and make sure MEE6 gives the new users the role to see the other channels. Anyways, this server doesn't really have much... You can check on the channels and see what the server has.

Please know, there are 2 other servers in connection with this one. One of them will be deleted, the other is for roleplaying. When the roleplay part of the server is done then it'll be mentioned in the announcements.
Advertising and a great community. Why not join? We're also looking for staff so come in and say EAapplications/apply and join the team! Also, we're looking for partners so contact a member of staff if you want to partner. See you there!
NEED STAFF. Hello there, Join our discord server!!! We are a friendly community and our main game is Rainbow Six Siege!!! We have tournaments and perks within the discord. Check out our website at:
Welcome to the Amazeballs Clan! This is a friendly community, with lots of bots to mes around with, People to talk to about Gaming,Anime + More! There's loads of exclusive roles that you can earn overtime. And we do giveaways aswell. Looking for ideas to help revamp the server
Welcome to The Shop! This is a shop for anything u life wants in life! We have Premium Spotify, Netflix, and Steam Accounts! We also have a Selling and Trading for Fortnite! We are also in need of Staff! Be sure to Apply and Have Fun!
EVERYONE GETS ADMIN WHEN YOU JOIN!!! This is a test server to see what would happen if EVERYONE had admin.