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We are a mental health server that ASSIGNS you a supporter and your own private channel, unlike other mental health servers you actually get the attention you need.
-we are not professionals.

> ☨ Servants of God ☨
> Are you looking for a server where you can open your heart, find out more about God and be constantly encouraged, all while in a loving Christian environment? Look no more!
> Perks:
> 1. Experienced Christians
> 2. Loving Community
> 3. Active Members
> 4. Promotion Ranks
> 5. Sermons, Prayers
Seeking moderators. Requirement: be a humble and loving Christian <3
> Plans for the future:
> 1. Events (Prayer, Bible Study, Testimonies)
> 1. Music Bot, Bible Bot, Chess Bot
> 2. Gallery: please post your art <3
> 3. Allies: Christian servers + A true prophet's channel and site.
What are you waiting for? Join us!
This server is a school and this server is a service platform. People that want to enchant their psychic abilities can come here and exchange reading with each other. Or if someone wants to buy your service, it can be done here. This server is designed to connect psychic to psychic or psychic to customer.
Welcome! This is a business for LHP Magicians who are looking for Ritual-For-Hire services.

All Payments are Processed Through PayPal.

If You are interested, PM me at DemonicGod91#7403 and we will talk further.

WARNING: Serious Practicioners only age +18. No Trolls or Harrasment will be tolerated.
This server is a place for people to come and feel safe, it's slowly growing. The intent of this server is to help people with mental issues overcome or cope, and to help others make decisions to better their future. The server is constantly being worked on.
This server is all about the chakras! Come share your favorite chakra meditations, discuss the chakras, and maybe even heal some chakras!
A loving place for angels, lightworkers, otherkin, starseeds, and all seeking spiritual advancement. It is a place of learning and friendship as we help each other on or ascension journeys and work to awaken humanity.
Guiding the Future is a mental health support server where we are hiring counselors, trial moderators and were we help others get through their issues.
The Japaneses Believed that a person wears Three Masks in Society. The First you show to your Co-Workers and Strangers. The Second you show to your Friends, Family and Loved ones. The Third Mask is the one you show no one, your true self, the person only you know exists. As such to some, this third mask can be a demon and a manifestation of all the worst things in a person, as such we are a society of like minded people who exist as a tool to vent out your demons and take off your third mask so you may show others who you truly are deep down. Race, Gender, or Age dose not matter, you come here in secret , you speak in secret and you leave here in secret. Let me be clear we are a place of healing and not a cult, or a pit of judgment, drama and rumors. With that being said, I welcome you all to our Society, Stay as long as you like.
We are a server dedicated to being a hub for natural medicine enthusiasts. From reiki practitioners to nutrition buffs.