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.:. Welcome to World of Light .:.

We are an 18+ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roleplay server, dedicated to bringing the story of the World of Light campaign to life. This group’s main focus revolves around character development, forging bonds, world-building, and expanding on World of Light’s premise.

.:. Summary .:.

Order and Chaos are irrevocably intertwined. For many millennia they have been bound to one another, forever protecting the multiverse from stagnation. Though like all things, this peaceful coexistence was not meant to last. When a surge of Chaos rips through the realms, the Order grows enraged. Believing the deity of Chaos and Darkness to be responsible, the entity of Order and Light seeks to reclaim the balance that has been lost.

In his attempt to return balance to the multiverse, Galeem unintentionally causes catastrophic levels of damage to the various realms. This damage ultimately causes the realms to return to their origin point, located at the center of the universe… The Smash Realm. Upon their return, the various dimensions within the multiverse summon forth champions to protect the interest of the multiverse and all who inhabit it. Unfortunately, these warriors are not given the exact reason for their arrival and roam the world with no sense of direction or purpose.

Can the Champions of the Multiverse learn of their true destinies before it’s too late, or will everything be lost within an All-Consuming Light?

.:. What do we offer .:.

🤝 Friendly Community
💠 Member Driven Plot
⚔️ Weekly Roleplay Events
⏫ Server Leveling System
📖 Fanfiction Night
🍿 Movie Night
🏆 Tournament Night
🖌️Art Gallery
💖 NSFW Channels
❗ Plus More…
Hello, welcome to the Ultiverse, a space where any and all can and does exist! Sometimes it may be hard to find a roleplay where you can truly do what YOU want, as you must choose to play a predefined role in the world you're in. But what if you wanted to be something you just can't find a place to be, or go somewhere you just can't find in other places, then this is the place just for you.

Do you like futuristic sci-fi roleplays filled with spaceships and highly advanced technology far beyond what we conceive as possible, where you can find yourself in a world filled with advancements never to be thought of? Do you enjoy medieval roleplays where you can be a knight and roam the medieval era and kingdoms designed from it? Do you enjoy the grittiness of living in an anarchist city collapsing into crime, with the streets littered with people out to fight you? Do you want to get involved in a great war that leaves battlefields and trenches dripping with blood? Do you want to be a famous business owner with your own store or building and plant yourself in powerhouse cities busting with populous? Do you want to live in the world of Steampunk, maybe you like the darker and post-apocalyptic worlds, maybe you just want some nice calming scenery like a forest or maybe you want raging blizzards and volcanoes. While we're at it, we'll toss horrifying forests filled with disgusting predatorial creatures, zombies, hell we'll throw Hell itself into it.

When you're living in a solar system comprised of fifty Earths in the year 2470, you're bound to find something you like. This isn't even all of what we have, and this isn't all of what will be added as this server is always changing with new Earths being thought of to add.

In terms of who you can be, well, that's your call. You could be a CEO, gang leader, cyborg, robot, pirate, cowboy, demon, alien, dragon, literally anything you can be it. The only limit is your imagination, and we provide you the set to run that imagination wild. This server itself has extensive addictive lore to get drawn into, if you're into science fiction and fantasy you may want to read up on the whole catalogue of history that has led up to where we are now. We even have random events we'll drop on you where you can participate in mass-scaled battles from castle sieges, weeklong alien invasions, and month long metahuman threats.

That said, the story you follow is not predefined, and your destiny is written by you yourself. Create your own story with your own characters in wherever you want, as said before you have anywhere you want to go. Make friends to have join alongside you in your epic journey, and venture to your mind's desire. Remember, this is your story, and you can write it the way you want. Let yourself loose, because in the Ultiverse we're whatever you want.

Whether you write whole pages of literate posts or maybe just simple one liners, the Ultiverse is open for whoever wishes to partake in this adventure, and you will not be judged for your abilities. So there is nothing to worry about, join the Ultiverse and adventure awaits.
TF art-sharing and roleplaying server for those into hair growth, big gowns, beautification, romance, reality shifts, and mental changes. Essentially, anything and everything regal and feminine.

We allow for both furry and human-focused art, and all are welcome to experience the joys of femininity. Our server features a friendly and welcoming community, a plethora of roles to signify what interests you, and many roleplay and art-centered chats. There’s always something to do.

