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Welcome to Hamza's Hangout! This is a great place to chat and make friends in! We are a chilled server, focusing around chill, gaming and making friends. You'll be sure to fit in here!

🖤| Active Community!

🖤| Level rewards!

🖤| Over 30+ self assignable roles!

🖤| Loads of channels & roles!

🖤| And alot more!


So what are you waiting for? Join us now and chill out. :)
~✨Starlit Morning✨~

This is an academy based server where on May 23, 2019 something strange happened.. it was so strange to the point no one could understand it or give a reasonable explanation to this phenomena. But what they did know is that the sun and moon swapped places almost.. in the morning, it was pitch black with dark clouds but the sun was still there. In the night it was a clear, purply blue colour filled with stars looking out of this world same with the moon being there. After this event occurred, people from across the globe began to mutate and gain supernatural powers. Here, you were given an invite to join Starlit Morning Academy as to help you control your power. Where will your relationships take you? How will they affect your world? Come find out today!

~What Do We Offer?~

This is a friendly newly made server who will welcome just about anyone to our server! Including the following...

-LGBTQ+ Friendly server

-Many fun playful bots -> (OwO, Dank memer, and much more!)

-Fair rules

-Fun welcoming nice staff team

-Many different roles

-(IRP, Bubble tea, McDonald’s, Turtle lake, and the members of different clubs get extra roles, plus a bonus for being in them but the bonus is for you to find out!)

-Respectful community

-Staff always on the look for law breakers along with trying their best to keep it nice and clean.

-We got tasty snaccs

-Fair system when it comes to the rules and banning people, always getting an answer to someone’s question



-Actively looking for partnerships!
Hello! Welcome to Celestial Fantasy, Our server is full of wonderful (but also weird 😃) people. It is non toxic and we all love anime! We are open to all races and all colors. Join and discuss it with us or just chat about anything and make some new friends! Friends are really important in our lives so lets find even more people to be friends with, We would be so happy if you joined 🙂♥️. The world isn't a great place, lets make it great for each other.
✧༺♡༻∞ 🕊𝘚𝘢𝘧𝘦 𝘏𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘯🕊 ☆ ∞༺♡༻✧
❀ A server meant for e-dating and making friends. ❀
❀ Everyone is welcomed here, we don't judge. ❀
✿ We have the following: ✿
➴. Active chats and vc's.
➴. Fun, great, and understanding staff.
➴. Leveling system.
➴. Fun bots.
➴. Friendly community.
➴. Partnerships.
➴. Lots of fun roles.
Welcome to GPad! A non-toxic server that is active and has amazing people and amazing staff members. We are looking for people who are amazing and aren't drama starters!
Hey, are you a low-life wanting to post, steal memes, hangout and self promote?
Well, you found the right place, here at Squidwards Tiki Land we have a bunch a good shit such as;

Memes and shitposting

Nice Staff

Fun people to hang out with

Self promotion

TONS of emojis for Nitro users

Future Nitro giveaways

and you CANT forget about our free N-Word passes and (used) Poop Socks.

Hoo, hah, hoo, tiki tiki
Hoo, hah, hoo, tiki tiki
Hoo, hah, hoo, tiki tiki
Hoo, hah, hoo, tiki tiki
Hoo, hah, hoo, tiki tiki

Welcome to Squidward's Tiki Land

You can relax all day like a tiki can
Or lay out in the sun for a tiki tan
Or drink from a coconut that's full of flan
Here in Squidward's Tiki Land
You can play all day in the tiki band
And dance all night on the tiki strand
Don't matter to me 'cause, 'cause I'm crazy, man!

