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The HelloThereCommunity server is where you can hang out with other (strange) people!

-Shit post your memes
-Talk about irl things
-Discuss about games
-Talk about anime & Star Wars
-Get funky 😏
...and other things!

The server has many things to offer such as...
-Bot commands chat
-Hunger Games
-CAH(Cards Against Humanity)
...and many more!

Please read the rules if you joined this server, it would be greatly appreciated!
═════ ◈ ══════
Welcome to ԱղժҽɾաօɾӀժ!
═════ ◈ ═════

Welcome to the Underworld. This is the server of hell itself and we are friendly community which welcomes teens to hangout and find someone to talk to about anything here. This is an active server with monthly events, giveaways and more, make sure to come and join us! We could guarantee you the heaven isn’t as fun as the Underworld.😈

═════ ◈ ═════
Here in ԱղժҽɾաօɾӀժ, we have:
.An active chat with active staff members
.Voice channels of all sorts with music quizzes
.Channels for bot commands from a big variety of bots
.Unique level roles/ Custom roles for invites
.An opportunity to be apart of our staff team, applications are accepted occasionally

═════ ◈ ═════
.This isn't a nsfw server nor a dating server
.Swearing is allowed here
.This is a server preferably for 13-17 year olds

═════ ◈ ═════
🌃 Welcome to Skyline! This is a community server for anyone who wants to join. We're pretty unrestrictive, so feel free to join and hang out 🌃

*Custom roles and channels
*Memes and other fun stuff
*Unrestrictive rules and staff
Hello everyone! We're a relatively big community server with 6 years under our belt and our very own bot called Beemo! Along with a Warframe clan that's also looking into creating alliances with other clans, if you're into Warframe, looking for a clan or looking to create alliances, join up! We currently have one alliance going and even a hub server where all clans can interact with each other!

Note: The clan is only on PC!

We also have our very own public dedicated server for Minecraft, our world is pretty new, and is running on Java 1.14.4. The world covers {Survival} {Creative} {KitPvP} {Shops} {Grief Protection}.

We're also a fun gaming oriented community with a broad scope of interests also included: anime (*Ahem* JoJo), community events, and more!
This server is mainly for chilling and making new friends. Join us and lets have fun together!
HEY YOU welcome to the Bread Boulevard we a small and chill hangout server (must be 16 years or older to apply) join if you like the following:
-Sci-fi stuff
-Friendly staff
yeah we want more members pls join
Howdy there friend! Welcome to The House of Hangouts! In this server you will find the following: Friendly people to make friends with, Lots of bots to use and play with, Funny emojis, An active owner, Reasonable rules, And much more to come! Come here if you want to hang out with other discord members! Who knows you might find a new friend or even find a new home!
Welcome to The Eurovision Hangout! All are welcome to join. People talk, play games, listen to music, and more within the community. While we often talk Eurovision, our interests are as diverse as the people in the group, and we have other contests featuring international music.
It is a brand new server (created 21/7/2019), so it is still a work in progress. Feel free to hop in and stay a while! :)
Welcome to the server! I just want to tell you thank you for choosing to join my server!
We have:
-self roles
-text channels for interests
-friendly staff (right now it is just the owner and friend)
We're a new server but hoping to grow! Come join us!
Much love,
Owner & Staff <3
This is a chill hangout server for those that want to discuss anything. There are also quite a few people here already that enjoy gaming, specifically Nintendo, so I highly recommend joining if you share that interest.
A South Park hangout! Due to the nature of the fandom we represent, offense may be taken. Those with a sensitive side may wish to steer clear.

What do we offer?
* A roleplay chat
* Voice channels
* More to come as members suggest!
Just a laid back community. Hangout, relax, and chit chat. Drama free also. No real targets, just a random server to meet new friends and vibe.
Userphone, Pokecord, and many other bots. Has something for everyone. If you need something added just talk to the staff team.
This server is a general hangout place for Europeans, even although Australians, Asians, Africans, Canadians and Americans are welcome too of course!
The Drive-Thru is a brand new fast-food themed hangout server. We will be having frequent giveaways and other events. We also have self-assignable roles. We are looking to grow into a great community so invite your friends and be invited to exclusive giveaways! Come join!
This server is a generally chill server with pretty much no rules. I fully believe in freedom of speech and controversial opinions. This is not a safe zone.

Don't bother joining this server if you can't take a joke.
The rain continues to patter down from beyond the window. You turn to your left and you see a puddle beginning to appear on your living room floor. Curious and knowing that shouldn't be there, you go to investigate. After a little hesitation, you touch the puddle as it continues to grow. It gives you a warm feeling, beckoning you to come closer. You follow it, going through the puddle into a warm and welcoming place full of friendly people.

You've arrived at Rainy Day, a WIP community. What does this wonderful community offer?

「☁」Safe space for people
「☁」Friendly staff!
「⛈」Organized and aesthetic server!
「🌥」A place to share artwork!
↳ And much more to come, so why not join?
Welcome, cuties..
To the KAWAII CAFÉ!!!(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎
This is a (safe) place where u can
-voice chat
-make new friends
-mess around with bots
And just have fun!
Bring the kids!
Bring the wife!
We’ll sleep with her!
Come on over to our meth lab in Kentucky we call..
The kawaii café!!
|-= Luxuriate -=|

Why hello there! Are you searching for a new server? Well, you've come to the right place. Said place is called Luxuriate

Here is what we've got to offer:

Pokecord and channel dedicate
Disboard server listings!
Akinator bot!
Reaction Roles!
Friendly members!
And much, much more!
Join Luxuriate today and luxuriate with us!

This is a server to chill and make new friends!!
We have:
-Fun Roles
-Gaming Chats
-Anime Bots
-And more
Enjoy your stay in Daisuki 大好き
Welcome to Kitsi's tea party! This server is aimed to be a friendly community for people to chat and have fun! This server is a tea party themed server with our mascots Kalico and Bónu!
♡ Future Giveaways
♡ Art contests
♡ Movie nights
And more ♡♡
Welcome to Musical Haven! Here we chill, play music, and just in general have fun! People from anywhere are welcome, so please, come join us!