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This community started off with a group of friends that played games and watched anime together.
We've since extended our reach and have a thriving community, but we're looking to expand our community even further!
While we branch out and try different things, members are generally participating in playing games, anime discussions, weekly giveaways, and overall, community interaction.
Please consider giving our server a try, we'll be glad to have you!
Hey there you watch Hunter X Hunter and you want to roleplay in a HxH server

I have an idea for you
Join us we accept everyone and even will let you make your own oc for HXH but we also have cannon character it doesn't matter if they are dead or not first come first serve on characters

We would love to have you in our server❤
Hi, Welcome to my New Hunter X Hunter Server.
This is the Place where you are looking for Roleplay and a chilly server.
We are quite low on members. And we are looking for some Roleplayer's. So i hope you enjoy your stay here.
The Lore is kinda confusing if i explain.
This Roleplay start's in the ENDING of Hunter X Hunter (Anime.)-
Anyway's it dosent matter if your favorite Canon Character is dead or alive.
You can also make your Own Character if you want. it also doesn't matter if your OC Character is dead or alive.
Anyway's i hope you have a great day!

In this world, there are people called 'Hunters'. A Hunter's job is not only that of looking for treasures and hunting animals. True Hunters dedicate themselves to the protection of knowledge, people, and nature. They must preserve culturally precious items or species of animals and plants they are able to discover. Furthermore, they must also arrest criminals and in rare cases even fellow Hunters who have committed heinous crimes. A "hunt" can range from a task commissioned by a client to one ordered by the higher-ups of the organization, to a quest a Hunter goes on of their own volition.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Hunter, and to survive in this world?

[An AU with non of the canon characters]
A unique and detailed RP about the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi: Hunter X Hunter.
When you join please do as Mee6 bot says so you can get verified.
Please follow our rules and try not to be toxic.
The more logical and intellectual you are, the better because this RP will require a lot of thinking. If you aren't an intellectual, you can still RP and have fun.
Hello, Welcome to Hunter x Hunter: New Beginnings. This is a fairly new roleplay server and we need new active members to join our server!!!, We offer a lot of amazing options. so if you didn't skip already you should continue reading :)

-Semi-Literate Roleplay. This server attempts to provide a equal and fair roleplay chance for everyone by making everyone a certain line rule however this isn't going to be enforced but please to attempt to be literate in the server.

- a Expendable Staff, This server has out of this world staff team. many of them are extremely trained to excuete their staff duties not only fair but expertly too.

- Custom Hatsu and Original Characters. This one is pretty self explanatory I don't believe There's a need to go more further than this.

-a Nice community for the most part. I hope to build this server amazingly by having great people join it but I can't speak for everyone if there's going to be toxic people in it. I will and many of the staff team will try to crack down on everyone who is completely toxic

-We are accepting of everyone regardless Gender Race and/or sexuality, Last but not least We as in Me and the staff team are accepting of everyone regardless of gender, race, and/or sexuality

Thank you for taking this Time to read this. The staff team and I would really appreciate if you could join our server even not thanks for even considering us as a option!!!

Okay hello there, welcome to my very bizzare adventure. we are a 3 way anime based server for all anime fans especially Fate/HxH/JJBA fans.

We also use AstolfoBot and Paisley Park to battle your favorite fate servants and stands to see who comes out on top, we also have Mudae so you can start claiming your favorite husbando’s and waifu’s.

There is a diverse leveling system that goes up to Lvl 80 with special ranks and roles to grab on the way.

We are small right now but hope to grow big.
Welcome to the Kurta Clan, full of strong and powerful individuals. But with power comes a downfall.
Will you be able to please the leader?

ღ Serveur Français - Hunter x Hunter ! ღ
Petite communauté autour de la série Hunter de Yoshihiro Togashi.
Ambiance chaleureuse - conviviale. Tout le monde est le bienvenu !
▬▬▬▬▬ { Hunter X Roleplay } ▬▬▬▬▬

Hey there! Hunter X Roleplay is an up and coming roleplay server based off the anime, "Hunter X Hunter." We have only been up for a little while and right now we would appreciate you checking it out, if youre new to the series, or a veteran, we welcome everyone.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ { ⌘ } ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

What we have:

- Staff spots.
- Custom Hatsu.
- A stat system (Uses Tiers).
- A verification system that pushes away certain raiders, and other systems in palce to keep those people away.
- Custom lore you create.
- Custom factions.
- More custom stuff.
- Much, much more!

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ { ⌘ } ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

We do hope to see you join the server, after all we put alot of work into it, and will continue to do so!
This server is based of the popular anime HunterxHunter (A good anime if you haven’t watched it) we have friendly staff and a clear template for submitting a character, feel free to ping staff for questions but please don’t spam!
Looking for a Hunter X Hunter RP?
Then it's the place you're looking for!
Currently it's a nooby server and the lore didn't advance far yet.
We host events, giveaways and much more!
What are you waiting for? Join now!
Lore: The Chimera Ants were defeated, 16 years passed since then. The Phantom Troupe was disbanded. Until now, the society lived in peace. At least that's what people think, in reality another organization was created. It's called "Karma Council". Their goal is to make the society fair, no rich or poor. By the time, a new generation of hunters is born.
Will you stop the council or help it? The choice is in your hands.

pls join i need peepul to join so i can get famous and rich
Re: Godspeed is a brand new server that focuses on anime and gaming. We are pretty chill and joke around a lot. We are also going to test some anime watching nights if we get some more active members! Would like to grow the server so we can make more friends! :D
This Rp takes place in the world of Hunter X Hunter and follows the same rules yet none of the canon characters are present. We are looking forward for all of you to join the hunt! P.S we are looking for players we may start out first event :o)
it's a role play server based around the story of Hunter X Hunter but this time the story is in your hands your you're own main character
This Roleplay Server Is Inspired By Hunter x Hunter However Has An Original Plot, System, and Characters! Join To Become Apart Of Our Story!
2048, A new year and almost time for the Hunter Exam, many aspiring Huntersbare gathering to the exam site. What they don't know is the rise of a threat far beyond what they could imagine, The Decayed Hunters. Creatures born from hatred and negativity. These brave Hunters must put an end to them.