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( Come Join Anime Paradise )
We Are a New Anime Discord Server That Would Love To Have You In It
We Have a NSFW Channel And a Waifu Bot
( So Will You Be a Member )
we are a new server that took over the predecessor of it (hentai ward) and are looking for new members. please join, you wont regret it.
You wake up in a broken city. You don't know who you are or where you came from, but only one word is embedded in your mind. "Escape." There are other people around you that are just like you, no idea who they were, lost, and hopeless. Everyone looked miserable and they were some sort of prisoners, except about there were these things that weren't exactly human that wore cloaks. There was something intimidating about them. You hear that each resemble a nightmare, fear, or insecurity. The city was large and seemed like you were free, though there's a force field that kept you in.
Will you choose to lead a rebellion and escape the city to achieve peace and happiness? But you have to encounter numerous amounts of obstacles, including overcoming your fear. Or you could stay and not risk your life, though you live in permanent state of torture?
This server is where you can create your very own God or Goddess, you have a maximum of three domains under your rule. You are able to create a human to worship these Gods, Gods of your own creation, Gods you made and thought of!

As a god you get a temple, as you scale the power ranks, you can become king/queen of all of the Gods! Throw parties and/or marry your one true love!

As the Ruler of the divine beings you can create laws for the city. You can destroy buildings and get new ones in place (of course within reason) the perfect ruler of the divine beings! I keep on saying 'Gods' a lot, but this is more made of mythology.

This is new server, I made it because I really wanted to rp as my own created gods.

You can also roleplay as a mortal, if you want. We have NSFW channels.

LGBTQ+ friendly server! We got bots and stuff!
If you are a furry this is the right place for you join now while its new you can support us most this way OWO
House of Asians is an all inclusive Asian server. We focus on everything and anything Asian related. We want to a make an environment that is chill, friendly, and safe for everyone. We are a newly growing server so join now and become part of the community.
Welcome to Otaku Domain! We are a new server that's recently been made since early August of 2018, and the server is about done, so it's probably about time to invite some people to it!

We have. . .
- Self-assignable roles which give you access to more channels
- Level-up system
- Different channels for different games (more will be added depending on demand)
- Unique emotes made specifically for the server
- Channels to post your streams in

Thank you,
- Lunar, owner of the server
Years have passed since the era of tail of the clans, and the clans have scattered far and wide, some forgetting the legends of Starclan and the Dark forest. Some left to become rogues, others as wanderers, and a pawful turned to the soft kittypet life. The land has changed drastically as two legs have moved in, building rows upon rows of their nests in the once loved clan territories. The few cats that remain hope to journey to a new land that they can call home, and establish the clans once more.
Please note this server is a sequel to another server and is very new. Feel free to join and help build this small server :)
Howdy! Im makeing a Roleplay set in a Mysterious multi-story server! If you enjoy surrealism, mystery, comedy, and a little bit of this and that, this is the server for you! Its BRAND SPANKEN NEW, like a infants soft hide... So join man lasses and lads
This is a server I created out of my love for the Seven Deadly Sins. This is a roleplay server for the soul purposely of roleplaying, but if you want too join we also have chats that are not for roleplaying there is a few rules in the server along with info chats, a gallery and also a list of characters too pick from. I hope that if you love this anime as much as I do you join this brand new server with an ever growing members list too make our roleplaying fun and exciting.
Hello! Thank you for checking out our server! KawaiiDiscord is a new server with tons of features! Our main focus is to connect people from around the globe in our little community, no matter their religion, ethnicity, or age!
Welcome to MNF❤️
Our server is for meeting new friends, chatting & bonding over similar interests! Anyone is accepted!
MNF is a new server & will be constantly growing, please feel free to suggest chatroom ideas, custom roles, and anything else you would like to see added! Hope to see you there!
How The Clans Came To Be
One day, tens of hundreds of seasons after the original four Clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan, slowly died off, their tale faded into mere stories. This day, though, a loner had a dream. This loner's name was Briar, and he lived on the huge island that many called the "Apple Blossom Island" because of how beautiful the apple blossoms are when they bloom, found in a giant orchard near the sandy beaches. In Briar's dream there was a starry cat addressing him urgently.

"Briar, there is a prophecy you must fulfill..."

And this unknown cat taught Briar the ways of the Clans.

"Find the holly bush and the rushing torrent. You must remake the Clans... Even better than they once were."

And so, Briar went off on a journey, determined to find the "holly bush and the rushing torrent". Eventually, he found two cats that got similar dreams. Their names were, strangely, Holly and Torrent. The trio realized what they had to do, and made three Clans: BriarClan, HollyClan, and TorrentClan.

They build up their Clans with loners and even kittypets. Now, seasons, later, the Clans are thriving. But who knows what is yet to come?...


This is the Apple Blossom Island - a Warriors roleplay! This server includes many detailed roleplay channels, bots, and more! Join in on the fun and create a cat today. :3
(If you don't want to roleplay but just want to be a part of the community, one of the staff members can give you the Spectator role!)
About 🌸Boomshell🌸
🌸Boomshell🌸 is a just starting server that is for everyone!
we accept all ages and offer:
And more!
Extra info
The server is a WIP with the bots :> if you want to join you can!
As the owner of the server i want to see it grow.
More info in the future...
Lonely Drivers Club is a Discord for any and all "Initial D" fans! Feel free to join, as we are a new and developing community. There will be some flaws in the server, but we ask that you don't abuse them.
Welcome to CS:GO Lounge!
You might have already guessed it, but here we play CS:GO.
This isn’t the only thing we have to offer!
We have things like:

- Friendly, Mature staff
- Active CS:GO players
- Partnerships!
- Giveaways!
- Pokecord!
- Rhythm!
- Gamer girls!
- Voice Chats for every CS:GO Game mode!
- The list goes on.

Join today!
Fantasia Academy is a private school, that you where sent too due to your depression, this server could be triggering, NSFW is allowed
Rose has become Queen finally and she wanted her kingdom to be open for all, she made a portal and opened it up for all to join, but will the different worlds battle and make her have to close the portal, or will they get along?
This is a new Halo Rp server, set during the Second Campaign of Requiem. Be who you want, with whichever faction you want, and rule the battlefield!
Sundown Roleplay is a new server that is fun for all ages! We are family friendly, and this is a great place to hang out! You can be any animal that is a mammal, and join the clans as one. Any animal can be in the clans! Don't want to be in the clans? That's ok! We have Loner and Rouge spots open!
-Elemental Clans
-Open Ranks
•2 Healers
•1 Leader
•2 Healers
•1 Leader
•2 Healers
•1 Leader
•2 Healers
Are you a fan of monster jam? Then join! We include other sports too and are a new server.
Brand new server! We are Chill Corps. A community server open to anyone who joins! We talk about anime, music, youtubers, art, writing, and more! Be one of the very first member to join! See you there!
Welcome to Danganronpa Rp Gmod! Here we have many characters, and settings! (you must have Gmod to play). We hope you have a nice time in our server and we hope that we can grow the Danganronpa community even more.
Just a reminder: This Server revolves around Gmod and Danganronpa.
Brand spankin new server. Broken Hearts Club is for anyone looking for friends or someone to talk to. We are not entirely a support server but we do offer some help. Not many rules and since this is my (the owners) first discord server it would be greatly appreciated if someone were to join and help out with adding bots and giving suggestions as to how to make it a better server. Obviously a new server and I am looking for it to grow so please join. Have fun!! :3