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We are a community that brings together web developers of all experience levels. Get help with your code, connect with other web developers, discuss your current project and chat about your favourite languages, libraries, and frameworks.
Inclusive design community to share resources and connect.
✨Resource sharing (learning, events, jobs)
✨Friendly well-moderated community
✨Server events
✨Self promotion
Singapore Jobs, Entrepreneurship, News, Promo, Deals, Jokes, Games, Fitness, Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle and more!
Welcome to the one of the best servers for Freelancing and Hiring Freelancers. The server makes sure there is no horse trade and cheap jobs for freelancers while also checking that Clients only hire verified and professional Freelancers. We make sure that we manually verify each Freelancer before allowing them to apply for jobs. Our server includes of many Freelancing categories like designing, programming, marketing and more. The platform is exactly like UpWork, Fiverr and other platforms
Florida State Roleplay is an up and coming server with 30+ people Based on Florida. We are looking for LEO, Fire & Rescue, Dispatch, Department Of Transportation, and Civilians. For LEO we have four departments Palm Bay (City) Brevard County (County) Florida Highway Patrol (Highways) and Tampa Bay (Paleto). Our Server is an ESX Server with Jobs, In game currency, Hunger & Health, And Criminal Activities. We have our own Dev team that made our Vehicle Skins and our EUP. Click the link below to join today! Hope to see you there!
Hello welcome to New york state department of corrections we are growing every day and we want you to help us grow here we pride ourselves in making a happy and safe work and roleplay enviroment for you and everybody else you can chose to be a Department Correction officer or a prisoner yourself
:✎……… Welcome to Kansha Advertising Portal

❥∶ Here, we have... experienced server developers!... and.. ⬎ ⬎
Channels to advertise: All kinds of servers, Social Media accounts, Websites.. and more!

❥∶ Find staff positions, partnerships, and servers! And advertise your own!

: Hire people! You can put out your own ads, and hire people who.. Develop servers! Create banners! PM / AM! and more!

❥∶ We are currently hiring partnership managers!

So.. what are you waiting for! Please, come and join our family!
❥∶✎… We are a new server looking to grow, so please keep that in mind-!

This is a five m role play server! If you want to be ems mechanic or lspd! You must apply on discord!
Looking for a game in ROBLOX based on real life? ... This is it, you can do every sorts of thing, from robbing places, working in different jobs, raising a family, meeting a nice community
Join Today!!
True North RP is a Canadian based FiveM roleplay server with various custom assets to fit your gaming experience is FiveM not your thing? Well come join us anyways as we have a network of servers and such that fit anyone's gaming needs!
Official | NAMY Leaks
What we offer:

⭐ Brand new FiveM community server
💻 Sharing scripts, leaks, MLO, clothes, vehicles and more
🔰 Selling premium scripts, frameworks, server setups and more
🔷 Support for new people and giveaways!

We just started with this new community and we would like to welcome you on our server.
Newsham City|EMS|Starting Cash 100k|Realife Cars|12+Jobs|Discord:
—The Hangout—

Are you looking for a place to share all your favorite memes, have fun, and be respected? Come on over to The Hangout and enjoy what we have to offer!
-Get help with your models/renders/resource packs!
-Minecraft Modeling/ Texture pack making server! find jobs, or find people to do your packs/models for you! Active mod! Private channels!
-Apply For staff!
-Friendly Server!
A Newly created server for people who are struggling in School, Jobs, or any other Area. We will provide support to those looking for a job, those who want a job in acting or many other places where you may want a Job. We also inspire and give advice to those who need it. We are dedicated to helping people figure out their lives and get them on the right track! If you yourself are interested hop in and give us a shot.
Je propose un serveur Minecraft prémium et cracké en 1.15.2
Toute nouvelle saison avec la saison 1.5

Dedans vous y retrouverez du PVP-Faction avec des Jobs
Ainsi que plusieurs sortes de mini-jeux du genre "tntrun" , "bedwars" , "murder mystery" et bien d'autres

Serveur chaleureux vous y serez bien

IP du serveur minecraft :
Lien vers le discord :
This is a server made so people can join and discuss anything about coding. And have a good time talking with other people
Welcome to the State of Myodor! We are an economy and political roleplay server where you can get a job, become a criminal, run for office, and even more!

-We are an upcoming small group joining together to make ends meet. if you love playing video games (whichever platform) then this is the right server for you. We'll start with few of us before expanding into each one having their own wing/ breaking off to build their own. I'm a gamer, If I love it, just like anyone else I'd like to make it something profitable. There's only one problem with being a lone gamer or part time player trying to grow. It's competing with the active people mostly usually already earning who have already time to think of content, create and release it in tons. Furthermore already earning from it, allows them to promote their videos.
So here basically what we'll be doing is making work light by involving many hands
We all have watched videos around and know what type of content people want. We all are creators and gamers. And we all want to also earn from it.

Review us as well.
Do you want to join an rp community of businesses? Do you want to get a job, get a degree and do much more? Do you want to explore life in Canada? Then look no further! We are currently growing and join now to be one of the OGs and gain 100,000 dollars free!