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Join team 【Autism】
A fun server with
- Staff slots open!
- Music bots and channels
- Owner with DMS always open
- Accept people who wants to partners
- And soo much more!
***Welcome to The Official PING! Discord Server!***
This is a discord full of people who game and chat.

**Ladies and Gentlemen we are revolting against PONG!
for its indecent exposure from AMJ not caring join us
for the best experience as we are all Developers,
GFX Designers, and Just know how to run a proper server!**
Here we include:
:white_check_mark: Friendly Members (If someone is being mean, ping a moderator and we'll mute them for 2 hours).
:white_check_mark: Active staff.
:white_check_mark: Meeting new people!
:white_check_mark: Bots to satisfy you.
:white_check_mark: Conversations about anything!
**More will come soon as we are releasing updates soon.**
**At the moment we are**:
:large_orange_diamond: Hiring Staff (that we can trust)
:large_blue_diamond: Making roles that are highly demanded.
:large_orange_diamond: Trying to grow a active community.
:large_blue_diamond: Making new channels for you to chill in.

Hello! We are Envious! A new server that has been created. We are looking for staff members at the moment and would love if you could fill in an application! We are trying to get a non toxic and friendly server. An active server and much more. You can join even if you aren't looking to date and just looking for a community. But otherwise... You may even find real love here.

😍] Dating!
🙀] > Active staff!
👕] > Assignable roles!
🤖] > A good choice of bots!
🙌] > Meet new friends in a non toxic server!
🥂] > Events!
😂] > Memes!
🎁] > Giveaways!
🧤] > Partnerships!
🎮] > Its gamer friendly!
✔ ]> A suggestion feature to make
the server a better place!
📣]> Theres even QOTD!
🥉]> Different kinds of activities!
🏙 ]> Our own currency with our own shop!
🎧]> Music bot!

Don't believe us? Well join our server and check it out!

So what are you waiting for? Even if you dont
want to join you may even like it there 😉

Anyways, have a great day!

Dating server! Fast Growing, Social, Chill, Dating, Flirt, Hook-up, Gaming, Hangout SFW/NSFW Server. = Experienced Moderators, friendly active staff
= D
This is a new server, looking for potential staff members and members in general. Feel free to join and dm me if interested in becoming staff.

___**First of all, let me be clear that my intention isn't to annoy you, so my honest apologies if i do!**___

Welcome to **The Open Area**

We are an overall based community which means we don't aim for a specific target for people! Our community is open to everyone and anything can be done! We have a very open-minded staffteam and anything posted *(realistic things)* inside the **suggestion box** will be executed ASAP!

:white_check_mark: Goals?
:white_check_mark: Applications?
:white_check_mark: Friendly?
:white_check_mark: Dedicated?
:white_check_mark: Experienced?

:x: Active?
:x: Big?
:x: Fully operational?

Nothing starts off being perfect and we are not afraid to show that! As said before anything can be done in ___**The Open Area**___. Any help will be appreciated and **awarded**

Staff team (Open ranks)

:white_check_mark: Managing Director?
:white_check_mark: Community Manager?
:white_check_mark: Content Creator?
:white_check_mark: Social Media Handler?
:white_check_mark: Event Manager?
:white_check_mark: Head Administrator?
:white_check_mark: Administrator?
:white_check_mark: Head Moderator?
:white_check_mark: Moderator?
:white_check_mark: Trial Moderator?

___**Note that everybody will start being a Trial Moderator!**___
Ruby Hangout! We're a small server looking to get recognized as a place for everyone to hang out and be accepted for whom they are! We accept everyone that being a furry or anything(within legal reason haha).

We have:
- An Economy
-Self assignable roles
- Various Channels
- Server Emotes
- NSFW Area
- A safe community
- And More!
Have fun in this LGBT-Safe community!!

Everything from Gaming to Pokecord! (If you are joining JUST for pokecord you will be kicked)

No Homophobic slurs or comments are tolerated here!!

