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⤷ This server is based off of the Camp Half-Blood from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

⤷ Anyone and everyone is free to join! Our rules, while strict, are set in place in order to create a fun and safe place for all fans, regardless of age, culture, gender, sexuality, or identity, as long as it doesn't invalidate others.

⤷ This is NOT a role-play server.

⤷ Come join us!

𝓒𝓪𝓶𝓹 𝓗𝓪𝓵𝓯-𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓭 3.0
[Camp Half Blood 3.0]

This Camp Half-Blood takes place after PJO and HoO. The camp has been fixed up and improved, (therefore there is no longer a large crack in the mess hall from Nico) new cabins have been added for a greater variety of demigods, etc. Characters from the PJ universe are no longer in Camp-- except for Argus and Chiron. Monsters are not in camp and the labyrinth didn't collapse because good plots for quest ya know? It’s peaceful, even in the forest. Monsters will occasionally appear in forested/nature areas near the border.

➳ Hunters of Artemis and our inventions of a Bros of Apollo and Hestia’s Hufflepuffs
➳ Original Camp Eysan counterpart, Underworld Server, and Camp Jupiter!!
➳ Satyr, nymph, harpy, cyclops, or demigod
➳ Plenty of godly parents to chose from
➳ Powers are randomly rolled for you
➳ Chose your own parents
➳ Custom Trigger List
➳ Experienced Mods
➳ and much more!

»permanent link:

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! The safe haven for Demigods of all sorts! But beware.. monsters lurk outside the border. Be safe, and see you at camp!
• 𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝑪𝒂𝒎𝒑 •

𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒘𝒆 𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒓:

•Realistic Roleplay•
•Fun and chaotic OOC chats•
•Interactive events and plots•
•Active staff•
•A drama free zone•

𝑾𝒆 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒏 𝒕𝒐:

•Adding more godly parent options•
•New Staff•
•General Change•

• 𝑾𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒑𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒆𝒏𝒋𝒐𝒚 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒚 •
Hey leute,
da ich nirgendwo deutschsprachige percy jackson server finden konnte hab ich eben selber einen gemacht :3. Der server ist nicht nur für fans, er taugt auch einfach zum unterhalten. Jeder ist willkommen^^

》Ich kann bieten:《
• kanäle und voice chats
• selfroles und einen vorstellungskanal
• musik und funbots
• nette members
• eigene emojis
• nette umgebung (störenfriede werden gebannt)
• lgbtq+ friendly

> Da der server noch ziemlich neu ist kommt der rest mit der zeit noch dazu. Bin auch immer offen für eure vorschläge^^

Hey there, Camper! Welcome to another year at Camp Half Blood. We are so glad you could make it here safely, especially after everyone was called back before the summer has even begun. I’m not sure what happened either, but there’s a rumour going around that monsters are starting a war, or something. But don’t take me for fact, though! Not even Chiron knows the whole story. The only one who really knows what’s going on is Mr. D, which sucks cause we can’t even talk to him. Oh! Right! You haven’t heard. Dionysus is gone!

CAMP HALF BLOOD: CHASING MADNESS is a roleplaying server based around the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

What you can find:
○ An LGBTQI+ inclusive and friendly community of people
○ An immersive and original plot
○ A wide variety of Godly Parents to choose from
○ A diverse list of powers as well as the opportunity to come up with your own
○ You can make up to three original characters!
○ Immersive channels for roleplay
○ A unique economy system with items to use IRP
○ Active, Friendly and experienced staff
○ Competitions and Challenges to earn server money and other cool items
⪼-⊰ Welcome to Camp Half-Blood ⊱-⪻
Kill-, er, saving teenagers for centuries!

Camp Half-Blood, Oneiros, is a roleplay server focused on putting you, the reader, into Riordan's story, and giving a new meaning to what it means to be a demigod...
After all, contrary to what you hear, it isn't all fun and games!

