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--Welcome To Fire Devs--

¬ The best programming discord server ever
¬ Self Roles
¬ We have everything you could want
¬ Active Owner
¬ Unity
¬ Unreal Engine
¬ Scratch EDU
¬ From Scratch
¬ GoDot Game Engine
¬ C++ (EXT)
¬ Events

Social-Club, um servidor de discord chill com lo-fi e muito

▹Bots de diversão, como: Pokécord, Economia, Gartic, Uno, Akinator, etc.

▹Bots de musica, como: Groovy, Rythm, Rythm 2 e um bot de Lo-fi 24/7.
▹Chats com pessoas legais e outros chats para pessoas mais ''brutas''.

▹Bots de interação, como: Loritta, Nadeko.
▹Comandos exclusivos do Servidor, como: Troca de cores, notificações e cargos
▹Chat de divulgação, Chat para programadores, Cargos para divulgadores e artistas, etc.
▹E vários benefícios para quem dar boost!

Venha para o Clube do Café!
Venha para o SocialClub
A discord server for those who need help with coding, bot development, web development, and more!
THis server is to be based around the tags and tital, NOT-facebook hacking or dumb stuff such as that.this is for people with interests or hobbies related to the tags
this server is for creative peoples to showoff their skills ,weather it is art,game,music,or youtube videos,your most welcome
Welcome gamers, scripters, builders, and other people!
I introduce you to 👩💻Sphyrs Studio💻👨!
Here you can help people make games or you can ask for help if you don't know any code.
We can also teach you how to code, and guess what we also have game jams when we have enough person and were waiting for you!
So, feel free to do anything also, this server is for all ages since Roblox is for all ages.
Have fun, and I hope you have a great day! 😀😀
Building a community of developers of all kinds young or old, inexperienced or experienced all are welcome!
"It's always impossible till done!"

Hello there

Den Of Developers is a small community filled with developers who make various stuff from within a range of discord bots to commercial websites!

Join us and make your dream also come true!
Dumb People Development Group (DPDG), Is a server made to bring RBX.Lua developers and Lua developers together. You can talk about coding and lua. Show off your games. This group is mostly for Rbx.lua (The Roblox Version of lua, Roblox allows you to make games and play other peoples games).
The Official Discord Server Designated For The Roblox Game "Zeincard Online".

This Server Contains;
Robux Giveaways
Fun And Interactive People
Game Updates, Sneakpeaks, And Announcements
the start of a new journey within the seas of many thieving pirates, a destination known to many seen by very few, people have claimed to have been in those uncharted seas, the sea of Athena's Fortune that is!

Uncharted Seas

is a online mmo about pirates, in this game you will sail the seas with 1-4 player(s) with a choice to choose 3 different Ships to sail on

similar to sea of thieves the main objective is to PLUNDER the Uncharted Seas and with multiple voyages to choose from you can level up your traders company's to gain some doubloons for yourself

join in our game today by joining Imperial Studios!:
This server is for Roblox developers looking to hire someone or be hired to complete commissions or for robloxians to simply hangout.
:brain: Don't you love Roblox? :brain:
Do you also love Super Power training Simulator? :muscle:
Are you sick of no updates from it? :yawning_face:
Than join the all new group that is developing a new fresh one that will have weekly updates and we will make more games in the future!!
:loudspeaker: We think of our players first
Come join us! Invite friends if you want too!! If you want to join the team DM the owner TormentedSoul#2507
hey dudes ! this is cosmos studios this place is a heaven for make games , but we are still need members and it's requires no coding absolutly no coding,programming its simple and we need your help yes im talking to you we need your help ! no one's help we just need your help !
Roblox Developers

• A Discord for Scripters, Builders, Artists, whoever! ✅

• Talk about Roblox Development with other developers! ✅

• Hire developers! ✅

• Ask for help from other developers! :white_check_mark:✅

And much more...

Join today! :3
Web Developers& Support is a Discord server with dedicated programmers that will support you with any of your queries, this being.. Javascript, PHP, html, css etc.
Hello! Welcome to Anime Industry! We are a group of developers that are creating 10 games! Theses anime games will be very detailed so they are close to the anime. They are all in dev right now. Once one is done then you will be able to play it! If you are a dev yourself DM one of the owners to get yourself hired! Make sure to follow the rules so you don't end up leaving us :c
Black Clover: Royal Beatdown
Naruto: Shinobi Seals
My Hero Academia: Phantasmal Heroes
JoJo: A Pretty Bizarre Story
Bleach: Souls of the Void
Attack on Titan: WolfHunt
Tokyo Ghoul: Kagune Fighers
Seven Deadly Sins: The Deadly Sins
Demon Slayer: Crush of the Demon
Soul Eater: Soul Rusher
We have some Voice Chats to chat with others in too! There are even streaming chats (For devs) We also have our own Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!
Welcome to Delegated Depictions! “Depicted in True Colour”
Delegated Depictions is a Graphical Design group owned and Run By nanomack, founded 20/07/2019
We're Dedicated to Fulfilling our Customers Needs and Wants with Varying Prices.
All Prices are Listed In the Discord
Interested in becoming a Designer? Submit an application today!
Have a Good day!
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Hello there! This server is made for developers who can share .bat .exe files or regedits.
In here we help people to get more fps better performance etc.
We also have our own tweaker called RXZ will be released soon.
We can also help you with PC/TECH stuff, even boost connection. You can make new friends. Talk with developers and more.
Please join and have fun!
Rolox server for gamers and developers
this server is good for players communication and developers cooperation is quite a lot of people and games have come a long way but it still works
We are GamePlug, a development group on Roblox that will try to make you the best games. We are hiring at the moment so apply now or be a fan!
This is a development hang out server. Join if you want to talk and hang out with other developers!