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citcord is a fun n chill community where you can interact with different people and level up for different ranks ✧◡✧
Welcome to The Hangout! Meet new people, play games, win giveaways, and more!!!
Welcome to Jilted Generation,
ig we're a roleplay/hangout.
Some nsfw channels and our rules are close to nothing
We nEEd members lmao ok
New Pokemon server!
New members welcomed
Come and join! theres tons of bots and we all love to make new friends!
Hope you all enjoy!
Come join the Falecia Cult! We are a community on Discord who worship our one trie goddess Falecia. Enjoy the server as he host fun little events. Of course we do this while paying ohms to our one true savor Falecia.
SafePlace: A community Discord server with plenty of features and a staff team that's happy to meet you! Read our welcome channel for more information. We hope you join! ❤️❤️
Welcome to the Sinners! We're a new fast-growing server with chill OG's.
We're all sinners who love to have fun. You think you can contribute to the daily drama?
Come check us out if you dare.
mixed with a bunch of randos
join for a great time
we make everyone feel like family :)
meme hell is a server based around, you guessed it, memes.
-friendly, helpful staff
-plenty of memes
-self assignable roles
-did i mention memes?
-lgbtq friendly
-very active
-anti weeb
The Fox Hole is a brand new and open hang out community accommodating people of all sorts, come join us and have fun! Dedicated 18+ sections for different types of NSFW content including hentai and furry content.
Want a chill discord to hangout in and talk about almost anything? Join Hangout Corner! Whoever you are, whatever you might be interested in, where you are from, we unite all kinds of various people with different interests. We hope you can enjoy your stay here at the Hangout Corner!

This discord is not super active and has certain peak times, which means you won't have to worry about chat flooding your messages.
Sup fags. This server is where a bunch of people with little sense of soical situations and no friends. You can chat with other people with a little edgy humor and such. Its just a place to hangout honestly
Come join ♛Sʜɪᴏʀɪ Pʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ♕! We're a gaming/anime community for everyone who enjoys these sorts of things and find mates that have similar interests to you. We are a kind and friendly server and your chance to make your mark on the server by just being active and having a good time!
♥*♡+:。 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚜 。:+♡*♥


♡ ethots and ethighs is a new discord that was just made :)
♡ this is basically a cringy ass edating server with hot egirls, nsfw chat, bots, mods that don’t really do anything, and memes
♡ find a hot ass egirl with big tiddies
♡ this server is pretty much a joke so don’t take it too seriously
♡ if you don’t join you’re a faggot
♡ looking for partnerships
♡ (custom roles coming soon)
We are a friendly and welcoming server for LGBT+ members and allies. We're mostly a hangout and chill server, but we have a dating section too.
We're brand new and being updated all the time!
All people and ages are welcome!
Shaymin Sanctuary
A pokeverse team server! We do player shops and shaymin themed roles!
We do not do partnerships and the server is only allowed to have pokeverse on it! we do daily giveaways for those that contribute
yo we are kinda small and don't have really anything that special but we do have bad memes
♡ Fun Communtiy. A 13+ dating discord. ♡
•100+ Human Members
•12 bots

ᴛʜɪs ɪs ʙᴀsɪᴄᴀʟʟʏ ᴀ ʜᴀɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ sᴇʀᴠᴇʀ
ᴡᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ:
Generally nice people
NSFW Channel for perverts

Girls wanted (Please)
But guys too I guess haha
ғᴏʀ ǫᴜᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs, ᴀsᴋ ᴍᴏʀɪ#𝟷𝟹𝟾𝟼
It is the year 2077. Technology has halted, for an unforeseen threat of extreme nuclear potential has struck. The world has lost all power, and because of that, everything fell. All who have survived are in shambles. It is your job to save the world, traveler. Land of the Damned is an apocalypse themed roleplay with a changing world. There are events. Characters will die, factions will fall, and new ones will rise in their stead. This server is still growing, and it's a WIP. I hope you consider joining, and thank you for reading.
Hey hey hey, we are a small server looking for more active members. We regularly have game nights, movie nights, and whatever your heart desires! We welcome everyone and everythin and have something for every time zone! Click the link, join and share your saucy memes (we have a vitameme deficiency).
Looking for friends? Maybe even more? Come and join Bexy's Castle and be a part of an active community dedicated in providing a wholesome experience.
Fun server with many bots, open partnerships, open staff, NSFW channels, active staff and top class memes. Rules are minimal, but strict, toxicity and venting allowed.
Join us!
You will be very welcome.
a little hangout for people to mingle and chat. the server has:
✧ bots, including tatsumaki, pokécord, and a music bot, fredboat!
✧ custom colors if you don't like your current name's color!
✧ a chat for posting all of your memes, a chat for gaming, a chat for your art, and more!
note: this server is still very small, and we need new some new members!!