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A new and growing community. Talk about anime, manga, games, or just general chit-chat. Active Staff.
1 minutes ago
Create the life you’ve always wanted. Join this server and explore a city full of possibilities.

Guide your characters through life, developing a career, finding love and pursuing dreams and desires.

Create your individual dream home - a house, mansion, apartment or even treehouse. It’s up to you.

We host:
- Movie Nights
- Game Nights
almost weekly! Suggestions are always welcome.

We accept anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a noob or pro at roleplaying. We all started somewhere.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!
6 minutes ago
Hey! This is Y.A.O.I! It’s a server where you can do a range of things, this includes:
• making friends!
• Bots
And a lot more!!!
8 minutes ago
سيرفر مغربي لجميع العرب ولغير العرب
للاوتاكوز للجيمرز للكل

moroccan server

مرحبا بكم 😃
28 minutes ago
A Small Brand New Server, Squish Squish Is A Server For Anime Fans, And Gamers. But Of Course everyone Is Welcome!

☆~ | Things We Have | ~☆

迎PUBG Voice Channels

迎Over 40 Cute Custom Emojis

迎Self Assignable Roles Includig 20 Custom Colour Name Roles And A Rainbow Role

迎Leveling System

迎Active Owner, And Helpful Staff

迎Partner Ships
54 minutes ago
🌸Astartinia is a Friendly and Welcoming Community, We plan to host giveaways monthly once the server grows. As soon as you join our server you'll become part of our family :3 🌸

🌸 Self Assignable Roles!
🌸 600+ Members
🌸 Active Chat
🌸 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
🌸 Spicy Memes!
🌸 Growing Community!
🌸 NSFW Chat!
55 minutes ago
A simple server for making friends, building a good community, and discussing anime/manga. Each member is valued and every thought, idea or suggestion counts. Come help build our community today!
56 minutes ago
Join a community for perverts such as yourself ;) come for the community, stay for the hentai :3
1 hours ago
AnimeHUB is a growing Anime/Manga and Gaming International Community where you can explore your love for Anime and Games in general.
-We have easygoing and friendly people
-Mee6 Rank up roles
-Music and Weekly Karaoke
-Bots to suit your needs

(This is my first time (the owner) posting this online. I hope you join whoever reads this.)
1 hours ago
Welcome to One Punch Man Unleashed. Here you can explore the world of One Punch Man, train to become the best, and more! We also double as a community server. This server was made recently, so please excuse the member count! We hope to see you there!
1 hours ago
A well-developed Naruto roleplay server, where members can create their own characters, and start a new journey of their own, obtaining great powers, such as the tailed beasts and the three great dojutsu. You may also create custom clans, Kekkei Genkais, Jutsus, and more. This is a semi-serious server, meaning you must be adept at RP, grammatical, and literate in English. The server lore is evolved by the players- your actions, your words, and your deeds... shape the world itself. How will you leave your mark?
This server is quite new, only being released to the public on June 30th. Those who join earlier are much more likely to receive special benefits such as becoming a jinchuriki, an anbu member, or even becoming one of the five great Kage! This is due to it being a cap system, with first come, first serve. Join now, and begin forging your legend!

(Note: This server requires you to have a good grip of the english language. Furthermore, if you plan on joining, it is suggested that you are a rather serious and literate RPer. We do not accept sub-par roleplayers.)
1 hours ago
2 hours ago
A server mainly for weebs who just want to meet some people and talk about the things they like with others
2 hours ago
A friendly, inclusive server where you can discuss and chat about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and make new friends!
2 hours ago
Tokyo Night is a small, friendly community. (SFW)

We try to accommodate everyone, having channels for anime, art, gaming, and music!
We host events on occasion, and are currently working on systems to allow you to host your own Events!
2 hours ago
We are a book club. We talk about books, comics, and mangas. Our "mascot" is library wars (I saw it fitting). We are all nerds here, come check it out!!
2 hours ago
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about "anime" and games? Join us!
2 hours ago
------------ ✧・゚: ✧・゚: warning️Welcome to Toxic Lifetm️warning️ :・゚✧:・゚✧ ------------
This server is a growing community focused on chilling and is a place
for you to socialize with other members. We are a friendly server, with
entertainment activities, open for everyone! We welcome you with open arms,
with excitement to have new people to join us! We hope you enjoy your stay here~ heartbeat
What we offer:
heartbeat Friendly Members!
up A Leveling System!
sparkles Reliable Staff Members!
handshake Partnerships!
robot Music and Fun Bots!
underage A NSFW Channel!
speech_balloon RP Channels!

