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Hunter x Hunter: Unknown Magic is a newly made AU roleplay that is based in the world. You can roleplay as a hunter, chimera ant, civilian, etc. We offer many roleplay locations to chat in like York New City and Heavens Arena. If this sounds interesting, then join and become apart of the world of hunter x hunter.
Our Story begins at the same time of the original Hunter X Hunter Plot...EXCEPT! You, you replace the characters of the original story and drive it into whatever direction you’d like with all the other OC hunters. We plan on doing the manga justice by implementing:
•A ever moving plot
•In depth Hunter exams
•Freedom of expression with Hatsu’s
•A overall fun time.
•Patient mod team

A Hunter x Hunter roleplay set in an alternate universe. This server offers a refined stat system, custom hatsu system and stamina system to make RP combat as polished as possible. Custom characters only.

Reasons to join that aren't super generic
- Mechanics in place to give specific boundaries while not suffocating to peoples' creativity.
- A stat, stamina and nen system so people can't bullshit their way into victory.
- Nothing is primarily RNG based (no dice rolls) unless specified or literally based on luck.
- A clear set of rules that allow for a good amount of freedom without being stupid.
- hi :^)
The world of Hunters is quite a special place. Today, you can now join in as your own character and have fun being a Hunter!

(Do note, This server is new! ^^)
8/11 - { Tons of characters still available! } { Literate writers wanted! } Welcome! Please join our Hunter x Hunter roleplay server! We are new and in need of cannon characters and original characters! Characters are on a first come first serve basis, and it does not matter if they're dead or not!
Hi, Welcome to my New Hunter X Hunter Server.
This is the Place where you are looking for Roleplay and a chilly server.
We are quite low on members. And we are looking for some Roleplayer's. So i hope you enjoy your stay here.
The Lore is kinda confusing if i explain.
This Roleplay start's in the ENDING of Hunter X Hunter (Anime.)-
Anyway's it dosent matter if your favorite Canon Character is dead or alive.
You can also make your Own Character if you want. it also doesn't matter if your OC Character is dead or alive.
Anyway's i hope you have a great day!

In this world, there are people called 'Hunters'. A Hunter's job is not only that of looking for treasures and hunting animals. True Hunters dedicate themselves to the protection of knowledge, people, and nature. They must preserve culturally precious items or species of animals and plants they are able to discover. Furthermore, they must also arrest criminals and in rare cases even fellow Hunters who have committed heinous crimes. A "hunt" can range from a task commissioned by a client to one ordered by the higher-ups of the organization, to a quest a Hunter goes on of their own volition.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Hunter, and to survive in this world?

[An AU with non of the canon characters]
A unique and detailed RP about the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi: Hunter X Hunter.
When you join please do as Mee6 bot says so you can get verified.
Please follow our rules and try not to be toxic.
The more logical and intellectual you are, the better because this RP will require a lot of thinking. If you aren't an intellectual, you can still RP and have fun.
Hello, Welcome to Hunter x Hunter: New Beginnings. This is a fairly new roleplay server and we need new active members to join our server!!!, We offer a lot of amazing options. so if you didn't skip already you should continue reading :)

-Semi-Literate Roleplay. This server attempts to provide a equal and fair roleplay chance for everyone by making everyone a certain line rule however this isn't going to be enforced but please to attempt to be literate in the server.

- a Expendable Staff, This server has out of this world staff team. many of them are extremely trained to excuete their staff duties not only fair but expertly too.

- Custom Hatsu and Original Characters. This one is pretty self explanatory I don't believe There's a need to go more further than this.

-a Nice community for the most part. I hope to build this server amazingly by having great people join it but I can't speak for everyone if there's going to be toxic people in it. I will and many of the staff team will try to crack down on everyone who is completely toxic

-We are accepting of everyone regardless Gender Race and/or sexuality, Last but not least We as in Me and the staff team are accepting of everyone regardless of gender, race, and/or sexuality