If you believe big dresses and tresses deserve love too, then please come join us!
Welcome to the Galaxy Community Discord Server!
Here we welcome all of our Statehuman/Countryhuman fans a place to Roleplay or talk about the community they hold dear!
We would like to invite everyone to our server, here's what we do!
- Constantly communicate with members to keep our server alive!
- Update frequently so we can stay up-to-date with all of the CH culture!
- Roleplay and make art of the CH community and share it with others!
- Talk about experiences we've had and chat with other members!
We hold everybody closely, as we are like a family here. So feel free to join us, we'll be here to welcome everybody!
See you there!
- The Galaxy Community Staff
The Korosu Academy is proud to present its very first killing game! Will you give in to temptation? or give up entirely. The choice is yours. Survive your way through the class trials, and figure out the secret of the Academy...

This roleplay will have plenty of motives and personalised punishments that will keep the killing game entertaining.
Ocs only
Dearest Student, We are everso pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

❤️ Tight-knit community with lots of love!
💗 Writers of all skill levels welcome from semi-literate to novel style!
🧡 120+ channels just for roleplay!
💛 Active, helpful, and experienced staff!
💚 Custom roles for pings so no @everyone spam!
💙 24/7 activity in RP and out of character!
💜 LGBT inclusive and supportive! (this server is the gay agenda)

Cast a fiery wall in charms class, read crystal balls in Divination, roam the forbidden forest, or repot some mandrakes in the greenhouse. The choice is yours!

**NEW!** Tri-wizarding tournament incoming!
**NEW!** Harvest festival ball and fest incoming!
**[—Recruitment Log—]**
*In the world of Terra, there are cataclysmic disasters called Catastrophes. Catastrophes come in different forms, ranging from storms to meteor showers. After a Catastrophe is over, a powerful mineral called Orginium can be found in the area. Studies show that Catastrophes serve as waypoints for the spread of Orginium.*
*Orginium is used in many things, from enhancing Arts, to powering the colossal vehicles that cities sit on. Without Orginium, thousands would die.*
*Orginium does not come without its side effects, though. Long-term exposure to Orginium makes you more likely to contract and incurable disease known as “Oripathy”. People with Oripathy are commonly referred to as “The Infected”. Oripathy can increase their Arts power, but using this power will hasten the deterioration process, leading to death, where the body becomes a new source of infection. Because of this, many people carry a loathing for the infected, and most nations carry a policy of killing any Infected. Not many “pure” disagree with killing, some, in-fact, cheer for it.*
*The race to find a cure to Oripathy is lead by many companies, one such being Rhodes Island. To achieve their goal, Rhodes Island recruits talents from all around the world, regardless of background, experience, or condition, to try to change the world.*
*But there are enemies, one being a group called “Reunion”. Purely composed of Infected, they harbor a deep grudge against their persecutors. Any Infected can join just by donning a uniform, so most of their forces are untrained, undisciplined and use poor equipment. They rely on numbers to overwhelm the superior militaries of the world. Trained Reunion forces, usually ex military, occupy more elite roles, such as defenders, casters, and snipers.*
*So which side will you join? The ones trying to find a cure to this incurable disease? Or the ones trying to tear down their efforts and exact revenge?*
**[—End Log—]**
(18+) The Land of Rheno is not what it once was. Nations all across the land are in preparation for global conflict on a scale yet unseen in history thusfar. And who else caught in the middle but the everyday people, trying to scrape by?

Rheno is set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals who have founded their own countries, but focuses on the lives of the land's inhabitants. SRP is allowed and often does happen, but more serious events and character and plot development are encourages. Anyone is welcome to join!
The Victory Hockey League (VHL) is an online, browser-based hockey simulation forum. After signing up on the forum, creating and customizing your player is simple - you have almost total control over the type of player you want to have, and you will go through the entire career process, complete with drafts, a minor league, waivers, free agency, trades, and more.

To progress and grow your player, you can do a variety of things each week to earn points, including writing short articles, doing graphics, recording podcasts, or even creating short videos. There's lots of options to accommodate every user regardless of how much time you choose to invest in your player.

The VHL has been running for over 11 real-life years and is entirely free to join and play in. We aren't selling anyone anything, we just hope to have you as part of our growing community.

