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hewwo :3 this is a server for wholesome content, chatting, and gaming. we want friends so feel free to join us. if you are into a tiny community, the server is very new. also hoping to get a minecraft realm up soon :)
If you are under the age of 15, please do not join! We do not want any illegal things happening in here or having young people getting exposed to things they should not be exposed to yet.

Hiya! how are you guys today? Im doing well thank you for asking. So youre scrolling through disboard searching for a nice active server? Well search no more buddy, you have found that server. Here at loser centeral you are welcomed by the many loving members with open arms. whether youre a real loser or not, we will still love you. WE SO WHOLESOME BTW EEEE <3

This messages was brought to you by alex also know as lookatmeimedgy also know as the owner. She would appreciate you joining

16+ | Hello friends, welcome to UwUland!

We're a very chilled server where you can always visit and have small talks. Chat isn't always active but there's always someone around :)

What we have:

+ A semi active community where everyone is chilled and friendly.
+ 150 still emotes, most of which are unique ones you can't find anywhere else!
+ 150 animated emotes (including nsfw ones!)
+ Subreddit channels. (We use webhooks that post directly from Reddit)
+ Carl-bot

Come hang out with us :D
Welcome to the UwU Klub!
We're happy to bump in another server exclusively for furry gamers. We are here to try and provide a community for the outcasts society doesn't like. So if you are a furry gamer, then don't take a second thought thinking about joining, we welcome you in the nicest ways possible. It might not be what it seems at first glance, but I promise that we're pretty nice overall. New features to the server will be added along the way, so if you have any ideas let me know! ^w^
Welcome to OWO NATION!

What do we have?:
1. We have fun place that you can chill and just talk in!
2. You can request places to talk about your favorite games, and chill in the voice channels!
3. We have a secure system so don't worry about rude people, or bullies. We are a safe and nice
server and we welcome everyone!
4. We can fill all your OwO needs!

Owner: Anna Lizz
Co-Owner: RedTea

What games do we have?:
Currently we have VRCHAT with server channels, but In requests you can ask for your favorite games!
We can do movie nights, game nights, or just chill!
★No.1 Furry Community For Freedom in our very active and growing community!
!! Drama, and tons of entertainment in our community < 3

What's available there?

🍆NSFW Roleplay / IRL lewds channels

😻Community for Furs, Anime lovers & nonfurs too, very open and loving community!

🎉 Weekly giveaways + Daily weekend ones too

💜Loving & Welcoming community meet new faces every day!

💁🌈LGBTQ+Friendly and

 very accepting of everyone!

Dog Den is a furry discord for everyone 13+! We accept everyone no matter who you are. We're also pretty laid back just don't be rude or anything and have some common sense and you should be fine.
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ PUT THE UWU IN THE BAG ♥! We gonna UWU you soo hard, but not too hard ;)) We are a small server and still developing, however, we will need your help hehe

Our aim is to be a wholesome, chill and cosy! don't have a specific topic, as we are spontaneous and whatever floats the boat
Welcome to 𝑷𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒇𝒖𝒍 𝑴𝒐𝒅𝒆! We are well a peaceful server where you can come and be you! we have many channels for you to share your creations or maybe you just want to chat and make friends, thats cool too! you just want a server to make friends we got you, if you just want a server to post your art and get feedback we got you, and if you want a server to have a place to vent out... guess what we got you!

We really hope you join us on this journey we would greatly appreciate it. We also have a self promo channel to promote whatever really, even your discord.
pls give us a chance we would really appreciate it if you joined
hi scene kids !!
dis is a scenecore/emo/goth community server to make friends, share ur talent or just hang out!! les all be friends.
L.I.T.A is an abbreviation for Love Is In The Air. So as the name suggests we provide a friendly and lovely environment. Basic motive of the server is "Love". So we want peeps to join the server and find themselves a good & ones can also join and have fun. 13+ can only join the server. Best wishes
A.I.D.S. is the best place to find/date someone of the opposite or same gender (if lesbian). A.I.D.S. allows for you to make a harem using the "Mundae Mk.2" bot. Their are many E-girl here on this server which you yes you can try and interact with. If you are coming across this server then you probably suck at being social; well to help with this problem you can talk to random strangers online (even the opposite gender uwu) to flesh out your skills for the real world. We also have amazing attractions such as JoJo's bizarre adventure, waifu debates, and e-girls.
"Here at A.I.D.S. we strive to achieve a happy and active community with many striving men and women" - anonymous aids member
" A.I.D.S. just isn't the same without our loving community"- The Owner
"A.I.D.S. is an amazing place to interact with fellow content creators and people with common interests" - InsultWeb
mint tea cafe is a server that is for everyone! You can chat with members and interact with bots! You can make new friends! This server is completely sfw and for all ages. ♡
Hey! This is my first server and I would really like it if you would come and join. This chat would be lively and I recommend it for people who like peep and x's music.
✲゚。.(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:* ♡ we are a tight knit, cute and soft server that strives to be an inclusive, safe, and non toxic community where you can meet others who are positive as well! ♡+:。.。 friendly and welcoming community
♡UwU Space♡

୨♡୧ We are 16+ to join

୨♡୧ Friendly & respectful staff

୨♡୧ Pokecord & OwO bot

We are just small community, looking for people who are into BDSM and DDLG relationships, & anyone who just want to hangout & talk in voice chats.

This is our UwU Family and we invite you to join it!
We are a kind community with room for everybody!
We love UwU's
We do not like minges or trolls so if you are one please stay away, from our server!

We are allies with OwO nation

We have NSFW
You also have to verify!
Thank you for reading this!
dude this is a pretty cool server if people aCtually joined.i promise i'll try to please everyone and make the server enjoyable to use but like,i do need people for that!
yeah just an amazing hangout anime vsco dumb group you should join