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A server for users with Nitro to access custom emojis.
The server itself has some miscellaneous emojis, but it also has links to several other servers;
Babber Emojis (2 servers), Better heart emojis (3 servers), Bugcat emojis, Cat emojis, Cute emojis (6 servers), Default Styled emojis, Dragon emojis, Egg emojis, Face emojis, Holiday emojis, Neon emojis (4 servers), NSFW emojis, Panda emojis, Pepe emojis, Pride emojis (3 servers), Recolored emojis (2 servers), Weird emojis (2 servers) & Word emojis
looking for emotes? join this server !!

🔮 all purple emote server
☂️ easy to find & use
🍇 self promo for boosters

+ include links to the other 6 colors of the rainbow & more !
welcome to emote central!
we're a server that mainly focuses on emotes, but occasionally we'll do giveaways and events.

we offer
- gifs & images for you to use cross-server
- partnership programs
- meme channels

be sure to join us!
Anything related to anime and Japan is welcome here. We're a server made up of a wide variety of diverse personalities, providing discussion centered on animation, culture and gaming. We have plenty of channel range, from sharing artwork and writing to posting memes ;)

We also offer:
- Nitro Giveaways
- Nearly 100 normal emotes and 100 nitro emotes
- A Tatsumaki-based leveling system
- Plenty of bots, including Pokécord, IdleRPG, Mantaro and AstolfoBot
- Weekly questions
- Semi-active voice channels
Kommt ins Woolooverse. Hier könnt ihr viele Bot-Games spielen. Euch mit Leuten unterhalten die ähnliche Interessen haben und vieles mehr!

🔴 Wir bieten
› Große Auswahl an Self-Roles
› Custom Channel
› Viele Mini-Games
› Viele Emojis (Exclusiv nur bei uns)
› Sofern gewünscht auch frei von NSFW-Inhalten

Nein wir sind kein Pokemon Only Server! Aber PokéTwo wird gespielt!
Welcome to Tartarus!

• Gaming (ARK, Isle, Minecraft, Tf2 and more)
• Multi-language
• Custom Emojis
• Friendly community
• Music-/Movie-sessions
• Daily News-Channels
• Custom Roles
• Staff Applications
• News feeds

And Tons more!

Hunter x hunter
le but de ce serveur est :
-De faire des combats d'émojis ! 🥊😊
-De faire deviner l'histoire à laquelle on pense grâce à des émojis : 😂😭😏
-D'augmenter d'étage en battant ses adversaires ! ⬆️
-D'être le meilleur combattant ! 🥊
Alors venez nombreux le serveur est nouveau accueillez le comme il se doit !
En plus il t'a des arbres être s trucs pour s'amuser et des avantages arbres invitations 😏
Alors convaincus ?
Ok bah on vous attends !
do you feel like getting more cute emotes in your slot? then join the hamipa emote server below! we are just starting off but we already have 46 hamipa static emotes for you to use within the server :>
Are you looking for a good server for a community? or even a NSFW server? Well here the place for you!
Hi! This is the server which i use to keep emotes so that people with nitro can use
Specifically it has:
• 100 emotes
• anime emotes
• GIF emotes
yeah thats mainly it, have fun :)
A chill based server made for you, the members!
🌻 - pastel themed levelling
🎰 - tons of bots and channels
👋 - loads of emojis for you to use
💗 - make friends or date
🧸 - organised, neat channels
😉 - we often playfully flirt with each other
🔮Cześć! 🌙
‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧
🔮Szukacie Fajnego Serwera i go nie możecie znaleźć? Spokojnie mam dla Was Mój Serwer! 🌙
‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧
Wbijajcie , bo Warto! Co Dla Was Oferujemy?:
🔮₊↷Ekonomie na Serwerze
🌙₊↷Ładny Wygląd Serwera
🌙₊↷Miłą Atmosfere
‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧₊˚⊹ˑ⋆₊˚‧ ‧
🔮Wadą Serwera , jest to , że Jest Słaba Aktywność ,ale ty Możesz ją poprawić jak Wejdziesz na Nasz Serwer Discord! Polecam!🌙
Pepe's Giveaways & Promotions

Join us today! We offer things like:

- Free Advertising for Discord servers & Social Media.
- Free Weekly Giveaways (Nitro/Games).
- Paid Giveaways / Paid Ads
- Server Economy! (UnbelievaBoat)
- Partnerships!
- Tons of Pepe Emotes!
- Open for staff recruitment (Moderators, Partnership Managers & Helpers).
🦴 Nero's Original Emotes 🦴
🌀 100 Emotes!
🌀 Rare Emotes!
🌀 Custom Emotes!
🌀 Exclusive Bumper Role!
🌀 Emote Suggestions!
🌀 New Emotes Everyday!
🌀 No Pings EVER!
This is your new home. Mature & Friendly community. Mainly 16+ but everyone is accepted! We are friendly not toxic! We have Global Emotes!
⦁ Helltaker Emotes is a emote Server offering you alot of emojis you can use on other server

⦁ We have :
⮩ Self roles
⮩ Memes
⮩ Emotes Suggestions
⮩ bots
⮩ Nice People

Events will come soon!
Ciao e Benvenuto in Infinity Games!
Qui puoi chattare con altre persone, hostiamo eventi e giveaways, ci sono le emoji animate che puoi usare anche senza il Nitro e molto altro ma solo su Infinity!

- Nový CZ Server.
- Uvolněná atmosféra, doporučujeme 15+
- Není to only Furry server.
- Neberte to vážně.

╰─➛⋆₊ ⋆✧。 | 『Anime Hell』 ! . ⋆₊ ⋆✧。

Salve stai cercando un server a cui unirti, sei un otaku di merda e non ti vuole nessuno? Vieni da noi, ecco che cosa offriamo:

│ ☕ Server attivo in testuale e vocale

│ ⛩️ Molti minigames a tema anime come Astolfo, Pokecord o Mudae

│ 🎉 Eventi mensili

│ 🎬 Serate Film settimanali


Nitro users! Have you ever wanted to react to a message with a certain word, only to find that you can't, due to Discord's one-emoji-per-message reaction limit? Fret no more, for now you can! With my array of servers, you can spell whatever you'd like. Whether it be "baklava" or "coocoo 4 cocoa puffs", this is the ultimate way to flaunt your nitro-powers.

* There are 6 servers which host all the emojis.
* You get 10 of each letter of the English alphabet, plus 10 spaces.
* You get 3 of each number.