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Camp Jupiter: one of the safest and most prestigious establishments for demigods and their kin to grow, learn, and protect. It's been a peaceful last few years for the camp, but all of that changes once they realize that the Wolf House has stopped sending demigods in for several months now. A search party concludes that Lupa- a sacred part of the camp's history and a friend to them all- is missing, and the gods are as about as helpful on the matter as they are with most things. It's up to you, fellow demigods, to play your part in finding Lupa, protecting the camp, and facing one of Camp Jupiter's biggest threats yet.

We encourage you to join our RP community! Benefits include:
- up to three characters per member
- opportunities to move up the ranks within Camp Jupiter
- all inclusive/LGBTQ+ friendly
- several rounds of mod applications throughout the duration of the server
- a variety of monthly events at different times so that you don't miss out on every chance to have your character play a role of importance
- 35+ RP channels, and the server's only growing!

Special thanks to the people over at Camp Halfblood: Reign of Chaos for inspiring this server and helping us along the way!
Jason is dead.

Reyna is gone.

The heroes live on.

Legion 12 is the final survivor, the only remnant of what was once a great empire, now rubble in a technology-forward world. But unbeknownst to the mortals, underneath their bustling cities, there is a camp -- a place for demigods, a place for people with godly blood in their veins and fire in their heart.

A place for us.

The world is dangerous, with monsters at every turn of a city block, monsters with fangs and claws and deadly stares. And you can't survive. Not alone.

But here, we are all together, we are all carrying on the traditions of the past into the uncertainty of the future.

We are the next generation of heroes, we are the people who will carry the torch into the next era, we are the new demigods of Camp Jupiter.

->-----------> <-----------<-

- Supportive LGBTQA+ community!
- Interactive Quests that you can participate in and join in on!
- Weekly events like war games, senate meetings and forums, and more!
- Exciting and fun server plot to participate in!
-Ranging from Paragraph to one-liner Role-Players!
- Many gods to choose from, over 20 minor gods along with the Olympians.
- Your oc can be something other than a demigod such as a nymph, dryad, faun, mortal, and even a harpy!
- Partnerships with other servers, both RP and chat servers!
This an epic camp Jupiter server, and we’d love some more members! We have plenty of godly parents, and we’re open to adding more! We’re inclusive and friendly, so you should come have some fun!
Hello! We're a new rp platform focused on life at Camp Jupiter. This rp takes place twenty years after the events of The Last Olympian.
Welcome to Camp Jupiter! On behalf of all of the gods, congratulations on making it here alive. That’s kinda depressing...Anyway! Our server has many great features, such as:
•Cool bots 🤖
•Many roleplay channels 🏆
•Special channels 🚨
•Neat roles 📚
•Many Gods ❤️
...and much more! We are a server in progress and we’re looking for staff members at the moment. This server is LGBTQ+ friendly and non-discriminatory. Good luck and have fun!
Welcome to Camp Jupiter! Hone your skills and defend the honor of the legion in this elite training camp for Roman demigods and legacies! Do you have what it takes to rise above your fellows and become a leader? Only time will tell.
- Create a demigod character or a legacy of any god of your choosing!
- An extensive list of different Roman gods!
- Always accepting suggestions to make our server better!
Welcome to Camp Jupiter, where heroes are forged... but how will your own story unfold?
Welcome to Camp Jupiter, the safest place for roman demigods!

You can currently choose from 29 cabins currently to create a demigod in, more to come soon! There are plenty of channels to rp in and meet other demigods. More channels to come soon as well.

This server is quite new and everything is not perfect so suggestions are welcome. The community is welcoming and small. Lots of changes are to come soon so be prepared when the time comes! Staff and suggestions are really needed! Dungeon Masters too! Dungeon Masters control the monsters lurking around in the woods.


Server includes an out of character chat to communicate with the other members of the server, voice chatting, music bot, and much more!

Join Camp Jupiter today!
So, never heard of Camp Jupiter, eh? Well, let me fill you in: Camp Jupiter is the place where demigods, the children of the gods live. We survive and manage to live out our lives here in Camp Jupiter. Interesting, really. After your trip from the wolf house, you should definitely be prepared for what awaits you. Though, of course, you have the occasional wusses that do some how get through. Let me warn you now, before you decide to come to Camp, be ready for anything to happen. Especially getting blasted.

