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————Welcome to Supernatural Academy! (超自然)————

Welcome to Supernatural Academy! Our server is a Super Powered Anime World where everyone can freely role-play whenever they want to! Send some memes, enjoy an event, or join in on a giveaway! You choose what you wanna do!

💠We have loads of channels that you might like!💠

💠————————Channel Categories————————💠
Role-play Character - This category is where you get one of our many role-playing roles! This includes students, teachers, citizens and more! New roles are still being added every so often, so there's no need to worry about a lack of variety. You can also make your character bio, we just suggest you read the character-help channel first!

At The Academy - Located in the midst of a fictional Tokyo, Japan, this is where all of the students, teachers, or anyone welcome would like to hone their powers. Locations inside the Academy include the Computer Lab or the Training Dome!

Dorms- After roleplaying in the server for a while, you will be given a dorm key which gives you access to a four person dorm! These are great for meeting new people as well as making new friends to roleplay with!

Chat & Chill - Category with normal channels for if you don't want to role-play! These include the rant channel if you want to get something off your chest, or shitposting, if you like to spam memes.

Off Campus - Places like the Shopping Mall, the Nightclub, the Beach, or even the Maitī Restaurant!

————————💠Features in our server💠————————

High Moderation - Our staff monitor the chat seriously and Kick or Ban those who break the rules!
Fun Bots - We have fun bots like DankMemer and NSFW bots!
Currency - Which you can earn money and buy some Special Tags & Other Stuff!
Custom Events - Exciting events that happen at random moments, so be aware at all times! They could be related to the good or the evil, with some of them even revealing new locations!
So join us in Supernatural Academy to train your powers and conquer the evil focused on destroying Tokyo, Japan! This is your story, and it's your job to lead it!
Welcome to /r/MasksRP, a superhuman roleplay subreddit set in an alternate Earth where superpowers have just become reality!
Join the ranks of superhumans helping the residents of an American city or vying to rule over them! Become a hero! Become a villain! Try something in-between! Form your own faction! We're just getting started, so now's the time to join!
Our roleplay takes place on our subreddit, /r/MasksRP, and we use the Discord for all out-of-character discussion and planning.
Imagine a world where people are granted special powers from stones intertwined with their souls. Welcome to the Academy, a safe haven for people with Soul Gems to learn about and perfect their abilities!
This is an everyone friendly server! Welcome to all that are full of imagination!
`Welcome to Three Faction Campaign, where super powers have become the common life. In all these powers, you have the option to become a Righteous Hero, a Civilian who wants to enjoy life, or a Menacing Villain.`

------------------------------------------- Your chosen faction will determine how the story progresses, by simply making friends and allies, to summoning a demon lord. You take classes in the corresponding Academy to excel your potential in being a symbol of heroism, or to become as wicked and corrupt as you can be. Even the most normal and neutral of Civilians can make a big change, whether it be enforcing the law, or going on a raid for some extra cash. You make your own destiny when you enter this Urban jungle, hassling your profound abilities, while also going to school to better understand how you can further use your powers.

Join us for server wide fun, including Raids, Bounties, backstabbing, and more! Each school can be up for grabs, and each can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
Outside the Amazon in 500BC, a bright streak penetrated the serenity, stabbing a hole in a cloud. It punched the ground, clumps of sand launching into the air. They scattered about the crater, inside it the remnants of a meteorite. Nearby people looked on as the light disappeared behind the shroud of greenery known as The Amazon Rainforest.
Around the crater, plants began to move slightly, miniscule changes forming within their cells, caused by radiation from the pea-sized rock. When ingested by humans, it causes a rapid mutation to occur, causing strange, unpredictable abilities to surface. These mutations became hereditary, being passed down from generation to generation. The powers spawned as if random, the gene making it so one can develop powers. Today, schools have been setup to help people control their powers.
In a world where superpowers are becoming the norm. It has been 20 years since the Battle of Calenia, where the First Generation Heroes villain boss Akachan was defeated by the number one hero Anastasia and founded the number one hero school, Lionheart Academy.
**The story so far**
Akachan has been revealed to be innocent, then who's the one pulling the strings? Turns out that it was his father, Masuta, manipulating him and breaking his mental state. Now that he has taken over, more crime is happening around the city. And new villains are emerging and the heroes are in desperate need of help.

