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A server dedicated to spilling tea about work. If youre coworker pissed you off, or your manager is being extremely unfair, or even if you have some awesome stories to share, come join! This is a community for those in the work field to come chat. Those unemployed are welcome too. We also have dedicated channels for anime, gaming, and different kinds of media, as well as a restricted and unrestricted chatroom! Come join!
This is a sever very useful for translations and overall international knowledge where people who want to learn a language are helped. It's a new server that tries to help with every question and can give some material to you

We are the small community of peoples who likes improving themselves by practicing various productivity-boosting methods. We encourage the sharing of problems and goals publicly. Our community is formed on a sole principle - "Social interaction with like-minded people results in increased productivity."

Daily: We start our day by sharing our goals/personal development plans. If someone doesn’t have those nailed down all the way and on paper, we work together through various techniques to help each other create daily plans and complete it at the end of the day.

Monthly: We discuss the progress we have made with each other and make a list of shortcomings in last month. Everyone publicly states his/her goal for this month. we break the monthly goal down further and state how we will work this week. By applying known and tested methods in management, We defeat our procrastination and get our all long term goal satisfied.

24/7 online study: You can pair with anyone and set a Pomodoro timer when we start doing any work. You can also share your desktop or webcam if you want to but it's not compulsory.

Methods we practices: First principle analysis, Live Pomodoro timer, Feynman techniques of learning, Dopamine fast to get you on track and everything that is proved to be useful. Share your experience with others and get better at every productivity-boosting technique.

We are fond of the quality of people rather than the quantity.

It will be great to have you
Indica's Self Promotion Server

♡ many free self-promo channels
♡ promote your server 4 times every 6 hours.
♡ free-advertisment channel that is always up for grabs after the cooldown.
♡ ad levels, various Role Perks, & Role Giveaways.
♡ Always open for Reccomendations.
♡ We are a new server, we appreciate any partnerships & we are accepting Staff.
We do Ping4Ping, Rep4Rep & DM4DM.

This is a growing community of high school students that are all taking the sat and wanna reach high for the 1600. Feel free to ask questions in the server and join :)
A fun server to go to. You can work for money. You can steal other peoples money. And you can purchase ranks and other things in the shop.
Welcome to ColdCream Cafe!🍨
Motto: We serve you as you want!
ColdCream is a spectacular and energetic group upon Roblox. We provide some of the best drinks you’ll ever taste! Along with our amazing staff team makes for a great time here at ColdCream. Our cafe comes with some of the world's top pastries.🍩
ColdCream ™
Versión 1
Arriving this Winter!
ColdCream ™ will be arriving with version one in the following month and the Training and Interview Center will be arriving!📋
ColdCream ™ was founded October of 2019.🍁

I hope you have the best time at ColdCream ™
Creating a job/gig directory on discord where freelancers can post their gigs onto the server and for buyers to easily search for gigs they want to purchase.
We are a casino server where you can bet freely and also compeat with other players

Also we have Ranks
Mega VIP
To listen to music for work or study.
Let's listen to the music that someone else has chosen.
I look forward to your music selection.
Welcome to /harbord/!
This is a fun and friendly server for students in school that want to talk about or get help with their homework
We've got dedicated channels for programming, math, science and language classes and helpful bots if you want to listen to music, so come on in!
Hello, this discord server is for a group that I have on Roblox. If you have Roblox make sure to join our group. Roblox Group Link:!/about

Some of the Many Features We Have to Offer Include:
- Many staff positions
- Channels to find staff, jobs or partners
- Partnership Service
- 38 channels to advertise in!
- Growth experts who are willing to help you grow your server

Come Join Server Advertising to Find New Servers to Join, Find New Partners, Find Work or advertise Your Own Social Media/Server!
Want to make quick cash ? Join the Business by filling out a Application 📄 Discord Job💰
• | Vice Miami Market co. 🌴

We're a small organization which seek to make your online shopping experience better.
Our main duty is to be in the middle between the merchant and the customer's deals. Explore our enormous verified merchandises catalogue, Choose The product you would prefer to buy and contact one of our staff. Or advertise your products for free! Shopping went easy and safe.
The Silver Elk
⋐══≥ Welcome @everyone to The Silver Elk! ≤══⋑
∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ DESCRIPTION ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮
The Silver Elk is a server that is basically an online PUB! Here, we get together and we hangout, talk about ideas, or just drink with some people you will click with! The server offers currency bots and leveling system for you to enjoy! So come check us out and hopefully we will get to know you and have a blast with you! We are pretty small ATM but we hope to grow into a huge familt!
∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ FEATURES ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮ ∮∮
Cola's Fried Chicken Is looking for some customers to attend our business! We have a lot variety in our food! Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, and chicken sandwich! (We'd also love staff members too ♡)
This group is working for the police department, you can have fun, can be promoted, have a job, make sure people are following the server rules.