**Demigod OCs**

Here at **Camp Jupiter | The Era of Gods** you can make your own demigod character. Our restrictions? Everything that we restrict or decide isn't good for the server or won't work out is always reasonable and definitely and normally makes sense. We do the best we can to help you out with any demigod OCs you make too! We as the staff do our absolute best so that you can have the best experience here at Camp Jupiter. And guess what? We hope that you do!

**God Characters**

Now, if you look in other roleplay servers that have to do with the Greek and Roman camps from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, generally they don't allow anyone to become a god character. Wanna know something absolutely awesome! You can do that here! *Gasp* Yeah! It's really just cool! You can become your favorite god or goddess and roleplay as them and have a ton of fun! We have the 12 Olympians and even some Minor Gods! It's awesome!

**Join *Camp Jupiter | The Era of Gods* today for an amazing experience!**
This is a fun, interactive RPG server that offers:
- Percy Jackson themed plot!
- Both camps at once!!! (Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter
- Active participators!
- High ranks
- And more!
Discover your godly parent, go on quests, and have fun! Join now. Your legion awaits you.
Welcome to Camp Jupiter

Here children born from the Roman gods train to join the Legion. The Demigods here are introduced to a military life style, the children are put through vigorous training to build not only strength, but also teamwork and trust.
An ancient, primordial force is stirring in the north. The Gods have hidden themselves away, only a few Gods remaining to help assist their children. The rest leaving their children to stay behind and to fight their oncoming war. To fail will result in the world plunging into an eternal darkness. But to succeed, perhaps a new ray of light will shine across the heavens, granting a new form of hope to all, Gods and Demigods alike.
This server has a large number of gods to choose from and a wonderful selection of powers, along with a developing quest and story line, one that tries it's best not to let anybody feel left out in their characters. So please, we wish you enjoy your time spent withing Camp Jupiter: The new Legion.
🔶 「 Camp Half-Blood / Camp Jupiter 」 🔷

Welcome Demigod to the world of the gods! Have your ever felt out of place, always different from the others, never finding your place in the world?

Then Tyche must've been on your side cause you're in luck! Here at Camp Half-Blood, the children of the Greek gods train and live among each other, all kids who have been in the same position as you have before! Or if you're more of a Roman kind of kid, Camp Jupiter is more sturdy, more or a team than the Greek camp, learning to work together as a legion and not be separate by the gods who may or may not have that many kids, though have all been in the same boat as you

There are many activities to do within these camp, such as the following!

📖 Learn about different kinds of monsters and learn to fight each and every one of them along others, or by yourself!

🛏 Find others that you'll be bunking with within the camps! In Camp Half-Blood, you bunk with children with the same godly parent as you. In Camp Jupiter, you are divided into 5 Cohorts!

🌲 Fight monsters in the forest of Camp Half-Blood, or hang out at the creek among other Demigods and just have a good time!

In this server, you can interact with others just like you in out Out Of Character channels! So what are you waiting for? Start your Demigod adventures here now!!
Welcome to both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.
A furious rivalry runs deep between these two camps
Camp Half-Blood: home to the greeks, home to new hero's
Camp Jupiter: home to the Romans, home to the Legion
Which side will you take?
Camp Half-Blood vs Camp Jupiter
'Camp Demigod - Reborn' is a server based off The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan

The story is an AU of the original story the main characters not being part of our story. We believe in writing the lore of the server as the story goes on in order to let our members write the story with us. We practice a rolling system for the gods that make it so you dont choose your gods but the gods choose you as in lore children cant pick their parents.

We are fully equipped with:

1. Active Staff
2. Kind Members
3. LGTBQ+ Safe Environment
4. NSFW (Based TOPICS)
5. Maturity.
6. Active Members
7. Open Roleplay
8. Creativity based Fighting
9. Plenty of help
11. Introduced two new Pantheons

Could Camp Jupiter survive after being almost completely wiped out?

This server answers that question. In this server the events of Heroes of Olympus never happened and the two great camps did eventually go to war.

Each camp was almost totally wiped out, but Camp Jupiter survived thanks to a lone centurion who ordered his cohort (Cohort 5) to remain at camp and defend. The battlefield was bloody and Camp Half-blood managed to escape with more demigods left. Now years have passed and CHB thinks that there is no more Camp Jupiter, but in the land of California Jupiters heart beat still exists. Led by two female praetors the camp has rebuilt itself and the gods have taken interest in it once more and they wish for the camp to prove that it is still powerful.

Like a phoenix Camp Jupiter shall never die! Will you join in the battle and prove to the gods why the Romans are the greatest warriors of all time, or will you let the gods false words become true. The choice is yours!
WARNING!! If you can read this, you're not human! Go, before it's too late! If you're still reading, don't say we didn't warn you...

Welp. You're a demigod. Greek? Roman? We don't know yet. Wherever you go, just know that it's a dangerous world out there. Monsters hide in plain sight, and if you're not careful, you'll be their dinner. Follow the address on the back of this note, if you want any chance of survival...


⇝ Welcome to camp! We have both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, created in a balanced way! (Hopefully!)

⇢ A unique power system!

➻ Frequent quests, war games, and activities!

⇸ Quality characters and creative storylines!

➵ A welcoming, open community! We're all friends here, and your voice will be heard!

☛ An active LGBTQA+ community and characters!!

➲ We are a new server, and we hope you enjoy what we have so far! We may make mistakes along the way, but we try our best! Come, join us, and see what all the fuss is about!
Camp Bravo

Hey there, Camp Bravo is a server following the Rick Riordan Universe of Gods and Demi-Gods, This specific server focuses on the merging between the Greek Camp Half-Blood and the Roman Camp-Jupiter. Our own universe and lore combining with The RiordanVerse will open up opportunities that won’t be found on any other CHB or Jupiter camp rp server. We urge you to join and will welcome all with open hands.

What you should expect when joining us?

♤ A welcoming community, we're all a bunch of peoples looking to have fun. We’re all respecting of each and every persons beliefs, identities and way of life.

♤ An active and respectful staff team and community that are here to help you with any issues you may have!

♤ The chance to become the child of a Greek Deity and a Roman deity as well a child of one of our six interactive server gods!

♤ A Mee6 Leveling System and a Umbelievaboat Economic System.

♤ A fresh homemade plot, quests, stories and events along with our own Bravo unique systems such as our forging aspect.

♤ Many Role Play channels to explore: Both canon and new!

♤ All Suggestions that you may have will be taken into consideration if they have any ideas that would help our server grow!

Permanent Invite Link:

Server Logo:
Welcome to Camp Jupiter: Maximus! A safe place for demigods to roam and roleplay!

Our server offers:
- Diverse bot commands
- OOC roles
- Lots of roleplay channels

Join us today!
Welcome, to Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter Rebirth! We are a role-playing group who wish is to deliver an incredible role-playing experience to all who wish to seek it! What we offer is. . .

-Tons of locations for an in depth role-playing experience!

-30+ Greek and Roman gods and goddesses to choose from!

-Kind, hard working staff!

🙌 Welcome to Camp Jupiter. 🙌
Here in Camp Jupiter, we train young Demigods into refined soldiers.
Here we only take in gods from the Roman pantheon, leaving the inferior greek pantheon on the dust.
In this server, you shan't fail us, or you risk tarnishing your legacy. Do you have what it takes to survive?
Camp Jupiter.
This server includes:
-A developing questline 🗻
-A friendly and active staff team 😆
-A great and friendly community 👫
-Chances for character development and personal story progression. 😊

So enjoy your stay, and survive.
At Camp Jupiter: Failing memories
Welcome demigod children to Camp Jupiter! This is a safe place for demigods who are sons and daughters of the roman gods and goddesses. This is a roleplaying server that is active and fun!
Some things that are in this server include...
-Multiple Roleplaying channels and more!
(PS. I am not the owner of this server just an admin. The owner is Kyler, so if you have any questions ask him and not me please. :)
A cool Role Playing server. That combines people's love for role-play and the Percy Jackson series and Camp Jupiter or, if you are just getting started this server is right for you.