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A place where you can come to partner, find new roleplay servers, and make friends!
Wir sind das erste & größte deutsche Themennetzwerk auf Discord.
Von Multicord kommt man auf unsere verschiedenen Themenserver.
Doch Multicord ist kein einfacher Hub. Dort findet man auch Themen, Events wie Werwolf & Forenspiele.

Themen die Multicord abdeckt:
- Gaming/Spiele
- Cosplays
- Politische Diskussionen
- Animes & Mangas
- Technik
- Pcbau
- Coding
- (Essen)
- (Fotografie)
- (Film & Serien)
- (eSport)
- (Sport)
- (Socialmedia)
- Misc
What is this?
This, is a hub. Garlic Bread was inspired by the Infinity Franchise (Which was great but died) to make this server. This is not a add-on to the Infinity Franchise and is completely original.
We own servers of all kinds, roleplay, social, meme all kinds of them!

How do I make a server?
Make your own server, you can set it up or you can just instantly go to #server-requests and ask a staff member if your server can be a Bread owned server. Its as easy as that!

How do I get a partnership without making my server bread-owned?
Ah, so you don't wanna deal with having food rule over you and your server. Well, just DM the Co-Owner or the Owner then explain why you want a partnership and just any general information about your server. Chances are you'll get the partnership!
Note: If you make your server bread-owned then you'll get your own place in one of the server categories and not in the sea of partners cramped in one channel
Grand Central is a discord partnership hub for Paragraph (literate), Multi Paragraph (novella), and Combat (T1/TBL) server links. The link list aims to amass a series of vetted, high quality Roleplaying servers into an interconnected web, allowing players better access to RP across discord.
Central Point is a server for all! We have a variety of channels; from NSFW to anime to gaming to roleplaying to art!

We house a variety of bots so you are sure to have fun!


- RosyEclipse#4071

These are just some of our server features:

- A welcoming and active community and staff team
- 80 different self-assignable color roles and tags that represent you
- A variety of bot and chat channels
- A place to advertise your discord server
- And so much more!

Join today!
The Cor2 Files is a cyberpunk RP set in post-apocalyptic America. The Megacorp, Corrigan Corporation, or Cor2 for short, has seized control of almost the entirety of the Site. The government fights back, but are no better than the corporation that has nearly swallowed them whole. Vigilantes, rebels, mercenaries, and more are forged in the trial that is Site 17.

Characters can explore Site 17, the corrupt trading hub of the 20 Sites, and choose to fight the corruption or be a part of it, or anywhere in between. The RP features a custom RPG-style combat system, different factions, classes, and secrets galore, as well as certain specialized mechanics to keep everyone wondering just who is really human.

18+ ONLY. This shit gets real bloody, real fast.
This is your server, your community keep it friendly and have an awesome time!!

And Much More!
Welcome to Advertising Hub! We are a very new advertising community that is slowly growing. We hope you come join us!
In questo server potete trovare moltissimi server italiani!
The Pepsi Emoji Hub provides Discord Nitro users with an outstanding amount of Pepsi-themed emojis. We have numerous amounts of Pepsi emoji packs ranging from random Pepsi emojis to Pepsi Pokémon emojis, Pepsi blobs, and so much more! You can also listen to the Pepsiman soundtrack on loop forever so you can genuinely feel the Pepsi emoji vibe. So, hop on over to the Pepsi Emoji Hub today and enjoy yourself in a sweet, sweet Pepsi emoji paradise!
Join the HUB of FORTNITE! The best Fortnite Discord for finding a team to play with.
You will gain 10% more XP if you chat actively on our server, this feature only works if your steam account is connected to your discord account. We have the best FORTNITE BOTS added to our server. You can also see a players fortnite stats by using this command:
!fm IGN
A hub for all your RPing needs! We have channels to help find small groups or one-on-ones to roleplay with, along with a list of servers to join or sign up for! We hope to see you there!
Cino hub is a sort of roleplay hub hangout spot where roleplayers and those who enjoys hanging out with other people.
We offer a variety of fun bot commands and are always looking for new members to join the server!

Partnerships are always open with no limits to what can be done, as long as what you are trying to do is roleplay related of course.
Then again this could be considered an overstatement as we do allow partnerships with hangout servers as well, so please, come say hi when you get the chance, we'd love to have you!

- We have multiple channels where those of you who enjoy reading can interact with one another.
- We've got channels for those of you who enjoy watching anime and listening to music.
- At times we even do giveaways for things like custom roles.
This is a brand new server, so please, come give us a shot!
We are a community of goblins, who also like to roleplay. If you are looking for a chill server for people who like roleplay, any kind of roleplay, then you are at the right place.
The server's purpose is not RP but just a discussion Hub and board where you can talk about almost any topic available. The server's ultimate goal is to connect people from all kinds of servers in the world. We want it so you don't have to search constantly for a server a friend of yours has just to find him. Here you just have to be connected and you will have a guaranteed link to chatting with your friends. We are pretty chill here and not many rules. We have a pretty nice staff team (Me and some friends) with a *moderately* tolerable community.
Join a secret international country of superpowered humans known as strangers in The Strange Nation. Set in Mapleburg, Iowa, the secret capital of the American Strange Nation, interact with fellow strangers and reformed monsters as you use your abilites to fight back untamed monsters- and sometimes, your own people.
This server is a Hub server for all Music and Community Servers

Feel free to request any music based role or even streaming

Our friendly staff will also help out as well
The Sacred Community is a main hub of servers which are noted for having "Sacred" in their titles, with this helping things to be organized, ranging from the hierarchy to the server's listing. Here you can find all of the official Sacred servers which we will be roleplaying in.
Have you ever wanted to find a group of people with similar names that you could just hangout with?
A group of people who you can go into roleplay servers with everyday?
The Name Clan Community is a Project which wishes to unite discord name clans around the community and let people make new friends.
The open server for everyone and everything.
Allegory is an 18+ Roleplay server tailored to connect mature minded, robust roleplayers and writers, and host their writings be it 1v1, group, or casual.

Boasting a casual, friendly and drama free community of adults our chat rooms offer a chill environment to talk about anything you like (within the #rules). We have a variety of voice channels, shitposting rooms and a number of image rooms.
Welcome to G hub. great hub server where you can hang out, you can also find great rps and servers on it. We have a friendly community and great staff come on down.