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Welcome to Buzz Club!
We’re a rapid growing, chill server that is looking forward to having you here, we have put a lot of effort into creating this server and ensuring that everyone feels welcomed within it
About us:
⇝ We have custom emotes!
⇝ We have custom bots
⇝ We have a lot of fun bots
⇝ We host gaming events
⇝ We have gaming VC’s
⇝ We’re looking for partnerships
⇝ We have fair & active staff
⇝ We hope to reach level one for nitro boosts so we’d really appreciate if you boosted the server
Join Buzz Club to meet other gamers and make new friends
:arrow_right: We are currently searching for more YouTubers, Streamers & Partners.
:exclamation: If you think you have what it takes or you meet the requirements then feel free to give me a DM!

:small_blue_diamond: Please note, Any media ranks that are toxic towards staff or players will be automatically demoted from their rank.


:pushpin: Minimum of 200 Subscribers
:pushpin: Must get atleast 50 views a video
:pushpin: Must upload / stream atleast TWICE a week on AspectPVP.


:pushpin: Minimum of 500 Subscribers
:pushpin: Must get atleast 100 views a video
:pushpin: Must upload / stream atleast TWICE a week on AspectPVP.


:pushpin: Minimum of 800 Subscribers
:pushpin: Must get atleast 150 views a video
:pushpin: Must upload / stream atleast TWICE a week on AspectPVP.
:moneybag: DM Me to sort out a deal.

:warning:SOTW information coming out soon for Kits or HCF
This is a server for anyone that likes Minecraft:
- we have a levelled roles system (Tatsumaki)
- 5 fun Bots 🤖
- friendly and funny community 🍑
- we need staff 🛃
- rules and roles are organised 👍🏻
- I appreciate if you join our server ☺
Welcome to our server Whack! We are a small social server looking for active and interesting members to join our interesting chats.

We are also looking for new staff members to help run the server and we are always open to partnerships!

What we offer:
✪ Self roles and a range of different colour roles!
✪ Role requests are also open
✪ Simple rules to follow
✪ Active staff members

✪ We do hope you join and see what we truly offer✪
(NEW SERVER) Hello there! Are you an artist? Photographer? Painter? Graphic designer? If so, we’ve got just the place for you. Here, we offer a safe and sound community to interact with other artists, share, discuss, and more! There is no "bad" or "wrong" art here; after all, we are a collection of unique people with our own unique styles. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist and just want to hang around to look at the cool works done by others, you still have a place here! The Art Villa isn't JUST about producing art—it is also a space to appreciate and observe different types and styles of art.

★━━☆━━★━━☆━━★Who are we?★━━☆━━★━━☆━━★

Corrupt: is a chill community, that welcomes everyone! We are looking forward to see you around here!

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬__Our Features__▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

୨•୧ ┊ Good and professional staff!
୨•୧ ┊ Active channels!
୨•୧ ┊ Active voice channels!
୨•୧ ┊ Weekly events!
୨•୧ ┊ Giveaways and alot more!
୨•୧ ┊ We want everyone to be here with us!


Welcome To the server

SkyBlock - Online
Factions - Coming Soon

Version: 1.8 - 1.14.4 / 1.8.8 Main version

Looking for a safe community to chat and socialize? Look no further, you have found it.

We are a small server that offers family friendly
environment and opportunities to get involved
in making a great community.

Looking for active staff!

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW
Hello, A small growing, friendly community hoping to meet new people. A place that's looking to make new friends.

✔Variety of enjoyable bots
✔Self roles and colours
✔Friendly staff
✔A growing community
✔A nontoxic environment
✔All kinds of fun channels (we can add more if you want)

We welcome every new people to talk with us

So come join us we are waiting for you.

Hello! , this is Hypnota✔


This server was made for people who want help in making their servers/making logos for them/making bots for them/getting advice on improving.

