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Welcome to Wonderland
A place where you are free to be yourself
as long as you remain respectful and kind.
»»━━━━━━  ♔ ━━━━━━««
♔We offer:
♔Self Roles
♔Customizable Experience
♔Friendly Staff
♔Partnering Opportunities
♔18+ Content (With Easy Verification)
♔17- Section (With Easy Verification)
♔Gaming Channels
♔Bots (Pokemon, Minecraft, and Cards
Against Humanity)
♔Supportive Community
♔Self Promotion
♔We try to welcome people from all walks
of life, even if it is different from ours
♔Come join us in the *madness*
»»━━━━━━  ♔ ━━━━━━««
♔Owned by: Kimmycat98#1884♔

We are a fun Community/Gaming server that Loves to bring people together! we are mostly a EU/NA server. Please do try the server out! we do Giveaways from time to time too! Either its Nitro, Games etc. you'll have fun! please do issue a complaint if you don't like something about the server!
Heyo! Looking for Active members that like gaming and music!! I make videos about peoples life experiences and music videos, as well as some gaming Battlefield titles.

Why join?
⊢ Self Promo rooms
⊢ EXCLUSIVE patreon benefits like chatrooms and roles
⊢ A nice community
⊢ Get your art featured
⊢ Help with Social media stuff like Banners and video editing
⊢ Help and tips for YouTube
⊢ Music producers and music help

❒ **Freeze Advertising**

Hey, Do you want to grow members fast? Join our very clean server Freeze Advertising!

What do we even have here?
```We have Very fun things such as quizzes, and Games!
We even have a NSFW channel for 18 and above.
10+ self roles
Applications for staff
AFK logs (for staff as well!)
9+ Advertising Channels
Gaming, Music, General Voice channels!
We have partnerships!
And more on the way!```

So, Are you interested in joining our cool server? We will be waiting for you!

Our Permanent Invite Link:
Our Banner: ❒
TerraWorld Is cool also partner with them

And self promo

We have all platforms and active community
Hi! My name is Jake and I'm the owner of CommanderCoffee's Lounge, I'll cut to the chase.. originally this was a server for my yt channel but i am now trying to turn it into a kind of gaming lounge for anyone who wants to join.

We have all the necessities such as self assignable roles, a memes channel, NSFW as well as a suggestions channel which believe it or not i do actually look at and much more!

I'd Highly appreciate it if you join, i hope to see you in there! :stuck_out_tongue:
Peace Out
This server is full of many types of subjects! Unfortunately there’s a limited amount of tags that we can add so we were able to add tags such as: horoscopes, vent, rant, bots, etc. Our server is still working on completing itself but it is full of fun. There are roleplays that take place after one has finished, in each roleplay everyone can join and the fun never stops! We hope you join this server and give it a try. <3
You should join! JacobSB0410 Promos 2019 is a good server to promote your servers on. I am a small youtuber that can grow with the help from many various resources. Grow with me!
Do you have a newly made Discord server and would like to boost it up? Or hire a person to do something/be hired? You've come to the right place! Job & Support is a newly made Discord server where we will help you grow your server world wide.
Hey there! We are a new and upcoming discord server which allows twitch streamers to collaborate, support each other and are given the opportunity to grow on the twitch platform! Come join us to see results :)
We like mimikyu and cool people
We got bots to make memes and cursed images, art and gameing And self promo
The bots we have are notsobot, dankmemer pokecord
And Just a bit of nsfw
So you should join the server
Hello, Kermit's Brother here. We are at the moment, a small growing community looking for more members. Why should you join our server you ask? Well, because you'll get to meet the one and only Kermit The Frog!
Also you get free V-bucks and Robux and Minecraft Diamonds! (Jk) but seriously you'll have fun meeting and interacting with other members on the server including some of the Bots. Some example commands to mess around with the Bots are: ?rps (rock, paper scissors), !yeet, !pewdiepie, ?flip, ?dog, ?cat, etc.

Come along and try out our server, don't be shy!
Music Production Sanctuary

The Music Production Sanctuary is a place where all kinds of musical artists can join together and work towards the same goal: Getting music made. In the Music Production Sanctuary, we get to meet new people, collaborate on new music, inspire each other, and build a community.

We have:
-Self-assignable roles that give access to different categories and channels
-A place to promote your work
-Opportunities to meet new people and make music
-A nice staff team made up of nice people who have music experience
-Music events every month
-New artists who you can collaborate with
-A wide variety of working bots

You don't have to be a creator so why not come hang out with us?

Invite link:
Do you want to advertise your server or get partner to your server than you should join
This Server is all about gamers and their favorite games , i need your help to fill the server and make the server good and active 😊
A Part Of A Discord Community
On this Discord You can find People to play Minecraft with and also servers to play on. You can promote your own servers and services for Minecraft to make them be found and also help others achieve and report things like scams and things to do with Minecraft.
This server is dedicated to trying to help grow your discord server or discord bots! You are allowed to post once every 24 hours and each advertising channel clears everyday! (This server is owned by the owners of Nano Corp)
Roblox Giveaways
Hello and welcome to Roblox Giveaways. Here, we host giveaways of the most popular games on Roblox, I'm not gonna bore you much with the description but here's what we basically have>
What Do We Offer?
•leveling systems
•Active staff
• Giveaways!
•Voice Channels!
• Roles & Colors!
• Events!
• Invite Rewards
•Scammers Are Not welcomed
•Unbelievaboat items (Roblox in game items & unique Quest channels unlocked)
•Costom emojis (Animated emojis as well)

We update every month with Bran New things!
This is for abdl, and helping abdl's, please do not raid.
Self promote your youtube, twitch, instagram, etc.