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Welcome to THE VITAMIN TRIP!!! This server is a hangout for fans of mino xae or OPTION47. It is also a nice place for anyone to chill out. We have events such as movie nights, freestyle fridays, art contests, and more!! we have fun bots and leveling ranks. You can share some music and art that you have made as well! Most of the members are respectful as well and the mods are super chill. Come stop by!
Welcome to『 * + ~Jazz Bar~ + * 』! A fun, friendly, music-themed server where anyone is welcome!
*+~ Amazing staff!
*+~ A friendly, sfw environment!
*+~ Concert-themed channels!
*+~ A shop filled with wonders and goodies!
*+~ A games room for loads of bots to hang out with!
*+~ The perfect place for aspiring producers to share their appreciation for music in many forms!
Come to『 * + ~Jazz Bar~ + * 』, and claim your space as a Jazzie!
Music and Audio is the home to singer/songwriters, rappers and beat makers, producers to general music theory.

Experts on mixing/mastering, music composition and production regularly livestream interactive lessons in the highly active voice channels.

Meet like-minded people and grow as an artist!
Welcome to the Illenials server! we are connecting Illenials worldwide, we offer different things, from Music production to arts, to gaming, etc... we are still in the middle of processing a lot of things, but the server itself open! Hope you guys enjoy!
I am a music producer, guitar and bass player, singer, sound designer, gamer, stoner,and youtuber. I can teach what i know about music production and give feedback when i have the time (I use FL studio 20, no one on one lessons,but I do take video requests for tutorials for music production ,recording, sound design, and mixing just DM me and also for feedback or for advice). Music producers/musicians, youtubers,stoners, gamers and music lovers are welcome. Active feedback from members for struggling youtubers and musicians/music producers. Support for music production. Free self promotion channel. Small community and growing.
Join the weaver beats server for discussions ranging from underground music, to music production, memes and more! Free cake at the entrance.
NoteWavLoops is a friendly, community driven sample and loop sharing server where producers can share and flip samples.
Come help out other producers and also get some cool tunes to flip!
Yee haw, {tractor gang} is a group of the most goated, supreme producers and artists to have ever existed on our planet. Feel free to join and vibe with us!
One of those rare places where u find different people,different vibes...
A place where you can chill,chat&smoke,game with others and learn more about music production,exchange projects,get tips about mix-mastering and much more ! ! !
Our Rust Server EU Vanilla :

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”― Ronald E. Osborn
Have fun ! ! !

✪✪✪✪▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ NEW HORIZONS ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂✪✪✪✪

Hello αɴd Welcoмe тo New Horιzoɴѕ

This is the place where new beginnings, people and new opportunities
may be found !

A server where potential and new ideas
create masterpieces of all kinds!

So come join in the fun, and see what N̷e̷w̷ ̷H̷o̷r̷i̷z̷o̷n̷s̷
you'll discover ! :D

TheVibeHouse is a music & chill community where you can make music, listen to music, freestyle, chill with others, game with others and much more.
A music driven community to help and develop one another, while continuing to bring different cultures and life styles together.

Join the Official SMLE Discord Server! Hang out with our two most favorite boys in the world, Lewis and Ruben. Join a community of wonderful artists, amazing fans and full-blooded gamers. Come say hi, meet new people, show tracks your working on, find gaming buddies, hang out in the VIP lounge(just as chaotic, if not better than the general lounge), join the streams, etc. Come come your passion for music and gaming and join the Official SMLE Discord Server now!
United Talent League is a place for music producers and vocalists to find people to collab with and get honest feedback from. We'll help you improve on it as much as possible
Come join the noods, we are a music making server, and our main focus is to bring music to people during this lock down, who knows you may even get big here, but we mainly mess around and chat all day so join up and see what we do.We have a friendly work space were you can keep your songs that only you and higher ups can see if you want.
Looking for admins, mods and all that jazz
New emojis
LGBTQ+ friendly
Come join if you want idc

Welcome to TheFrequency! We are a musician community for musicians or vocalists of all kinds to link up and share their work or collaborate.

We have plenty of resources to help better your production/quality. These include useful links for plugins, sample packs, tutorials, sales, and more. We also have an Artist Email service to help you find rappers looking for beats, aswell as a label search service to find labels wanting to release your work.

We hope you come and enjoy our community, and maybe stay awhile! See you there.
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ eSound █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
We are a music community promoting talented artist! Also a community perfect for meeting new artist and producers 🎶
🎶 Things you can do 🎶
-Share your music
-Collab with other artist and producers
-Stay up to date on hiphop news and events
-Buy and sell beats
-Get feedback on your upcoming projects
-Submit your music for a chance to be on our YouTube channel

*Boosters get benefits for their lovely support
A collaborative community of music producers and sound engineers. If you are a music producer or listener. Please join. We also have a gaming channel!
The Official Music Community Discord by DAMAMAKE.
Here you are able to:
⚫ Share your music (songs, beats, acapellas, sound designs, etc.)
⚫ Receive and give feedback
⚫ Self Promo / Show off your work!
⚫ Collaborate with members!
⚫ Learn tips and tricks of music production / theory!
⚫ Converse with like-minded creatives!
⚫ Have a great musical experience!
A creative arts and music productions server.
Featuring artists, singers, and music producers. ❤️ |
❄️Welcome to Naka's Enchanted Forest,
You were walking in the woods and found a magical forest full of creatures in the night. This enchanted forest is inhabited by artistic and musical creatures in which individual creativity is the specialty of each. A beautiful calm haven of all worlds, inhabited by mystical artsy creatures and passions to explore!
🎹 Your Creativity is the energy of this forest!
Feel free to hangout, network, and find friends!
- unique roles and colors
- simple chats and themed
- art and music chats to share, connect, and discuss.

❤️ Work to be a friendly and active environment. Observe other artists and compliment. Chatting and collaborating with other artists to reach dreams in life. Looking for inspirations! We'll always be here and we'll be hanging together.

❤️ Living in a beautiful reality with an ever changing, artistic, and creative industry. As long as there is a passion. We will go for it together here and pursue our dreams! Deciding our own steps.

Chat art, collaborate, share, and grow.

Join us in this late night forest inhabited by artistic creatures.🌙
Awesome server with an active community that hosts feedback streams by huge artists from massive labels such as NCS, Monstercat, Mixmash Records, Spinnin' Records and so on!
Flow's Hangout:
Hey !!! So to sum up this server, were just a small simple discord server that's goal is to bring together musicians artists and producers alike, you can share your beats, learn and improve together or just hangout and chill,
We offer:
★ A place to promote your media
★ A chill hangout to just vibe in
★ Plenty of people to collab with
★ Resources for you're next project
★ Plenty of self roles
★Lots of bots to have fun with
★A level up for roles system
If any of this interests you please join today!
Contains professionals in the real world music industry that can give you the edge you need to take your music to the next level.
Producers Hangout is a server dedicated to bringing together music creators of all types, whether it's physical instruments or electronic.
Producers Hangout is:
Able to bring together like-minded people who love the creation of music.
A great place to meet people who can help you further progress your music making path.
A location to send your projects and get real and sometimes even accredited constructive criticism.

Invite code: