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a simple server, we just wanna chat and hangout watching memes and stuff. we keep it minimalistic and not lame. so come hangout ^
This is a small server where you can make friends and play with them. Please when you join our server, don't discriminate other people.
No idea what to put here except for this is a shitposting server for where you dump whatever you got in your image folder.
🎊 Giveaways for you to win on roblox🎊
👪 Over 250+ members!👪
🐰 Get some BIG CHUNGUS🐰
🤖 Giveaways on simulator games!🤖
🌈 Special Roles for Being Active🌈
⚔ Very OP giveaways!⚔
🆕Looking for new active members!🆕
👌 Very Nice Staff!👌
👪 Family Friendly👪
📊MEE6 Ranks and Rewards! 📊
🎶 Listen to Music With Vexera!🎶
✨ Many discord chats!✨
😡 Use @GP instead of @everyone!😡
🖥 Self assignable roles!🖥
🎰 Actual Giveaways That Aren't Fake🎰
I've made this server for those who enjoy a more minimalistic approach to a Discord server. I have seen a few people do it, but I'm trying to make it a bit better. The channels are what is seen before you, custom roles can be requested. Have fun. No rules here, guys.
We're Deadite Streaming, we host tournaments and events in Esports with the goal of being able to give people a clear path from scrub to god. Well, right now, we're holding 3 free events with low-payouts to build trust, if we have enough teams, a minimum of 6, we will begin King of the Hill, which will feature a small pay-in but higher rewards. As we grow, we will add to our arsenal of events, allowing players to partake in leagues and tournaments that are actually done fairly that will build their reputation and with sponsors help, an income. I plan on getting a variety of esports. League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, CS:GO, COD, Overwatch, Battlerite, Shadowverse (don't have high hopes), DOTA 2 and Rainbow 6 Seige, and more!
Привет, помогите развить сервер по игре Simple Sandbox,будем общаться и играть вместе, идёт набор в администрацию сервера!
Dev'O'Matic est un serveur francophone orienté sur le développement.
Vous y trouverez :
- Des salons pour vos questions sur le développement
- Un staff actif
- Des tutos
- Des aides pour vos serveurs discord.

Alors n'attendez plus et rejoignez-nous dès maintenant ! :D
A quiet place where you can discuss your problems without judgement! Join our growing server to experience our calm and positive community!
Once a long... long time ago the was a world of nothing just trees and 5 gods,
They were.
Barak, God of The elements
Deo, God of creatures, health and kindness
Ezio, god of death sickness and hunger
Inori, god of war, greed, Power,And negative feelings
Iris god of Knowledge and time
Adinos, god of gods
the gods would walk around the endless forests wondering about the trees and the life around them, but they soon got bored, so they started to create life like animals, humans, nymphs, the Beings started to get smarter and smarter, some became rare, some became powerful some became extinct, some even became god like figures, the gods watched them grow and grow but one day a god came down from earth and a human saw them, this god was Barak, the human was so... Happy to know that gods were real! So he went to human villages, spreading the news, this man soon became a legend his name is now unknown.But know since had now told other people, they worshiped the gods, the gods started to like this. But one day another god came down and met a human this god was Iris, once he met this man they fell in love, and soon made children known now as demi-gods these demi-gods are usually a new species, being! Like maybe an animal! They had lots of children together, making new creatures like Neko's and other things, Neko's are worshiped as being known as demi-gods. And you might one day meet one! But you a traveler you may be a nymph, an elf, it is your choice! Do what you want change the gods! Now go make a difference in this large world!
Devil's Hangout

Hello everyone! Devil's Hangout is a cozy server to make friends, chat, play games, share memes, enter giveaways and more! I guaranty you will make some new friends and have a good experience! Anyone is welcome!


• Fun bots
• Currency
• Simple and Sleek Layout
• Self assign roles
• Free Custom roles
• Advertise
• MEE6 levels
• Partners (DM me if interested)
• Events!


Hello! Looking for a simple place to hangout and make friends? 🤨 Well You're in luck!!! We are a small group of friends hoping to make even more friends 🤤 Come check us out!!11
The most simple server you will ever see in your whole god damn life.
This is the simple server.Live life im a simple way.Nothing complicated here.
~`Howdy welcome to bitch thats hot, a new discord server where you only got one chat to type in so be active or I'll beat your ass. Uh we have a great community yknow and uh we have half eaten bagels.`~
Hey, we are a Rust Clan called {GTX}. We are a small community looking to grow bigger in size to compete in tournaments, challenges and community activities.
Hello! I was getting pretty sick of all the other pokecord servers not letting me advertise daycaring, so i simply made my own server for that reason! Here you can not only daycare but chat and spam your heart out! We're a community for pokemon as well, so don't be afraid to just hang around and chat!
Welcome to Chit Chat. We are a fairly new server looking to expand and grow with a welcoming atmosphere. Chat, meet new people, and become a part of the community. Enjoy your stay with us at Chit Chat!
*Freshly Made*
Not trying to oppress anyone
Do as you please
you know,
NO Child Porn
Thas it.
Have a great time uwu.
a minimalist server dedicated to just having a fun time, includes nsfw channels, music, science and game chat rooms, art, robots and much more!
Everyone's a king and everyone's a queen. But there's only one server you can claim Your Throne. Now come on. You have a kingdom to run. 👑
This is pretty much a testing server. If you want something to be added within reason, it probably will be added. NSFW is restricted to certain channels and is strictly 18+ only. NSFW content posted on non-NSFW channels will result in a warning then a ban. We take it pretty seriously because of laws, sorry champ. We honestly don't have much to offer.

You probably shouldn't join b0ss.