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This Is a weird server as you can tell by the TITLE 😂.
Anyone is Welcomed at this server just have to be under 18.
Server Just getting started So dont sleep on us.
Here you will find teen's who just wanna hangout and be crasy AF.
just now
Hey! im Dahannie (Also known as Lauren) Im here to bring people together, to make new friends & sometimes that can be turned ito more ;) this is a server that can include teens under 18 or younger ;)

This server includes;
Chill Hangout

Me Bringing people to goof around & act sily And Just be Yourselfs.

I will be gald to have new members Join The Club ;))

Tysm!! Much Love- Dahannie
just now
Hello there! Kinky is a hangout server built to entertain you and unleash your kinkiness.

We're a rapidly growing server and we'll do anything we can to please our members. Take a look at our other server: which is the all-age access version of Kinky NSFW.

ID verification is required upon joining Kinky NSFW.
1 minutes ago
Hi i am the server owner and i created a new server and i need your help on getting it up and running.
if you would like to be staff on my new server join and we can talk about it.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
15 minutes ago
we are a fun server were people can hangout and enjoy themselves we want to build a fun community

what we offer
-fun games
-new friends
-nice staff team
-and a over all fun time

also check out our website
18 minutes ago
Topsail Island is my new and growing server mostly based around RP. It is highly updated and has occasional events! If you are a big fan of roleplay or just want somewhere to kick back and relax Topsail island is the server for you.
29 minutes ago
✥ WONDERLAND 8 ✥ - Small and active community looking for new people to join and befriend!

An Alice in Wonderland themed server created for friendly people to hangout, talk about their interests and make new friends

✥ Our age range is 16 - 22 but we're preferably looking members 16+

✥ Server has an entertainment category which includes art, gaming and anime

✥ Looking to have movie nights every once in while - Server is currently too small to have active movie nights

✥ Roles that include color, interests and gaming

We hope to see you here!
30 minutes ago
Greetings and Salutations Today I, the owner of a recently newly formed discord server would like to share with you The lab.
1) At the lab members can kick back n chill with our laid back atmosphere.
2) Our rules are there to enforce peace and order and our small number of staff reinforce them. 3) Since we are new, we are always on the lookout for new recruits whom could if devoted become staff here.
4) We are open for many partnership opportunities not too miss.
5) Our role scheme is based on activity, so the more active you are the higher u climb!
34 minutes ago
Hello! This is my Pokemon RP server, and FYI, if you become a canon character, you get a special role of them!
49 minutes ago
The Hangout- GLHF is a chill and friendly server! We have channels for almost anything like gaming, anime, movies/shows, food, pets, and fresh memes. Join us and let's chat!
54 minutes ago
The Skyler Hotel is a Hotel in the middle of an ocean, To be exact it is on a island in the ocean. The island was bought by the Skyler family in the early 50's. It was used as a safe place for the Skyler family and their associates when the cold war was happening. But in 2018 It was renovated into a hotel for anyone who wanted to come. It is the Skyler Hotels 10th year this year and are giving away many tickets to come and spend the summer. We hope you enjoy your stay
57 minutes ago
╔════ ೋღ 💋🔥💋 ღೋ ════╗
**——=|**🔥``Hell’s Basement``🔥**|=———**
➔ 🔴 ❥♛
➔ 🔴We are open to partnering! Join Today!❥♛**
➔ 💋NSFW emojis/NSFW nitro emojis❥♛**
➔ 💋Fun and chill hangout!❥♛**
➔ 💋NSFW!❥♛**
➔ 💋Mee6 leveling system!❥♛**
➔ 💋Choose your own role color!❥♛**
➔ 💋React to get yourself some roles!❥♛**
➔ 💋Lots of fun bots!❥♛**
➔ 💋We announce birthdays!❥♛**
➔ 💋Art!❥♛**
➔ 💋Music!❥♛**
➔ 💋Food!❥♛**
➔ 💋Spam!❥♛**
➔ 💋Poetry Writing!❥♛**
➔ 💋Memes!❥♛**
➔ 💋Pets/Animals/Marine Life!❥♛**
➔ 💋``Gif`` ❥♛
**╚════ ೋღ 💋🔥💋 ღೋ ════╝**
1 hours ago
A server made for meeting and talking to people. You can also talk about game development, anime, cartoons here! We are a community trying to have fun. Anyone is allowed to join. Doesn’t matter who you are!
1 hours ago
New teen hangout! 13-17
Need a place where u can just chill with people? You need a hug? Or maybe your just lonely and need some fellow teens to vent to. If so this is the place for u. We are weird and quiet crazy at times. But we're here for each other, and thats what counts.
We have..
-friendly staff
-2 amazing owners
-a place for rp
-ranked roles
-and more!
-also pokecord bot
Come and join the family 💚💙
1 hours ago
▹Welcome to Dust's Lounge◃
⸎ The best growing hangout server you'll ever join!⸎