Any questions reguarding staff, channels, members or anything else please DM: Deliriux #7758

This is just a small server, but I’m hoping it’ll get bigger. It’s a place to unwind and have a nice time with others who like the same things as you. We have roleplay channels, various nsfw channels, aswell as a lot of sfw channels to show off art and stuff. We are looking for staff right so if you wanna help you can.
Fun server to find friends, and share games. Looking for staff
1975, Silverman City, a beautiful City near the sea. However, there is much Criminality in the city. While the local police force tries to stop it, the Mafia's shoot have a war. Be careful in the city. But of course it isn't bad only, the city got beautiful places to go, and alot of Friendly People too. | Made: 27-2-2019 | Please join and help us grow! | Any job is allowed as long as it's realistic | You can make your own Business | Or join a company such as a radio station, Newspaper and more! |
We are an LGTQ+ server for teens ages 13-19
We have some nsfw channels
We have a music channel featuring Rythm
9 bots and counting //including: Tatsumaki, Dyno, Rythm, and many more
Meme Channel || Spam Channel || Selfie Channel
/*Currently Looking for Staff (only 2 spots availiable)*/
Hey there, we are a newly developed discord with many different cool things that anyone can do!
Buy super cool server-related items that benefit your power in the server.
Introduce yourself and welcome others into the community.
Participate in weekly events.
Partner with us and we can help each-other grow!
Welcome to The Fam! We are a brand new discord server with friendly staff members. We are also currently looking for more. Here, you can make new friends, look for groups to game with, chat with our staff, talk about anime, and much more!
At Silverwood Memorial Hospital, our patients are our top priority. You can be a nurse, doctor, or even a patient! We are looking for staff to help us build, so DM the owner to apply!
A server looking for people who are into RPing as a canon/original character. Looking for staff.
Welcome to Exotic

• Exotic- New Network

• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Short Description: Hello! We are Exotic (BETA) inviting you to join a friendly, active, and amazing community. Just chill out, listen to music, tell stories, play some games! We have a lovely community and environment!!!
• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
• Fun Chats!
• Friendly community!
• Events and giveaways!
• Friendly & amazing staff!
• Amazing bots!
• Moderation!
• Voice Channels!
• Roles!
:cloud: KyvackMC :cloud:
Brand new evolution to minecraft Factions

Welcome! To KyvackMC, owned by the one and only @Recalibrationaly.

Let us tell a bit about us!

What we offer
:money_with_wings: Monthly FTOP Prizes Ranging from $100 - $250!
:cyclone: Non p2w
:cyclone: Customised Factions
:cyclone: Friendly Staff Team [24/7]
:cyclone: Daily server updates
:cyclone: Absolutely Fantastic Music & Discord bots!
:cyclone: Invite Rewards

:spider_web: Forums »
You can also apply for staff on our forums!

Server IP » We’re Releasing Very soon!

Official Discord Link
:link: :link:

Join us, you wont regret it! Our Factions is one of a kind!
Hello! Cargo Advertising is a NEW advertising server! We are looking for staff.

We have 11 categories to advertise in!

-We are open for partners!
-We are looking for Mods, Partner Managers and Advertisers
-A role shop for our own currency.
-An upcoming Custom role and Server Spotlight giveaway

Invite link:
It's a server just to chill and hangout, join if interested to meet new friends. :D
Welcome to Shōto Lounge!
This discord server is family friendly, so all ages are welcome! Why don't you stop by and say hello? Good, sounds great.
We have:
• Self roles to tell us more about yourself
• Different channels to talk about many different hobbies of yours
• Fun robots!
• Leveling system
• Friends to meet
• Boneless Family Friendly content.
• Anime
• Welcoming group, kinda
We'll promise you'll have a great time here!
WWIII Roleplay
Ranking system
Frequent Events
Shop system
DnD rolling system
Join us as an alpha or omega
Fun server, with memes, fun, nswf and economy. (Working on RP.)
Active staff!
Searching for staff!
were are a Gaming community

you can play any game and be in this discord

we do not limit wat discord you can and cant be in


Our server was started so the gamers with out a spot to meet new people to help the pass that one level or have a frend to play with. we accept anyone it doesn't matter who you are because this server is mainly based of gaming.
What you can do in our server

You can play fun games
You can listen to music
You can gain roles also get your own roles by yourself
There are challenges for staff, you can compete and if you are the winner you can get a higher role
Thanks for joining our community server we are getting better and making more stuff. Hope you will have fun!