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Planet: Code is a planet full of programmers that are willing to help you with whatever language you're programming in! We have loads of beginners, intermediates and even experts! Do you need help with your homework, discord bot, fun program, or anything else? Then this is the perfect place to be! ❤️

✔️ Welcoming server!
✔️ Competitions for rewards!
✔️ Personal help for anything you need!
✔️ Friendly programmers
✔️ Chill
Hello! My name Is Ido and I am the owner of Coding City!
Here in coding city you can enjoy free giveaways fun games nice community and we can make you your own discord bot and host it for you for FREE

So why not join us today?
Join Coding City:
Le serveur La cav' du développeur propose aux développeurs de tout niveau de pouvoir s'aider dans le domaine de la programmation. Le serveur est accessible après avoir effectué un test grâce à un bot, qui s'avère simple pour toute personne ayant un minimum de connaissance dans la programmation.
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program.
We currently have channels for:
And more soon!

I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
Serveur français dans lequel on peut vous aider à paramétrer votre serveur, vos bots, etc. Nous avons de nombreux bots connus, et même des bots premium ! Nous avons également des bots privés !
Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈
My name is Animoji Fox, and I am new to the fandom. But more importantly I want to create a safe environment for all furies to share their creative side. I'm not an artist, but my specialty is code. However I want to focus on all the creative aspects of all, not just art. Furies can do anything and create whatever they want! And they deserve a place to get help on projects they would be embarrassed to share with non-furies. Here there is no shame. Weather it's art, music composition, video creations or even code (like what I do) you can always share it here or ask for support/feedback with no criticism of who you are! And you don't have to be a furry to join! (You just can't harass them for being who they are or what they do.) Now doesn't it seem like I have created a safe environment? I hope so, and I hope you will come and share something, get support or ask other furies about the fandom! Can't wait to see what you have to offer!
The multipurpose Flashlight Discord bot! Flashlight is fully customizable and can operate server events and activities
A community of developers which help each other. Newbies welcome :)
Welcome to Discord Bots Central (DBC)

DBC is a community heavily focused around programming bots. You can get you own bot added, and have channels for support, advertising and testing. We currently have coding roles and channels for `discord.js`, ``, `JDA` and `Eris` with many more to come!
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🔰 Receive the proper resources, tips and advice for starting programming.

🔧 Receive support for a variety of languages (self-assignable roles)

📈 Advertise and test your bot in our channels

🛡 Find the perfect bot for your server

📩 Request and receive custom bots for your server, developed by verified, experienced developers

👥 A fun, code based community for you to chill in.
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Looking for Staff, Managers, Partners, Developers, and members looking looking for a epic community
Have you ever thought of getting into coding? Maybe
given up? Well welcome to Valley, We're a community
of developers where anyone is welcome! Pro or beginner.

We support 14 different languages and we also have our
own bot with a custom role system! Each language has
It's own role. Join the corresponding role to chat in It's
dedicated channel!

This server is made by Peter Loef, the founder of New game Studios.

in this server you can learn about the new games that both Whirl productions and New Game Studios are working on.
This is a community discord for people to play Counterstrike and learn to code! You should give it a try!
Welcome to the Mathemagicians' community! A friendly server for people with shared interests in applied or theoretical mathematics alike. Whether you need some help or are looking to meet other mathemajicians, welcome in!
server for coders that wanna help and need help
just have fun
This is a server for developers and enthusiast coders alike. If you fancy yourself a challenge in competitive coding, a machine learning enthusiast, or even a student of another field interested in any aspect of computer science, or just want to hang out with other coders, give us a shot. To gain entry, you'll need to solve a few basic level problems.
Devcom is a growing programming community, you can discuss any programming language you wish.

we have active staff and we're never too lazy to help you out with any problems you run in to.

we are developers but you can also come in to have fun or just have a nice talk with each other.
-CL | Insert Code-

We're simple students in Kadic at first. The "simple" students will discover the factory because they though that It was a good idea to go into an old and rusty factory looking like It's about to fall down. Going to this factory, they discover the Supercomputer, turning it on still thinking It's a good idea. Koto Kawaza, one of the students that found the factory and the "Computer Warrior" discovered that they can't shut down the Supercomputer, 'cause of it having an auto-explosion system. If they shut it down, It'll blow up. They can't allow that. Inside of this Supercomputer, a virus called X.A.N.A will use this "bomb" to threat the life of the Lyoko Warriors. Each day, X.A.N.A throws an attack to the real world by using a tower inside Lyoko, the virtual world that our Heroes must go to stop him. The Heroes have two choices : Shutting down the Supercomputer, but killing themselves and everyone near the city, or keeping the routine of trying to kill X.A.NA and to stop each of his attacks.

This server offers a Fighting System working with a system of dice, maybe even more in the Future. Active Staff, the server is new, ready to welcome anyone! Just create your OC and hope with us in the adventure.
Here you can show your skills in coding and what you are capable of in batch. Welcome to Batch Coding, You may do any type of coding and share your work in this discord server. You may code whatever you want and publish it to this server as long as it does not harm others, then you will be banned. I made this server just to show off your coding and see how others code and what people can do with coding. Thanks for joining the server and participating in this.
The place for programmers to hang out.

-Experienced staff!
-Employment Advice!
-Mentorships and Apprenticeships!
-NSFW channels!
-Giveaways and Challenges!

They say people are meant for community, why not hang with fellow techies?
-New Hacking Server Called: Today!!
-You are welcome here to learn hacking.
-We Attack Targets, Such as: People, Websites, Etc.
-Enjoy And Be CAREFUL! Dont Get CAUGHT!
-Invite Link:
A place to Chill N Code. Want to learn how to code or need help? Welcome in!
This server is for people who want help with issues relating to powershell.
Add your bots and test them. Get an extra server, bump them numbers :wink:. Show others how great your project is. Custom bot.
Happy friendly server, talking about the beautiful language of code, this server is where you can get help from people at all different levels, everyone is welcome, whether you are a beginner or a senior!