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Years and years ago,dragons lived in an unsafe and cruel world where they were often hunted by humans and other creatures,sometimes dragons would have to kill other dragons in order to survive.Years later, the 10 alphas have found a land far from human life,a safe haven where they can seek refuge in.Soon after they discovered this land,they brought the rest of their elements to the paradise.Over the time the dragons have evolved improved this land into the Dragon's Den that you know of today,where dragons of all kind can live in peace,away from the wrath of humans,No human had ever found the dragons den (or lived to tell the tale) but will all of that change?(hello! This server is pretty new and is just a replacement for an old server that is show in the pfp,we might make an art contest for the pfp and the winner will have their picture set for the servers pfp,anyways thanks for joining and let's have a good time!)
Demigod Academy is the to-go learning Institute for Myth-Dwellers, the term we give to all those with access to magic or have dwelt with the divine. We are here to help you harness your magic or simply teach you how to survive in the world of Myth.

Things are not all that it seems, with enemies running in every corner. We have recently been infiltrated by traitors who are extremely keen on murdering students, and are just recovering when a new problem occurs. The gods seem to be against each other, and it is up to the students and teachers of the Academy to solve the problem before time is out.
⚜️Active Server with responsible staff
⚜️People who love mythology
⚜️Perfect for fans of Percy Jackson, or simply know mythology.
⚜️Loosely based on Jennifer Estep’s Mythos Academy book series
⚜️100+ members
⚜️A lovely community of people who get along quite well
⚜️A “grumpy cat” owner, tea obsessed and nickname giving co-owners, weird staff and more.
Friend or Foe? Greek or Roman? Human or Divine?
-·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·-
We're an all new, better-than-the rest roleplay community set in the universe of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Our community prides itself in many things, including the following:
• Fun, active homies
• Literate rp'ers with enforced standards for quality
• Beautifully and simplistically organized
• Fun bots! Fun out of character roles and chats!
• Rolling system for god parent
• Experienced staff who participate in the RP!
• Brand new community (so we don't suck yet)!

Come join the fun and help us not suck EVEN MORE!
Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you were rejected by heaven and hell so you were automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. I am a recruiter for the distinguished school for dedicated role-players, Tell Tale Academy. What is Tell Tale Academy you may ask? Why it is a school filled with the sons and daughters of your favorite childhood fairytales and Greek mythology. With royals, warlocks, Gods, peasants, etc. there is always something buzzing in these hallowed halls.
Currently, registration is open to all students of any race, gender, social class, religion, or sexuality.

We oh-so hope you will visit our website where you will find:
- More information about our school
- Meet our astounding administration and other fellow students (In the server)
- A map of the Fairytale world and others like it. (In the server)
- A list of rules and guidelines for you to read and follow.
- A list of Fairytale or Greek mythological parents who aren’t taken under the “Enrollment” tab - If you have a request for a character ask us!
- A template for you to follow when creating a character.
- And more!

We at TTA extend our deepest welcome and gratitude to you and hope you can make Tell Tale Academy your new home.

Our Website -
In an attempt to create a united front for beings from various mythos to help them survive through this modern age of science and predominantly yet subtly Abrahamic belief, the major divine and semi-divine leaders of different pantheons agreed to help the Cross family establish an international academy and surrounding district which educates and houses a widely diverse population of persons from around the world. A peace has been established, but how long can it last? Join us in the Demigod & Legacy Academy to find out!
This server is a Korean mythology Roleplay server, inspired by CHB!

✧ 20+ channels for Roleplaying ❤
✧ Various types and powers to choose from 🔮
✧ Active plot and events to come 😄
✧ Friendly and active staff 🔥
✧ Multiple VC and OOC channels 💬

《We are accepting partnerships! DM any of the admin!》

Well, what's holding you back? Join our community!
What do we offer?
-a open and accepting staff team
-active plots from day one
-supporting all LGBTQ+ OCs and related ocs
-willing to accept suggestions
-constant staff to server member conversation.
-Bots and possible Easter eggs
-Welcoming Other religions with mythologies.
Welcome to a new and fresh never-ending journey that shall take you as far as your imagination can reach! A world of the Roman empire, in the time where gods and demigods exist, You will have to face series of challenges that will improve your skill as a writer and as a hero in this mystical RP. We also provide support and amazing off-topic channels that you can explore! We the staffs and the epic adventure are waiting for your arrival!

--=Do you like Mythology?=--
--=Do you roleplay?=--
That's really the only requirements! Join this server now for great thing, such as:

*Great systems used for roleplaying!*
*Awesome staff!*
*A number of positions to choose from!*
*And a lot more!*
Welcome to Supernatural, a world full of monsters and spirits, gods and demons, and desperate mortals struggling to keep the world from descending into chaos. Play as a variety of supernatural beings, such as demons, demigods, and deities themselves. Find the mythological race you want to play as is missing? Suggest your own! Every tale holds a grain of truth, and in this world, the tales are what you make them.

