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Welcome to Advertisement Heaven!

In this server you are able and totally welcome to advertise your social media’s, servers or whatever. We also do many giveaways like Spotify Premium and we have a nice community. We have good and active staff and the server it’s look is amazing. We also have a meme bot with funny commands and more and we have a leveling system.
Vision advertising is the best place to advertise your discord servers, etc. We have a lot waiting for you. (Help us grow)
Community server, Everyone is welcome!!! :) Official Discord Server of the 'Ehab James' YouTube Channel!
We are a small server always looking for new people. We have music, nsfw, self promo, memes, and much more!
We are a small server that is in need of members. We are always open to suggestions and current staff have lots of experience. We also accept partners and only accept non-liberals.
This server is dedicated to trying to help grow your discord server or discord bots! You are allowed to post once every 24 hours and each advertising channel clears everyday! (This server is owned by the owners of Nano Corp)
Music Production Sanctuary

The Music Production Sanctuary is a place where all kinds of musical artists can join together and work towards the same goal: Getting music made. In the Music Production Sanctuary, we get to meet new people, collaborate on new music, inspire each other, and build a community.

We have:
-Self-assignable roles that give access to different categories and channels
-A place to promote your work
-Opportunities to meet new people and make music
-A nice staff team made up of nice people who have music experience
-Music events every month
-New artists who you can collaborate with
-A wide variety of working bots

You don't have to be a creator so why not come hang out with us?

Invite link:
Hey there! We are a new and upcoming discord server which allows twitch streamers to collaborate, support each other and are given the opportunity to grow on the twitch platform! Come join us to see results :)
Hi! My name is Jake and I'm the owner of CommanderCoffee's Lounge, I'll cut to the chase.. originally this was a server for my yt channel but i am now trying to turn it into a kind of gaming lounge for anyone who wants to join.

We have all the necessities such as self assignable roles, a memes channel, NSFW as well as a suggestions channel which believe it or not i do actually look at and much more!

I'd Highly appreciate it if you join, i hope to see you in there! :stuck_out_tongue:
Peace Out
Lots of memes and games as well as some general chat
Hello, I'm foshy duck! I'm inviting you to my discord hoping you would join! I need more members and staff, we are currently hiring so you have a high chance of getting accepted, and read fast. There is NSFW if you do !addnsfw in the bot-commands.
TᕼE Tᖇᗩᑭ ᑕᗩᖴE
Here at the trap cafe we have
❤️ anime traps
🧡 cancerous memes
💚 cursed images
💙 selling out
💜 1 irl trap and counting
💖 self roles
Here at Vortex Advertising, There's so much you can do!
Want to find out what?
You can Advertise your Server or Socials!
You can chill and talk to friends!
Play and Mess around with some fun Bots!
Partner with us!
and So much more! Join and find out.
HyRise Community Discord!

What we have to offer;

Experienced Staff ✅
Great Community 😃
Game, Movie, and Karaoke Nights! 😍
Giveaways 🎉
And much more! 🤔

So come and join today! we are looking for staff so make sure you apply!
join our fun, friendly, banter having, meme indulging, music loving, interactive server, dedicated to encouraging a wide and eventful community for all kinds of people. with lots of interesting roles, channels, and bots to enjoy.
What's up! If you want to talk about anything with a very active community be sure to join right now. There is an area for self promo and ways to level up and gain permissions. I look forward to seeing you!
Server for the Pepegas of the world! This server is for the people of Twitch from idiots to high IQ 5Heads. We got a self-promo channel for you to promote your own twitch, youtube, twitter, etc. We also have an NSFW section for all the degenerates that join.
—————THE BLADES————
YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO “THE BLADES”! We are a roleplay server!
✧Dank Memes
✧Self Promo
✧Open Partnerships
✧Colored Roles
✧Self Assign Roles
*Active Owners
Thanks for reading, have a good day!
This is the DisB Frankie Social Hang out Server. Come hang out if you're looking for a relationship, wanna meet new people, or wanna submit your memes
Hello all you gamers! Here is a discord where we have streamers that you can play with and even just make some friends.
A small, but active community AWAITING YOUR ARRIVAL! This server is based around a cult of priests, Inquisitors, Bishops etc.
Come along and we can do something together!
Bored? Well, we'll make sure you're not!
Note:this server allows self promo and we have few rules and this server is sfw friendly except for cursing