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🍒Kakyoin Noriaki here~🍒
We planted a cherry tree that can provide help and support for people indeed! And we hope we can help you as much as possible.🍒
🍒Here under the cherry tree, we provide:
💠~mental health support~
🔆~kind therapists~
💝~wholesome images/memes~
🥰~happiness and help~
💖~unconditional love and support~
❇~amazing community of anime~
...and so much more!~🍒
I really hope we can help and support you as much as possible, and we'll also really appreciate if you want to come and help others as well!💖
-Kind Regards, the helping cherry tree🍒
Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need!

We are open to everyone and anyone.

Here's what we offer:
➺Peer-to-peer support
➺Venting channels
➺An emergency system
➺Volunteer Counselors
➺Self-assignable roles
➺Serverwide events
➺An additional gaming server
➺2,000+ members
➺Level 2 Nitro Boost and 150+ custom emotes
➺Love and support!
Welcome to Psychology Redefined.

We are a fast growing and enthusiastic community that focuses on the topics of psychology, philosophy, typology, science and more.

We are accepting and open-minded, and encourage people to speak freely. We advocate for free speech and want this to be a place where our members can participate without fear of reprisal. We are very lenient with rules here.

In our server we have many perks; such as special roles for those who are active, active voice channels, and various self assignable roles:

• Mental Disorders
• Big Five
• Enneagram
• & more

Welcome to Finding Happiness. We are a mental health support server that was created after we found a need for a loving community of people after wanting a fresh start. We created this as a safe space for those that need us; and we are a lovely, growing community. We created us as a space where people can create friends, support each other and also have fun. We specialise for those with mental health and / or physical health issues however everyone is free to enter here.
Deep Thoughts is a new server focused around mental health and creating a supportive community. If you'd like to help build up a new server that is focused around this topic, I'd love you to join.

🌟Welcome to The Laundry Room! We're a group of astrologers, pagans [Or witches, whichever you prefer], and generally curious people!
🌟Geek out over zodiacs, learning more about them!
🌟Get to know others, making friends with others that share interests!
🌟Have fun with the bots!
🌟Natal chart readings!

🌟Come on down, we all have fun here!
Healing Hugs is a peer to peer support server aimed at helping those who need support and want to make new friends who understand them. We are all here to help with a growing and friendly community.

We offer:
:yellow_heart:A safe place for Littles and Alters
:yellow_heart:Peer to Peer Support
:yellow_heart:Pluralkit Bot
:yellow_heart:Safe Place for the LGBTQ+ Community
:yellow_heart:Activities for Littles
:yellow_heart:1 on 1 support
:yellow_heart:Private support channels
:yellow_heart:Medication and Food Reminders

Have you been feeling down recently?
Do you need someone to talk to?
Has quarantine been getting to you?

Meet Anoma, a Discord therapy server that is shaped by you, with you.
Anoma is a free solution to any problems you might have.

We are small at the moment but we want you to help us grow. We are looking to hire listeners to help future clients. If you care about helping other people then this is the opportunity for you!

Feel free to come out and test the server, have a chat with one of our listeners, or apply to become a listener yourself.

Do you think you'd do well in a management position? We are currently looking for HR members. These mods will regulate the conversation, manage promotions for members looking to be listeners, have frequent talks with the founders to discuss the next moves for Anoma and manage any problems that might take place.


Anoma - Discord Therapy Team
We're open again! We'll be hosting events in the coming weeks to give everyone some fun :)

["Safety in Numbers"]

If you'd like a simple explanation as to who we are, the best we can say, is we are a safe place. The adminstration team has worked consistently over the months to ensure The Void is as safe, understanding, and welcoming as possible to everyone, but specifically to DID & OSDD systems.

We put a lot of time, effort, and dedication into keeping our community safe, growing, and comfortable. We are very open to suggestions & advice on how things should happen. The Void is geared specifically towards traumagenic systems.

(We utilize Pluralkit & Systemtime. If you'd like to know more about us, please keep reading)
"Safety in Numbers", the phrase The Void has lived by since its founding. Why is this phrase so important? That's up for interpretation! Some may opt to see the phrase as "Safety within a system; Multiplicity", some may see it as a subtle nod to safe spaces, and others may interpret it in many other fascinating ways. That part, is up to you.

Now, as for The Void; what is it? At base level, The Void is a safe-space, specifically a safe-space for systems of all sorts. When you look a bit deeper, however, you can see all the real beauties The Void has to offer.

A welcoming place for systems that has worked extremely hard to be as safe, non judgmental, and legitimate as possible. A hub for educational resources while maintaining a community feel. A new face in the fight against stigma. Overall, The Void is a place of beauty, of strength, and a place truly for community.

We are our own galaxy on the edge of nowhere; a place of freedom. A place of growth. A place of resilience, strength, and courage. Whether you're a host, an introject, a protector, a gatekeeper, a persecutor, a little, a non-human, animalistic, age-slider anyone really, you are welcome here. Including singlets.

We see you. We hear you. We are with you.
*:・゚✧ Welcome to Milk & Honey! *:・゚✧

A small, comfy, and new server created mainly to have a cute, optimistic, and positive environment for those who are mentally ill.
We offer:

✧ Relaxing Gaming events together (Stardew Valley, Osu and Minecraft)!

✧ A role pinged everyday for your sweet meds reminder!

✧ PluralKit for Traumagenic / Questioning Systems

✧ Self-advertisement for Twitch, Streaming, or Media where you encourage Mental Health talk.

We accept all illnesses, and much like you are opening a door to us by letting us help you, we'll open one right back, and give you a community which you deserve! A sweet and delightful one.


✨ **꧁༒•Hopeful Undertone•༒꧂** ✨

➺✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅

🎀🐰 ❥ Open staff positions ♡
🎀🐰 ❥ Looking for partners ♡

୨☀️This server focuses on Mental Health support. Things are hardly ever completely okay, but that's okay. If we work together, we'll find life's hopeful undertone and learn to hold onto it. We're building a friendly, loving and open-mined community. We're sort of like a big, supportive Internet family. Please come join us because everyone's welcome and we want to spread our loving, wholesome energy!☀️୧

╰──➤ 🐝🌻🍯 ❥ We offer:

🌸 ❥ Support sessions, 1 on 1 or group support.
🌸 ❥ A mental health category.
🌸 ❥ Active text channels and voice chat.
🌸 ❥ A large selection of self-assignable roles.
🌸 ❥ An open minded and loving community.
🌸 ❥ A safe space for everyone.
🌸 ❥ Fun activities, movie nights, music sessions, nitro giveaways!
🌸 ❥ A variety of cute still and gif emotes!
🌸 ❥ Plural kit for DID systems.
🌸 ❥ Loads of fun channels, games, hobbies etc.
🌸 ❥ Friendly staff and professional rules to keep the space safe.
🌸 ❥ Crisis recourses and other mental health help and advice.
🌸 ❥ A place where you will belong. You won't be ignored.

🍇 ꒰ We also have level 3 boost perks ꒱ 🍇


Welcome to Noir City (DID/OSDD Space)! Everyone is welcomed! We are a server that is always growing and improving so that you have nothing but a positive, toxic-free environment/safe space where you can be your amazing self. This is what we offer:
~Self-assignable roles
~Multiple channels to talk in
~An open and welcoming community that welcome everyone no matter what
~We have multiple hotlines and areas to help others that need it
~A growing server that always takes suggestions from others to better the server and the environment
~Did we mention, you can have fun too ^^
This is a safe place for any / all to come and join the large and growing community!
You don't need any Mental Health issues in order to join!