At Oneiros you can expect to see:

. * ˚ An enthralling Plot
「 We offer a mix of unqiue questlines, sidelines, and camp events to ensure everyone gets to have a fun story

. * ˚ Open Partnerships
「 We are open to partnering with most Discord servers assuming you follow the ToS and don't violate our partnership terms

. * ˚ 23 Parents
Twenty-three different godly parents to choose from, meant to work with unique powers system including both common traits, and unique specials

. * ˚ Active Staff
An active staff team to ensure rule-breakers are dealt with quickly, and that your bio is reviewed right away

. * ˚ Chill Community
We're always open to new members, and have a wide variety of channels to ensure you can talk about just anything you want < backup link
Hello, we are a Camp Half-Blood server set 20 years after the events of the book in 2028. We have active and friendly staff and welcome people of all backgrounds. The events of the server rely on the community and anyone could make a small difference or a large one as long as you keep in line with lore. We hope you come and have a look around. Here we have:

-An active plot that can be influenced by it's members

-32 godly parents to choose from

-A welcoming Community

We are open to making changes to make it more comfortable for our members
『Camp Half-Blood ~ A Percy Jackson Server』

➳ Yo, you there, are you a demigod? ✭✭✭

⟨CHB|APJS|Γ⟩ is a server that focuses on roleplay and meeting new friends. The roleplay is set in the Rick Riordan universe, taking place in a world 5 years later after the Trials of Apollo series. However, even if you haven't read the books, you're still welcome to join this server and have fun with the rest of us!

◈ ━━━━━━ ⸙ ━━━━━━ ◈

✏ Over 30+ different Godly Parents as well as Satyrs, Dryads and Naiads for you to choose

✏ Over 130+ RP channels for you to enjoy yourself in when roleplaying

✏ Classes as a mini-event for your character to learn how to survive in the outside world

✏ Simple jobs your character can do to earn drachmas and spend them buying various rp items

✏ Upcoming sister servers where campers would be allowed to travel there and interact with the characters there

✏ A Fun Area category where you can post memes, play with bots and voice chat with other members.

✏ Community category that allows you to post your artwork, talk with other people regarding the Rick Riordan books, receive mental and emotional support from other members and many other channel topic.

◈ ━━━━━━ ⸙ ━━━━━━ ◈

Join the server now and create your own unique child of the greek gods!
Demigods, magicians and Einherjars do you want a break from all the monster attacks and hang out with some friends?
Riordanverse Fandom is a fun place to chat with people like you. Come join Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter as your favorite character! Even if you’re a magician or a Norse demigod, you have a place here.
You can discuss book theories you might have, show off some fan art, play some fun games, do roleplay as we have all the character from Riordanverse available!
You can apply for any existing Riordanverse character (with the exception of the already taken ones) or you can be your own original character!

I know life can be pretty boring and ordinary sometimes, that's why we created this server.
To have fun and spend our time talking about extraordinary worlds we dream to be a part of.
To share ideas and thoughts about Rick's books, Nico, Leo, Percy, that brick that hit Jason in MOA and others.
It's a place where we share our love for fiction and stories.

It's a place to find friends who will listen when everyone around us seems too tired to care.
Percy brought us together, so let this server be that little piece of extraordinary that we seek for.

Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to Camp Jupiter

About us!:

Friendly chat

Amazing place for
roleplayers and HOO Fans

Bots and Fun RP events yet to

Comes with Atleast 26
Gods and Goddessses!

Create Characters!

Voice Channels!

Active Staff for answering your
questions and problems

LGTBQI + Friendly

The primordial god Uranos has come up with a plan to destroy Olympus. But that can only succeed if the demigods of Camp Jupiter are wiped out. He seeked help to destroy Camp Jupiter, and allied with his sister Nox, her husband Erebos, and their brother Tartarus. The Praetor of Camp Jupiter found out about this, and the entire camp is on high alert.

Join us in this adventure, to protect Camp Jupiter, and do your part!
It was nearly 20 years ago that the events of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus took place. The world has been relatively peaceful since their efforts, but the monsters are rising again. Demigods are in danger again. They're being hunted and slaughtered again. It's time for another era of heroes. So, all fellow demigods and accomplices come to Camp Half-Blood for the refuge and help us destroy this new threat. We need you! We need a new set of heroes! Come join the fight!

Join us on quests! Find your true godly parent! Discover yourself! Save Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter! Help us save the world behind the mist! Accept the prophecy! Use the prophecy! Solve the prophecy! Together we can defy all odds and complete the quest! Together we can live! Together we can save! Together we can do anything! Join the fight!

Join us and go on all kinds of unique quests! You could even offer quest/event ideas! Remember: Train. Quest. Save. Survive. Repeat.

New Expansion! Our server now offers Camp Jupiter as well! Not a child of a Greek god? Don't fear, we'll gladly take you in at Camp Jupiter, as long as you're a child of a Roman god! Are you ready to begin quests with your fellow cohort members? Are you ready to climb the ranks in Camp Jupiter? Are you ready to go on Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood crossed quests? You are? Excellent, now let's begin. Remember, don't back down. We hope to see you there! Are you ready for the task ahead? I guess we'll find out!

