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Do you have an idea that you would like to bring it into reality?

Do you want to bring your expertize to a team project?

Do you want to meet like-minded people and team up for a project?
Do you want to see how you can start your startup in 16 hours?
Would you like to win some cash, prizes, and gai
Húg Fú is a lovely social discord dedicated to gaming, programming, role-playing and events. Do you like meeting new people, talking, having fun? Come and join us.
Finally, a Discord server that is 100% dedicated to game development and game programming! There are no web designers, system admins or frontend programmers - this sever is all about video game making!
Server created September 9, 2018.
The only discord server dedicated to a single web programming language. Open for both experts and apprentices.
The Creation Hub is a community by developers, for developers. We have tons of roles to choose from, aswell as a partnering program and a good ammount of bots.
Mix Developers is a Roblox Community where we talk about Roblox and games everyone makes and MORE! We are also here to help others learn how to develop Games. So come on down and join our community!!!
A Retro Discord server for developers and gamers alike!
It's a server where lives a game developer and just developers :)
Internationals Developers Community was created by three developers. On our planet, there are many different countries with many different people. This discord server combines all these developers around the world.

Be a part of our server and join now! :)

- IDC Server Team
Cloud Community is a fun place to hangout!
Make friends & socialize! ;D
DevBoost Studios is a Dev Team that makes actual game, support here or apply for a job in DevBoost Studios. We are completely new and we looking for hire. (Note: We are not adults nor are in college but we are here to pursue our goals and see if this can work out.)
this server is for coders or people that need coders ALL for free.
Jeżeli jesteś programistą, grafikiem lub po prostu interesujesz się szeroko pojętą informatyką to to jest serwer dla Ciebie.