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This is an SAO (Sword Art Online) roleplay server! SAO is a manga and an anime show so if you want to join I suggest you see one of the two first.
Apps are still open, I might hold the killing game in a hotel, but suggestions are always welcomed, I've introduced some little handy pings that help with exloration and investigation. Right now until the kg starts you can non cannon rp and depending on what event happen during the non cannon rp, I might introduce some things in the cannon one. Join or don't, but I want some cookies right now <3
This server takes place after season 1 of the anime! I allow canon characters, OCs, even characters from other media, as long as they have a Nanbaka verse! Don't forget to follow the rules, and we'll all get along just fine!
A roleplay server based on Hunter x Hunter! Pass the Hunter Exam to become a Hunter, then go on to learn Nen and create your own unique Hatsu! Battle the Spiders and Chimera Ants, and take contracts or hunt your prey as you please!
You want to have fun role-playing as your own characters in a fantasy high school? Join us! We are still in development but very friendly and add things if they are needed.
Welcome to My Hero Academia: The Reverse World!

Here in this server, we offer:
-Active staff
-Friendly members
-Custom quirks
-Any type of rp
And more!
We're just starting out, but we hope to see you here!
2 worlds clash against each other, the human and spiritual. In this server you pick a side and fight with the other one to see which will be victories. Two worlds seem so similar yet so different the brave and bold humans and the loyal and mystical spirits. The war between these two has been going on for so long nearly no one remembers how it started. Which side will you pick and fight for in this fun action packed server?
Question - do you like anime? Another question - do you wish you could be an anime character? With your own abilities? Well, if you said yes, you should join our server! You can make your own character from any anime you like! We also do weekly giveaways for new forms and stat upgrades! You can also upgrade your character by winning giveaways and such! Will you become the strongest? A hero? Evil? Its all up to you...
♚ Welcome to the No Game No Life : Roleplay Server ♚

Have fun with your own character in the world of Disboard,
play games to win and have fun with other players!

See you on the other side player!
Welcome to Gurētoōku Academy! This is a chill, laid back server that appeals to all audiences. Enroll today!
Ultimate Anime Showdown

UAS is a crossover anime roleplay where characters from various anime meet to fight againast and along side eachother. From physical strength to cunning wits, there is a fight for everyone.

You will play as a character of your choice from mostly any anime you choose to compete against and along side other anime characters. A mysterious magic transported all the characters to an arena, and to figure out how to get to their home world, they must fight.
This group is a roleplaying group, with many different worlds and plots to partake in, as well as a community to meet new people and make new friends.

We offer a wide variety of group roleplays and a roleplay finder if you fancy more of a one on one roleplay setting. We are still a small community, but we hope to grow as time goes on and become a big roleplaying group.

Please join if interested, we are always looking for more members.
Welcome to the Tempest Realm. This is a fantasy roleplay server, which provides a quality roleplaying experience, housing, and a progressing plot. and please take the time to explore our server and roleplay. We hope that you'll enjoy your experience and if you have any questions you can ask them in the Q&A section.
Welcome to the World Ghoul server! A roleplay server where it’s not one person’s story it’s everyone’s story! Join and live in a world of Ghouls and Humans! A world that is constantly evolving and filled with power Ghouls and CCG Investigators!Join now! Anyone is welcome!
⊷Welcome humans and vampires! ⊷
or... demons. Our server is a server fully built on the world of the seraphs! A viral calamity has devastated the world. Previously hidden vampires have emerged to take what’s left of it. However, no one really knows the truth behind the seraph project that's attacking several children. Some believe it's the vampires behind it all, but do you agree? Are you a human fighting for humanity, a vampire fighting for survival, or a demon seeking entertainment?

⊷A new edition to the franchise. ⊷
Reading the manga isn't a requirement, but would be much appreciated.
Hello There! My Name Is Sparky! Im here to speak on behalf of all the staff! I will speak about our amazing server! It is called Naruto “The will of fire” Im here to tell you about why I think you should join our server!:

🔰 First Up We have friendly staff! Including me, or at least what I perceive of myself. Out staff will try assisting you in any way possible all you gotta do is @ Us!

🔰 Second of all we allow you to make custom things, meaning you can create your own things. Don’t like the boring? fire ball, Make an awesome Fire Sword! Don’t like toad sage? Make your own sage mode! You get the idea!

🔰 Third Of All we have many systems! Bored of normal Rp? Then get ready for loads of challenges! We try to stay near the cannon side of Naruto but we allow a whole load of things! We have things such as a new jinchuriki system, mission systems and money systems!

🔰 We have mainly active members! So if your looking forward to active rp you know where to go!

We look forward to seeing you in our server! Now ~Your Name~ Let your journey begin! Thank you for your time!

Server link:

Welcome to Timless!

Make your own Character and choose between 4 clans!
(we also got nsfw ^^)

Once upon a time there were 4 kings of the 4 nations.

One time the Crystallia nation had found a really rare diamond and wanted to keep it for exposition in they're museum.
The Dynasty nation had the power of the oceans and they wanted to use it as a anti-war power.
The Aelcrest nation got bored of living in the skies, they got on the surface and created multiples villages but... One of them was TOTALLY on the Altiria territory.
Altiria politely asked that they move their villages to another place, but the Aelcrest nation weren't accepting.
They asked again and were menacing them to do a war if they didn't want, but it was only to make them change their village.
Aelcrest decided to make a war against the Altiria nation.
The Dynasty nation where on the side of Altiria. And Crystallia on the side of Aelcrest.

At the end the kings died and only the survivors made peace. They still have hate for themselves a bit.
In this server, we roleplay, talk about personal shit that goes down in our lives, and in all just make new friends and hang out. 11+only or you will be kicked
One hundred years after the events of Attack on Titan, new people have been chosen to keep the power's of Ymir, and the Titans have been eradicated, or so we thought... 10 years after the Titans have been eliminated, a new, never before been seen, 30 meter class Titan appeared and began punching the wall, day after day, until the humans finally took action and killed it. But then, even more, Titans came, hundreds of them, all ranging from 15 to 30 meters, 'how the hell did they get so tall?!' all of humanity thought. We were going to be eradicated. They were beginning to breach through Shinganshina's walls, slowly tearing them apart. Now it was only days before they broke through, and the Great Titan War would be reconstructed, for the third time.
Hello! We are a server full of kind, respectful, and caring people. We don't tolerate rude people, so if someone is annoying you, contact us. We do roleplay, erotic roleplay, and any roleplay you can think of! Follow the rules and you may one day become an official staff member. We hope you enjoy your stay!
- Many Staff members
- Amazing places to rp at
- Active members!
- Lovely people to give you a warm welcome!
- Many member based decisions
Welcome to Corpse Party: A Bloody Massacre!
We are a new community of a non canon universe of oc corpse party!
We follow original concepts but with a twist!
There are friendly staff willing to help with any problems you may have.
There are nsfw roles for nsfw channels.
There are events, RolePlay events, chats, RolePlay rooms and much more!
You can even create your own original character.
Just make sure to read the lore!
We are excited to have you with us! Just join here!
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Welcome to ANIME ADVENTURERS R18+ ♥
This server has a lot of features such as:

Roleplay: This server is mainly roleplay, We have introductions to the characters that you have made which you are roleplaying as and lots of rooms to do the roleplaying. The roleplay is 18+ due to sexual things can be done
Chats: We have multiple Roleplaying chats as well as a chat for when your not roleplay, where you can just talk.
Houses: Every person that joins gets their own house with multiple rooms such as, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, ect.
Please join our server which is always adding new features