Get your career started today at http://vhlforum.com!
Dieses Rollenspiel findet im Mittelalter einer unbekannten Welt statt. Wir befinden uns im Jahre 8 der neuen Zeitzählung. Himmel und Hölle haben seit Beginn der neuen Zeit einen bitteren Krieg geführt und somit das eigentlich friedliche Leben der Menschen extrem verändert. Die Engel und Dämonen erschufen sich magische Truppen, welche sie im Krieg unterstützen sollten. Darunter Hexen, Werwölfe und Vampire. Dieser Plan ging jedoch schief, da sich diese neuen Rassen gegen sie aufbäumten. Der Krieg schien in seiner Präsenz zu steigen und die Engel und Dämonen begannen die Menschen in einem anderen Blickwinkel zu betrachten, woraufhin sie diese derartig manipulierten, dass sie ihnen ihren eigenen Willen aufzwingen konnten.
Nach 2 Jahren des Krieges errichteten die Brüder Akira und Akito das Menschenversteck Hope. Sie bezogen einige Menschen ein und es erwies sich als äußerst erfolgreich. Als Hope bereits seit 4 Jahren den gedachten Zufluchtsort darstellte wurde jedoch ein Engel gefunden, welcher schwer verletzt und dem Tod nahe war. Sie nahmen ihn auf, wodurch es zu Streitigkeiten kam und einige Menschen Hope wieder verließen. Nun hatte Adrariel sich so gut etabliert, dass er zum Anführer aufstieg und Hope nun zusammen mit Akira und Akito führte. Einige, welche schon vor langer Zeit mit einem besonderen Potenzial gesegnet wurden, begannen nun andere zu unterrichten und erweckten auch in ihnen Fähigkeiten durch ihr Potenzial, mit welchen sie ihren Angreifern trotzen konnten.
Diese Fähigkeiten waren zwar anfangs schwach und kaum zu erkennen, konnten aber trainiert werden. Die Ersten gab es schon vor Jahrzehnten, aber nun zeigte schon fast jeder der Menschen Tendenzen auf, dieses magische Potenzial zu besitzen, welches durch Training und Unterricht nutzbar werden konnte. Allerdings waren viele Menschen dem Krieg zum Opfer gefallen und die wenigen Überlebenden hatten Probleme mit der Lebensmittelversorgung, da sie nicht auf Farmen oder Felder zurückgreifen konnten. Konnte die Verbreitung des Potenziales ihnen dabei zumindest helfen? Sie waren zu lange nicht in der Lage gewesen die anderen Rassen vollständig zu vernichten und der Krieg schien noch längst nicht beendet zu sein, selbst wenn keiner mehr wusste, wieso er geführt wurde... Doch jeder wusste, dass es nicht einfach werden würde ihn nach all den Opfern zu beenden.

>>gerade suchen wir die hohen Ränge<<
>Wir veröffentlichen regelmäßig Erweiterungen in denen auch Charaktere genannt und eingebunden werden<
We are a small and generous group where we can rp, discuss marvel, or both!
This moderately sized school has a horrible reputation, which is starting to change thanks to a new principal. The school was recently on the news for a rumor of the previous principal having a scandal with a teacher despite him being married. Recently, the school's art club, science club, and the gardening club worked together and organized a fundraising event for the school. Now with a new principal, the school is slowly beginning to get a better reputation and really making an effect on the deceiving town.


Our server offers!;

~Fun reaction roles!
~ All types of literacy!
~ Fun and Lively Events
~ Friendly and Respectful Staff
~A friendly growing community
~ Partnerships with other servers!
~ A Non-toxic and LGBTQ+ friendly environment :sparkles:
~You can be a Student, Teacher, Principal, Pet, Vice Principal or A regular Citizen!

It is the year, 1500, the age of the country at war (Sengoku Jidai). Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the creator of the first breath style, has taught some lucky few, new but inferior variations of the famous Breath of the Sun style which they passed on to others who were willing to learn the new techniques to hunt and slay demons. In these times, Daimyos or Clans ruled the already fractured Japan - You can make your character serve under them or under your own (family name) and make your own mark on the land of Sengoku Japan through brutal conquest or peaceful diplomacy. You can have blood successors or teach others in your style of breathing and help future generations in slaying the ruthless demons. Muzan Kibutsuji, the progenitor of all demons, has begun his reign of nightly terror in the dark streets of night time Japan, and begun creating more demons to help in his objective in finding the Blue Spider Lily.

As time progresses, your character may die and end its legacy there, unless you were to assign a successor to your art and continue your objective in either stopping Muzan and the demons or find the Blue Spider Lily and help Muzan become the ultimate being.
Fulfil your desires here at Alespias' Isle, an 18+ ERP server with an active, welcoming community and attentive staff members.

