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A Yuri-centric server created by Yuri fans for Yuri fans.
With a growing community of friends, we offer you to join us in our journey towards Yuritopia.
We aim to build a friendly community that's orderly and drama free.

Our server is equipped with:
➤ Anti-raid protection.
➤ Welcoming staff and friendly members.
➤ SFW channels which is the basic permission we offer after confirming.
➤ NSFW channels for those interested as long as they are of age.
➤ A Japanese study channel for those who want to study the language with others.
➤ An art channel to amazing creations by talented artists.
➤ Weekly server hangout with active members.
➤ Active VC and a text channel for those who wish to join but don't want to speak.
➤ Server's personal currency and waifu system among members.

We hope to see you soon!

Live by the sword,
Die by the sword..


Welcome to The Roundtable!


✤ A fantasy themed community server for people of all ages and races to join and have fun in!

We feature:

❈ A warm and welcoming community

We guarantee you won’t find your own special clique here!

❈ House system

Pledge allegiance to one of the four houses of he server and compete for rewards

❈ Self-assignable roles

Select your own roles and colors from our vast variety of options!

❈ Partnerships

We are always open to partner with other servers, we’d like to grow along with you!

❈ And much much more-

Join to discover all the other features of The Roundtable

We are also in need of partnership managers! So please- if interested, DM server owner!

This is a newly made server, anyone can join! Just follow the rules and everything will be fine. This is an anime/loli related server.
What it offers!!
~ Lots of channels
~ Many Table/General VCs
~ Quite a few music VCs
~ Roles are going to be added in the furture
~ Lots of stuff coming!!
Join and give it a chance <3
There was a great war between two brothers. Lord Omniverse vs Lord Oblivion. They fought for control of the world. Then, they combined creating the world as we know it. Will you choose to be a Hero? Or fall into the Dark Realm? They fight to this day. Pick a side or make of your own. The choice is yours traveler.
There are three sections. The Utopians, The Zaniacs, and The Xaxarans. Pick which one y'all join and fight for you faction.
The Utopians. They're the heros. The ones who protect the Omniverse.
The Zaniacs. They stand aside and do there own thing. Make their own side.
The Xaxarans. They're pure evil. Wish to conquer and destroy. They're destroyers. The planet you are currently on is called Pengaea. It's a planet that lays in the middle of all worlds. It's a beautiful land here and there. But corruption lingers in the air. Evil seeps into the souls of mortals. Things are taking a turn for the worst. Lord Oblivion is making his move advancing his forces towards Lord Onmivearse. Pick a side or step aside. Or go against them both. There is a portal that will take you anywhere of the land. Lord Oblivion is making his move. Lord Onmivearse is making his stand. What will you do?
This is a free world RP server about animes and many more.
The Rp here has no limits. We hold events.
We got asweome staff (avoid Z. Jk.) and many things to do.
Karaoke. Art and writing.
Anime and Comic's.
You can even vent and talk about almost any topic.
Free Partnerships! Just ask and boom!
We welcome just about everything and anything over here.
What are you waiting for? Join the fun now! Like now! The button is right there below this. Lmao.
We got everything but you. Can you help us out with that? It's kinda needed. Kbyes!
Willkommen auf Anime Corporation!

Wir sind eine gemütliche Community in der wir gerne zusammen Animes schauen, zocken oder und einfach gerne unterhalten. Wenn ihr dies auch gerne tut seid ihr bei uns genau richtig.

Wir heißen euch gerne Willkommen bei uns und wünschen euch einen angenehmen Aufenthalt :3
Gaming Room est un serveur communautaire qui vient d'ouvrir !

Il a pour but de réunir des gens autour de loisirs communs :
- Les jeux-vidéos
- Les animes
- La musique
- Le dessins
- La photographie
- Etc...

Bref, nous parlons de tout et nous acceptons tout le monde.

Des évènements autour des jeux-vidéos seront organisés régulièrement sur le serveur et tout le monde y est invités, nous faisons notre possible pour qu'ils soient accessible a tout le monde !

En éspérant vous revoir !
Hello! We are a 15+ My Hero Academia roleplay group involving both canon characters and OCs taking place after the 2nd/3rd season of the anime. We offer a casual, friendly environment with a mixture of serious and light-hearted roleplay for people of all writing skill levels. Come on in and we'll help you create your own character, and help you get whatever character you choose involved in our many server-wide events that take place frequently! Involve yourself in the planning of interpersonal relationships between students, or even massive villain raids whether you are a new or experienced player!
🎉Welcome To Arceus' Kingdom🎉

🔰What we are?
: Arceus Kingdom is an Recently Created Pokecord Community Which was transformed from an Private Server with Some of the OGs Players of Pokecord to an Public Pokecord Community. We hope to See You in Our Server Shortly!

