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🏕️ A special take on the world of Rick Riordan with inspiration from original writings from Bryle & Anna, experience a compelling retelling of the Greek Mythological World of Percy Jackson through a wonderment of plot-driven roleplays with camp activities and a fantastic open world with a running camp economy. The server provides tournaments and events outside of the roleplaying world with karaoke nights and many more community friendly experiences.

🏕️ This server takes on an alternate storyline from the depicted books where the Olympians have instead split into a waging war while within the depths of Tartarus, a lurking Goddess presses fear into the hearts of many. Prepare for a much darker take on Rick's Greek world.

🏕️ There are many automated and organized systems here (with custom commands), including a great cast of literate RPers! As well as developed systems and interesting powers for each cabin! While also having some unique gods in the mix and an ongoing plot that's more engaging for campers! This is followed up by many scheduled events from Cabin Counselors, tournaments, CTF, chariot racing, and many more things to do!

🏕️ Hard earned quests that take weeks to accomplish and many locations outside of the camp! A great balanced weapon crafting system and an economy! Shops to manage and many more things to do! This is followed up by a class-system to balance out experience between campers and levels of difficulty or mastery of powers. There are channels dedicated to tracking the plot influence of OCs like some sort of continuing series, demigods with major decisions which influence the world (becoming leaders or rulers of sorts), and many puzzles with active DMs! For sorcery, there are several forms of different magics (runes, enchanting etc) which differentiate and add a layer of complexity; in addition to unique abilities made by the owners with some having their own personal systems.

🏕️ Engage in casual roleplay, plot-driven roleplay, competitions like the Olympics, and many more! Unique custom commands, a great set of power options (having 3 types of powers per character at the start) and supportive progression for developing characters!
A basic Camp Half Blood server based after the deal with Percy and the gods.
What do we offer?
-a open and accepting staff team
-active plots from day one
-supporting all LGBTQ+ OCs and related ocs
-willing to accept suggestions
-constant staff to server member conversation.
-Bots and possible Easter eggs
-Welcoming Other religions with mythologies.
We are a little small yes, but we are just starting out!

We have experinced Rpers at the ready to help out any newbies as well as owner is a long time demigod rper and is always happy to help with character creation.

We have as well as demigods you can create nymphs stayrs and monster campers.

We are very good about rules and don’t ask much of you but to be nice and no over powered characters.

We have templates set up to help and lots of gods and goddesses to chose from as well as will add more if you find one you want to use that doesn’t yet have a cabin.

Please come join us we be happy to have you and help you! Come have fun with us!
Do you like the Percy Jackson books? Do you like Greek gods and mythology? Then Camp Half Blood: Trials of Heroes is for you!

We have:
> A welcoming community

> An active staff team!

> Some people to help us create plot!

> Please keep in mind, this is a new server!

> Some NSFW channels for those who like to get a little saucy
Welcome to the half blood village! This village his home to the Demigods after the failure of camp half blood and camp jupiter, this hidden village was built next to a mountain and a mortal city. For the most part it remains hidden by Mortals as they never cross the mountain path...
Dragons have been seen stirring, each of them hungry, burning a primal fury. So certain villagers will be selected to face these dragons, gaining awe inspiring power as they do so.
This server includes:
-active staff/ owner
-many different gods
-gods from the Greek pantheon and other Gods may be added in the future from different pantheons
-a story that is still under development
So we hope you enjoy your stay at, the half-blood village!
Welcome, Demigods, Heroes, and Campers, to your safe haven, Camp Half-Blood! We offer a dynamic plot line, friendly staff, challenges, and events! We host CTF or a similar event every two weeks unless there is a Quest running. We are always improving, and open to just about everything. The server is LGBTQ+ friendly, and accept characters of all types, as long as it fits into the Camp! (Note: We only allow Greek characters. Kids from other Mythologies will not be accepted.)
hi! this is my friends Percy Jackson Based server come join if you like pjo or greek mythology!!!
For a RolePlay Server, ask Megara or go into the Labyrinth!
everyone is very nice and respecting
there are lessons on Greek mythology
You can just chat if u want to in the mess hall
LGBTQ+ safe space
You will not be banned due to any race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability!
What if the Greek Gods did not exist? Instead, there were new Gods and Goddesses. Welcome to Camp Blarion! Join and dive headfirst into a familiar yet new world. Filled with new Gods that have never been seen before! This is Camp Blarion.
Fresh new CHB server! Please join
Server was created 1/20/19
18 gods and goddesses to choose from!
Not allowed to make children of gods without cabins yet, but it may happen in the future!
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

