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✪✪✪✪▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ NEW HORIZONS ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂✪✪✪✪

Hello αɴd Welcoмe тo New Horιzoɴѕ

This is the place where new beginnings, people and new opportunities
may be found !

A server where potential and new ideas
create masterpieces of all kinds!

So come join in the fun, and see what N̷e̷w̷ ̷H̷o̷r̷i̷z̷o̷n̷s̷
you'll discover ! :D

One of those rare places where u find different people,different vibes...
A place where you can chill,chat&smoke,game with others and learn more about music production,exchange projects,get tips about mix-mastering and much more ! ! !
Our Rust Server EU Vanilla :

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”― Ronald E. Osborn
Have fun ! ! !

I see you have a +1 to Club Deahl! We are a community for dance music producers, DJs, music industry folks, and dance music fans to link up, talk biz, and share their work.

Members include folks from Monstercat and 1001Tracklists, and artists like Treasure Fingers and The Glitch Mob.

Get industry advice from pros, advice on your newest WIP, talk shop about music business, or debate about what city has the best pizza (it's kind of a hot button topic here).

We hope you come and enjoy our community, and kick it with us! See you there.
A normal discord server that is about socializing and music. This server contains various amounts of music artists and producers building their careers to the top as well as various amounts of production channels so that you can find what you are looking for.
Welcome to the Rival & Cadmium Discord server! Here you can talk with us, find help in the producer-zone chat or get feedback on your songs!
A new, growing community meant for music producers of all kinds! Share your own creations and discuss them with others. Stop by to talk about music making tips, tricks, workflow and collabs. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill or even if you're just a fan of homemade music!
Welcome to TheFrequency! We are a musician community for musicians or vocalists of all kinds to link up and share their work or collaborate.

We have plenty of resources to help better your production/quality. These include useful links for plugins, sample packs, tutorials, sales, and more. We also have an Artist Email service to help you find rappers looking for beats, aswell as a label search service to find labels wanting to release your work.

We hope you come and enjoy our community, and maybe stay awhile! See you there.
Welcome to Creators World! Where Professionals and Aspiring Professional creators come together. We pride ourselves on retaining quality members who are actively pursuing their creative professions and hobbies. This place is ideal for Artists, Developers, Writers, Musicians, and Videographers.
A community of producers, singers, rappers and all the rest of them. This is a place for collabing aswell as giving and receiving advice from and to other musicians. Feel free to share this server with any musicians you know. We are looking for both beginners and professionals.
╭────Underground Music Cult ● ● ● ● ●

Looking for a safe place to promote your creations or meet individuals who is interested in the same genre as of you? UNDERGROUND MUSIC CULT is an aesthetically themed server for collaboration, recognition, communication, and music! Our community welcomes everyone who likes underground music genres.

(We have our own YouTube Promotion channel where we upload submissions by our members ONLY!)

➔ Events like remix competition, QOTD, etc.
➔ Variety of bots including our own custom bot.
➔ Clean and organized channels.
➔ Strict automod and verification.
➔ Friendly and helping Staff members.
➔ SFW and Non-Toxic Environment.
➔ BEST collection of Goth emotes.

        𝗝𝗼𝗶𝗻 𝗨𝘀?

   NO          ➤𝗬𝗘𝗦

More info on:
God's Army


Build upon the sacred principles to summon and worship the Deathstep Gods, this cult is primarily focused to bring together **ALL** bass heads *NO MATTER* what style or leading artist they love and look up to.

We are a growing community of like minded friendly bass heads and producers!

Join now and start summoning demons!

Please share our server with other bassheads in other forums/servers/groups! or i will summon The Devil Himself to your bed tonight and haunt you in your dreams. Pray that it wont be your deathbed.

OWNER - @poizonemusic#5041 poizonemusic#5041
ADMIN - @AdvaithAUS#8561 Advaith#8561
Hello and welcome to Immortal Sounds Official!

What is Immoral Sounds Official (or IMM Sounds Official)?
Immortal Sounds Official is a small discord server that aims at providing the best environment for music producers, singers/rappers, beatmakers, artists and our fans in general. I started IMMS as a means for each and everyone whether they are a producer or any artist to have an ideal learning and growing environment, along with many like-minded individuals. We are a steadily growing community and we wish that maximum artists get benefit from our server by learning from professional artists. Here, we have tons of fun channels along with memes, quotes, production nights, seminars from professionals to keep the mind fresh and inspired.
Our community is also based on feedback and suggestions, so there is always room for improvement! Thank you so much for reading. We wish to see you grow along with us make new friends!

