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A new roleplay server about the avengers we try not to be toxic but not everyone follows that
★ Hello there, welcome in Wawa's Server! ★

~We offer you~
~Staff Application
~Multiple Lounges
~90+ roles like: Manager, Director, Chief, Designer, Co-Founder,...
~Exclusive Nitro Booster Hangout.
~And MUCH More.


★So where are you waiting for? Join Today, and much important: Have Fun !! :D★
Mirage Café. The place to just hang out and not have to worry about your fucking issues in life.

✨ We have 4 role rankings. Newcomer, Mod, Junior Mod,
and Admin.

🤗 We also have self-roles, ranging from gender, sexuality, and grade placement.

😅 We have a variety of channels, ranging from Rp, nsfw rp, spam, art, general, anime, rate-the-memes, and logs (warning notifications).

✍ As all of you know, school is right around the corner, so we decided to have a homework-help category! That's where you can use a bot, to asking other people for help.

🤖 We also have a wide selection of bots to use, so feel free to use commands in the "Bot Related" category!

We are also going to have a mod training, so please dm the admin to ask to become a trainee.

That's all, join and have fun!
V o i c e
The Smallest Server Ever to be boosted this high.
It must tell you something about the server.



A rage of supper active chats, fun bots and games and the most important active voice channels


Weekly events that rage from games to singing and a lot more!


We hold nitro giveaways and paid sponsors and more!


Join, to find out, makes life simple.

╭────────── :mount_fuji: ─╮
Welcome to The Summit!
╰─ :mount_fuji: ──────────╯

(1) =͟͟͞➳❥ We are a brand new server about to take discord by storm.
ೃ⁀➷ We will have events and just all round fun. We are a chill server with friendly staff and hopefully friendly members.

(2) ✎ The staff are strict, but fair and fun. Rules are to follow, our objective is to make everyone that ever steps in, mark a dazzling smile on their faces.
❀ If you decide to break the rules, then we will take actions.

(3) ❈ The more people, the more we are in delight. We adore having to welcome new people. We enjoy meeting new people, they make our day with the faintest wonderful comment. We would do our best to accomplish that.

(4) ➵ We look forward to meet you. We cannot wait to become your friend. We are truly marching further out to face you.

❝ We should not fear anything, we are at the top, we are The Summit. We do not fear anybody. We will reach success no matter what. All these obstacles are ultimately faint. We can do this, everyone. ❞
SkyPrison is a new OP Prison server, it will be releasing soon and is requiring donators! If you could donate and want to become a staff that would be AWESOME!
Third biggest Pacybits server in Discord!
Constantly host giveaways and Events!
Still looking for active staff.
IOS/Android Community!
Are you trying to find some events to do in geometry dash? But can't find them? This is the perfect server for you! Here we will start events as soon as we get just a few more members! Come help us out!
Hello! Cargo Advertising is a NEW advertising server! We are looking for staff.

We have 11 categories to advertise in!

-We are open for partners!
-We are looking for Partner Managers and PR Managers
-A role shop for our own currency.
-An upcoming Custom role and Server Spotlight giveaway

Invite link:
Welcome to RenderMC
We are a Survival/Towny server looking for Staff.

Here is what we offer:
- Ranks to display your power
- Easy to get staff
- Cosmetics
If you have any suggestions or questions, Ask Scorp when you join the discord

See you in town
Vanity Network LAUNCH

:question: Have you been searching for a server to play skyblock, Factions, KitPVP on? Also maybe win some in-game ranks or money while doing it?
:exclamation: Look no further! Vanity Network is a brand new very custom server that is getting set up and will be open soon.

