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Chasing Time Public is a community server to hang out in! We accept anyone and (mostly) everyone (go away you raiders). Chasing Time is a novel being written by Quinn Rebooted and it's world was created in collaboration of me and The Crew.

Set years ago, a thief named Veaer has stolen a necklace from the Princess. She is chased by the Princess' brother and manages to barely escape. In the next few days, multiple strange occurrences take place and they all seem to connect to one thing...
As the name states, TGNAW is a server focusing on the 2 main genres gaming and anime. We are trying to give our users the best discord experience possible.
This server is a chill place for fans of visual novels to discuss them and hang out.
Welcome to the Annual Hunger Games, in the ruins of North America there is a country called Panem. Once a year each of the 12 districts will send two tributes, one male and one female to travel to the capital to compete in the Hunger Games. The Victor will receive fame and riches, while the losers are buried in the ground. We hope to see you in the server, and my the odds be ever in your favor.
A philippine server open for everyone! meet new people, talk to friends, play games and have fun!

- bots for fun (DiscordRPG, UnbelievaBoat, MEE6, Tatsumaki, etc.)
- music channel
- self assignable roles
- level system
- role shop
- economy
Small scale anime focused server where you can discuss anything you want.
Um server brasileiro de mangás (Novels e manhwas também) criado recentemente para falarmos sobre, lermos coletivamente e muito mais!
Welcome to Warriors Fan Server! Here we have fun activities related to Warriors by the Erins, we have many discussion pages, bots for a little fun, a welcoming community, and kit-friendly chatting zones! Here, you will be sorted into your clan of choice, rank of choice, and given your own Warrior Name of choice! Here, you can embrace your inner clan cat in the safest fandom server known! Our moderators are trusted by every member of the server and they'll do their job as good as any owner could! I, Brightstar of SkyClan, welcome you to our server. Have a good stay! ~Brightstar <3
Sleepwalk Is A Server That Is Meant To Be Played Like A Novel!
Hey guys, as you know there are quite a few writing discords, but this isn't one of them. We're a Writing *Group*, meaning we're smaller in scope and focused on putting letters on paper, and getting feedback from others.

We have a system where you need to post weekly and give critique weekly to maintain your rank and receive critique from others.

It's a mature 18+ server for anyone who wants some help with motivation, accountability and feedback on a weekly basis. Writing can be a lonely occupation and we want to help each other with both improving our craft but also with encouragement and companionship.

We primarily use google docs for our accountability system, but we'll be glad to help you set it up.

We are currently 5 active members, and are planning to keep it limited in scope for now.