Owner: @♛L o s t♛

Co-Owner: @SugarAddedToAbigailsTea🌈

Permanent Link:
4 hours ago
If you enjoy making characters that exist within the Naruto Universe, and enjoy a fair, and somewhat more serious and stable RP environment, come join us as we form, and build upon a shinobi world. We try to stay true to the abilities, and details of the Naruto Universe, and offer a chance to make any character you'd like, and to form your own stories as you'd like in every way.

We also offer people who just seek to discuss naruto, and to make friends a safe haven of friendship, and fun. We also allow people complete OOC, so RP is not required to be on the server.
4 hours ago
In a world where superpower-like traits arise are known as “Quirks” have dawned upon humanity. Strength, speed, fire, all sorts of powers began appearing one by one until 80% of the world population had a quirk. The use of such quirks in public is deemed illegal, punishable by imprisonment. Those who fail to obey the law are labeled as villains. They wreak havoc on the city of Musutafu, the greatest threat this city has ever encountered. There are several people deemed Pro-Heroes, who protect this great city. There are also students, training to become heroes to one day protect this city as well. These future heroes go to U.A. Academy, a place where they can enhance and refine their quirk and abilities. Will you be a villain or will you be a hero?

Fair and fun role play, with understanding admins to make your role playing worthwhile and joyful. Custom quirks can be requested to create more flexibility with members and to keep unique quirks always in play. Daily school schedules to keep students on their feet and train for upcoming villains. Didn't get accepted into U.A.? Don't worry! You can still be a junior high student so you can learn more about the world!
5 hours ago
Small-scale anime server where you can talk about different topics.
5 hours ago
This is a brand new One Piece server where all of your pirate dreams come true! You can chat with friends on the new episodes and manga chapters! Explore in deep conversation in our chatrooms. Embrace one another, and indulge in some guilty pleasure fan art!
5 hours ago
Hai! This server is made for anyone and everyone. We have gaming, events, anime, and manga! You can discuss anything here and it won't be a bother. We offer to help anyone new, and hand select new staff and Admin! All admin are online and so is the owner most of the week! So feel free to join!

In the Galaxy of Estella, There where two goddesses, they were sisters.. Andromeda, The goddess of the Galaxy, and life, she was the eldest sister. She was loved by all, and protected every human being, even if it meant revealing herself. She created the Galaxy of Estalla, where abnormal people with powers or a difference race, could live in peace. The people of Estella lived on different planets for different people. Thousands of people lived on each planet, living peacefully and Worshiping their savior Andromeda.
The second Goddess Kritanta, The goddess of the void and death was hated and despised by all. She hated her older sister because she brought happiness and life to whomever and wherever she was going. Kritanta brought unhappiness and death to whomever and wherever she was going. She created the void and all the dark creatures that attack the citizens of Estella. She comes out only at night, and she is extremely powerful, but not powerful enough to kill her sister.
One fateful night, The goddess of death headed to kill her sister. The goddess of life knew this would happen, so when they fought she didn't kill her. She only sealed her away in the void, but some people still say she can be seen in the darkest places at night. Kritanta is still alive and so is her sister, but they barely show their presence. Kritanta makes a black hole that appears at random, it sucks in civilians and turns them into Demons and monsters.
The goddess of life Andromeda, does all she can to stop the rifts in her galaxy that allows her sister to do the evil deeds she does but, her power alone isn't enough. She has royal guards that try as well but they aren't strong enough yet. Andromeda knows there are citizens that help her sister, the cult is called the Dead Roses. They help her sister by creating rifts and causing harm and mischief. She knows at some point in time she will have to kill her sister but she doesnt want that so she will come up with a plan to change her ways.
5 hours ago
German Anime/Gaming related Server.

Wir bieten:
- regelmäßige Events
- steigende Communitygröße
- Levelsystem
- Musikbots
- Große Einbeziehung der Commmunity in Aktivitäten / Gestaltung des Servers

Schau einfach mal vorbei und mach dir ein eigenes Bild! Du wirst nicht enttäuscht sein! :D
5 hours ago