Here in Squidward's Tiki Land

We are a 18+ dating/hangout server. Join and meet new people here at
𝐒 𝐡 𝐨 𝐨 𝐤 𝐞 𝐭 𝐡!
Welcome to Calm cove. At calm cove, we like to keep things calm & peaceful (most of the time) yeah we have few members so it would be appreciated if you joined! uwu

Are you sick? Because I know we are!
IMVU Friendly
Gaming Friendly
Lifestyle friendly
NSFW and SFW content
Artists can advertise upon request for shop!
Seeking/non seeking hangout

this a fun server w/ fun people! we have self roles and more fun things! accepting of everyone and has a lot of communities. we hope you join and have a memorable time(: we take recommendations and build the sever around you.
Hey there! I see you're looking for friends and new a friendly server. How about join ours. Some other things we have:
-dope bots (some custom programmed)
-self assignable roles
-awesome community
And much more
Official Discord for the Purple Monkey Podcast. Memes and stuff and just a chill place to hang out.
> -.---_-===Chill Cove===-_---.-
We are a fun, laid-back server with lots to offer.
❤︎ Fun bots for questing, owoing, cards, and battles
❤︎ A really active, cool, and understanding staff ._.
❤︎ Active server events
❤︎ Frequent Voice Calls
❤︎ Variety of partnered servers
❤︎ All-inclusive kink channel
❤︎ Automated porn bot
❤︎ Music bots
❤︎ Question of the Day!
❤︎ Educated staff willing to help with homework or studying
❤︎ A variety of picture channels including, Photography, Memes, and Selfies!
❤︎ A diverse range of interests
❤︎ Really kinky people.. Like Jesus feck.
❤︎ A lot of lonely people who want connection :'(
❤︎ This is not a place for sensitive people
We are a very active and welcoming community! @​everyone

We hope you'll enjoy your stay!
This server is a hangout server for anyone and everyone -- We are all very supportive and we accept anyone and everyone. We like to also provide help and assistance to those who may need it at any time. We do game night along with movie nights and a whole bunch of other things. We are looking forward to meeting new friends :)
This is a new server, but we are working to make it bigger and nicer^^ We are searching for Staff for the server too.
We have:
🌟owo bot
🌟dank memer
🌟waifu bot
Join in if you want to drink some tea and chill with us! :3
Permanent server invite:
Hello! Gamer's Hierarchy is a newer server, welcoming all new people of all shapes, colors, and sizes! We offer:

~ Tons of voice chats for all of your communication needs! ~

~ Tons of text channels so you can make all the friends you want! ~

~ Tons of bots for music, moderation, and actions! ~

~ A trust administration team to make sure nothing goes wrong! ~

~ Custom roles and events! ~

Upon joining, you'll find a ton of new friends to game with, and who knows, maybe even that special someone 👀
.・゜゜・   Welcome to Shelter | 18+   ・゜゜・.

Shelter is a mature 18+ community with focuses on comfort and hospitality. Our goal is to provide a safe-space for users to relax, chat, and connect with others in. We're very chill and welcoming so don't be shy! Come on in and make yourself at home, our door is always open.~

.・゜゜・   What We Offer:  ・゜゜・.
• 18+ Verification (For NSFW Content)
• Self-Assigned Roles/Colors
• Leveling System
• Server Currency & Custom Roles
• Interest Channels (Anime, Gaming, Music, Art and More!)
• Roleplay
• Support/Venting Channels
• Voice Channels
• Active Users
• Active Staff
• Non-Toxic Community
• LGBT+ Friendly
• Server Emotes
• Partnerships
• Donations
• Giveaways
• Events Coming Soon!

We are also actively seeking Moderators and Partner Managers!
.・゜゜・     ・゜゜・.
Abandon hope all ye who enter here!
This is best server to chill and not worry about people joining and leaving! You can make the best friends here!
We have anime, memes, manga, webcomics, cringy hentai people
Hi there! we are a very small community and I want it to grow bigger. We are really nice and we'll treat you like your living at home. We are currently looking for mods so feel free to apply to the owners! Please join if you see this because it will make us happy every time we see new members!
Welcome to spin on it!
Are you a weirdo? Great! You’ll love it here! From feet contests, Waifu voting, to weird posts, we’ve got just about everything and all are welcome. ^^

We have; Self assignable roles, Gambling, Items, Music, Waifu's/Husbando's, NSFW channel, Creative channel, Memes, and cool people to hang/talk to. Enjoy~
Well, this is a server with no rule just don't be a little twat, but other than that you can do anything. Come here enjoy, chill, or whatever the fuck you want.