Would you be their saving grace? Join and find out!
Welcome to Earth-N1006, In this Earth much like another Universe, Two Universes collided together and formed as one HOWEVER unlike the Universe that this is related to, The Universe was not in chaos...Out of a 1 in Infinite Chance, Both Universes fit neatly together with little to no telefragging or Ultimatum Endings of the Universes...! Now new Heroes and new Villains alongside new locations litter these two Universes, Everyone acknowlodges this fact of how the two merged together and now the Universe lives as one whole Universe!

Why these two universes merged together is unknown...Some say that deities brought it together, Some say a scientific anomaly did, Some say a REALLY powerful superhuman did such and some say it was an attempt to destroy both Universes but for now we do not know..
Year: 2019
Place: Blackrock Bay, United States

Taking place six years after an event known as The Traveler's Prophecy, roughly 5 percent of the world's population has some form of super power. Some choose to hide them, viewing themselves as monsters. Others do nothing at all and live normal lives. However, for those truly willing to step into the fray, they embrace them. They become the icons of tomorrow as heroes- protectors of mankind. Or, they fall. With any light comes darkness. A natural balance to the world. These people, these villains, fight against order and what is right- for reasons only they know.

In the wake of the Traveler's Prophecy, certain key cities have sprung up around the United States as gathering points for those with super powers. Idyllic metropolises protected by the super-powered elite or hubs for the denizens of the underworld? Only time will tell. These are the tales of Blackrock Bay.
In the year 2800 Africa hits Europe and Asia creating a strange effect turning the equator than melting the polar ice caps therefor the world floods , humans go extinct but the DNA of humans and other animals mix and these new creatures now inhabit this new world ,communication is back to the state of modern society in the current year 3718 there is a new county (counties are like countries now) and it it heard to have people with powers...
Brand spanking new Roleplay server! We'll have superpowers, epic battles and world-affecting political movements, something for everyone in the eternal secret war over humanity. Friendly staff and a developing community welcome you into this paragraph-based, honour-combat Roleplay!

Here's some info on the lore:

- The Occult, ageless humans who returned from death with supernatural powers, and guide humanity's progress and growth in secret. Almost as long as humans have existed, Occult have existed and controlled them from the shadows, and almost as long as that, the Occult has been split into two factions: Guardians and Daemons.

- The Guardians are champions of civilization and order, valuing a strong, structured society and claiming their place above humanity. However, some would call them overlords and oppressors, for a world controlled by Guardians would be fascist and class-based by nature.

- The Daemons are those who fight for equality and freedom from oppression, thwarting any Guardian attempts to take further control. However, some would call them anarchists and warmongers, for a world liberated by the Daemons would be chaotic and lawless.

- In their eternal war, these two factions of Occult have struck a balance between order and chaos, oppression and liberty. Neither side is inherently evil, but neither side is inherently good either. Which faction shall you join? Do you do it for the good of the world or a selfish desire of your own? The only rule: The Occult must never. Be. Exposed.
The S-Gene is a genetic mutation that causes ordinary humans to develop superpowers. Now almost all of humanity is born with a power of some kind. But where can people learn to control their powers and master them? Why at the Clark-Wilson Academy for Powered Individuals of course! Make friends and enemies as you learn to control your powers at this all ages roleplay discord!
( this is actually based on the supernatural and Magic highschool role-plays just with a bit more freedom, Mobility, and adventure) Guild House is a modern-day semi-literate to literate guild roleplay with a mixture of genres such as but not limited to mystery, Slice of Life, action, romance, adventure and so on. This is an open freestyle free roam type of roleplay but there are special channels run by game Masters /Dungeon Masters to enjoy events, Quest, and campaigns. Enjoy inner Guild conflict, Adventures, or afternoon tea with that special person it's up to you what you do. You are also able to help build the world and create factions within the Guild and start troubles with other factions. As long as it doesn't break the rules or step on someone's toe OOC than you are free to do anything. There are also chat rooms for you to socialize with the other members or just chill out and play games.

***mixture of genres***
Mystery, Romance, Action, Slice of Life, Adventure, and a number of other genres to create One Singular world

Items and Ranks that need to be earned in roleplay.

***Optional campaigns***
Go on story-driven Adventures, Quest, and campaigns run by our GMs/DMs

Special world events, tournaments, festivals and so on.