Thank you for taking this Time to read this. The staff team and I would really appreciate if you could join our server even not thanks for even considering us as a option!!!
Welcome to Hunter x Hunter New Generation! We are a role playing server with a nice community, helpful staff, and we can always use some company! This Roleplay is based off the anime series Hunter x Hunter written by Yoshihiro Togashi. Have fun and welcome to the community! :tada:
Hello there! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the world of HxH? To rewrite the story in your very own way with your own characters? Well I’ve got the place for you! Allow me to introduce Hunter x Hunter: Hunter Chronicles where you can do just that! Set in an Alternate Universe of the main series, HxH: Hunter Chronicles is focused on remaking and rewriting the story as a whole with the use of our own characters! Because of the canon characters not being here their role in the story is missing...which you can fill in yourself! Ever wondered what Hisoka or Netero would’ve ended up like if they didn’t make x decision? Well you can try that out right here as well! We have a lot more things to offer such as:
-Great use and rework of the Nen system
-Competent staff team who are always ready to help
-Pretty good community
-Well built structure and easy to use templates
If you wish to know more about the server, come and see for yourself! We’ll be waiting with open arms. Join now or Hisoka might or might not steal your genitals.
HXH: Broken Hope💔
``` ```
HxH: Broken Hope is a server obviously based off of the show Hunter X Hunter. In this server the chimera ant king/queen has raised an army and successfully has taken over most of the world. Soon the hunters would become the hunted. As more and more hunters begin to disappear, most decided to go into hiding in order to try and preserve the human race. Without hunters the city of Yorknew has fallen under the control of the Phantom Troupe, the hope the once proud dominate hunters had was soon broke. Will you help restore the hope..? Or will you join one of the two dominant powers and make sure each and every hunter is killed.
``` ```
💔What do we offer?💔
•Friendly staff
•Exciting rp
•RTK (reason to kill, basically you can’t just walk up to someone and kill must have a reason)
•Many different rp channels and roles
•Custom abilities and family
•Custom groups and races
•Fair rules such as no meta gaming and no toxic behavior
``` ```
``` ```
I hope to see you here at HxH: Broken Hope💔
Ceci est une demande... Tu aimes les mangas et les animes ? Tu aimes rire et rencontrer des gens ? Tu aimes HUNTERxHUNTER ? Ce serveur est là pour toi !

C'est un serveur nouveau de 40 membres actuellement, on va essayer d'organiser des Events, tu peux déjà avoir ton propre NEN !!!

C'est un serveur pour le fun et pour rigoler ensemble, même si tu n'as pas vus/lus, ON T'ACCUEIL QUAND MÊME !
C'est aussi un serveur en développement donc tu peux contribuer à son évolution et à le faire devenir une masterclass des serv Discord !

Il y a de nombreux channels, un Examen Hunter en préparation, tu peux faire des Jankenpon...

Une dernière chose, si tu viens : j'aimerais t'entendre parler, te voir discuter. Je veux découvrir un tas de gens géniaux et j'espère que tu seras de la partie !!!
A fun rpg / fan server for fans of the show Hunter x Hunter! Looking for new pals? Come check us out! Plan to host group game nights and things once it picks up! All welcomed! Plenty of roles are open! Newer group that's just starting out, please think about giving us a chance!
In 2012, aura and nen were discovered, This discovery led to many advancements in society, but soon led to crime and despair. In Japan and the U.S. the crime rates were at a all time high. The two countries decided to look for a way to lower the crime rates to save their countries from further harm. With the crime rates up this also led to many highschool dropouts. Then an idea sprouted. A school was made on a island that will train the troubled young adults to become elite assassins that will help defend the countries. But the question is, will you be with them, or against them.

We also provide normal things if you don't want to rp. So please come join!
Disclaimer: this rp server is not based off of Assassination Classroom
This is a role play server based off of Hunter x Hunter! It has original content and is fairly balanced! Please join!
We're starting out so please help us out
The world is just as it has been for years upon years. Mankind thrives upon the world whilst fighting each other in the process. One tool to keep a human on the top is the God Fruit from the God tree. Those who eat this fruit will destroy their limiter for nen and gain a single power with no limitations. The God Tree makes a single fruit ever 100 years. It is hidden from the world to keep one from destroying it. Watch the story unfold as our characters look for the God Fruit.
Welcome to Hunter X Hunter: New beginning! This story takes place after Gon passes the hunter exam and after he learns nen with wing. so go out and make your story!