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For some time now the Gods have left the mortals to their own no matter how many mortals pray the gods have seemed to barely respond. They have lost touch with the human world, so they where sent here to learn about the humans and reconnect with them. This school was built just for that as they have to live through years of a school like the humans do. The teachers are the ones who didn't lose contact with the humans and try to reteach the others how the humans live and work. They lost contact and its been some time so the gods who still work at it decided to make the school in 2019 where the others will learn how to listen to the humans again.

--- What we offer? ---

88 Gods/Goddess and more to choose from and if there isn't one on the list you would like to be then just tell me and ill add it to the list!

You can make an OC such as, Nymphs, Sirens/Mermaids, Oracles, Gorgons, Shades, Sytars or Centaurs and ect.

Self Assignable Roles, For such as. A RP ping role, Server ping roles and Even Pronounce roles.

LGBTQ+ Friendly.

WARNING: There is ERP (Erotic Role Play = Sex) Within the server.

(And you don't have to join to role play you can join and just hang around and chat! We do have a "Watcher" Role you can give yourself if you do not wish to Role Play but still want to Watch. We are always open to suggestions and advice to make the server better.)
This server is a Camp Half-Blood remake and is really new, so please join and jump into some fun roleplay topics. We have bots, a leveling system, and is LGBT+ welcome and descrimination is not tolerated.
Channel Samples:
-Character Creation Station
-Bot Commands
-Camp Locations from the books

-- The New World --

After the Ancient Greeks died off and the Gods and Goddesses of greek Mythology were not being praised and worshiped by many anymore Chaos the Primordial of the Void and creator of everything made a whole new world. In that new world, Chaos had put all the Gods, Goddesses and other creatures into a peaceful like home.

The only mortals that Chaos allowed to follow were the Witches and Oracles, for they followed with loyalty to the gods and they had magical gifts. This left the old world drained of magic and power, leaving earth, there old home 'The planet of no magic' behind for good.

Chaos had made this new world just like the old one, with the other primordials help of course, the grass was green the water was blue. There was no plastic hurting the seas or toxic waste thanks to the gods. It was a paradise just like the old times, the Gods and Goddesses had homes built for them to live in of course but nothing that would hurt the world.
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! A sanctuary for demigods and mythical creatures alike! This is a roleplay for Percy Jackson fans, Heroes of Olympus fans, and all of that! This server is just starting out, but give us a chance! We're friendly and pretty lax with things.
We've also just started doing events! We're trying to do them as much as we can, and do events at camp so nobody feels excluded, even if they didn't get into the quest
This server loves to fuel creativity! So we try to just use the imaginations we have instead of phoning it in and making our ocs related to canon characters.

We are fairly new but trying to build ourselves up one member at a time!
Welcome to Camp Half Blood, where we demigods stay for safety. You can Roleplay, chat, and just have fun! Make friends!
We accept everybody!
Where do demigods go after Camp half-blood? The world doesn't just stop wanting to kill you because you've grown past your angsty teen years. Some of you just roam the world until you meet your demise... others end up here at the Half-Blood Sanctuary.
Every god has a house for their children, where the most responsible insert unbridled laughter here demigod keeps track of their siblings.
Respect your head of House please, and for god's sake don't fucking kill each other.
-Hermes Community president and Patron
Camp Half-Blood is a brand new and unique server based on the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. Different from most CHB servers, we analyze your roleplay and pick a godly parent that fits your character specifically, complete with a special claiming. We have an active and welcoming community that is open to people from all backgrounds, and our management team works very hard to accommodate new members and make the roleplaying experience fun for everyone!

Founded long ago by the centaur Chiron, Camp Half-Blood has a well kept reputation as the number one safe haven for children of the Greek gods. The demigod sanctuary started in Ancient Greece, but it has continuously moved with the core of Western civilization and the gods themselves. In 2019, Camp Half-Blood resides on the northern shore of Long Island, and continues to serve safety-seeking demigods, satyrs, and nymphs as well as it did thousands of years ago. Camp Half-Blood features top of the line facilities (according to Mr. D) such as an arena, armory, fully stocked dining pavilion, ampitheatre, infirmary, and more. You'll find everything for your demigod needs at Camp Half-Blood! So why wait? Come on down, great adventure awaits you!

