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Better Yourself, Better Your World.

Join over 2,700 Habit Building Enthusiasts as we take on life, sword in hand!
The Study Hall is a community server based around studying and notes. We strive to build a sense of community within the discord. We have several different channels, including a homework help channel for those tough problems :p
Forest Study Server
Study with over 1000 members around the world using the Forest app, dedicated to keeping you distracted from using your phone! Join us now :)
Hey! We're a studying server full of people from a bunch of different countries and curriculums just trying to get out grades back up and socially study! Come join!
- super cute, chill place for people to chat abt their studyblrs
- relax and talk about studying! super chill
- not really sure what else to add?? it's a super tiny community but everyone is active
- talk about academia or your assignments or just life in general. motivate each other, be productive, etc. chat about stationery, motivation, anything goes.
SS is a study server focused around positivity, support, and motivation.

- good and wholesome vibes
- roles and channels for dozens of studies
- over five hundred, regularly pruned of inactives
- accountability!! to-do, and studyrooms.
- lots of support for students of all academic levels (pre-uni and uni alike!)
- open to studyblr, studgram, and other studying communities

anyone is welcome to join - just click the following link:
Community for people who enjoy penpaling, journaling, writing, studying, stationery, and much more!
Welcome to the Rainy Sunday Discord Cafe! ( As I like to call it). Here you can study with as many people as you want, discuss topics your having difficulty with or even have a random conversation with strangers!
This server is for people who are interested in learning the two main languages we focus on: English and Russian. However, we are inviting and welcoming everyone from all regions to explore and study other languages along with us. Stop by and say Hi!
hello!! welcome to headache kids. if you're into:
- conan gray
- cavetown
- chloe moriondo
- hozier
- nintendo games
- game grumps
- the good doctor
- brooklyn nine nine
- making music
- studying
- stationery
then you should join! and if none of those are really your thing, then you should come tell us what is :). we're really small but we're hoping to grow to cultivate a community. we do ask that you're at least 15 years old, though!!
Do you like K-pop and Journaling? Then this is the discord for you! The K-pop Bullet Journaling discord is a place where we can share our bullet journals, find inspiration, talk about Kpop, and meet new friends! We are fairly new so please bear with us, but if you join, you can tell all your friends that you are the pioneer of the first k-pop bullet journal discord~~
welcome to the friendly library
this server was created with the idea of students,bullet-journalers in mind. and created into a server for inspiration, school help, and just plain fun for everyone! 
In this server, we have channels for....
★Bullet Journaling 
and more! 
so come on and join our warm community! 
we are still growing! 】
There are very little study servers, built for studygrams, studyblrs and studytubers. Over time, we have crafted the most brilliant hogwarts-themed academy aimed to help you improve yourself including things like group study sessions, inspirations and resources. It is themed in the style of the Harry Potter series, but requires very little knowledge of the actual lore to get started here.
a place to calm down and get some academic help. incorporates considerations for all learning styles