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💫 Armonia est un serveur communautaire créé dans le but de rassembler une communauté grandissante et active !

Quelques exemples de ce que tu pourras trouver sur le serveur !

🏆 Une communauté active

🚸 Un staff de qualité réactif aux demandes de ses membres

🎖️ Des grades spéciaux selon ton activité

🎶 Des bots spécialement ajoutés pour de la musique

📞 Des salons vocaux pour parler entre membres et en privé

🌡️ Des salons vocaux dédiés aux débats et au freestyle

❄ Pleins de nitros à gagner

En espérant te revoir au plus vite sur le serveur !
A place for all your Toram Statting needs! Feel free to join the server and see the compiled lists of formulas varying from different kinds of stats brought to you by all the Toram Statters from around the world!
Join the arctic :)
-have fun
-make new friends
-advertise social medias, servers, and other stuff
-talk about anything (just not NSFW) :D
This server is filled with very enthusiastic and passionate Re: Zero fans! From roleplay to discussions, this is a fun server to be in, hope you join us! ^-^
Salut toi !

Je te présente ce serveur Discord, qu'est ce qu'il à par rapport aux autres ? Une ambiance sympathique, les gens sont chaleureux, des vocaux assez souvent ! Un système d'économie, le bot Pokecord, et pleins d'autres petits trucs sympathique..
N'hésite pas à venir, amuse toi bien parmi-nous ! :D
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Lewd Kinkdom +18 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

·..·°¯°·.·° .·°°° ·..·°¯°·.·° .·°°° ·..·°¯°·.°°°·.°·..·°¯°·..· ·..·°¯°·.·° .·°°°

Lewd Kinkdom +18 is a porn server that got all these features:

1.leveling system where you can boast about to all the girls in our server ;) and a well-maintained community our mods are always there to help you

3.its a porn server that accepts all kinks as long as they are not disturbing

4.we try to keep the members active and help them in any way we can

5.some of our members may want to host a giveaway and that's cool

6.we do events from time to time

7.we are just starting so we don't have a lot of members please join
and help us grow this lewd community can be as lewd and perverted as you want on our server that's why it was made
9. we need id verification pic to be able to post on the nudes channel just to keep -18 kids safe from online predators

10. 1:1 ratio boys and girls

11.lots of egirls and eboys ;)

12.LOTS of NSFW content

13.special roles if you help us grow the server :D


░▒▓█ read rules, please! █▓▒░
Salut à tous !

ATTRACTION est un serveur communautaire visant à rassembler le plus de personnes pour pouvoir discuter de tout, de façon très libre. Je vous invite à rejoindre et à inviter vos potes.

Sur ce serveur, vous pouvez y retrouver :

✅ Des salons écrits (Discussion, Images, Bots, etc ...).
✅ Des salons vocaux.
✅ Des rôles selon votre niveau.
Et plus encore !
We normally have political discussions and play csgo and watch movies and complain how nudity doesn't mean you are strong you fucking dick feminist piece of shit and we invite you to join us
If you like chess, then this server is for you. This server is designed for the use of chess and other relations to it, come in and have to fun of playing chess with others in the community, have the experience!!! if there is anything you want to post that is off topic, then you must do it at the off-topic section, and this is not a NSFW server that's all you need to know, Thank You, and Welcome to our server!!! Enjoy!!! This server's objective is to play, learn, and have fun, I as StrongManPlays, welcome everyone to this server, and we can thrive together as we play and learn! Also, I am trying to bring in some USCF and FIDE employess to this server, I'm still working on it! See you all there! And I proudly present my Official ChessTime website:
This is a CS:GO Discussion server! Here, we specialize in discussions contending to CS:GO so if people need to ask questions about the game, people will find the channel for this discussion and answer it for you!

No need to wait for people to find your discussion like Steam, all they have to do is go to your channel and hoo-lah!
˜”°•.˜”°• Welcome to the Smash Joint! •°”˜.•°”˜

We revolve around SmashBros but we hope our members can #enjoy themselves while here!

🌟 Meme channels!

🌟 Assignable roles!

🌟 Smash channels!

🌟 Custom emojis!

Join us today!
Hey Légion Fr c'est quoi 🤔un serveur sympa pour parler ou RP 😀 rejoins nous !
All foreigners are welcomed!
Especially Lebanese People are mostly welcomed!

