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Leute , hilft uns dabei den server Aktiver zu machen , wäre echt cool .__________________

Wir sind ein deutschsprachiger Discordserver der sich auf Gaming , Mangas und anime Konzentrieren und besitzen viele Themen Kanäle(Laberecken, anime kanäle, manga kanäle ,Vip kanäle, kollege kanäle, 2perso,3perso und viele mehr). Wir konzentrieren uns auch viel auf Manga/Anime News und posten auch news.

- viele verschiedene Themenkanäle
-Freundliche Teamler(Team-Mitglieder)
- Musik Bots
-Coole und Lustige Bots
-Anime/Manga news, empfehlungen und vieles mehr
- Ein kleines Level-system
- Viele ränge die man sich selber zuweißen kann (außer die Teamler-Ränge)
- Anime talk channel
- Manga talk channel und vieles mehr ^^
12 minutes ago
🌸Astartinia is a Friendly and Welcoming Community, We plan to host giveaways monthly once the server grows. As soon as you join our server you'll become part of our family :3 🌸

🌸 Self Assignable Roles!
🌸 600+ Members
🌸 Active Chat
🌸 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
🌸 Spicy Memes!
🌸 Growing Community!
🌸 NSFW Chat!
21 minutes ago
Bonjour à toi , dans la présentation de mon serveur Le Bar de l'animé:
-Un staff présent et à l'écoute H24.
-Un channel "Les sorties" ou tu sera informé de la sortie de nouveau épisode de ton animé favoris
-Un système d'éxpérience
-Une communauté LGBT+ , trés sociable.
22 minutes ago
Realm Of Elysium is a new server made for you to meet new people,have casual conversations and come together over diffrent topics such as anime, video games etc
We hope you enjoy what we have created and stay along for the ride and see this server grow and become better and better
Everybody is welcome to join so feel free to invite your friends
22 minutes ago
Welcome to OG Crew where we are all Ogs!! This is a fun cute server with great colors! If you enjoy a calmer and more aesthetic discord experience this is the server for you!
33 minutes ago
Hey wir sind ein deutscher Anime und Gaming Community Server mit eigenen Bots. Bei uns gibt es auch regelmäßig Community Events welche immer großen Spaß machen. Gesell dich doch einfach zu uns und hab Spaß 😉 LG das „Die Striche“ Serverteam.
35 minutes ago
A small anime/gaming community that hopes to become a better, friendly environment for all people! You can host your own events here.
42 minutes ago
Coffee Land is a very fresh anime related server with the unique advantage being that you yourself can be apart in building it! Make it your own home!

As the name Coffee Land dictates it's a very laid back and chill server with focus on anime, gaming, events and community building. You are welcome to join and voice your opinion to help shape the server to your liking! See you!
50 minutes ago
Hallo :) Wir sind eine Deutsche Anime Community! Wir unterhalten uns über Animes, Mangas, einfach alles! Auch zocken wir, hören musik, leveln wir unser lvl auf!
Discord ist wie Ich finde eine gute Plattform um sich kennenzulernen und um spaß zu haben :D Ich freue mich über jedes neues Mitglied!
53 minutes ago
Our server is a fairly new chill place to make friends, share your favorite animes, games, pictures etc based on the anime MMO Log Horizon.
1 hours ago
Hello and welcome to Neon City where everyone can have fun and have a good time. If you love Anime, manga, video games, memes, hentai, RP and/or ERP (erotic roleplay) then this is the place for you. Keep in mind this sever is new and not a lot of people plus I'm the only one managing the server. 😊
1 hours ago
💖Are you looking for a small place with comfy people to talk to?
🌟Then you are in the right place!
🎺Here you can relax in our friendly atmosphere and find new friends!

✨What awaits you:

⚫Cool people to talk to!
⚫Nice emojis!
⚫A lot of roles, rewards for active people!
⚫Cool bots!
⚫Caring server owner!
⚫Partnering with other servers!
⚫Completely SFW!
1 hours ago
The Anime Chad's or TAC, is a community based around anime and osu!

We are a small community just starting out, and we would love to get more regulars that enjoy conversing with other weebs and gamers.
We would love to see you make an addition to this community and help us grow.

We have also included a leveling system, a role shop system and fully filled emote slots.

We have many different bots including Tatsumaki, Mantaro, Sigma, DiscordRPG, several music bots and more! We also have several different Voice channels including a Karaoke channel!

NSFW is included.
1 hours ago
1 hours ago
Bienvenue dans cet incroyable royaume qu'est Gween! Ici, bien des choses sont possibles, tu peux echanger sur tes passions, que ce soit gaming, anime, film ou cuisine !
J'espère jeune aventurier que tu te plairas ici et que tu aidera à donner du prestige à cet endroit !
(ne t'inquiète pas la salle de torture n'est pas encore ouverte, on ne te fera pas de mal)
1 hours ago
We are an NSFW server. We aim to not only be a place to look at and find hentai and porn. But also a place to talk with other lewd, friendly, and nerdy people to discuss all variety of topics. Gaming, anime, manga, wrestling, and of course hentai and porn.
1 hours ago
Pokémon Adventure Academy is a Pokémon roleplay set in the Mystery Dungeon games. You will play as a humanoid Pokémon (gijinka) attending Horizon high. We have a rich story planned, unique lore, and a few more casual events to choose from. If you're interested, stop by and check us out. We are a very nice group and I swear we won’t bite, we're out of pp for that move anyways.
2 hours ago
(16+ Recommended..?) Nobugani World is a server that is continuously growing. You can make friends, talk about whatever you wish, and hang out as long as you follow the rules! Come on in and enjoy your stay!
2 hours ago
We're a very small community that has just started and are looking for fellow friends that we can talk to and hang out with.
3 hours ago
Hello, and welcome to ALM (Anime Lewd Madness)!

ALM was created to create a big community of people that all enjoy the same things as everyone else, Anime and allow them to all enjoy talking to each other about their favourite anime or a particular event in the anime they're talking about we also want ALM's server to be a place where you can feel welcome and be yourself while talking to people within the server with whatever topic you wish to talk about without a big filter hovering over your heads everyone is allowed to be as lewd as they want but we do keep NSFW imagery hidden in 18+ channels as we all know younger people tend to join.

Whatever your reason to join ALM you're sure to feel welcome and be able to come back and know you'll have lots of fun memories to be created with your time here.
4 hours ago
Anime and games themed server, aswell as many other types of entertainment! Here, you can play with your friends, meet new people, use bots, including ours.
5 hours ago
w̵͐̈e̵͌͑l̵̀́c̷̄͆o̸͊̃m̵̅͐ě̷̽ ̴̐̈́t̴́̽ö̷́͛ ̶̽̏ẗ̴̅h̸͛͘ė̴͛ ̴̄̂v̸͆̂o̶̿̕i̵̓̍d̷́̓
This server welcomes otakus and gamers alike! We provide a variety of chats for fortnite, dark souls, osu and etc, we aim to house small communities for these games and other media. We are also big watchers of anime! Come talk about your favourite series at our server with other anime watchers.

Our server is still pretty barebones and under construction, our staff team is looking for more members and suggestions for the server overall, feel free to speak your mind or apply for a staff position!

We hope you consider joining our server!

5 hours ago