We offer:
☆Active chat!
☆Friendly community, and staff!
☆Venting and support rooms!
☆Fun bots!
☆Many roles for all types of Issues / disorders! Including vanity roles!
☆Potential to find that special someone
☆Events! At least 1 a week but most of the time more!
☆Equal opportunities for all!
☆Music / Games / Active Chat / SFW and NSFW areas / Dating and more!
☆Creative corner to share all those creative sides!
☆A safe place for you to get help and progress freely!

☆ Entirely free 24/7 1-1 Support rooms! We have a dedicated team of around 30 Listeners ready and waiting to listen to any problems you may have! ☆

☆ Dedicated 24/7 Moderators! We've got moderators keeping a watch over things every single hour of the day! ☆

☆ Events team! We've got a select few people running events on a weekly basis, sometimes more than just 1! ☆

☆ Inclusive and accepting community! You're all accepted here, no matter what, we'll always open our arms for those in need of a home! ☆

☆ Highest ratings! You can always read our reviews from people who are in the server! We've currently got over 55 reviews! ☆

☆ Constant updates, we're always working on making The Sanctuary better and easier to use for members, we're always looking at ideas and suggestions to see how we can refine the server for you! ☆

☆ Active owner! The owner is active daily, and is always willing to help out in all aspects! ☆
Henlo! 🌙
We are 𝐃𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐨!

If u ever feel lonely join!
We have:
- A really nice community
- sometimes even some fun random moments haha
- a lot of roles
- lot of bots

And more feel free to join ^^ ✨
Bedlam & Beyond: For those who don't belong/fit in, the depressed, isolated, nervous, forlorn, lonesome, clinically miserable, invalids, interlopers, the debilitated, loners, rejects, freakish geeks, misfits, the wretched, outsiders, the marginalized, unwell, depressive realists, dregs of society. 18+ but safe for work
🌠An invitation for YOU to enter the SAFEST SPACE in Discord! In here, YOUR Mental Health is our Priority. We have done our best to make sure that the community understands the importance of having a comfortable space for people who need to RANT, ask for HELP and/or MOTIVATION.

⚽ Our GOAL is to make sure that YOU will be able to find the support you need or are looking for with all of US, in here! We understand some people prefer giving/offering help, so YOU are welcome in here, too.

🤝The server offers **SUPPORT** access spaces and roles for:
◈ HELP (whether you need it or you want to give it); and
◈ MOTIVATION (whether you need it or you want to give it).

🌞 For **GOOD VIBES**, the server offers access spaces and roles for:
◈ MEDIA; and

🗺️ In this SPACE, everyone is a STAR and the way to TRUE North is to find your way up to the NORTH Star, thus our Level-Up Roles Theme is the NAVIGATIONAL Constellations. 🌟

There are more things to find when you enter the SAFEST SPACE (in Discord; even Pokémon and Bots!). So come over, and let's help one another find our way HOME. 🏡
🌌 Celestial (咽パ) 🌌

Welcome to Celestial! We're a galaxy-aesthetic based community server. Formerly known as Zoin Community Discord Server.

Looking for-
🔮 Partner managers
🔮 New moderators
🔮 Active members

What do we offer-
🔮 Partnerships
🔮 Mental health support
🔮 Self-roles
🔮 Giveaways
🔮 Economy System
🔮 Fun bots to interact with
🔮 Active staff
🔮 A friendly and warm welcoming community
And much more!

⚠ | Join us now to have an amazing experience!
Website: https://bit.ly/2yL9t9V
Invite: https://discord.gg/p4vUawz
Welcome to Mind Café! We're happy that you've checked us out!
We are an English only, emotional support server who is open to help anyone 13+.
While we do offer emotional support, we do offer many more things such as a tight-knit and inclusive community, positive casual chats, and keeping everything free of judgement.

What do we offer?
☕ ⋆ No-reply channels for a free place to vent without replies.
☕ ⋆ Custom support tickets where you can get support without feeling left-out.
☕ ⋆ Support groups, where you and other people can talk freely about problems that may affect both of you.
☕ ⋆ Weekly events created by our Event Coordinators team.
☕ ⋆ A welcome, non-toxic, and inclusive community.

