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Bask in the affection of fans, enjoy harsh battles, and enjoy being a member of The Strong. This forum is an AU faithful to the core tenants of One Punch Man; no frills, no fuss. The rules are simple, newcomers are allowed to have an S-Class hero on arrival, and as many A, B, and C classers as they like. There are certain restrictions, but if you love OPM and want to RP, you'll like this place.
馃挅You're invited to join Your Senpai's Graveyard!馃挅

This is the second official server of Animelewds from Instagram.

This is a laid back server based on Anime and Gaming!

We welcome everyone and look to just have fun!
Otaku Alliance is a discord server based primarily on Anime and Manga. We are a growing community and will always accept new members! We have a wide range of channels for you to participate in and even a Anime Club and Manga Club. Feel free to check us out and hope you enjoy your stay!
馃巸Yandere Headquarters馃巸
We are far better then the other yandere discords. ^^
We have a lot of well sorted channels and a great server.
So don't be shy and join us.馃敧

Want to chat about anime or just anything ? This is your place !
Welcome to The Underworld, this is a server filled with all kinds of different people, mainly focused around Anime/Manga and Games. But also just a general chill spot to meet people and make new friends! So stop by and hang around!
Welcome to the Weebs Caf茅 鈾! Not too sure what this server is actually about? That's alright!
The Weeb Caf茅 鈾 is a chill server meant for meeting other anime fans & people alike! Take your time exploring each channel and their descriptions. Each channel has a description but if you still feel like you need clarification, ask any member of staff! Feel free to ask for recommendations, talk about your favourite anime, share funny memes, and more! All we ask is that you read the #rules before any of that.
Just a bunch of people looking to relax, listen to music, meet people and just chill
We are looking for more people join us
A new LGBTQA server for all your interests! We are mainly focused on Anime and Gaming. We have many roles and channels to share your interests as well as get support.
The only limit is what you can't comprehend.
Monochrome accepts all.
Inherits the heart and soul(s) of the Soul Engine.
The Ultimate place for Anime and Manga discussion and appreciation.
This is your one stop destination.
Topics up for discussion include anime, manga, gaming, books, films and television.
There is an art channel for artists who wish to display their works.
We have variety of bots including a music bot, and a bot that announces when streamers go live.
We await your presence.
A server where people would gather and casually discuss about their interest, mainly related to anime and games. (锝銉烩垁銉宦)
Willkommen bei "Shelter". Dein Server rund um Anime und Gaming. Wir freuen uns euch bei uns begr眉脽en zu d眉rfen! ^_-
鈺斺晲鈺愨晲*.路:路.鈽解湩 鉁 鉁р樉.路:路.*鈺愨晲鈺愨晽
hello spooky skeletons, come join this super rad server with a whole bunch of cool shenanigans to do, make some friends and what not. (current theme is halloween.)
鈺氣晲鈺愨晲*.路:路.鈽解湩 鉁 鉁р樉.路:路.*鈺愨晲鈺愨暆
Hello! Naruto: History Rewritten is a community of roleplayers based in the universe of the Naruto anime series. We have a friendly, open atmosphere, and would like to extend an open invitation to shinobi and non-shinobi alike! Create the OC you've always wanted to see and bring them to life! Explore the variety of landscapes, become an important member of your favorite village, and join a team of fellow fans! An amazing adventure awaits you.
English only!
Welcome to Naruto: Another At Last Reborn


Hello everyone. Welcome to Naruto: Another At Last Reborn where you can choose to climb the ranks from a Student or Genin to the Kage of your village or become a rogue! Learn how to interact with the people in your village and become a stronger shinobi in this timeline! Come have fun together with us. Don't forget to read the lore before starting your journey! What are you waiting for?
Join a vast world set years after shippuden where all the villages are now allied to fight in an engaging war against the rising samurai. Create your own ninja and join in on this growing community.
Its been over 100 years since the world has seen a person with the will of D, born after the last one was executed by the marines. One of the current ones, Monkey D Rhea has become the Queen of pirates.
The Universe of Sora is a small community where everyone and anyone can roleplay with OCs of their creation or any canon character in a highly action packed manner! The majority of our content is sort of based off of Dragon Ball, but we branch out as often as possible! We follow a very forgiving powerscaling system, and have tons of fun action sequences alongside a nice taste of slice of life! We hope to see you join!
Casual server for anime fans. Anime discussion is pretty common here, and most of the time we talk about anything. People here are pretty welcoming so dont be afraid to stop by.
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about "anime" and games? Join us!
(麓銉烩棥銉伙絸) Join us Weeb Clout House
A small gang who have interest in:
鈥 Anime/Manga
鈥 Hentai
鈥 Memes
鈥 Gaming
18+ preferred, but tbh anyone can join lmao
We try our best to make the server entertained ok thanks

Greetings and thank for your time to read about what 'The Yuri Brigade' IS about. This is a recently created server for those who seek to chat, converse about all things Yuri. In other words, we are a Yuri-centric based server created by Yuri fans FOR Yuri fans in hopes to bring about new people with different interests and personalities to gather and make a homely community for those under and over 18.

The difference between our server and others is that we aim to include all aspects that surround this topic area with no discrimination to those with different mindsets and we would like to invite you all to take a peek at what this server can offer for you.
鉃 Safe For Work content which is the basic permissions we offer.
鉃 Hidden Not Safe For Work content in which members can ask to receive roles for if they are of age.
鉃 Waifu channel to shamelessly post your best waifu.
鉃 And more such as Group Vids (Watching videos in sync using a website.)

Drama is something we all dislike. We would like to prevent any from happening to this brigade. Future recruits, we hope to see you soon.