Lebanon Official 2020 server was made with purpose of having a unique friendly community between lebanese people and foreigners,
a professionally constructed server with really organized channels.
The server provide 24/7 moderation, strict rules for a better environment that are fair for most individuals and friendly.
the server provide:
- giveaways(in the future)
- competitions (in the future)
- Starboards
- ranking system
- server polls / lebanese polls
- friendlly lebanese discussions about religious,
political and history topics with a seperated channel and specified roles,
to be self assigned with new commers
- free pc games news
- monthly foreigners statistics
- a verification system against spam bots
- market, as olx , to sell stuff to buyers and to buy stuff from sellers.
- Lebanese Developers roles and seperated channel to get help or provide help for lebanese members that are studying or majoring in programming (aka software engineer, computer science , web developement... etc)
- Local Lebanese news, international news, pc gaming news, console games news, realistic news with videos
- Specified channels for the current coronavirus pandemic(covid-19) with a bot, a channel for the current economical crisis in lebanon
- gaming category, music category, gamble/gaming bots with dank memers
- lot of lebanese emojis

The server is friendly for everyone no matter where you are coming from, as long as the rules are being obeyed.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Ya 100 alf ahla w sahla bel jami3!
N'hésitez pas à rejoindre ce serveur où vous pouvez parler en toute liberté dans le respect. Serveur chillax. Tout nouveau serveur ^^
Lots of channels to discuss films with everyone or just random thoughts about anything! Discussions on the Newest releases in Cinema and Streaming are constantly being updated.

Diverse Sets of films we watch from Old Classics to New Favorites with many genres. The community ranges from casual moviegoers to hardcore film fans so everyone can have a good time!

It would be amazing if you could check the server out and see what there is to do. Hopefully, you can get in conversations and attend movie nights whenever we host!
Bien le bonjour a toi tu cherche un bon serveur pour faire de nouvelles rencontres ? Eh bien laisse moi te dire que ce serveur est fait pour toi tout le monde est accepté le respect des un et des autres est obligatoire le staff et très sympa et a l'écoute de chaque petit problème que vous pouvez rencontrer il y a aussi des psychologue si vous devez parler de quelque chose bien évidemment tout restera secret ce que est sur ce serveur reste dans se serveur eh bien j'espère que je t'ai donne envie de venir car c'est une occasion a ne pas rater ! Nous vous attendons sur le serveur

Hey Discord users, need somewhere new and interesting to hang your hat? If so, The Tusk Legion is the perfect place for you!
We offer many things including;
-Movie Discussions
-Gaming Discussions
-Memes Galore
-Meme Wars/Contests
-Game Bots such as EPIC RPG, coinmaster, and a casino gambling bot
-Art Submissions
-A Role Hierarchy
-Pokécord is revived in our server with a copy bot
-A channel filled with the best content from our favorite Subreddits
-A recreation room with community games
In our server we would like to meet other gamers, memers, and artists! Come check us out at The Tusk Legion!!!!!!!!!
This server is based on our currently existing gaming community, which is "counter strike 1.6". If you are looking for some engaging FPS server, consider trying some of the servers out! However, this community isn't only about the game, we have numerous discussions about anything, including many inside or inappropriate jokes. The server is intended for fun, chatting, chilling and generally just having a good time.
If you wanna get to know new people, discuss games or find someone to play with, feel free to join my Discord server!

It's mostly SMITE related, but we do talk/play a bunch of other games too! If ur looking for anyone to play with, just have a good time, or discuss smite stuff, feel free to join my Discord!

We also focus around Streamers and Helping each other grow!
Bonjour bonsoir à tous, j'espère que vous allez bien :)

Je tenais à vous faire part d’un serveur basé sur les jeux vidéo en général.

Ce serveur possède plusieurs salons ou vous pourrez discuter de différents jeux, dont ceux que vous préférez, mais aussi où vous aurez l’occasion de jouer en ligne avec d’autres membres du serveur.

D'ailleurs, si votre jeu favori ne possède pas de salon à son effigie, nous possédons un salon suggestion ouvert à tous, ou vous pourrez nous demander de créer le salon en question.

Enfin, nous organisons des évènements tels que des tournois sur différents jeux (comme Smash Bros, Mario Kart ou autre) tous les week-end, ou vous pourrez gagner d’éventuelles récompenses. ;)

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de lire mon annonce, en espérant vous voir parmi nous. 🙏
꧂Hey, bienvenue dans le serveur 𝕊𝕦𝕟 ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝 ℤ𝕠𝕟𝕖 :

➳Nous sommes un serv Communautaire à l'écoute de tous nos membres
➳ Notre équipe de staff est en moyenne connectée de
6h à 23h30 en période scolaire et 8h~>3h en période de vacances
➳ Des vocs très régulière, souvent en fin d'après midi et dans la soirée, pour se poser tranquillement et pour discuter de tout et de rien !
➳ Des ptis évents organisés chaque semaine
↳maintenant que tu sais à quoi sert le serveur, t'attend quoi pour rejoindre maintenant "have fun and good moments" !
Ca fait assez longtemps que j'essaie d'avoir des actifs ou quoi, je sais même plus pourquoi je bump zbi
C'est une épave si vous voulez venir faire de l'urbex venez, moi j'abandonne fin aout si y'a pas de changements sksk