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Die fröhliche & dezent nerdige Community mit Hang zur Unterhaltung u.a. über:

Computer & Technik, Spiele, Filme & Serien, Musik .. uvm.

Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch.. :*)
We are a anime sever. A place that meets to discuss, show, and promote anime in a community. We focus on broadening Japanese cultural understanding. With similar interests to meet and create new friendships and bond over our love for anime.
This group is for all computer technicians to share stories, help give advice and to keep up with today's trends. The end goal for this group would be to make a web of techs to be kind of like a tier 2 resource. All tech's are welcome.
Hello! We are Agato. The purpose of Agato is to make a closely knitted community of trollers. This is a server of fun. There’s more to the server than trolling, but that’s our common hobby. Our goal is to become the largest troll community on the internet and cause havoc as we grow. What does this server have to offer? Trolling, prank calling, gaming, hacking resources, and even more as we grow. Enjoy your time here at Agato. :)
A new server that combines technology and programming with business and marketing. Everyone interested in those topics is welcome, whether you are a student or a Professional with years of experience.

-Most popular programming languages have their own channel
-Channels for various tech topics
-Channels for various marketing topics
-Also some off-topic channels
-Project channels(coming soon)

-Optional roles
-A friendly staff

See you soon!
We are a community driven to help those in need, if your having difficulties installing programs, setting up email, just let us know, if you don't need help, join us in scambating.
Gaming based community for adults. Games are of many types, we do streaming events to promote each other, movie night and other things. Sarcastic sense of humor a plus!
Hello and thank you. We are a Video Post-Production server in which we collaborate for projects. These project could be YouTube, for fun, or whatever else. Despite it saying "Ae + Pr" on it, (which stand for After Effects and Premiere Pro) we welcome people who can use ANY editing/Post Production software.Our goal is to create great content for YouTube and have fun along the way.
are you looking for help with your PC issue's?
or do you just LOVE to talk about PC's in general??
then this is the server for you! we love PC's and are here to help/talk!
just step in and say hi, and maybe we can satisfy your needs
JenkinsDesigns is a service team where the skies are literally your limits. No job is too big for our freelancers that work around the clock to ensure that your project is to the highest standard possible. You may find a list of our services attached below.

- Setups: (Server Setups, Discord/Teamspeak Setups)
- Development: (Web Development, Xenforo, Buycraft, Discord Bots, Spigot Plugins, Forge Plugins, Game Development)
- Builds: (Terraforming, Builds)
- Design: (GFX, Drawn Art, Vector Art, UI/UX, Trailers, Video Editing)
- System Administration: (Linux, Ubuntu, Installs)
- And more!
IF YOU HAVE A 3D PRINTER YOU NEED TO JOIN! We are small but are active and wanting to grow bigger we are the first public 3D printing server we are 3D printing hub
A great place to learn programming or show off your skills! Programming Lobby accepts programmers of all ages and abilities, and there are many people here willing to help.
Quality meme channels!
Custom bots developed by the owners!
So if you've ever wondered how to make discord bots, or program anything in general, Programming Lobby is the place for you! :)
[EN] Main language: Italian, we accept also english speaking members
Games and programming. Partnered with G Softwares.
[IT] Server ufficiale di Informatica e Software
This server is about discussing technology such as latest talk of graphics card to streaming to games to buying/selling products. If you wanted to sell a monitor you can sell it here, just follow the rules. If you want to buy stuff what people selling, you can join.
We Are A Small Group Of Coders And Developers Who Develop Open Source And Commercial Software Or You Could Just Chat In Our Lounge!
A friendly community where you can come and talk about programming. :)
We Are A Small Organisation Of Java Coders And Programmers Who Develop Open Source Software!
The Coder's Hangout is a place for programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels to learn and share ideas.
A place to talk about Computers, Science, Computer Science and Technology! We are an online community tech enthusiasts with similar interested. Welcome in!
A comfy and chill server with a tight-knit community.
When it comes to members we believe in quality over quantity.

Our main interests include:
- Games
- Music
- Films & TV
- Anime
- Computer Science
- Philosophy

(We mainly play Blizzard games like Overwatch, Hearthstone and WoW.)
A place for programmers to talk and help each other , a place for bot developers , game creators , website developers and gamers.

We will promote any of your project like websites , games , apps , bots , plugins , everything.

We are looking for staff members for more please join server and contact us. Apply for moderator here :