Our server offers:
-Over 100 RP channels!
-High ranking positions both in RP and out of RP!
-In-depth characters!
-Semi-literate to Literate roleplay
-A lovely community
-Active, friendly, and loyal staff
-LGBTQ+ Friendly!
-Major and Minor gods/goddesses to choose from for godly parents
-Cross-overs between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood
-Art channel for the artists
-Fanfiction competitions for the writers

Please give us a shot. We hope to see you there!
Join Camp-Halfblood today! Get claimed as a demigod! Partake in fun events,hang out with campers, participate in trivia nights! and just have some dam fun.

• LGBTQ+ Friendly
• Close knit community always looking for new campers
• Active Admins
• Action oriented rp and seasonal events!
• Daily meme supply
• Everyone here is cute
• We have blue birthday cake
🎆If you're looking for a Camp Half-Blood/Percy Jackson roleplay group, this is the place for you!🎆

🔱We're a 13+ server, as per discord's rules, and we're looking for literate, creative, electric, and dedicated roleplayers to join our ranks!🔱

📖We have an original AU, so our camp set up is different from the books and subject to change by character actions and choices.📖

📆Our LGBTQ+ friendly server will have weekly events for all types of characters, as well as quests that are available for minor and major demigods.📆

⚔Don't see a Godly Parent on the roster that you want? No worries! If there's anything that you want but don't see, it's easy to fill out a submission form to get them on the roster. You can add powers, godly parents, and even different species to play.⚔

📝Not only that, but we have our own timeline. When you make a character, they're automatically added to our timeline, so you're immediately apart of the action! On top of that, characters can become counselors so they can grow and become more involved in the server. Anywhere from being team captain in CTF to catching naughty demigods and making them clean the pegasi stables.📝

🌎Our server is very interactive, as characters can change the ever developing lore, story line, quests, and plots! Will your character be the next one to change the world?🌍

💞We'd love to have you aboard! 💞
~•Welcome to Camp Half Blood!•~

Hello Camper. Welcome to Camp Half Blood, where you can learn all about the Greek Gods, Monsters, and other mythological creatures that you'll meet in your crazy life.

[We are an oc-only roleplay server, since the rp takes place after all the events of Rick Riordans books. But creating your own character is part of the fun!]

What we offer:
•An LGBTQ+ friendly community
•Bots such as Miki, Dyno, Rythm and Tatsumaki
•All 20 cabins [Excluding Hera and Artemis since they have no demigod children].
•Seperate cabins for gods who don't have cabins in the canon series.
•You can rp as a few different types of nature spirits(satyr, nymphs.)
•We have 55 gods. We might add more.
•Custom emojis
•Capture The Flag
•Self assignable roles
•Partnerships(Hotel Valhalla, Camp Jupiter. Were open to more)

We hope you join us!
Welcome to Camp Jupiter!
The Roman Parallel to Camp Half-Blood!
Come join the Twelfth Legion Fulminata!

Camp Jupiter, is a roleplay server focused on putting you, the roleplayer, Into the roman camp of demigods created by Rick Riordan and giving a new meaning to what it means to be a demigod...
After all, contrary to what you hear, it isn't all fun and games!

Make a Demigod, Veteran or legacy OC and Roleplay your way through Camp Jupiter!

What to expect from us

Chill Community
| We're always open to new members and have a welcoming and open-minded community

Active Staff
| we have an active Staff, of Moderators and OC approvers willing to help with anything and everything!

21 Gods and Goddesses
| With 21 different Gods and Godesses to choose from as your OC's godly Parent there's no end to the unique possibilities for OCs and with Legacies able to have up to 2 godly ancestors the combinations are epic!

Gripping Plot
| With a unique server Plot moving the server the RP possibilities and endless!

IRP Events

| With IRP events like War games, Quests, the fun never ends!
The year is 2041 and Percy has tragically died, but who will save the Olympus in its time of need? With Dionysus retiring, leaving Chiron to run the camp by himself once again, we need your help! Be the new heroes, be the
New Generation🎆!

Active and Friendly Staff! 👥

Weekly Events! 🗓️

A balance between serious roleplay and just having fun!🎉
An open community for those who ship Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. This is not a roleplaying community. Click on the invitation link below to find* fanfic recommendations, art, and a great group of people to discuss with.
Hello fellow Demigod! Are you ready for the adventures that await you on your Camp Half-Blood journey?

