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This is a server for Roblox Developers who want to learn or need help in scripting.

I hope our community can help you and guide your way to become a professional scripter.
A discord server for those who need help with coding, bot development, web development, and more!
Roblox Developers

• A Discord for Scripters, Builders, Artists, whoever! ✅

• Talk about Roblox Development with other developers! ✅

• Hire developers! ✅

• Ask for help from other developers! :white_check_mark:✅

And much more...

Join today! :3
Tambayan 404 is a Discord community for Filipinos Tech Workers and Enthusiasts to have fun, unwind, and not take life seriously. Feel free to discuss games, tech, computers, keyboards, shitpost (within reason), or discuss work stuff here!
Hang out and meet other Developers!
We also have a marketplace where you are able to sell your goods.
WorldWideWeb is a new Discord server for humans who...
🐥 Want to find like-minded individuals with similar interests in web development.
🦄 Need help on their web-related projects.
🐸 Seek to hire talented developers, or seek to be hired for their talents.
🧬 Want a place to share, talk about, and find information on web-related projects.
This server is a little project that I, Bridge, have worked on. It’s nothing huge nothing too fancy, but it’s my baby. It’s where my projects lay and where I will be developing my bot in a real world scenario. It’s a community I want to grow with my friends and reaching out to more people in the Discord community.
Welcome to Orange Circle Official discord server!
We are making some games on Roblox! We love source engine games
Current game: Counter - Strike : Source Remaking on Roblox called Ro - Strike : Source
Hey! If you are a Technical Geek, then I recommend you to join our Server. Here we conduct many Fun Trivia with Giveaway almost every Week. If you are a Developer then our Server is Really Good For you, and if you are a learner then also our server is perfect for you. If you want to know latest updates about World Leading Companies then also you can join. We Focus on Coding and want to popularise Coding in India. in addition we also give Product reviews like SmartPhones,Laptops and etc. As our Community is new that’s why we are searching for New Members. So join and Support us. Let’s Do Coding!👾
Welcome to Project Saisei, were a community of Pokemon fans looking for people who want better for the series and are willing to make their own game in order to make a better experience to join this sever. We are also looking for people who can help us with coding in Unreal Engine, the concept art for the game, Pixel Art for in the game, ideas for the game itself and help us create music for the game. If you are interested in this project feel free to join our welcoming community!
Building a community of developers of all kinds young or old, inexperienced or experienced all are welcome!

-lots of bots
-coding contest
-and more
For LGBTQ+ programmers of all experiences levels (including those who haven't started programming yet). Anyone who's alright being in a space that centers LGBTQ+ programmers is welcome as well 💜.
Kio's Graphics Designs
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Kio' Graphics Designs is a GFX community.

In this server you can sell, Buy, Or even get help with your GFX.

What we offer
-We do giveaways every week and other funn events.
-We also have really nice Members and staff.
-Being able to sell or buy GFXs.
-Get a partnership.

Would you like to get a shop? all you need yo do is post three of your best work in the Get a shop channel.
a Ranker in our server will rank you on your skill as a GFX artist.

You also can sell your GFX, or even buy from other peoples shops.
We also do partnerships.

How do i become a partner? All you need to do is go to the How to partner channel. read the requirements.

You also can get different roles in the server based on your skills.
you always can rank up and get better roles.
hello this is a chill server

we're also a roblox server, and no. in this server we dont troll jonathan galindo
make sure you read Rules. Have a fun time bye.
For developers, by developers
This server is made not only for developers, but also for those who wanna have a good time here.
You can also get help with many things like Discord.JS, Packages made by us and much more.
Welcome to Delegated Depictions! “Depicted in True Colour”
Delegated Depictions is a Graphical Design group owned and Run By nanomack, founded 20/07/2019
We're Dedicated to Fulfilling our Customers Needs and Wants with Varying Prices.
All Prices are Listed In the Discord
Interested in becoming a Designer? Submit an application today!
Have a Good day!
We are Royal Studios, we are a community and a development group. We are specialized in making models for Roblox Studios. If you are a developer or a map maker for Roblox Studios this is a great server for you !!! We host giveaway's, challenge's and more!!! So what are you waiting for join!!!!!
Coderz-F1: Where coderz unite. Come ask for help, talk about the different programming languages, or pretty much whatever you like(in the appropiate channels, of course). Come on and join us, you know you want to. Get help and help others with their problems, discuss about new trends in programming world. Best server to solve problems for sketchware users.
Hello are you looking for roblox developers well you found the right place RDC is the place to find them at come on and join find nee friends and more no NSFW tho we do not use those type of things here:)
This is a Youtubers server with 90+ Members. We support each other and play games together! We are looking for members to play games with!
Sunucumuza Gelerek Botlarınızı Ekleyip Üye Sayısını Arttırabilirsiniz!

By visiting our server, you can add your bots and increase the number of members!
BID uma bot list que usa bot para tudo!!

Aqui teremos:

Site para adicionar seu bot:

Chats para conversar com os membros

Chat para usar bots que estão no servidor

Staff ativa e competente