We are an upcoming and brand new roleplay based on the lore by Rick Riordan, creator of Percy Jackson. We currently offer:

- Helpful, guiding staff
- 20 Gods/Goddesses (and more to be added)
- Multiple storyline options
- Understandable, non-confusing lore
- Database for lore to help new roleplayers
- Easy character creation
- Friendly, accepting space for all roleplayers

"It started in 2015. The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus were slowly losing their powers. With the fate of the deities lying in Dionysus' hands, it was up to the God of Wine to open Camp Half-Blood and save the demigods and precious magics of Olympus. Using the last of his magic, Dionysus sent out the final message: Come to the camp with broken gates, and find your true power."

[We currently only accept characters under Greek mythology. Other mythologies will not be accepted.]
Come roleplay with other Percy Jackson fans. Start by creating your character. Be a demigod, god, goddess, satyr, or nymph so far! Explore the camp, make new friends, go on quests, and train to become the worlds, next hero!
A camp full of danger at every turn, unmarked by any sort of magical barrier, Greek and Roman demigods run rampant side by side surviving. Half Blood Nevada is newly built demigod safe haven that was constructed on the remnants of an abandoned frontier town. Founded by three demigods with the hopes of creating a safe haven for demigods who lived closer to the west coast of the US. Although far safer than trying to live alone Camp Half Blood Nevada still faces numerous threats in the form of monsters who frequently attack the camp due to a lack of magical protection.
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Where the demi-gods reside≈
We offer...
✦ All 20 cabins
✦ A bunch of gods (and goddesses) to choose from!
✦ Chill & friendly staff
✦ Nice & kind community!
✦ And much more!

This server has only been created recently and we're working hard to grow it! Feel free to join <3
- Roleplay in Camp Half-Blood [NEW GENERATIONS] ! -
Pick out your character and cabin!
Meet new people!
Roleplay with others!
Share the Demigod experience!
This server is sort of new with 15+ people, with a very very veeery expansive god list to choose from. With a special way to be claimed and sorted by a god. In this RP, we allow many more gods and things than other servers out there! So come on by and join us today! We'd be happy to have you!

More details are on the server.
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

⚡️200+ Members ⚡️

Safest place for demigods! Have you ever wanted to become a Demigod? Camp Half-Blood is a roleplaying discord server for fans of the Percy Jackson series or Greek Mythology!

You can chat with friends or roleplay in our many nature or camp locations! Don't hesitate to invite your friends, any support is appreciated! You can choose over 20 different gods and goddesses to be related.

-= 🌷 Server Features 🌷 =-

📚 50+ Channels
✅ Organization
⚔ Events & Daily Plots
🧔 Active & Mature Staff
⚡️ 215+ Members
📃 Open Partnerships

-= 👑 Camp Owners 👑 =-
🌷 - @ItzMytic#6039
💪 - @Darkfire#8337
❤ - @Gabriel the Devil#7423

= =
Camp Half-Blood is the training camp situated in Long Island, New York, for the children of the Greek Olympians. Demigods have abilities granted by their parents upon their claiming, which can be used as the demigod sees fit- however, it will be draining depending on how much of the ability is used, and how for how long.
These demigods are trained to fight the horrors that would just as much assume take over the world, but the Olympians have no intentions of permitting that to happen, so they have charged their children, the campers and demigods of Camp Half-Blood, to complete their will in their name, for the defense of the world.
Heyo! Welcome to CHB. We are a pretty new server with a small twist on the Percy Jackson RP.
A small community looking to grow it's camper count greatly, the more people the more RP everyone can do. When YOU join you help MAKE a difference, activity doesn't just happen, we need more RP willing people to join ^-^. This server will never give up, and we hope that you'll join to make our hopes for this place to come true.
After centuries of complicated marriage, Hera and Zeus are finally divorcing. The Gods are split, and so are their children. Tensions are high in Camp Half Blood as their parents duke it out up on Mount Olympus.
CHB is based off the books of Percy Jackson and also the movies here you'll attend camp and learn to be a great demi-god and learn to be a leader
Being a demigod can’t be the worst thing ever...right? Welcome to Camp Half Blood, set up like the books we have an armory, the big house and most importantly **the volleyball court**. Join us at camp and be claimed by your godly parent.(No pior knowledge is needed