Our special features include:
-Freedom from dice and annoying rolls! Your gameplay is managed by living, breathing Game Masters who are there to serve you!
-Ever growing lore, which we love to have your input on! We are always looking to players to give their input on lore development, and will gladly take your suggestions for playable races, historical events, and magic types!
-Events where you play as gods! Much of the history in this world of ours is shaped by the players. We play out mythological stories, where the gods, demons and angels are controlled by you!
This is A RP server about mythological gods!
Greek gods were all killed in a fierce battle with a mysterious character, and, to secure they win this someday, Zeus set up a plan-- To make sure that some day, the gods would be reborn, and retrained to fight this mysterious character, and any who follows them.
We are a small server right now, but stay tuned! I'm trying to develop the server as much as I can!
A roleplay server in which a once united island is split in half by a mysterious force. Due to only the ancient ancestors knowing of the true reason this has happened, the two split islands continued to go on with their everyday lives
Welcome to Sapientia High, your school of divinity, and your ticket to the boiling pot of mytholigies.

Here at Sapientia High, we provide;
•A continuously growing community of nice and respectful members.
•Roleplay being in a school made by the gods themselves! Who are you related to?
•Teach multiple subjects of your choosing, or study and master them to the best of your abilities.
•Ever improving and progressing lore to make it as interesting as possible.
•A staff of friendly friends, doing their best to fit in as many myths as we possibly can.
•Want to rp a god/dess? Say no more, if you're convincing enough, choose one we aren't using yet.
•(Coming Soon)Special events which leads to sweet prizes.
•(Coming Soon)Currency is very much used, and is limited for a person, better start working!

What's holding you up? Join in, you'll have lots of fun, the experience will be crazier than seeing Ra and Hades in one place, and trust us, it might happen.
We are a brand new rp server based on demigods and mythology. We allow you to make your own demigod or mythological creature OCs (limit of three) and rp with us. We have an nsfw channel as well as plenty of social channels for you to hang out in outside of character. The setting is a camp (similar to percy jackson) in Proctor Valley, California. Your OC can be from any mythological background, no limits. We hope to see you there!
Are you afraid of the dark? You should be.
There are monsters, they kill people, they destroy property, they've been around since prehistory. Vampires, Wendigos, Dragons, it's all real, and it's all a massive threat. In the modern day, monsters are just as terrifying as ever.
But there is hope
Just because monsters are real doesn't mean that people haven't figured out how to deal with them, currently governments employ tactics to handle their own resident monsters and call in private companies to handle the problem when things get out of hand.
Welcome, new recruit, to the Salt and Silver Mythhunting Company.
A suspicious rise in monster attacks has revealed that something mysterious is afoot. SSMC's senior team has been wiped out, forcing the head of the company to promote apprentices and hire new applicants en masse. Something dangerous and long entwined with the SSMC is coming to light and there's only so much time to stop it left.
** ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* World of Demigods *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ **
The world of demigods is a parallel dimension, full of off-springs from the Norse, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman mythology as well as the monsters with them. There are cabins for demigods with specific godly parents, as well as powers that they inherited from the gods. World of Demigods is a world where demigods could live however they want under their parent's supervision.

** ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Features *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ **
- Roleplay & Events
- LGBTQ Friendly
- Adventure & Quests
- Development of Characters
- Discovery
- Family Roleplay

A New Era is a Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology Discord RP server with many custom things:

- Champions
- DemiPrimordials
- Demititans
- Demigods
- Powers
- Custom Ranks
- Friendly Staff
- And More!
We are a 15+ server❤ we are a new server too! We have many activities 🎉and even karaoke🎤!! We have NSFW😈 chats for the respective age groups (under 18🔞 and over 18💯) We have some pretty cool bots and our Staff are pretty cool and will help you with any problem you have!😀😀 When you join our server we hope you have an amazing time and meet amazing people👥! You can also talk to the owner about any mythological creature🐺🐲 and she can tell you what she knows! However we are still under construction for a couple of things. Though I hope you choose our server to join anyways! Thank you!

Let me say this now. Greek Mythology is real. It’s all real. All the gods, all the creatures are real! Us mortals weren't sure until 20 years ago. After many natural disasters, wiping out more than half the world's population. Only the North America Continent survived, along with a few islands surrounding it. Once the disasters ceased, a large island rose out of the bermuda triangle. People were sent to explore and document the island, but were met with a civilization. There were people, but there were also creatures only known to Greek Mythology. Satyrs, Centaurs, Cyclops, you name it. After another year it was discovered that the only gods that existed were the Greeks. The Greeks took pity on humanity and helped them in their need. Now 20 years later after the initial disasters, mortals and creatures alike live together. Mortals hire demigods to take care of dangerous jobs, such as hunting creatures or fetching items from uncharted areas. Welcome to the new world. Kosmos.

Friendly Mods

-Over 30 different Gods to be the child of!

-An expansion pack released every two months bringing new content!

-A working currency in the form of Drachma!

Come join a new and upcoming server!
Camp Half-Blood is a ROBLOX based serious roleplaying community. We have our own game that is highly developed and constantly evolving. We are a growing community, and we are looking for interested members to join!

Game Link:!/about

Choose a Cabin and explore the highly detailed map and roleplay with your fellow campers. Attend roleplay events that challenge your RP skills and the strength of your characters. Meet rich new faces and interact with a great community!