:sparkles: OUR FEATURES :sparkles:
:one: In-game Currency
:two: Fair, non-pay to win gamemodes
:three: Personal Bots that enhance your experience.
:four: Very friendly staff team!
:five: Custom Events

:clock1: WHEN AND WHERE? :earth_americas:
Vanity Network released is still TBD
:moneybag: In-Game Money Prizes for Top Island and kill Players :money_with_wings:
:one: Top kills and Islands will get (In-Game money):
:three: $400 paid in the first week
this is a gaming chat and you can make friends in here and if you play the same game you can play together or you can announce what game you play and who ever plays the same game can play with you or just chat around and stuff.
We have a generator which you can get my getting 10 invites and a premium generator with better accs at 40 invites.
Welcome to aa! We are a growing server with a goal of being an active and friendly server!
We have anime and memes to you hearts content! Hope you join and have fun!<3
Welcome to Social Haven, a socialization-based server with over 3 special categories created just for you! Users can earn role rewards by being active and leveling up, use fun bot commands, and unlock new channels by earning new roles!

We are looking for helpful, respectful, and partially experienced staff to contribute to our staff team. We're also looking for partnership managers. And lastly, we're looking for regular members willing to be active and chat!

Our goal is to provide a new kind of experience! We don't want this to be a duplicate of larger servers. We want this to be original, fun, and active! You're here for a reason, so come and join us!
Thanks for taking time to read the description, Since we are a brand new server I don't have much to write here yet... ;/

10 Members
20 Members
30 Members
50 members
100 Members

--What we Provide--
Fun and active community (Hopefully)
Some horrible comedy,
Coding help (AKA Programming)

--Coming Soon--
Our very own Discord BOT
Our own Website with games and events!
Our own game platform

Thanks for reading the whole description, If this isn't the server for you that's okay!
Howdy! Welcome to the Undertale: The 8 Tales RP server! This a new AU based on some Undertale Multiplayer artwork (credit to them people) and we're in need of Staffinstrators! Come have fun in this WIP server, we'd be happy to have you! Stick around and we'll make more RP channels for you and others to have fun in! No NSFW here tho, keep that in DMs.
DiscordScheme is hiring/looking for staff!! Come join us and become a staff member now ! We are a Gaming and a Community Server ! who accepts all kind of people !! No hate to any kind of person..
-have to be 13+
-Should hv little experience
-Must Work Hard
-Good Grammar
-have to be 13+
-Should have little experience
-Must Work Hard
-Good Grammar
PM Managers
-have to be 13+
-Should know english
-Must work hard
-Invite Members every week
DiscordScheme is hiring/looking for staff!! Come join us and become a staff member now ! We are a Gaming and a Community Server ! who accepts all kind of people !! No hate to any kind of person..
-have to be 13+
-Should hv little experience
-Must Work Hard
-Good Grammar
-have to be 13+
-Should have little experience
-Must Work Hard
-Good Grammar
PM Managers
-have to be 13+
-Should know english
-Must work hard
-Invite Members every week
So what ya waiting for?
*In Server -*
-Fun Bots
-Fortnite Stats
-Daily Itemshop
-all games
-Many Self roles etc !!
**Socializing Palace**
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ✯**Welcome**
┊ ┊ ★**To**
┊ ✯**Socializing**

❯ **Nice Community**
❯ **Looking For Mod/PM/Admins!**
❯ **Fun Voice Rooms**
❯ **ALOT of self assignable roles!**
❯ **Brand new server**
❯ **Open Partnerships**
❯ **NSFW**
❯ **Many activities such as counting and pokecord**
❯ **Giveaways**
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ✯
┊ ┊ ★**There is alot more to discover, join now!**
┊ ✯****
Danganronpa; Dance with despair is a fanmade project based on the series danganronpa . The 13 ultimate students wake up in an abandoned hotel with no memory of how they got there, They are soon introduced to Monokitsu, A multicolored fox robot Who explains why they are in the hotel and the outside situation. The hotel's systems are then hacked by a mysterious man who forces them into a killing game
Looking for Sprite artist , Cg /Background artist , Cutscene artist co-writers and video editors to help us out , You can also just join as a general fan!
The Chill is a community server that aims to be open and friendly to everybody. Share your memes, chat with friends as well as make new ones. We are currently looking for staff so If have some moderating experience and feel up to the job go ahead and apply.