Anyone is welcomed to join, and we hope you come to find your new home here!

This is a 18+ server for people who don't seem to fit in anywhere else: nerds, geeks, goths, freaks, dorks, stoners, crazies, writers, druggies, stoners, sinners, criminals, witches, wizards, and people of any eccentric stripe. We are irreverent, snarky and sarcastic. There are no trigger warnings here. Explore at your leisure, but we allow the darkness in when required. Also, we have lots of custom bots and SFW and NSFW stuff. "Abandon hope, all ye who enter."


1. This server is 18+. No exceptions.
2. Swearing is allowed, except racial, religious, sexual or any other slurs directed at a group.
3. Absolutely no discrimination against any group is tolerated.
4. Spammers and trolls will be immediately banned with no warning.
5. There are no trigger warnings here. People who are triggered easily are more than welcome, but we do not restrict topics based on people's triggers. If one comes up, mute the server.
6. Debates and arguments are allowed up to the point of a personal attack, but at that point, the admin will issue a warning. Further escalation will result in the server discipline process.
7. Keep debates to the debate channels.
8. Please keep memes and pictures to the appropriate channels when possible.
9. Selfies and introductions are allowed, but be careful about how much information you post.
10. Doxxing other members or anyone on Discord is strictly prohibited.
11. While there are no trigger warnings, suicide and suicide techniques or encouragement are not allowed and will be deleted immediately. Further breakage of this rule results in an immediate ban. See #serious-help-needed if you need to talk.
12. We are not medical professionals, and actual medical advice cannot be given here--only general help and support.
13. If you're having a crisis and no one is around, call the suicide helpline in your country.
14. Sexual jokes and references are allowed, but no targeting or objectifying of any gender or identity is tolerated.
this server is called therapy corner and it’s for those who are looking for advice / need someone to talk to. it’s also for making friend and meeting new people.
**Gamers Anonymous!**

• Gamers Anonymous is a **18+** community run support server that's dedicated to giving everyone a safe place to be themselves, make friends, and feel like they belong!

• We're a mature, diverse, non-judgmental, friendly and active community; welcoming of everyone with a mental illness!

Here's some general information about the server:

⟣ Aesthetic roles you can earn or purchase with server currency.
⟣ Rewarding leveling up system with separate roles, ranks and colors.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for more accurate communication.
⟣ Tons of custom and amazing emojis!
⟣ Access to a large amount of mental health resources!
⟣ Dedicated support roles and rooms.
⟣ Private OPT-IN channels for extra safety and comfort!
⟣ Stay in the gaming loop with news updates!
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life :]

✨ Welcome to Hello, Mirai (H/M) Discord Fam! ✨ This is a Discord server dedicated to the mental health community in the Philippines.

🌱 marami kayong mami-meet na friends (diagnosed and non-diagnosed)
🌱 science-based mental health information at self-care
🌱 live voice chat with members
🌱 special fun activities (text or voice chat)
🌱 giveaways from time to time 🎉

Kaya join ka na! Everyone is invited regardless kung may mental illness o wala 😊
Do you ever just wish you had somebody to listen when you’re feeling depressed, anxious or alone? Shelter from the Storm is a very engaged and welcoming community focused on offering support for anyone who struggles with a mental health issue or difficult life situations. You don’t have to go through this alone!

We offer:
☆ A relaxed, kind, non-toxic, supportive group of friends
☆ A full list of channels dedicated to specific mental health issues
☆ Trigger-free safe zones
☆ Well-moderated support groups for discussion of triggering topics
☆ 1:1 peer support with caring volunteers
☆ Fun, creativity, events, contests, VC and more
☆ Active and caring staff and mods

Join us! https://discord.gg/3jRDh8P