It's almost been 10 years since the 7 of the Great prophecy defeated the Giants but if you thought things might have calmed down after that, I'm sorry but you're wrong. With the Greek monsters still roaming the world we need a new batch of heroes to help defeat them all. Could you be one of them?

Since this server is quite new, please do give it a try and help us grow and improve the server
Welcome to a result of hating The Trials of Apollo (And uncle rick lowkey) and hopelessly hyper fixating on the Percy Jackson Series/Universe!

This is: the happy ending we deserve (roll credits!)

Timelines are going to be screwed with, but bascially this takes place in a pocket of time post heroes of olympus but in which Trials of Apollo doesn't... Exist.

LGBT Inclusive and friendly! So many characters are open! Headcanons are yours to create!
Universo Riordan |🎲| RPG Styx

Já pensou em ser um semideus e se preparar para missões no Acampamento Meio-Sangue? Você consegue isso conosco!

Anos após a vitória de nossos heróis, o mundo se encontrava em paz.
Agora, em 2031, depois do Acampamento Meio-Sangue ser invadido por uma poderosa bruxa e seu exército de criaturas, nossos semideuses estão na corrida contra os Novos Olimpianos.
Desejando trazer Atlântida para a superfície e tomarem os lugares dos egoístas deuses, os Novos Olimpianos colocarão em risco mortais e qualquer um que estiver em seu caminho.
Precisamos aumentar nossas forças e pará-los antes que alcancem seus objetivos.
Você foi escolhido para essa missão. Te esperamos, herói.

O RPG Styx é um RPG de mesa textual que abriga meios-sangues dos mais variados parentes divinos, sejam gregos, romanos realocados ou nórdicos, no Acampamento Meio-Sangue.

O que pode encontrar com a gente:
| 🚩 Caça à Bandeira e diversos eventos;
| 📑 Canais de localizações amadas do Acampamento;
| 🗺️ Canais de localizações do mundo mortal;
| 🌪️ Listas de poderes e habilidades para 21 deuses e mais por vir;
| 🚶 Permitido ter até três personagens;
| 📖 Tutorial personalizado para novatos no Discord;
| 👩‍🏫 Aulas diversas para desenvolvimento!

|🎲| Com um sistema próprio baseado em famosos RPG's de mesa, o RPG Styx espera que todos se divirtam ao máximo, mesmo que nosso amigo, dado, seja visto como um vilão nessa história.
Welcome to Camp Half Blood : New Times!

We're a brand new community based Rp server, set in the Pjo universe, but with a twist.

Ancient dwellings are rising, and have for the first time, sired children with mortals. Powerful primordial children now live among demigods. How will this affect your future?

Camp offers plenty of things to do in your free time. We've got -
-An Arena, where you can challenge fellow demigods
-Acres of woods to explore and possibly run into monsters
-The ever expansive canoe lake
-The best beach on the new york coast
-And, so much more!

Come join our brand new community, and live out your wildest dreams as a child of the Olympians, or maybe even the child of a Primodial? Who knows.

Join us today!
Welcome to Camp Half Blood!

The year is 2020, and things at Camp Half-Blood have been going well, frankly perfect, until recently. It all started out small, a few of the minor gods stopped responding to iris messages, stopped doing their jobs and then stopped showing up. Hypnos was first, mortal across the world stopped dreaming, and started having terrible nightmares. Then was Tyche and Triton. Only a few noticed the minor gods' disappearances. Word spread fast around Camp Half Blood, but no one paid much care. Until things began to spiral.
Hermes disappeared, leaving his demigod children weaker and slower than ever. Then, there were the big guns, Zeus. January 21st was the last day anyone atop Olympus saw the god of lightning, and the next day, poof, he was gone. His children left drained of much power. But now, it’s up to you, demigod, to solve these mysterious circumstances and bring back the honor of the Greek Gods. Can you do it?

We Offer:
-Unique plot
-Interactive quests and events
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-Friendly and devoted staff
-Open partnerships
-Easy to create character system
-many bots (including tupper) to play with
A fun server with a plethora of gods to choose from as your parent or ancestor and limited powers and ranks. If this gets big enough, a questing system will open up.
•We offer the ability to make a character here and bring it to our partnered server.
•We also offer the entirety of Camo Jupiter aswell as New rome to rp in.
•We are welcome to veteran roleplayers aswell as new roleplayers. We will help you learn to rp if you need assistance.
•We also allow you to make nature spirit characters:such as(Fauns, Naiads, Venti, ect)

We are collaborators of with Camp Half Blood [Rp].
We are open to partner with other servers.
We hope you join us!