Welcome to golden factory. You've come to the right place if you are a musician, producer, artist or just want to network with people from the music industry. All levels from Beginners to Pros are welcome. Self-Promo is allowed. We all share one thing: Love for music! Enjoy your stay with us.
X-Zone  X ゾーン

A place for musicians of all kinds and other hobbists for enjoyment! - Sharing ideas & creativity.

Find more friends to enjoy with! - share your creations and learn new skills from each other.
this server is mostly dedicated to music but we have other fun activities too!
The new server update has some new categories! We got ᴏꜰꜰ-ᴛᴏᴘɪᴄ as a fun/chill place & ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ for all the gamers out there!
Thanks for joining! Have fun! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
Basstopia is one of the largest bass families on discord! All persons are welcome, bassist or not, everyone is able to discuss music and give their opinions! We have daily Question-of-The-Day and Bi-Weekly events like competitions or server-wide jams. You will find we have plenty of knowledgeable gear-heads who are always down to help out someone with problems. Beginners will also find that they will be right at home here with friendly advice on how they can improve and grow! Basstopia is one of the largest bass families on discord! All persons are welcome, bassist or not, everyone is able to discuss music and give their opinions! We have daily Question-of-The-Day and Bi-Weekly events like competitions or server-wide jams. You will find we have plenty of knowledgeable gear-heads who are always down to help out someone with problems. Beginners will also find that they will be right at home here with friendly advice on how they can improve and grow! Hope to see you soon!
This is a server of music production.
Join and get feedback for free from professionals.
Daily production steam.
Connect with Music Producers from all over the world.
Hear your favorite songs for free.
Monthly exciting giveaways.
Always active.
this is a music production server, everyone are welcomed, people that make music and that dont, we will make you feel welcomed and we will have lots of collabs, and right now having a mega collab so come and join asap
This is the official server for the record label Elysian Dreams Music run by Wyatt Schmidt. The main focus of the channel is to build a community for progressive electronic music although it seems we mostly play chess, talk about anime, and make food...
Music and Audio is the home to singer/songwriters, rappers and beat makers, producers to general music theory.

Interactive events and lessons regularly streamed by experts on mixing/mastering, singer/songwriting and production in highly active voice channels.

Meet like-minded people and grow as an artist!
here in this server, you find literally anything you want on a music production basis. Like if u r a RAPPER looking for a PRODUCER, yea 100% available. SINGER looking for a LYRICIST, hell yea ain't joking.
An artistic community that want to improve their music making abilities in general like singing, producing, mixing, etc. to help each other grow and make some friends while youre at it x)
Flow's Hangout:
Hey !!! So to sum up this server, were just a small simple discord server that's goal is to bring together musicians artists and producers alike, you can share your beats, learn and improve together or just hang out and chill,
We offer:
★ A place to promote your media
★ A chill hangout to just vibe in
★ Plenty of people to collab with
★ Resources for you're next project
★ Plenty of self roles
★Lots of bots to have fun with
★A level up for roles system
If any of this interests you please join today!

Noodle Gang

Hello and welcome to our ad for noodle gang!
We hope you take your time to read through our ad to see if you would like to join.

╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗

◯ ─˚ Table of Contents
◯ ─˚ Name
◯ ─˚ Intro
◯ ─˚ Table of Contents
◯ ─˚ About Us
◯ ─˚ Features
◯ ─˚ Links

╚═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╝

About Us

We are a small but growing server, we specialize in bringing people together during this lockdown, but we are also for those wishing to make music and chill around.


◯ ─˚ Fun bots
◯ ─˚ Self roles
◯ ─˚ Non toxic and friendly staff
◯ ─˚ LGBTQ+ Friendly
◯ ─˚ And much. much. more!
We are a music collective, who produce music. Everyone is welcome. Come here to find friends and collaborate with people who produce your type of genre! We go from RnB to Edm to Trap to Pop. Join us if you are looking for a friendly community.