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✨**Laviosa is recruiting players!**✨
let me tell you a little about laviosa🙌🏽 .

We are a small and growing fortnite clan. 💥
We are a new clan looking for players that want to prove themselves.👀

📰 What we offer: 📰
Clan battle every month
A great community
A growing discord
Cool bots
Competitive team
fortnite montage upon joining

⚜️ What we need:⚜️
Content creator
GFX/VFX designer
Competitive players


you WILL like it here, promise, i hope

💊WE SUPPORT SMALL CREATORS!!! 💉, if you do YouTube, share it, if you do drawing, share it, if you do music, share it - we want to see it !! BIG EPIC !! big epic :D
Hey. Im A Youtube Named NITH123 With Over 600 Subscribers And This Is My Discord Server. Feel Free To Join Everyone Is Welcomed. It Would Be Awesome If You Could Check Out my Channel, Drop A Sub And Stay Active But If Not Thats Okay. I Play Valorant, Minecraft, Fortnite, And More Games So If Your Interested Join This Discord. <3
Welcome to Paige’s Server
What we offer.. 🎁

-Active Chat 📌

-Self Promo section 👀

We have lots of people to talk to if you’re ever bored!
-Fun Channels 💬

For all interests such as Video games, Music, Art and more!
-Bot Games 🤖

Tons of bots to use such as pokecord and dank memer!

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▉ ▊
Still not convinced?
-Helpful Staff team 🔧

Always there to help if you need anything!
-Frequent Server Updates ⚒

We’re open to any suggestions so let us know!
-Lots of Emojis🙂


We hope you can join and come hang out with us!

Invite Link
Ello there! Hope to see you join this small yet friendly community.
You may be wondering what this server has to offer. I have prepared an answer:
This server includes:

**- Super fun bots including Bob (DankMemer)
- Voice chats that go from 2 - 69 members total 😏
- MEMES! 😂🔥
- Music (Rhythm) 🎶 🎵
- Reaction roles (coming soon!)
- Anime 🔥🔥
- Minecraft ⛏️
- And much more!
What are you waiting for mate? Join this server!
Welcome to The Coffee Corner!

Do you get banned for posting edgy memes in servers?
Hate un-formatted servers?
Not a fan of strict staff?

Well join us!
You can post a shit ton of memes in this server and more!

The Coffee Corner is a place to chill out and have a laugh with people, we host events, giveaways, and even have a team system which changes every month!
Now This Is Epic B)

:busts_in_silhouette: - A team system that allows you to pick a side on a monthly changing argument,
youll be fighting in the events for the team that you choose!
:cop: - Active and help-full staff members, and a great community!
:ok_hand: - All memes are allowed. Doesn’t matter if they’re offensive or edgy. If someone gets triggered we'll deal with them!
:speech_balloon: - A wide variety of channels and roles for you to choose from!
:writing_hand: - A suggestions channel that you can post in at any time and i'll see to it personally that we listen to your ideas!
:robot: - A large population of bots for you to mess around with ;)

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us!

:link: [Links] :link:
:link: [Discord invite:]
:pushpin: [Ping: @everyone]
☆Self-assignable roles
☆Color roles
☆Voice chatting
☆Music channel
☆Active Members!
For those who want to share their music, art, youtube, etc.(any media) but also for advice and opinions. If anyone does music or youtube videos and is looking to collab with someone, join here!
The Dr. Rab's official fan server! Including the Cover crew. Also a place to promote your stuff and to collaborate with others. Caution when passing the #fire-bars channel as it is very much combusting. Very friendly people already inhabiting the server. We can talk about anything!
Visit Dr. Rab Land and see all the wonderful attractions but watch out to not fall into The Dr. Rab's basement... unless?
Upload your own emojis too.
Welcome to Spongy Promotions

Come self promote anything you wish! You can promote your discord server, your social media, and so much more! Well, what are you waiting for, come grow your community today!
This is my dedicated official youtube and twitch server
Please Join and have a chat we would love it =^w^=
JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!
if you use the dank memer bot,, it would be pretty cool if you checked out my tiny server and join the game🥺🥺

We've got
🎶music VC channels🎶
☎️hangout VC channels☎️
💪cool members💪
✅self promo channel✅
🎬lots of roles with more to come 🎬
🔞nsfw channel🔞

We need
😋egirl friends for our lonley egirls😋
🥰eboys to sheild our toxic egirls🥰
🐸anyone who uses dank memer🐸
🆒️anyone who wants a chill server🆒️
🎮help build an active dank memer server🎮
Do you want a place where you can just hang out and talk about your dreams that will never happen because your a loser? join Hell
We offer

Friendly Members

Cool Staff


Self-assignable Roles

Lots of fun channels

Voice Chats


Music Channels

Always Looking For New Partners

Reaction Roles

Much More

**So join'Hell Today!
Hello there! We are LynkCord, a YouTube network dedicated to channels of all sizes and content. Here at LynkCord, it is our number one priority to ensure the happiness of our members & partners. We will not take your money from you and there is no permanent contract, meaning Lynkcord is the perfect network for beginners.
Oi, I'm Kami, this is my server. It's a community server based upon my twitch channel! Most members are viewers from my stream. So why not come drop by and maybe even watch my stream?
Welcome To ImOsci's Official Discord Server, ImOsci Is A Streamer On Twitch, Who Is Trying To Get A Partnership With Twitch! He Has Now Made A Discord Which Contains Self-Promo, Dank-Memer And Other Social And Fun Things!
Dobrodosli na Balkan Mreza Server !
Server je za gejmere,strimere i za sve nase Balkance.
Server je za druzenje,igranje,promociju vasih strimova za Youtube,Twitch,Mixer
Svi su dobro dosli.
Zelimo vam dobar provod na ovom serveru!

• Balkanski Discord Server
• Gaming
• Streamers
• Self-Promotions
• Discord link >> <<
TWL is a new community will an all time goal of bringing people together and forming a network where you will always have a teammate or partner for whatever you need! join, search and play! Have fun!
jsme nový minecraft | discord server
hledáme přátelské hráče a aktivní AdminTeam
Připoj se k nám a nebudeš litovat :-)
Hey, this is a server where you can invite people for rewards, you can self promote your own discord server, you can use discord growth commands, you can chat with other people, and have fun! Please join and support this server <3