Our server is for ages 13+, but do not be fooled by the low age limit. Plenty of our younger roleplayers are very well versed and amazing writers. However, being that minors are in the server, NSFW content is NOT allowed.

Roleplay at Camp Half-Blood is semi-literate, we do not allow any form of asterisk roleplay and insist that you use a third-person POV when roleplaying in any of our channels.

Regardless of your experience, we are confident we can provide you a CHB roleplay experience like no other server can!

♢ Unique claiming system!
♢ Immersive roleplay experience!
♢ Dedicated staff!
♢ Monthly events!
♢ LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive community!
☼ ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ☼
˚lights up - harry styles˚
・ ılıılıılıılıılıılı ・
ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ +
☆ 1:45 ───●─── 2:52 ☆
↺͏͏ ◁ II ▷ 三
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
☆・゚::゚. ☆. ˚

Welcome to apollo's treehouse!
・in our small social server, we have: ・
୨୧ ── greek-based setup
୨୧ ── self-roles
୨୧ ── giveaways ♡
୨୧ ── personality roles
୨୧ ── cute bots
୨୧ ── friendly owners ˚
୨୧ ── reaction of the day ♡
୨୧ ── partnerships
୨୧ ── self promo channel
୨୧ ── roleplay server
And much more! ☆

so what’re you waiting for? ˚
☆ come make some new friends!
・. ・
This a PJO based RP
server where you can be a Demigod or a God. Server Events are once every week on Fridays. The server has a lot of channels to talk in and not a lot of rules to really follow. This server is just for fun and rolplay!
—>note i’m still kinda working on it<—
The world of Camp Half-Blood is one filled with magic and mystery, a world where the Myths of the old world shape the modern landscape and beasts find themselves roaming with impunity.

Step into the world as a children of the Gods of the Greek Pantheon, a Demigod much in the vein of Perseus and Heracles and discover the place that your kind call home. Camp Half-Blood. Here you will be thrust into the thick of it, competing with other Demigods and training to fight beasts of legendary proportion, all of you seeking to write down your story in the legacy of Olympus and make yourselves important before the Gods.

Now, the question is...Will you rise to the challenge, or will the world overwhelm you?

A Server, Complete With:
▪︎A Compelling Plot
▪︎Weekly Events
▪︎Interesting Rpers

Welcome, to our little greek humble abode. Where gods and goddesses gather around and watch the mortals known as humans sweat and prey to their superiors, the immortal ones, the ones who never die or accept death, the ones who "protect" them... The powerful and super entities known as gods.

After many years, the gods and goddesses have offspring, you can play as their children or descendants... And you can also play as mortals.

This roleplay server is based off of Greek Mythology, hence why there's Olympus mentioned in the name. As said in a snippet of the server, you can play as either the immortal and superior entities known as Gods and Goddesses or the weak and powerless known as mortals.

Note: This server is currently in need of members, and if you join we'd love for you to stay.

The Children of The Big Three

Join Camp Half Blood! It’s a community group for demigods to meet each other. Everything friendly as long as you don’t violate the rules :)

In trying times of a demi gods life when they're seeking help Camp Half Blood always finds them.

A pamphlet containing details of camp and a start date arrives when you needed it most. This was a sign. You're about to embark on a journey that will be filled with highs and lows, danger and fun but most of all self enlightenment. This is the start of something great. Do you accept the invitation only time will tell.

Something else is brewing. Deities are plotting, monsters are appealing more frequent. Will you be able to figure out what's going on before its too late?
this takes place 10 years after the war with Gaea. You can create your own character, a kid of a Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian god, or a satyr. Roleplay your dreams of being a half blood into this server!
"Dear ███,
I hope this letter has made it's way to you in good health, we sent it in order to inform you that you have been asked to attend Camp Omikron. Despite the name this has changed from a summer camp for half-divine children of the gods to a boarding school to protect and nurture those with divine abilities.
At Camp Omikron our teachers will work on educating you in more typical academics such as; math, science, literature, etc. However the teachers will also work on heightening your powers, teaching you about your heritage, and how to protect yourselves from those who wish to bring harm to you.
It is all up to you to decide whether or not to accept our invitation, either way we await your response. As another fact our teachers are almost always half-divines or creatures of power like most students living at the camp currently.
Headmaster Vassides"