▹There are multiple fun things to do on Dust's Lounge, such as;◃

⦁ Participate in trivia with anyone in the Trivia channel!
⦁ Use the userphone and talk with anyone on discord!
⦁ Count to 10000!
⦁ Participate in any ongoing contests!
⦁ Join any ongoing events!
⦁ Answer the QOTD and answer any polls that are posted!
⦁ Chat with our growing community!
⦁ Post any memes you have saved for the perfect moment!
⦁ Post your proud artwork that your mom won't put on the refrigerator!
⦁ Feeling sad? Pick up the venter role and vent your guts out in the venter channel!

▹We also have other features that makes Dust's Lounge more enjoyable!◃

⦁ Custom role colors with a large variety!
⦁ Leveling system! Level up enough and get the ability to post images in general!
⦁ The NSFW and Vents channels are blocked if you don't want negativity or NSFW content.
⦁ Don't want to be pinged for insignificant things? Don't get the pingable role! (and vice versa)
⦁ A ton of popular bots to edit images with, play music, and much more!
⦁ A lot of custom emojis for your liking!

Join Dust's Lounge today!
2 hours ago
✧ Starry Paws Box ✧
We are a fun server that offer you many fun bots to play with, people to chat with and games that you can join your fellow server members in.
If your an Artist or a Writer and want to grow, we have a many Artists and Writers who will be more then happy to help you grow.
We welcome everyone here regardless of age.
✧ Join Starry Paws Box Community ✧
2 hours ago
This is a Pokécord server where you can trade, fight gyms and hang out! We are currently taking staff applications if you'd like, and you might be able to become a gym leader! And its owned by two (mostly) chill doods! Yes this is the Squirtle Squad with 60 members. If you were a part of that plz join this.
2 hours ago
Realm Of Kuriboh
A casual fun Duelingnexus based yugioh server! We aim to make a place for all duelists to duel and have fun. We are not a clan but if members of the server would like to create a clan for the server it could be done. We aim to hold weekly tournaments. We also offer off topic based events. What we offer:
:cloud: Partnerships
:cloud: Custom Colour Roles
:cloud: Weekly Tournaments
:cloud: Fun Dueling and Dueling Ladder
:cloud: Open to ideas from members.
We are looking for similar servers we our selves are slightly active. We are open to a merge by this i mean if you have a yugioh server with good active members but struggling to upgrade we will allow the staff of your server to become staff on ours and then that server would be deleted but its members and staff would become part of the realm. This would benefit both servers. Your server must have at least 50 members and be decently active.
2 hours ago
At Thot Patrol, we're just a bunch of new relaxed, friendly and laidback chill ass teenagers. 2.5k+ people within a month, join us and give us a chance to entertain you!
2 hours ago
A laid back community for people who want to talk about anything, play games and VC with chill people! We have weekly events! All are welcome!

We offer many things such as:
~Several fun self-roles, including color roles!
~Create and join your own clubs!
~Server economy and shop
~Weekly events
~Giveaways and contests!
~Gaming/Movie nights
~Music lessons
~Debate channel
2 hours ago
Enclosure is a very nice community based server with awesome and active people. Everyone is welcome, so don't be shy! Join the server, have a nice conversation or maybe find someone to game with! We also provide A+ memes and the best emoji's you could wish for. We promise that you will not regret joining us!
3 hours ago
Ever tired from all the drama and stress of life? want to just chill and have fun with people? The PomPom Cafe is the place for you!
A place full of laughs, life, and most importantly dank memes! Our wonderful staff team will welcome all guests with open arms and make sure everyone has a great time here! Pompom Cafe is also a fun relax server to just sit down and rewind, chat with our members and play some games with the bots and simply form new friendship! Roleplaying! Singing! Playing Games! and Sharing Arts and Memes! So enter the Pompom Cafe and have a drink
5 hours ago
This is a friendly server to hangout, play some games, and have fun. We let the community decide the fate of anything they want through the use of polls! Our custom bot helps you by hiding categories for games you don't play and much, much, more! We hold events (almost) every weekend!
5 hours ago
Looking for a chill ass Community, that plays game casually and competitively.
Hi I'm a streamer, and I play Overwatch and other games!

Tired of most servers being boring.
We got you covered!

Applications open for Training Mod, Partner Manager and Event Host are open too!
Self assignable colours and game roles.
Good emotes! Animations are fluid!
Active Staff members!
Great bots! (Mee6, Muxy, Nightbot, Naedako)
good place to advertise your content.
Uni being bad.
AFK Channels just for you!
「 l i n k」
6 hours ago