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The worlds always been in chaos. Theres something menacing that's recently brought back the heroes of old. These heroes that once protected the people have turn into monster ad are causing problems. There are four standing kingdoms that have been successful in surviving.
- The kingdom of Gammouzra; a strongly fortified kingdom with a king that can't ever die.
- The kingdom of Ethossia; a weak country that is strong in religion.
- The Unicorn kingdom; a small and humble land that has new ideas for war and defense. It also has a strong naval presents.
- The kingdom of Silverborough; a country covered in controversy. But strong in defense and magic.
With these four kingdoms in place, the world had hopes to fight back.
Hello one and all to: We are an original, my hero, academia RP^.^ . We are a duo platform, Discord is our primary location, but FanFiction is where we put information and submissions of characters among other things. Here you can make friends and experience the world of BNHA (In this RP none of the canon characters exists). We have taken a unique approach with our server, using stats and a system to level up your heroes! We have guides in place, information. Warning: We do RP on discord, but we use a secondary site to submit information and host our information! Thanks for reading.

We have some exciting things:
A chance to progress your hero!
A unique look at being a hero!
A stat and combat system that aims to make things fair
And most importantly, a wicked community!
It happened out of nowhere. People with extraordinary abilities began to be born all over the world, and eventually, the majority of people became what was once considered to be impossible. After time passed and the world grew acclimated, the title of the abilities became universally known as “Gifts.” Some people accepted their Gifts and used it to enhance their ability to live life, some on the other hand, used their Gifts to commit horrible crimes. In response to the increase of criminal activity, people began to step up and fight those who would commit acts of evil. They were the first generation of heroes! As time has moved on, the world has fully accepted heroes and has set up institutes specifically for training people to be the best heroes that they can be!
A server based in the future where Heroes and Villains fight each other over the world
It has been years since the original Teen Titans retired. Now, with the city facing new perils, new heroes will have to rise in order to face the upcoming threats. Whether you're a Teen Titans, a villain, or merely a civilian... you will have a part to play in the destiny of your city.

What will be your choice? Which city will you call yours?

It's a new server, so we're hoping to expand with others who are just as fond of the fandom as we are! ^-^

You will be able to share your literature and art in personalized channels as well!
Set in a world where a meteorite shower hit the earth causing ordinary people to gain abilities beyond anyone's imagination, a new breed of villains rise up who are more powerful than the police can handle, which needs a generation of heroes to rise up to fight against them.
A mature server with 600+ members dedicated for Heroes of the Storm. We do QuickMatch , Ranked, Unranked and host our own in-house tournaments where we do 5v5s. Join us and start having fun.
A server themed around Fire Emblem Heroes. Looking to start a fun community!
Genus Academy, an elite academy for the proteges of the universe's most powerful heroes... And villains. This is a fast paced plot centered RP, looking for literate writers to take part in an epic tale of friendship, betrayal, and above all else, heroism. Roles available for limited time!
*New Marvel Server*
-Nice Owner
-Have your own story that branch’s from the main plot
-canon characters allowed list available
- oc characters are allowed too
-we have a lot of rooms to roleplay in.
- we do allow relationships to happen as they do in marvel but NO erping within server
- I am looking for staff to help run the server.

-plot line will be as of right now a civil war type followed by the symbiote wars.
A lovely little server with some nice lore and bomb-ass categories for RP and characters. We have a small, yet very accepting community, and our rules aren't that hard to follow!
We live in an age of heroes, heroes protect us from humanity's biggest threat, Villains. But no matter what, the heroes always come out on top. However, an organisation called UnderNight has built a facility deep below ground. Their plan is to erase heroes from society and fill it with villains. Will they triumph or will they fail?
Hello fellow DC fans! I'm sure you've all had loads of fun with this fandom and its amazing characters, which I have had as well! But sometimes I wonder, why don't we have a way to RP these events as well? Well now there is! Introducing DC: New Dawn! It's a server that has been recently set up, with a helpful staff, great roleplayers, and a world just waiting to be built! So what are you waiting for? Join us now!
Here are some of the fun perks of DC: New Dawn!

★ Active and friendly Staff
★ Amazing community!
★ Chance to make friends with amazing roleplayers!
★ A vast DC universe
★ Major Serverwide Events
★ Minor Events for specific characters

So what are you waiting for? Join DC: New Dawn, and help discover and create a whole new world of fun!
Auf diesen Server könnt ihr Heroes and Generals spielen und es gibt echte Dienstgrade als Ränge.
(Canon or oc)

Hi this is a new server come make your favorite character from the dc universe from superman to wonder woman to doomsday or even darkseid.

Created on August 18th
What I have to offer
Plenty of roles
Job as admin or mod
Good plot line
None of the b.s that is in the bigger servers where your lost and no one helps
No dice roll
Friendly owner and co owner
Over 30 roleplay channels from Gotham to Central city even up in the watch tower.

We are a oc and canon server
Come be the ultimate villain or one of the strong heroes
An roleplay server based 15 years into the future after the original events of the manga/anime. This server has gone under a very harsh look through in order for any information to be correct. This server goes into all of it, quirks, heroes, etc. Currently the goal for this server is to get up to 100 people! So please help us reach that goal.
After all the hero's and villians teamed up to fight Galactus who was having eyes on earth as his next meal every hero and villian ended up dying and put Galactus into a hyper sleep and now yet again evil never takes a break so a new villian bent and ruling everything and seeing the world burn has created a secret organization called sacred evil. So now heroes must rise up once more and protect Earth or new villians will rise up and also put the earth into chaos...
Our server takes place in Chártis City, a city infested with hero- and villain activity. Become a master villain, join the mafia, fight crime as a hero, create gadgets, fight in an underground arena, get a side job! It's all up to you.
Welcome to CardCross Academy, one of the several academies that train Adepts. What is an Adept, you ask? Well, all Adepts have an Affinity, a special power. These Affinities can range from lasers to explosions or even acid. Join the ranks of this academy and train to become a powerful Adept in order to fight threats to the world.

The story will be divided into Seasons, each Season having a different set of challenges for characters to overcome.

Join now and forge your own story.

Disclaimer- You must be a Semiliterate or above roleplayer to join and take part in roleplay. You will be required to give an example of your roleplaying expertise. Do not worry about line minimum, do what you can.
Team Recon is a team formed at Kondar Collage when teachers started noticing they had "Unique" abilities. It was formed in colaboration with the goverment to create a extrodinary SWAT team. However a evil doer seems to have a hatred for mentioned Team
A server to find other people playing Dragon Quest games, from the main series to the obscure spin-offs!
Heroes of the Storm играть в команде, Starcraft 2 играем со знакомыми в режимах, 2x2, 3x3, 1x1 (между собой), Игротека, Co-op. Для поиска напарника заходите голосовой чат. Тематические боты.
The Miagani got into a war this equaling a gathering with all Canon Characters to fight that war and The Miagani won killing off every last Superhero there was at that time not knowing of their future children and future others. They are prepared beyond means as they have a secret base..and secret weapons to capture Meta-Humans to either kill them on the spot or experiment on them. They also swore to kill off any other Meta-Humans or people that messed with their land/city even more.

This Sever is to have fun for the most part and to meet new people.