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❤️ ✞ ✞ ✞ Welcome to Trinity Fellowship! ✞ ✞ ✞ ❤️

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while Making Friends along the way! We're a Compassionate & Active Community who discourages Drama and Anti-Christian Heresy

✞ ~ All Religions and Beliefs Accepted! (Catholic, Atheist, Pagan, SDA, Judaism, Muslim, Agnostic, etc.)

✞ ~ Channels for Art, Gaming, Voice Chats, Memes & more!

✞ ~ Daily Fellowship and Weekly Bible Studies!

✞ ~ Fun Conversation and Clean Humor!

✞ ~ Civil Debates Allowed

✞ ~ No Bullying or Harassment Allowed

You're Invited to Join Us! See you Inside!
Online fellowship for anyone seeking God through Jesus Christ. Share your testimony, chat with christians, host a bible study, come and worship!
You Think You're Saved, But You're Not!


Come tell us how wrong we are, or that you agree, or to promote your own thing. <3
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~Welcome to Non-Stop 24/7~
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Non-Stop 24/7 is a small yet very active server that is growing in members with each passing day. We are looking for kind good hearted people who wish to help each other and build them up. We are focused on keeping this a safe and welcoming community which seeks to help support and encourage people and help them have hope, joy, and peace. We have many goals and focuses for this server!
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☁ミ✲ extremely active vc

☁ミ✲Roblox gaming

☁ミ✲movie night- every night

☁ミ✲frequent events and many debates

☁ミ✲people of all ages under 18 and over 18

☁ミ✲ female and male owner

☁ミ✲very light amount of cursing

☁ミ✲supportive and sfw


☁ミ✲happy and friendly environment yet we also joke around a lot

☁ミ✲open staff roles

☁ミ✲new friends

A place for Christians, Catholic theocrats, absolute monarchists, and feudalists to gather, discuss politics, and have friendly banter with one another.
Welcome to the Philosophy Debate Hub!

* Daily Discussion Prompts
* Many Self-Assignable Roles
* Active Staff & Members
* Bots for quoting the Bible, Qu'ran, Bhagavad Gita, & more
* Friendly Community
* Text & Voice Debates
* Always seeking quality partners

What else could you ask for? Join now!
Hello! and welcome to truth for this generation. we are people of the word we stand on the word of God because it is the standard of truth. And we are willing to help those who want to know christ better and to be better acquainted with his word. All is welcome we will be very happy to have you.
Welcome to Deus Vult.
This is a Christian based meme/crusading server.|
We multiple bots and music.
Since this server is still new I am willing to add most suggestions.
the server is brand new and we are looking for new crusaders all the time!
PGC, Providence Group Chapel, a community with the desire to grow and a family friendly server to meet new people! Discuss anything from video games, what you created whether it be art or music! If life hits you hard, we also have a Faith section that you can send prayer requests, be apart of our bible study and share your testimonials!
Prayer Fort is a dedicated Christian prayer group with emphasis on deliverance and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We want to see a mighty move of God, we do group fasting, intercession, women's ministry, and frequent group prayer sometimes set to music, or check out the religious debate channel and get in on the discussion!
Lately it has come out that the so called oriental "Orthodox", specifically those from the "coptic church" have sneakily tried to deceive genuine Eastern Orthodox catechumens by DMing them behind moderator's and other knowledgable Orthodox Christian's backs about St Cyril supposedly being on their side against Chalcedon. This couldn't be further from the truth and here we provide the necessary info to expose these deceptions.
The 10th Crusader Order is a large community of Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, and non-believers. Looking for a place to express your Faith? Look no further!

- Denounce blasphemy in our heresy-free channels!
- Join the Inquisition and seek out heretics with your Brothers!
- Debate politics with infidels in our new #political-discussion chat!

Infidels who want to challenge the Faith are welcome also.
Orthodox Christian Directory Server

Nepsis is a text-based Discord server concerning the traditional Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, focused on resources, theology, prayer, and theosis. The word 'Nepsis' means: wakefulness or sobriety. Catechumens and baptized Orthodox Christians can use the server to connect and share content together.

Inquirers of many faiths and sober mind are welcome here to learn. There are over 90 roles to choose for representation. If you are the silent type, you will still benefit greatly from the free resources given here. The server provides daily Orthodox Christian readings, sermons, movies, radio, directories, and themed emojis.
Hello all! This server was created for those searching for the facts among all the fiction in this world. This is a place for both casual and professional debate while conducting ourselves with grace.
Christian Server for Christian fellowship. We encourage other Christians to join so we can share testimony, ask questions, and grow in Christ!
Hi, we are a nice and friendly Christian server that accepts any type of religion with many cool features, such as members who are active and a daily scriptures. We are pretty new, so right now we dont have very many members but if you join we are very willing to listen to any suggestions people would have to make the server better!
Some bots:
- Bongo
- Biblebot
- Mee6
- owo
Some cool channels we have!
- free-stuff
- prayer requests
- fun channels
- counting
So if your in to god and friendly people and a nice community to share your belief of god with come join us!!
A server dedicated to the discussion and learning of the Gospel and Christ. Non-Christians are welcome as well, should you be respectful!
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Mama's Cafe is a warm, comfortable little place mostly for artists and Christians - however, we are welcoming to anyone! Even if all you want is a place to hang out, or admire some artwork, this is the place for you regardless of your beliefs or who you are. ♡

꧁.• † ──────────・゚・†・゚・✧────────── † •.꧂

✿│♡│✿ In the Cafe, here's what we have to offer! ✿│♡│✿
✧.•│Categories for art and Christianity

✧.•│Self-assignable roles, and lots of 'em

✧.•│A cozy SFW environment

✧.•│Sunday service

✧.•│Mental health assistance and support

A server for Christian Fellowship where we are all family in Christ. but the server is only for those who are Christian or who are seeking the truth.
Tired of Roman "catholicism" especially Vatican 2 papacy? Fedup with the many protestant sects that all claim to be Christian and yet are all over the place doctrinally and practically? You've found the ancient Church. By the Grace of God we are showing the world why the Eastern Orthodox Church is the only true Church which alone is in line with all the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles to this day and refuting the heresies of protestantism, roman "catholicism", oriental "orthodox", nestorianism and other non Orthodox.

NOTE: If there's anyone believing to follow the Bible Alone and yet rejects the false teaching of "Eternal Security" aka "Once Saved Always Saved" the owner of the server will be happy to expose this extremely heretical doctrine together with you. Infact it is this wicked doctrine that keeps many from considering Orthodoxy to begin with.
Christian Creative Collective is a new creative space for Christian artists to learn, grow, and encourage one another. We're interested in music, writing, art, and whatever else you're creating. We believe that Christianity can have a voice in art just as anywhere else and we want to push each other to find that voice.

Inclusive and welcoming, we welcome Christians from across denominations. Come on in and get involved.
✨✨ **Welcome to The Ligh†house!** ✨✨
Do you crave a serious relationship with Jesus? Join our active evangelical Christian community today! We focus on support and growth for Christians of all ages.

We currently have 2 weekly Bible studies, prayer and short Bible reading in voice at least once daily, and we love to encourage each other in the Word.

John 8:12 (NASB): Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

Proverbs 18:10 (NKJV): "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe."