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A roleplay server based on Hunter x Hunter! Pass the Hunter Exam to become a Hunter, then go on to learn Nen and create your own unique Hatsu! Battle the Spiders and Chimera Ants, and take contracts or hunt your prey as you please!
Welcome to the World Ghoul server! A roleplay server where it’s not one person’s story it’s everyone’s story! Join and live in a world of Ghouls and Humans! A world that is constantly evolving and filled with power Ghouls and CCG Investigators!Join now! Anyone is welcome!
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Welcome to ANIME ADVENTURERS R18+ ♥
This server has a lot of features such as:

Roleplay: This server is mainly roleplay, We have introductions to the characters that you have made which you are roleplaying as and lots of rooms to do the roleplaying. The roleplay is 18+ due to sexual things can be done
Chats: We have multiple Roleplaying chats as well as a chat for when your not roleplay, where you can just talk.
Houses: Every person that joins gets their own house with multiple rooms such as, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, ect.
Please join our server which is always adding new features
Its been about 200 years since the presumable death of Saitama. The ranks of heroes are still Class-C to Class-S and the threat levels are still the same. The entire association of heroes are filled with fakes, heroes who work for money... Unless the real heroes show up. Who will be... The Strongest Hero
This is a Naruto RP server! Join to create a own character,Weapon and Pet! Have fun!
A server about having ocs in different aus, and a free for all for anyone to join. We are super welcoming so stop by!
Welcome to Ravenwood! This is a roleplay about school, duh. All ocs are allowed! We have a fully developed school, with a gymnasium, swimming pool, music room, and more! We also have a town, where you can request buildings you want to be in the town. Currently, we have the following buildings in the town:
-Coffee shop
-Clothing store
-Train station
-Police station
-Grocery story
And a hospital!
We also have houses for you to live in.

I hope you’ll come join us here at ravenwood!

(nsfw is allowed, but only in the houses and strip club. you can be lewd in the showers and locker rooms, though.)
This is amazing roleplay server based on the popular comedy isekai anime named Konosuba.

This server includes a bunch of interesting channels and fun such as:

-anime chat zone about konosuba or any anime anyone wants to talk about

-anime rp world based completely on konosuba

-anime rp that an roleplayer will roleplay all of the anime konosuba with anyone again

-Freedom to create any character you want

-a lovely nsfw zone for any anime hentai lovers

-a hentai world rp zone where includes many great settings fit for erotic roleplay

-Not to mention the cutest neko girl roleplayer as the owner(nyah!)

We also accept any helpers that want to make this true konosuba roleplay server a legend!
If you don’t join, Ill god blow u!!!
Welcome to the Tempest Realm. This is a fantasy roleplay server, which provides a currency system, housing, and a shop!
please take the time to explore our server and roleplay. We hope that you'll enjoy your experience and if you have any questions you can ask them in the Q&A section.

Hi, we talk and roleplay about Anime, Sonic, Sonamy, Gaming, Anything you want really. Please feel free to join! We welcome you with love ^-^
A small little server that is trying to grow big. We roleplay and talk about various things like Vocaloid, Sonic, Anime, Games, and more ^-^ We will welcome you with love!
This is a anime/manga server if we being honest I put effort into this so if you wanna join don't hesitate
Welcome to the world...Of Attack on TItan: Downfall! Taking place in a separate universe of the original series. Start your adventures as a soldier fighting for humanity! Or a citizen still gathering the courage to rise up against the titan threat! Rise up now against the titans!

*Titan Shifter Roles

*Friendly Staff

This is Blue Sky Academy
This server is for Role-play and making new friends
Anyone is welcome so please come join if you are a roleplayer
Welcome to Cybertron, soldiers.

Transformers Nexus is a fresh Transformers Roleplay server, managed by three veteran RPers. We're welcoming to all, and currently in the progress of getting the RP out there. We've hand-crafted a world and continuity, which will slowly be elaborated further, both by us and you guys! There's plenty of sub-factions for Autobots and Decepticons alike, and we're open to neutrals, and OCs. In fact, you can have a total of 4 characters!

We're inspired by Animated, Prime and IDW, but that doesn't mean we stop there! Feel free to incorporate concepts for other continuities, and if you have no idea about Transformers, we're happy to help! The main features right now is the custom world that we're setting up, which doesn't detach from Transformers too much, but has some very unique aspects! As we gain our player base, we'll be introducing an event system and fleshing out a base and raid system for the war of Cybertron, meaning that the fate of the war, really is in the player's hands.

We look forward to your arrival, be it Autobot, Decepticon, or something else entirely.

May Primus help us all.

Come and enjoy our sweet tea, and relax in our cute little cafe! We roleplay but also can just relax and chat amongst each other!
Little World is not a traditional server! It offers a lot more than what most servers do which is the use of limitation. L.W is a community based on the ideology of having the freedom of expression and sharing! You will only know what this server has to offer if you join.
Welcome To The World Of Black Clover! If you've seen black clover, I don't need to explain.