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Hey this is a community for roblox players where you could chill out show us exploits or even funny things we might host party sometimes and win robux or nitro.
Hey there! We are an uprising Fortnite server with multiple choices of games. We have Zone Wars, Turtle Wars, and Scrims. We get max lobby zone wars, turtle wars every time we host! Our server is active and always thriving to become number 1. If you want to help us, or you like to play the type of games listed above, be sure to join!
Hi, we're a new server looking to grow. We have a few bots, and are looking for some active members and potentially staff. Please join, and enjoy your time here!
We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.
***(„ಡωಡ„)Welcome to, Anime Fanbase,(„ಡωಡ„)*** We are a bunch of weebs and game lovers who want to talk to people and help people. Anyone is welcome to join ^u^ . 18+
➫anime & manga (ofc)
➫roleplay uwu
➫Gaming chats
➫waifu Hunting
➫Animals -w-
➫NSFW (chat & rp )
/ 越 \
( ・∀・ )
⇢And much much more!⇠
Join us and have fun!
Pong! is a community-based Discord server with a range of fun activities and benefits, including the following:
- Active Members
- Friendly Staff Team
- Fun Bots and Activities
- Levels
- Anime
- Memes
- Pokecord
- Gaming
- Much More!
We will soon be introducing Premium! Premium is a role that gives a few privileges including being able to add reactions and much more! For more info join and give the server a try!
We are also only a small server, still looking for staff to help grow the community and get a few members in, so feel free to apply for staff and invite all your friends!
We're happy the server is finally officially released! Love you all!
We reached 100 members and then, unfortunately, got raided, we are actively trying to repair the server and you could do your part by joining, Thanks!
We hope to see you soon!

New Paladins Team And Realm Royale Team server for you!!!
We are also looking for staff to moderate and be admin! DM @Harrisonbyrne#4939 if you are interested (Not Payed)
What our server offers!!!
- New Paladins Team and Realm Royale team!
- A community to chill and play games with!
- Emotes of the champions from Paladins!
- A place to meet new people!
- Advertise your Twitch and YouTube in our dedicated channels
- If you want to join our AWESOME new Paladins/Realm Royale server then click 'join' below.

What Glide Is About: Glide is a server where you can hangout and socialize with other members and staff we have stuff like:

Active Members
Friendly and Active Staff
Level-Up Roles
Self Promotion
Good And Setup Bots
Advertising and a great community. Why not join? We're also looking for staff so come in and say EAapplications/apply and join the team! Also, we're looking for partners so contact a member of staff if you want to partner. See you there!
Join us, earn media rank by meeting the requirements on the server.
You can also apply for staff.
We need staff, we have a double verification to get in to the main server. We would love to see you come join!
Hello and welcome to Yoshisaurus land please join yoshisaur land and be part of it whenever you are a fan of yoshis and more

We are looking for staff so if you are looking for please apply I would like to accept it but be serious okey cause i need really help in my server to get inproved and better

:arrow_right:️The staffsaurus(staff) are very active and very helpful and also owner are very active too

:arrow_right:️We have different mini-games you wanted

:arrow_right:️We have music

:arrow_right:️We have chat for gamers such as (minecraft,pudg,fortnite,roblox and more to add)

:arrow_right:️And we have voice channel too and more

So what are you waiting for please join please join his server and be part of his dino friend

And you might wondering why there so many who is online it because of the bot that the owner added but soon it will became better and better he will be promises so please join now :) and please be respectful to the owner and the staff thanks :)

Click here to join his discord server
----------------------------Redline Gaming----------------------------
Seeking a place to share your gaming experience and chill with a group of friendly members and staff? Gaming is all about having a fun time, sharing joy with others, being creative and more! We discuss and play most of the games you know. Our staff members is always active and will help you whenever you need it. We have weekly challenges. If you beat the challenge you will get a prize. Join Now! To participate in the growth of Redline Gaming!


•■■□□□□□□□□• 20%
[welcome to Super Geek Hub]

•■■■■□□□□□□• 40%
[geeks are everywhere]

[open to all ages and genders]

•■■■■■■■■□□• 80%
[growing community so it’s sometimes inactive...]

•■■■■■■■■■■• 100%
ıllıllı[ fully loaded… would you like to continue? ]ıllıllı

{■} Yes <- {□} No

◜ ◝

Super Geek Hub

1:05 ───|────── 2:53
|◁ II ▷|
∞ ↺

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %

◟ ◞

✧・゚: ✧・゚:Server Info:・゚✧:・゚✧
♡ New, Growing Community ♡
♡ Too Many Bots
♡ LGBTQ+ Friendly ♡
♡ Geeky Conversations ♡
♡ Friends Are Everywhere ♡
♡ Staff Needed ♡
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
"Closed doors
Locked in, no keys
Keeping my feelings hidden
There is no ease"
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
A Duping-allowed Minecraft server in need of staff and members willing to play actively during release!
Hey! This is a new server and I started it on my own so I'm looking for some help. I want to have a nice friendly chat place. You can come to talk about anything, but I tagged anime so there was a category. Hope you join!
This server was launched on the 27th February for the use of Warframe players. You can join no matter if you're on PC, Xbox, PS or Nintendo. Just join and explain the platform so you can have the roles. I look forward to meeting more players and making some friends.
Greetings, comrades we are looking for all people. We are a dictatorship and are communist and we need staff. Please join us for the finest vodka in russia
This server is aimed at letting people chat about gaming, life basically anything you would like to talk about. We hope to get enough members to have a fairly active chat, we also love to play video games. Also, we need staff so please go ahead and apply.

P.S The majority of us are introverts, we need some extroverts if you have em. 🙃
At Discord Relations Improvements we can make servers for you such as fan groups, community servers and roleplay servers, we can also improve your server by getting more roles, bots that fit your server and improving the server in general, we make CADs/MDTs, we make Discord Bots and more! We are always looking for people to join our lovely staff team! You should join today:
Welcome to OXC! My server is based off of the Xbox Community! If u play xbox then this community is best for you! We have akinator and fun games to play! I am currently still developing the server so fill free to ask the owner to become a staff member
Random Clubhouse is an up and coming, newly created Discord server! We are anything you can imagine! Gamers, streamers, and everyone alike will collect here! We are a chatroom for people who just want to meet new people! ***WE NEED STAFF!! (And a lot, too!)***
Welcome to SG Tournaments!

- We are a new Fortnite Discord Server that host a series of Fornite
Tournaments and Fortnite Scrims.
- Our goal is to make a friendly Discord server where you can meet similar minded gamers!