We have employees who help you with the following stuff:
Graphic designers! (Creates a custom Logo for your server.) (checked by quality manager.)
Server builders! (helps build server.)
Bot makers! (creates a bot with custom commands and helps you with the commands to it.)
Growth Experts! (answers your questions related to your server and makes you advertisements for your server.)

Things that we also include in the server!:

↬ Lots of channels!

↬ Fun bots to play with!

↬ Multiple Advertising Channels!

↬ Weekly events and monthly giveaways!

✧ And so much more! ✧

Please decide to stop by at Hypnota:tm: ! We have cheap and affordable prices and will assist you if you need anything.

Hello dear minecrafters. I would like to tell you some things about our server, Complexcraftmc. Our server has; active owners and staff, many gamemodes and weekly events! We are currently using Aternos for host but we are planning to change host ASAP. The server is not fully ready yet but there are some gamemodes on the bedrock server that you can play such us skyblock and survival. But don't worry we are planning to add many more gamemodes in the future. We are currently also looking for youtubers to promote our server a bit. Youtubers will be able to: host their own events, do giveways and much more!
Staff also needed
Bedrock & Java edition
Welcome to Sloosh Lounge! 🌼」Here you can make great friends, roleplay, and enter in giveaways! There are no limits!

What do we do here? 🍂

- Host FREE Dank Memer Coin Giveaways
- Host events, competitions, and contests!
- Have fun with our bots
- We will make rp channels if suggested
- Make friends
- Nitro giveaway soon ~

__**Advertise Center**__

**Need of followers or members? Join us, and grow your social media or server!**

🤝|Opportunity to partner with servers.
💬|Chat with our members!
⭐|Many channels to advertise in.
:cop:|Need of staff members.
💡|Suggest your ideas.
🆘|Support channels.
🎲|Bots like GamesROB, Tatsumaki, UnbelievaBoat.

**What are you waiting for? Join us now, promote your social medias, and make your way to the top! We also have our own BUMP bot!**

Memeout is a fun and sarcastic server to exchange memes, have a stroke while spamming in #spam and just generally have a good time with well known friends and totally new people.

Oh yeah, we’re looking for staff as well.
We're a new chilled server looking for people to come talk to us and to come help us watch over the server.We like anime and games We also do Movie nights,Game nights, and Trivia nights. and other fun activities on weekends and stuff.
·‒––—— ✦Badlands Factions ✦ ——––‒·

Welcome to BadlandsPvP, you guys may know we're in development and working hard to release. We've got amazing perks and items exclusively in the discord. As well as invite rewards. We also have a pre-release sale on our RELEASE BUNDLE! Join today to be apart of this new experience. We are also looking for staff to help manage and moderate this server.


Bkits (Badlands Kits)
MonthlyCrates and Lootboxes
Custom Sets
All new experience
Cosmic Styled
Weekly giveaways

✶ Ready for a big release? ✶
In the Game Room you can...
Listen to music
Chat with gamers
Level up
Earn special roles
Plus more!

Over 10 bots to use!
Includes Dank Memer, Rythm, Pokecord, Idle Miner, Counting bot, Yggdrasil, and Gamebot!

Giveaways coming soon!

Has an official Minecraft Realm! (Called PolarCraft)

Lets be Gamers, Join now!
Join This Server To Advertise Yourself, and also you can keep up to DizkopandaPlayzzz’s Channel. Looking For Staff!!! We are a new server so don’t expect many people here right now!
Exotic CAD's!


We Include:


Great Community!
Applications Always Open!
CAD/MDT Systems!
Professional // Friendly Staff!
No Payment Method!
Awesome Products!
Amazing Services!
FREE Discord Services!
Always Looking For Staff!
Self Roles!
Much More!

Join Exotic CAD's today for top notch CAD/MDT Systems!!!
Hello please join our HCF discord we are currently in the need of staff & members
This server is for my YouTube channel however I would like to also create a nice, warming community which includes memes and fun, as well as the fact that I would like to meet new people. I would also like to use this server for tournaments with prizes like discord nitro for games and so on.

We also need staff and stuff so, come along if you're interested in developing a new discord server.