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Anime and Manga 198
Heyyy duu! :)
Du bist Anime-Fan und findest keinen Guten Deutschen Anime-Server?
Dann komm doch zu uns, Animo Network
Wir sind eine offene Gesellschaft und sind auf Anime und Gaming fixiert:smiley:
Wir haben bisher über 400 zufriedene User und es werden täglich mehr!
Wenn du auf unseren Server willst,hier der Link:
Außerdem haben wir eine Webseite, die du genauso gerne besuchen kannst, für mehr Infos,rund um den Server:
28 minutes ago
Hello folks! We're a fairly new server! We have mascots, use currency and have weekly events. We've started becoming more active recently, and want to keep growing to have a larger community! We're pretty relaxed and our community is pretty open. Come join us for a conversation about anything :D
1 hours ago
All Games 23
Join Japanese LCS, a new server with a close-knit community! We play games such as CS:GO, LoL, MMO's and more. Come and join! We also like anime and talking about our favourite ones. Come and meet the uhh.. unique people we have here.
2 hours ago
Anime and Manga 1455
The Hentai Enthusiasts over 9000 members. Over 23 categorized hentai sections, self hosted music bot, also heavily moderated. ^ _ ^
4 hours ago
Anime and Manga 8
Tout nouveau serveur qui attend sa communauté, il n'y a pas de sujet précis, gaming, musique, anime, discussions, just come ! englishs are welcome too
15 hours ago
Anime and Manga 1164
Join a community for perverts such as yourself ;) come for the community, stay for the hentai :3
1 days ago
Anime and Manga 8
We are a server looking for anime fans to join us and discuss anime. All are welcome! the server is looking for more people to join the community. it is also just starting out.
3 days ago
Hey it's your petty ass hoe here begging you to join this dead ass server!
-A cool ass server name.
-Cool staff, i guess?
-A work in progress, so any willing developers or people that are more experienced with Discord and its functionalities
-Just a few guidelines. So you can do whatever the fuck you want, as long as it's by the rules :)
3 days ago
Anime and Manga 13
Server italiano! (other languages are welcome :D) Anime,Giochi,Sondaggi, Eventi con i ruoli, chat vocali, discussioni su qualsiasi cosa, vocali per giocare, ruoli speciali e molto altro! Vieni nel server ti aspettiamo siamo sempre attivi :D
5 days ago
Anime and Manga
Find and share high quality hentai images and GIF here!
6 days ago
─ This server is for discussing japanese culture like Anime, manga, music, games, food and lot more!
─ We have an active, supportive and helpful community, and we also try to list new partnered servers every day.
─ Learn Japanese In #japanese_lessons The Owner Is From Japan!
Over 1250+ Members and still growing!
─ Events and giveaways every saturday
8 days ago
I decided to make a public discord sever because I feel like the more people you meet and play with, the whole experience would be wholesome!

There's a huge pool of interests so you'll be able to find someone you can click with!

This is the discord server link (please invite more people):

I honestly belong to a group of 15 boys (for 3-4 years), and being an only girl member, it's pretty lonely (?) so please come join us! :smile:

We don't bite so please come in!
9 days ago
Cat Cafe with Anime, memes and growing community! You can choose which channels you see by yourself to prevent spam!
9 days ago
Anime and Manga 12
Kawaii Desu est un jeune serveur pour les amateurs d'animes et de mangas, mais aussi de jeux vidéos. Vous pourrez discuter, partager sur des sujets variés selon vos passions. Venez nombreux ^-^
9 days ago
Welcome to **FarGaming Community**! we are a small , but growing community, focused on gaming , but we accept all others! we offer : Good time , hardcore swear protection , 13+ bots , 30+ chatrooms, events, 40+ exclusive and custom ranks , prizes , trusted and friendly staff , anime , gaming ,art and lost more! join now!
9 days ago
Anime and Manga 12
A server created when a starry eyed boy saw a shitty meme. Now, it's mainly a place to talk about anime, manga, games and shitpost to your hearts content. We're a relatively small server, looking to get more active members and become a community!
10 days ago
Anime and Manga 3186
Formed on the idea of being a place open to all, where anyone and everyone is welcome. That everyone is expected and required to be kind to each other no matter what. This is **THE** best place to come make friends, even as someone who usually struggles to make them.
This is one of the friendliest, most welcoming communities I have ever seen, and I am so proud to be apart of it
10 days ago
Anime and Manga 17
Come join the vampires and the Wildgeese in our chill/rp server! We allow oc's,main cast, and much more fun!
11 days ago
Anime and Manga 79
Anime // Gaming // Active Staff // Giveaways // Events // NSFW

All we're missing is you.
13 days ago
Anime and Manga 43
Welcome to Anime Buddies!

We are a modest anime based community looking to share interests amongst fellow anime lovers old and new.

We talk about both anime and non anime related topics.

Everyone is welcome and you will enjoy your stay
15 days ago
Ein Deutscher Server mit Gaming und vielen Emojis =) wir haben auch Hentai und alles was das Otaku Herz begehrt. English People are welcome too.
15 days ago
Anime and Manga 29
This is Pokemon Planet, here we have anime,manga,memes, and everything pokemon! we have lots of bots too. So if you like all of those things join now, we also talk about other games here so if none of those things interest you, feel free to talk about other games.
16 days ago
All Games 2
é um lugar onde podemos nós socializar e aprender linguás jogar ou ate postar que vocês gostem

is a place where we can socialize and learn languages ​​play or until post you like
16 days ago