We cater for a large variety of people through multiple points of interest:

• Plenty of NSFW content ranging from ERP to porn and hentai, to sate your lewdest fantasies.
• Over 60 roleplay channels with different settings on the island, following well-written and always improving lore that provides a good starting base for characters of all sorts.
• SFW topics to extensively bond over - hobbies, debates, animals, cooking, movies, music, art and so much more!
• Self-assignable roles to make partner choosing for roleplay quicker and easier with your personal preferences on display.
• A currency system to provide active members with special rewards.

There is something here for everyone - different skill levels, all sorts of kinks, unique personalities, and the most alluring, sinful temptations. Alespias' Isle is most definitely a thrilling experience!
"So... you're the new student? Maybe? Your files check out, grades are decent... you seem... like you'll be a great student here!!
This Is the Academy Of Sin, A place you let your desires run freely and safely this is somewhere you can let your imagination run wild.
This Academy has just been built so you can imagine we're hiring a few staff
If you keep your grades up you'll get some special rewards...
If you need any help with your work or way around school, shout for one of our lovely staff... they'd Love to help you out with whatever your needs are
Sin as much as you want but they is a price to pay in the long run...
We hope you consider joining our wonderful Academy, we hope you enjoy your stay"
This server is basically just a chill zone for furrys mainly, but you don't gotta be a furry if you wanna join. Not too many rules, for the most part it's a free goin server, we even got an NSFW part to it. Stop on by and hope ya have fun!
Думаю название говорит само за себя. Рп по тематике зомби апокалипсиса (знаю банально и глупо). Администратор тоесть я пытаюсь улучшить сервер. Если вы решили остаться у меня то желаю хорошо провести время.
Bienvenidos a mi servidor, "World of Roleplay" es un Servidor de Roleplay donde puedes crear personajes sin restricciones, con eventos y juegos, ¿Que esperas para unirte?
ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴏᴘɪᴅɪᴜᴍ™
ᴏᴘɪᴅɪᴜᴍ™ is a fun active growing server to hangout, chill, and socialize with everyone . We are the **most attractive & best server on discord** with the cutest e-girls/e-boys.

➳ ♡ -Tons of new people to socialize with!
➳ ♡ -Very active chat channels and voice chats
➳ ♡ -Female to Male Ratio 1:1
➳ ♡ -Friendly community to make new friends here with everyone!
➳ ♡ -Giveaways including Discord Nitro, PC games, gift cards, and more!
➳ ♡ -Lots of fun bots to play games with and music bots
➳ ♡ -Active meme channel & Tons of Memes!
➳ ♡ -50+ Self Roles & Colors
➳ ♡ -Fast Growing Community
➳ ♡ -Staff and member support, @here You are not alone!
➳ ♡ -400+ Custom Emotes
➳ ♡ -Pokecord & WaifuBot!
➳ ♡ -Fun Discord Gaming Bots
➳ ♡ -NSFW Channels For 18+ Only
➳ ♡ -Selfies Channels
➳ ♡ -Level Role Reward System
➳ ♡ -Constant Nitro Giveaways
In a world where creatures of light and dark both roam, some are hidden due to discrimination against them while some flourish. One day a certain group decided to put their differences behind and create a school for all creatures... light and dark.

Oh! looks like you have a letter, go check it out.
Hey welcome to Argenti High! Please come join us on our adventure. We'd love to see you around and I'm sure others would too.. So, what do you say, are you in for a little adventure?
Hey, we’d love it if you’d join our server. We have nice staff, and they're on a lot which probably isn’t good for them but you know (´-ι_-`). So yeah we’d love it if you join, so don’t be shy ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ come on just press the button I promise you won’t regret it.

BNHA-Ambitions is a 20+ Discord roleplay group inspired by what happens after high school. The group-chat follows the canon timeline and typical canonical violence to a certain extent. What happens after high school? Well, that is up for you decide! Whatever they become a pro-hero, or living their dream as the best damn sidekick they can be– Or maybe a little bit of something else! It is whatever your ambitions are and how you make your dreams come true!
Set 12 years into the future, our kids in UA have already moved on long ago and graduated together. Now they are adults in the middle of their careers as pro heroes! But that isn’t all… Gay marriage is legal, and thanks to healing quirks; injuries are healed faster, more deadly diseases like cancer or neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s disease or Parkinson’s. There is peace and a new age of heroes in our city. With All Might gone, the role of number one hero title was given to his pupil. But while there is peace now, will it last? Trouble has only begun to brew; a new evil is rising.
Join a world where pirates run rampant, mermaids gossip, and sirens threaten to pull you overboard.

Trade things as a merchant, hunt criminals down as a bounty hunter, protect citizens as a naval officer, swim among the fishes as merfolk, the adventures are endless!