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This server is dedicated to trying to help grow your discord server or discord bots! You are allowed to post once every 24 hours and each advertising channel clears everyday! (This server is owned by the owners of Nano Corp)
Server for the Pepegas of the world! This server is for the people of Twitch from idiots to high IQ 5Heads. We got a self-promo channel for you to promote your own twitch, youtube, twitter, etc. We also have an NSFW section for all the degenerates that join.
Hi! My name is Jake and I'm the owner of CommanderCoffee's Lounge, I'll cut to the chase.. originally this was a server for my yt channel but i am now trying to turn it into a kind of gaming lounge for anyone who wants to join.

We have all the necessities such as self assignable roles, a memes channel, NSFW as well as a suggestions channel which believe it or not i do actually look at and much more!

I'd Highly appreciate it if you join, i hope to see you in there! :stuck_out_tongue:
Peace Out
Ideal Invite is a server constantly adapting to what you want to advertise. You can advertise Social media here, and of course; discord servers.
Community server, Everyone is welcome!!! :) Official Discord Server of the 'Ehab James' YouTube Channel!
HyRise Community Discord!

What we have to offer;

Experienced Staff ✅
Great Community 😃
Game, Movie, and Karaoke Nights! 😍
Giveaways 🎉
And much more! 🤔

So come and join today! we are looking for staff so make sure you apply!
Here at Vortex Advertising, There's so much you can do!
Want to find out what?
You can Advertise your Server or Socials!
You can chill and talk to friends!
Play and Mess around with some fun Bots!
Partner with us!
and So much more! Join and find out.
Hello, I'm foshy duck! I'm inviting you to my discord hoping you would join! I need more members and staff, we are currently hiring so you have a high chance of getting accepted, and read fast. There is NSFW if you do !addnsfw in the bot-commands.
A small, but active community AWAITING YOUR ARRIVAL! This server is based around a cult of priests, Inquisitors, Bishops etc.
Come along and we can do something together!
Bored? Well, we'll make sure you're not!
Note:this server allows self promo and we have few rules and this server is sfw friendly except for cursing
Tukcker's is a small Australian community. Although we are primarily revolved around FPS games, our members have their fair share of hobbies; whether it be music or video editing, all are welcome and supported.
* Self Promo
* Gaming Chats
* Platform & Game roles
* Nice Community
Join, find some buddies, win.
>Free Advertising
>Easy To Use
>Multiple Channels To Advertise In
>Lots Of Fun
>Join Today!
Hi! My name is Jake and i'm the owner of Coffee's Lounge, I'll cut to the chase.. originally this was a server for my yt channel (CommanderCoffee's Gaming) but i am now trying to turn it into a kind of gaming lounge for anyone who wants to join, ill still promote my videos every so often but it wont be as frequent.

I'd Highly appreciate it if you join, i hope to see you in there! :P
I'm glad you found my server, here is what OwO has to offer.

→ Many channels
→ Endless fun
→ Donation perks
→ Hangout/chill zones
→ Friendly Staff
→ Cursed-Images channel
→ Art-and-Music channel
→ So much more to come

Make sure to drop by and have a look, I promise you won't regret it.
Hey boos, SimsMovieGirl here, call me SimsGirl or Anja! if you don't know me, check out the social media links i have down below. My server is sims and mmd based, but we talk about games, we can vent, we can be goofy, and when you join, you can have a lot of fun!

YouTube |
Twitter |
Patreon |
This server is a kind and friendly server where people can come, make new friends and chill. There are various different chats for you guys to enjoy and many bots to use. You will definitely make new friends and will enjoy your time here .
Our server is a gaming based server for people to hang out, talk about games and join each other, listen to music, grind on pokecord, and lets you promote your videos or live-streams
💠A community server
💠An awesome ppl
💠Online members
💠 Pokémon
💠Waiting for you
Discord server for a streamer called McThistle2. Updates for live streams, youtube videos and a self advertisement channel to promote your video's/streams!
Sapphire is a discord bot in heavy development. Feel free to be the first people to see it start to come to life.
Join Us! For A Fun Filled Game Server Filled With Bots New People And Your Favorite Games!!!!!

1. Racism or prejudice will not be accepted into this discord, this includes no discrimination of sexual orientation, religion, sex, or disablitly.
2. Keep things to specific channels,(memes, music or art)
3. Keep the promotion of your discord server, youtube channel, and twitch in the #self-promotion channel
4. DO NOT send discord links to the admins or moderators personally, this will result in an immediate mute

These rules are in the #Rules text channel on the server.
Have fun
*Active Owners
Thanks for reading, have a good day!