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Growth. Design. Success.

DevBox is a NEW Roblox HUB and development portal!
Members are able to do anything from share their content, hire devs, learn development, and everything in between!
We hope to create an enjoyable and safe environment for all developers of all skill levels, and all skill sets, whereby in-doing so, hope to aspire others into development!

Join today and

🏗️ Aspire, Learn and Teach Development,

💸 Sell and Buy Assets

📢 Promote your Group or Studio/Dev Team

📰 Showcase your Work

🗣️Look for Jobs & Post on Job Boards

and more ‼️‼️
A server for Roblox developers to help each other, hire each other, chat, and showing off what you've created.

01 Get Scripting, Modeling, Plugin, Misc help + Resources
02 Show off your creations
03 Hire and join other developers + commissions
04 Roblox Developer Feed
06 Organized and clean channels
07 {!} Optional Notification Roles {!} + more assignable roles

!! When you join you must verify yourself with the RoVer Bot. Once you verify you will have access to all server features
!! This is NOT an official Roblox server.
!! If you see anyone spamming this invite link, please report that user to Discord's trust and safety team and to the server owner.

Server Statistics:
A Roblox Scripting server where we try and help you with scripting, as well as you hiring scripters. We are trying to grow right now.
👋 Hey! Check out Roblox Developer Lounge!

We offer:
🌻 Channels for hiring developers, offering your services, advertising your game(s), and more!
🍄 Many community events!

🔗 Invite:
W'ere a super friendly Roblox Studio community that helps beginners, as well as moderately skilled members Lua scripting. Come and learn with us, we have lessons and resources. Need help? Why not ask us? We will help you go from an absolute beginner to an advanced, or maybe even master skilled scripter!

Join us now to achieve your dreams! Your reach can only go as high as you want it to go :D
This server allows you to make friends with other roblox developers and create future games. If you've ran into an issue then our community can help you out!
We are a community which will start making games. We will start pretty soon so look out, also we do lua coding help. Need help with any roblox issues or roblox lua code? Join us and ask. I am a coder myself so I may know the problem.
Studio Helpers is a server that I made to help people make their dream roblox game. We occasionally do infrequent investing events (Ro-Factor - like the X-Factor) to invest in only 1 person! Get help with builds, hire people / get hired, sell creations and talk about things or collab - Do it all here for free!

NOTE: Please do not ask anyone to help you make your game - People will be more than happy to help you, but not do the work for you :)
Looking for a Roblox community focused on studio development?
You've come to the right place.

Welcome to Blue Studios!
A Roblox game and development server.
Here you have the opportunity to join the community and show off your creations!
There's a public market place for everyone to use!
Hire, Sell, make yourself for hire! You can do it all!

Feel free to stop by and show off your work! We love to see it all.
This is a discord server for my roblox group, Asceylos, Asceylos has a game in it that me and my devs are working on called Death Tag!

What are we?

We are a development group that focuses on FPS content. We provide various bots and events to satisfy your needs in the server. We also post frequent sneak peeks to show the current stage of our game. Our current project is a recreation of the steam game called “Squad”. If you are interested, come give our server a try,

What we offer:

Before launch we want to fill up staff positions

-Staff applications
-Self roles
-Fun bots (And now with a fully developed Mod Mail bot for direct contact with staff)
-Active community
-Good staff team
-Giveaways and Events

You are always free to join as a supporter and you don’t need to develop to join this server
A perfect server for all types of Roblox developers! Sell your Roblox Studio products, advertise games, hire others, hang out, and have fun!
J'ai crée ce serveur pour rassembler des joueurs et des créateurs, jouant ou créant des jeux sur Roblox.
Merci de rejoindre mon serveur
Bienvenue sur le serveur Roblox Studio Français
Nous avons créé se discord pour réunir un maximum de nouveaux créateurs ou de créateurs aguérris pour partagé des créations, scripts...
Si vous souhaitez faire partie de ce groupe ma foi sympathique il vous faudra respectez quelques règles fondamentales et des règles mise au point par notre magnifique QI..
Z-Studios is a public server for games made by this community, and projects by me! You can ask for help with your game as well! Make friends, post memes, art, and have fun!

Hello!, I was wondering if you want to join our roblox dev discord community! here we have
Invite Rewards
Level Ranking
Bot-Free DM Welcome's
Free To Be Hired
Free To Hire
Server Partner Allowed
Group Teaming
Fun Community
Respectful Admins
Public Chats
Public VC
Specific Room For Learning Lua And Building
Specific Place For Dev Stuff

Other then that we would love you to join us! From a small comuunity you Yes YOU can help us grow by joining and inviting! Thank You And Have A Nice Day
Roblox Developers is a server that I made to help people make their dream roblox game. We're a small community of people who have an interest in building, scripting or gaming in general.
Hire, Sell, make yourself for hire! You can do it all!
Feel free to stop by and show off your work! We love to see it all.
The Lua Library!

This is a new discord server like most of the roblox developing ones but with a twist!

We offer:
Marketplace services
General chat
Friendly community
And more.

But this is the discord for the largest online resource of lua free models and tutorials (or aspiring to be). You can join and request free models which will be made for u and everyone else fee of charge. Join today!
I am Bat, i am a roblox Builder. If your looking for a Friendly Good builder then join this server. :D

In this server, u can dm or ping me to build u something for robux. NOTE: I only accept group funds. Also if your a Builder looking for commissions, you can join this server and promote your server and look for customers and etc.

Thank you :)
Hope u will join the server :)

This is a server for Roblox Developers who want to learn or need help in scripting.

I hope our community can help you and guide your way to become a professional scripter.
Hello! This is a Roblox Daycare Server that is going to be the Next LAD. We are currently Hiring 𝗔𝗟𝗟 ranks