***In Guild Conflict***
Have beef with other guild members maybe even take it to the next level. There are even in Guild factions that can be joined or created.

***trust system***
We use a system where as long as you give a reasonable amount of information on your character then we trust that you are competent enough role player to keep yourself from being OP breaking the stress resulting seriously harsh Nerfing.

We are currently in our beta phase. You are free to roleplay just know that the server is still under construction and developing. Throw any ideas that you have for the roleplay into suggestions.

Working on a combat and action system but this may not even be applied. I am still working on it and there will be a vote or something to see if it will be put in place

GM may throw something unexpected into the roleplay

you can send your ideas for roleplay
Superpowered WW2 is set during an alternate Earth where just before WW2 people started gaining superpowers. This event has the potential to change the future, and you can fight with or without abilities on the side of the allies or axis, or just as a bystander to the chaos.

Tiering system that supports character development
Fair flexibility on superpowers
Two bio templates to fit all roleplayers
(Mostly) Active staff and admins
This is our server and we are looking for friends/staff and more! If you'd like you can use custom or canon quirk! Enjoy your stay and have fun mah dood! :3
a my hero acedmia server preety fun make your own oc create your path and become a great hero/villian/viggilante
"Everyone's Different" as the old adage goes, but in Fejeb Harbor the term is literal. No one knows why for sure, it could be evolution, a blessing from some god, or even radiation, but everyone knows for sure the people in Fejeb Harbor are special. The people in the harbor all have "hiccups" some have more then one others have only one but no one shares the same hiccup. The harbor is just like any other civilization except, they don't leave.
This is just a new server created to be just loose at first instead of worrying or chewing down on specifics too much, to include genres such as action, romance, and etc all in one. But, overall this is one of those superpower city roleplays. It's set in a retro futuristic era. No specific lore yet and this is very new server so a couple admins are wanted too.
Kuro awoke from a nap to the harsh sound of a scream. She launched off her bed and hesitantly made her way to the door. Once she got to the door she peered down the hall. Not before long another scream emanated from the corridor. "Mommy?" She asked with a shaky voice. Her head tilted more and she started down the hall. A worried look spread across her face as another scream pierced the silence. As she approached the stairs the screams stopped and all she heard were the crickets in the backyard. Cautiously she went down the stairs to find her mother dead, and "The Parasite " had taken over her body. Kuro's mother would be the first victim of "The Parasite",but most certainly not the last....

A few days later, Kuro was found to have strange powers in her body as well as many others. That is when the government decided, they will be held in a dome safe from the rest of society.

Now it has been 10 years since the incident and "The Parasite" still devastates many. Ever since, those with powers have been sent to Wonderland Academy safe from the rest of the world. Each new child who is born with a power gets sent into the dome and at the age of 14, they get enrolled in Wonderland Academy!
Compete with a partner to win events in this roleplaying discord server. Either with a friend or another member, we hope to see you in this super powered land.
Come join the world of Misanthropy. A world filled with superpowers. Be a villain, hero, sidekick, or just help out from the sidelines as a member of an agency! Create a character of your own design and change the world, for better, or for worse.
This server is a Marvel AU (We also allow DC Canons and OCs) in which you can make an OC, or claim a canon character! We allow heroes from Daredevil, to Iron Man, villains from some random thug, to Doc Doom. Also, we have a memes channel!
This is the second version of the old Trinity Roleplay, with a Highschool Superpower setting and ERP allowed wherever you go!
In the year 2050, an extraterrestrial experiment gone horribly wrong has wreaked havoc on the Earth. 85% of the world's population has been killed and turned into creatures called 'the Lost.' A shady international organization named DREAD has made themselves the proclaimed saviors of the world, and found those immune to the airborne gas/virus called Celestium. These immunes have gained special powers from exposure to the gas, and now with thousands of them in DREAD's possession, they have been thrown into some sick Maze, left to survive with challenging rules in place. Who will escape, and who will be left to die?

(This server is fairly new, up for ideas, and I just hope to have some fun!)
(It basically follows the Maze Runner series, combining the books and the movies, with my own little twist on it.)
hello! do you you like DC OR MARVEL or like one over the other just by a little or alot? well here you can have a little of both!
we have
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
no disrespect!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
lots of hero types!
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nice staff!
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great systems!
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what are you waiting for?!?!? come join this awsome server!!!!