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Welcome to Multi-dimensional Superhero Roleplay! (MSR) Here we talk, roleplay, and just have fun! We have an assortment of bots ranging from Disboard, Mantaro, Konata, and more!
50 minutes ago

I'm Meryiel - a hobbyist artist and an author of Succ the Succubus character! I have created my own Discord server - Meryiel’s Lewd Den. It's a perfect place to meet new people, share your art, watch some lewds or just enjoy yourself!

We already have:
-> self assignable roles,
-> auto levelling system based on your activity,
-> lots of cool bots (for example - Tatsumaki and Pokecord),
-> weekly giveaways and events,
-> special channels for nudes and lewds,
-> my art channel where you can see new drawings before anyone else,
-> artistic corner for you to share your artwork,
-> and many, many more!

We're a fresh server with over three hundred members that is constantly growing and changing in order for you to enjoy it as much as possible! So we're open for your suggestions and advices on how to improve!

Feel free to join!

Additional informations:
-> We're open for partnership.
-> You must be over eighteen years old to view NSFW channels.
-> Verification is needed in order to post and browse nudes channels.
1 hours ago
We are just a group that sit and spam Pokecord bot. Have fun catching pokemon, chatting about random things, having battles, and anything else! Come and play with us!
1 hours ago
A friendly discord server where you can chill and hang out, make new friends and chat with different people. A server where you can play games, talk about music, movies, books, whatever comes to your mind
3 hours ago
Community 67
A Cute little Cafe to hangout Chill and make new friends
4 hours ago
Chilling community for all people including gamers and anime lovers. Along with fun bots, music and memes, we also have gaming and movie nights and other events. Become part of something special and chill.
6 hours ago
100+ members gaming community where you can play your favorite games and find new people to connect with. We also offer leveled roles, minigames, and giveaways!
16 hours ago
Community 3
This is a school server!
16 hours ago
Do you love Obama? Well, so do we! Join for a fun community not at all related to politics! You can find cool people here and make friends and talk about literally anything!
21 hours ago
Community 5
No more apologising for your sick sense of humour. Come and join an odd group of people. Chilled community, friendlyish i mean we will welcome you but that's it. Bring your own jokes this this ain't no charity case.
23 hours ago
World Gaming Hangout (WGH) is a community designed for gamers to find likeminded people to play games with and have fun
1 days ago
Programming 10
Interested in tech? passionate in programming or computers? We've got you covered, join us today! ;)
1 days ago
All Games 13
Greetings, and welcome to ROBLOXStuff. Here you can chat with friends, hang out, talk about ROBLOX, enter a giveaway and more! We have nsfw for after hours, Robux giveaways, and more! We enjoy seeing you here!
2 days ago
A small server made just for people to hang out and talk with eachother—just use your brain and you should be fine here.
2 days ago
Community 66
2 days ago
Hey! Jared here :) I made this server so I can get all my friends together in one place so I can just chill with everyone. It’s a little inactive and I’m looking to change that and also make new friends!
2 days ago
Roleplay Hub is a community of 450+ dedicated to bringing RP community's together, we also host many RP servers for you to try. Most of The Hub is a place for people to chat with other Roleplayers, as well as look for servers that my interest them.
2 days ago
An english based server to talk about K-pop. Discord home of the Ermaslawl1 k-pop parody channel. Memes and more!!!!1
3 days ago
All Games 11
We're a friendly community who talks about all type of games...Open to new members
3 days ago
All Games 9
Fun place to meet new people. We are small now but join if u would like to. Very friendly non toxic community.
3 days ago
Community 6
Late Hours is mainly a hangout and chill server for anyone to join.
Whenever you join just come talk to us in general and have a good time.
We will always respond unless we are sleeping. :p
Give us suggestions on how to make the server a better place.
4 days ago
Community 15
Welcome to Autism Central, where chatting and gaming are center stage. Our server has bots, music and a bunch of other stuff! Hope to see you there.
4 days ago
Welcome! This is a place where we just chill out and rp, play games, or just talk about things. There's a variation of roles, Multiple rp channels, and (mostly) friendly staff. We hope you enjoy your stay!
5 days ago
Community 2
Hey! This server is for fellow ARMYs! Come join us with custom bias roles, memes, shipping, friends, Bots fun and chat! We are a fun and tight group and are welcoming to other ARMYs to fan girl/fan boy! Join us now!!!
6 days ago