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Dead server dedicated to hosting Riley Reid emotes for nitro users. No chats are enabled, it's sole purpose is to host Riley emotes.
we are very chill people and we have custom colors bot (Hex)
we have emotes! gif/normal ones
we have cool bots
we have nsfw (be sensible)
we have... yes... memes!
come and join now!
Come Join Us!

5000++ Handpicked Mojis. (3000+ Gifs) with Daily Updates
Links to all Global Emote Servers
Many extremely rare emotes
Friendly and active staff with a rapidly growing community.
Numerous game bots (24/7 Pokemon spam)!!
Weekly Steam Giveaways and other rewards
This is a server all about pepe/pepo/monka emojis! Come and join!
* Meet fellow emoji users
* Emoji requests available
* Emoji pack for Nitro
* Friendly staff
* Unique Channels
Hai, my names Athena! :3

This server is specifically made for Nitro users! as all of our emotes/emojis will only work for them!

Join this server if you want a variety of emotes/emojis, fun with different kind of bots and much more!
━━━━━━━⊱Blob Kingdom⊰━━━━━━━
Looking for some cute, funny, and amazing emojis? Come on over!
━━━━━━━⊱ We offer: ⊰━━━━━━
Some amazing blob emojis!
Please ensure you have read the rules upon entry~
This is just one part of our project!
Note: Server may be inactive due to people sleeping/working/at school etc.
We’re here to share big bara tiddies and make bara buddies! Chill, spread your art, find RP friends, drink with our alcoholic bot, and have a good time!

“Why else should I stick around?”
👶 Brand-new (still has that new baby smell)!
💬 Chill community! Discuss anything you like!
🏅 We’ve got tiers! Participate and level up!
🐈 Tatsumaki-bot! Neglect your pet on this server, too!
⚙️ Comprehensive automoderation system! No spam!
🌈 Channels for other fun stuff! Music, art, RP sheets, etc!
🎭 Self-assignable roles make finding new friends easier!
✨ 100 custom emoji for you Nitro users! Come look!
🤖 Robot porn!
❤️ You’re a cool dude and we’d love to have you.
Emoji World is a server dedicated to finding high quality global emotes and nitro emotes for all users to use. Feel free to chat with any of the members, use the channels at your leisure, and just have fun! There are events for special roles and privileges from time to time as well, so don't miss out!
We hope to expand and gain many new members along with new features, ranks, badges, and more! We hope you all join! Anyone is welcome!

The Pepsi Emoji Hub provides Discord Nitro users with an outstanding amount of Pepsi-themed emojis. We have numerous amounts of Pepsi emoji packs ranging from random Pepsi emojis to Pepsi Pokémon emojis, Pepsi blobs, and so much more! You can also listen to the Pepsiman soundtrack on loop forever so you can genuinely feel the Pepsi emoji vibe. So, hop on over to the Pepsi Emoji Hub today and enjoy yourself in a sweet, sweet Pepsi emoji paradise!
Depression, anxiety and silence server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emoji for Nitro users.
Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emote server with 500 Nitro emoji.
Hello - !

At Trash Palace - We offer Movie Nights on every Saturday Night - And are fast developing a Gaming Night -
We are a welcoming group of anime and gaming lovers with lots of great emotes - !

We hope to see you soon ~
Ark Reality
Join Ark Reality!! A community based server in which you can join and chill out
-We have lots of gambling based bots
-Anime peeps
-Music peeps
-Gaming peeps
A place for everyone to hangout. Have custom emoji and HQ music lobbies. For mobile gamers the gaming VC is designed in a way that won't lagg the game even if u use the same mobile. Entertaining bots.
Our main theme revolves around Darling in the Franxx!
We have many emotes for them Nitro users!

Mainly a community/emote based server! The theme of the server revolves around Darling in the Franxx.
Our main focus is mainly meeting new people, forging friendships and providing Quality emotes for Nitro users.
Come on over and hang with us :D
Join ✶LUNATIC SCREWHOLE✶, an Emote Server full of friendly weebs that make their own emotes!

✶ Over 1000+ Custom Emotes in Nitro Servers; everything from KonoSuba/MHA/Chuuni^2/Gurren Lagann/Kancolle/Granblue/FATE/Zankuro/WoW/Overwatch/Gaming/Foxgirl/4chan/NSFW & more~
✶ Aesthetic Server Design with art from 寺田てら/Terada Taura~
✶ Experienced 21+ Server Owners; Few rules, no favoritism/edgelords/dead memes~
✶ Minimalist Server Layout; Escape the emptiness of servers with a billion friggin' channels that are only active once per month~
✶ Unique Gachapon-based Custom Role System; earn materials, spin for COMMON to ULTRA RARE color roles, similar to MOBAGE games like FATE/GO~

You read all that shit, might as well check us out.
Welcome to Halcyon! This is a calm server intended to bring people together who want to enjoy the fruits of life, together.

There are:
24/7 Moderation
Music Bots
Self Roles (under construction)

Check us out, see how you feel :)
We have 50+ Thinking Emoji emotes. Join to get a big collection of Thinking Emojis. Its Simple join the server, either use the emotes on our server or other servers with Discord Nitro!
This is a brand new server, focused around the one and only, Thinking Emoji!
There are 53 different Thinking Emojis! 3 of which are animated! Of course, they do require Nitro, but if you don't have Nitro, just come, hang out, and type some Thinking Emojis!
Welcome, E-Gals, to Dank Moji 😂👌👌
We have several Nitro Emotes for your self pleasure!
• Ali-A Intro
• Thinks & Thinks
• You Know I Had To Do It To Them
• And MORE!
Join today!