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I dunno, we uwu a lot
pretty lit
Join this server because why not.
This sever is friendly to all even if you're a weeb, or even a koreaboo.

This server is a new server I just started so that means it dead for the lack of people :/
Need a chill and cool place to hang out? Join uwu central!

We're a small community hoping to be a bigger server with lots of activity!

We offer....
🌟 Active and friendly members
🌟 Self-assignable roles
🌟 An addictive economy with purchasable roles
🌟 Fun server events held every other week
🌟 Role Exclusive Channels (including NSFW and Pokécord)

Curious? Interest peaked? Then join uwu central today!

(And before you join to ask, no we are not open for partnerships, but we do have a channel where you are welcome to post any server links and advertisements.)
Come join, have fun, and make friends!
🌺lgbt safe space!
🌺Debates are allowed only if civil
🌺New ban + warning system
🌺Role assignment!
🌺Chat mods needed• dm Any of the owners
••Active members only!••
Are you tired of absurd page loads of rules, 1984 logging, user verification or possibly even abusive staff? Fear not this place is for you. We quite frankly don't like such dogshit.
This is a small server where we want everyone to feel welcomed and safe. We don't want any NSFW nor do we want hatred to anyone. Always remember to love yourself and I hope you enjoy it! (=^vv^=)
Hey, yeah you. join our server where everyone is welcome OwO. so what are you waiting for join now
You wake up in a broken city. You don't know who you are or where you came from, but only one word is embedded in your mind. "Escape." There are other people around you that are just like you, no idea who they were, lost, and hopeless. Everyone looked miserable and they were some sort of prisoners, except about there were these things that weren't exactly human that wore cloaks. There was something intimidating about them. You hear that each resemble a nightmare, fear, or insecurity. The city was large and seemed like you were free, though there's a force field that kept you in.
Will you choose to lead a rebellion and escape the city to achieve peace and happiness? But you have to encounter numerous amounts of obstacles, including overcoming your fear. Or you could stay and not risk your life, though you live in permanent state of torture?
Hey! Have you ever wanted a cute soft server?! One with support channels to make you feel better when you're down, and a place where you can share your creativity, share your wholesomeness, and truly be yourself!

That place now exists! Softcore is a server dedicated to it’s people. We take pride in our users, giving everyone (especially fellow LGBTQ+ Members) a safe place to reside.
Just a server where we send wholesome shit to eachother... join if u want.. its not an actual thing.. its just for fun :D
Welcome to WingLing, a small but very friendly community! You can talk about everything with us, from Anime to Music and game stuff! Are you ready for new friends, and fun? Then join our server!

- Events
- Giveaways
- Fun emotes to use
- Active staff, who are always happy to help
- Fun bots such as waifu wars
- Tutoring to get help on work
- A loving community!

We accept new members with open arms! We are a family!

So what are you waiting for? Come check it out!
Make sure to join!! This server has so much to be taken care for, this server is brand new and working.
fucking most epic server 1:1 male to female ratio join for big tiddy goth gf <3
welcome to our community🐰
we are a soft, friendly group of friends who are looking to expand our friend group -v-
we are lgbtq+ friendly.
x mature content x
x weed friendly x
This is a chill sever- Join to learn more.
Join now!!!
=+=[A][R][S] Wants You!=+=

We accept everyone and would be happy to have you in our community,

Update: Added new roles, and nsfw channels
Just a chill server to make friends, meet new people and have fun. Loose rules.
★彡 ῳɛƖƈơɱɛ ɬơ ῳąཞཞıơཞʂ: ʂɬąཞʂ ơʄ ɬɧɛ ɧơཞıʑơŋ! 彡★
*We are a Warrior Cats RP server. Note that if you have no idea what Warrior Cats is, please refrain from joining.*
★ ★ ★
*We are a literal and one-line friendly server, so RP as you wish!*
*We have:*
•ɠཞɛąɬ ʂɬąʄʄ
•ıŋɬɛཞɛʂɬıŋɠ ƈƖąŋʂ
•ƈƖąŋ Ɩơཞɛ ąŋɖ ɖɛʂƈཞı℘ɬıơŋʂ
•ῳơŋɖɛཞʄųƖ ɱɛɱცɛཞʂ
•ąཞɬ ƈɧąŋŋɛƖʂ
•۷ɛŋɬ ཞơơɱʂ
*And more!*
★ ★ ★
ʝơıŋ ʄơཞ ą ཞɛʄཞɛʂɧıŋɠ ɛҳ℘ɛཞıɛŋƈɛ ąŋɖ ཞơƖɛ℘Ɩąყ!
-Warriors: Stars of the Horizon staff