🔶What do we have?
•Daily Giveaways!!
•Friendly Staff!!
•Gyms & Elite 4(People To Beat All Gyms & Elite Gets Prizes!!)
•Fun Bots(Pokecord, Dank Memer, Tatsumaki, Unbelievaboat, Mantato, etc.)
• Flash Events Such As Interactive Events, Pokemon Catching Events, Flash Giveaways in Chats & Invite Events.!!
•Contests & Auctions!!

__ ▫️ ◽ ◻️ ⬜ 🔳 🔲 ⬛ ◼️ ◾ ▪️ __

🔷Currently Recruiting Active & Professional Moderators, Bot Management, Substitute Gym Leaders & Daycarers!!Thanks for Reading!
Heya, thanks for checking us out, and welcome to Warrior Alliance!
In this RP server, you can travel through different worlds and dimensions, from Fantasy, to Steampunk-and even Sci-Fi!

Uses a DnD inspired Homebrew System. It won't murder your brain though...hopefully.
Welcome to the Jojo Cult Discord
Please make sure to read and understand the #rules before continuing
Bring a friend!
The one true Neko and Kitsune religion! We have all kinds of channels for all types of hentai. Our community is very nontoxic. With 3 owners, there are checks and balances to ensure no corruption (something many servers suffer). Come and enjoy the Nekitsune religion.
Welcome to the Anime and Manga Lounge! Talk about anime and manga, as well as writing and art! Please Join this awesome server!
a small anime/manga server! and yes, there is a hentai chat.
A very friendly but small server, not always very active at the moment but any new members are welcome :3
『 』's Lobby Is a friendly communal server which includes
- self roles
- discussion channels
- fun channels
Join if you want to meet new people and just chill
A fan/rp server dedicated to JJBA part 5! Vento Aureo/Golden wind! please read the rules and make an introduction before typing in any of the chats! Thank you!
A new small community to discuss all your nerdy needs, find people with similar interests, game with other people and watch live streams of the staff and anyone interested in streaming.
We have self roles in the server so check that out. A verification system for selfies and age to ensure that the person you are talking to is real and not a catfish.

We also have 9 custom made emote made by an artist so they are unique to us :D

The server is still new but we are rather friendly so come drop by and say hi :)
Welcome to Gear 5! A place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around the manga/anime! The chat is not restricted to One Piece talk, so feel free to join and talk about any other animes!

We do have multiple events each week.
We do also have a faction system, where you compete against the other factions.
We do have a lot of friendly people!
If you want to debate, share theories, or simply just talk about anything. Feel free to come by!
Psst... we also have a channel for NSFW. (If you are interested in that ^^)

The server is owned by the youtuber Gear 5, a One Piece theorist.
Check out his channel if you want! (Link below)

Link for Gear 5's channel:
Overlord is set in a fictional world named the 'New World', its real name is unknown as of yet. The RP follows the story of a former salaryman who stayed up until midnight to watch his favourite game YGGDRASIL shut down. However as the countdown timer hit 0 the game didn't end and he found himself in the 'New World' with his former NPCs having developed personalities of their own. He now seeks to spread his name around the world hoping to find other players from YGGDRASIL, if there are any that is. Depending what you choose you could be supporting this all powerful mage or attempt to stop him.
Bienvenue sur Jusho World , le monde du 2nd degrés mon pote !
Ici vous retrouverez de l'humour , de l'animé et énormement de bonne humeur ! Avant tout un serveur communautaire dans un délire de communisme ! Si vous voulez tester l'expérience n'hésitez pas a prendre l'arme et de nous rejoindre.
Bienvenue sur un serveur faction entierement base sur les animes. Choisissez votre faction, et battez-vous dans des events pour determiner quelle est la meilleure d'entre elles. Ce serveur offre aussi d'autres options telles que:
- Un bot qui annonce la sortie d'animes
- Des rangs bases sur Overlord gagnes par l'activite
- Des channels dedies aux revues d'animes
- Des admins qui sont prets a ecouter la plupart des idees proposees
- Plusieurs bots pour faire ce que vous voulez
Join our lovely discord server! We are a small time group that loves to draw! Come join us and meet our fabulous crew and view some art! ❤️
A friendly non toxic server, mainly based on anime with anime emojis and bots, active mods, you don't have to like Holo in order to join lol, we also do movie nights from time to time, pls join for a cookie!