Since any documents dated or historians spreading information through words gods have always co-existed with and before humans ever came into being. Before any creatures and even before the gods themselves it was the earth and the sky married happily. Before the gods their parents were given life, the titans. Twelve in total, six male and six female. They were born along with the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires. They were shunned by the sky and thrown into Tartarus. Though many know this tale of the gods birth and defeat of most of their corrupt titan parents. Since than gods throughout years had mingled with mortals, unknown to the mortals, and some held romantic relation with them. This led to the birth of demigod, half mortal and half divine. Gods known not to be allowed to stay with their half mortal children instead made them into history as so they would never be forgotten. It went on for years even today the gods still mingle among the mortals and other creatures brought to existence.

This roleplay is inspired by the Percy Jackson series and the Minecraft series going on known as Origins of Olympus. We are currently a small server and plan to start once we have enough teachers and students! There are really little limits to your characters and the mods available are always here to help with character creation if needed. IN no way do your characters need to be in amazing depth but if you choose to do so we won't stop you. I will say most of the time applications will be open unless a current iportant event is being run.
Which brings my next statement this roleplay does have planned events. Some more simple things, like school dances & clubs/activites and than some more odd things such as perhaps an attack on the school or a missing student. This will be explained in more depth in the server.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Camp Omikron!
Long ago, there was a great pantheon of gods and goddesses. They lived, they died, they caused havoc in mortals’ lives, and the ancient Greeks detailed every story in their fervent worship, passing down the tales generation by generation. Up until now, they might have just been considered myths.

Of course, that’s because most mortals don’t know they still walk the earth.

...But not without a few hitches here and there.

The great wheel turns, and with it comes new waters. New bodies. New lives. Not everyone is certain of who they are, or what they’re doing here, but one thing is for certain: they all seem to be drawn to the town of Polymus, California, a stone’s throw from Los Angeles.

Welcome to the writing of a new kind of history.

Welcome to superlunary.


superlunary. is an 18+ roleplay server for the Greek gods and their lives in the modern era set in the town of Polymus (Olympus), California. Feel free to hop in and check us out!
This server is about the Greek Gods but with different character you get to make your own God and get the rank God
╭┈≛❁ ─────
︴ cyprus ☁

┊ greek god themed server
┊ all is welcome
☾ eboys & egirls

╰┄───➤ ✰
✨ On one stormy day Odin was with his son Thor fighting off giants from a small village. When they started to get over run that's when Odin used his most powerful magic to wipe out the whole horde of giants that were approaching the village, but at the same time in Olympus Zeus was fending off the Titans along with his brothers poseidon and Hades. Zeus used the most powerful lightning bolt in history to knock all of the Titans down. The power from these two sprouted a new branch in the world tree known as Yggdrasil. The Greek fates wove this to happen so that the norse gods and Greek gods would one day interact with each other. It is unkown if they are to be allies or enemies, but one thing is for sure. The path to both worlds have been opened. It's only a matter of time before something goes wrong. ✨

Here are some things we offer!

- Over 70 Greek and Norse god/Goddess to select from ☄️

- ERP 😏

- Wonderful people to talk to 💫

- A accepting and kind environment 🌟

- and memes!!! 🌠
A place for all those who follow the Hellenic pantheon to gather, with chats about general mythology, focused, academic discussions, general witchcraft, general prayers, among other things!
If you are into Greek Gods and/or Percy Jackson this is the server for you! We accept anyone who is 13+ (sexuality and race doesn't matter. We love all!) At the moment we currently have 2 spots open for Gods (Poseidon and Zeus are taken) but once those are filled anyone is welcomed to be a human or some sort of humanoid! Enough talking! It's time to Roleplay! See ya soon!
Greek gods and god kin alike try to make in modern society, mess shit up along the way...are you a god? Or are you the humans that catch their wrath?

Must be +18 to rp in this server!